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My Jewel Box: What I Bought In Tucson & Miami 2017

Gem Gossip Gem Gossip Gem Gossip

Hey guys & gals. 


I've never started a blog post like that before. Should I just leave it? Ok, I will. 

Here is the long overdue blog post about the items I brought back from my trips to Tucson & Miami. Anytime I go to a jewelry show, I never know what I'm going to find so the energy is always slightly tense and adrenaline is constantly flowing. If I buy something at a show, I never know for certain if I'm going to keep it or sell it--I've realized I have to bring it home and introduce it into my collection, wear it a few times, and decide if it feels like it should be mine forever or not. I can't tell you how I determine that, I just know.

This time around in Tucson, I never knew I would find a piece of jewelry I would love and end up keeping. I was totally focused on buying gems, crystals and random minerals (see second photo) but when I stopped by the Excalibur Estate Jewelry booth at AGTA in Tucson, the ring kind of found me. It didn't help that I had been searching for a special client of mine for something just like this, but it was out of her budget. I bought it anyway. The whole rest of the trip, I treated it as though it was for my client and that I would be saying goodbye to it as soon as I got home. Every time I thought about selling it, I couldn't!  I also kept looking at pictures of it (actually the exact photo in this blog post) the whole plane ride home. I had to keep it.

My next trip to Miami was only a week later, so normally I would be like "my budget is DONE" after buying something like that in Tucson. I had some good timing with my EBTH sale being launched the same day Miami started. I took my entire inventory and put it up for auction with EBTH--sort of nail-biting as every piece is sold at no reserve--so yes several pieces went for hundreds less than retail value, but I was able to justify finding and buying three amazing new pieces for my personal collection. 

The three rings in the last photo above on the left are my Miami Antique Show finds. The furthest one on the left is from Shelly Storch Fine Jewelry--I found it early on in the day on my last day, I made an offer which wasn't accepted and then came back right before I left at the end of the day. This is one of those rings that you simply can't stop staring at! The turquoise and black enamel ring was found at Haig's of Rochester and I love the contrast of the turquoise with the enamel. I think it may have been a stick pin conversion--while most stick pins are tiny, this one is pretty large, which is what I like about it as well. The last purchase from the Miami Antique Show is the Art Nouveau diamond and black enamel ring from Marlene Wong Alvarado Antique & Estate Jewelry. She is a seller who has been in the business for YEARS and is based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. She told me she personally wore that ring for over 20 years, as it was in her personal collection and this was the first time she was offering it for sale. I told her I would take good care of it! It is marked Syman and I couldn't find much about this maker online. I posted a photo of the ring on a Facebook Group I'm a member of--Antique Jewelry Identification Group--and my friend Jenn believes that it is a Colorado based company from the early 1900s. If you know more about this maker, please contact me!


WANT MORE? Check out what else is in my jewel box!


The Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2015

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled  Untitled  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Since my first trip back in 2012 until now, the world of antique jewelry has evolved so much and so have my tastes, along with the goals of each trip.  Last year was the only year I did not attend, so I was even more excited to go since my Miami hiatus was finally starting to get to me!  This was the first time we decided to stand in the infamous long line before opening day, as we felt like two bargain hunters on the eve of Black Friday. If I could guess, I think this year boasted record-breaking numbers in terms of attendance. As most every year, the Original Miami Beach Antique Show stretched across Halls C & D, as well as a bonus room with even more sparkly things in the "Flamingo Room."  If you have never been, it truly is hard to fathom how large of a show this is...what may help would be to glance at this Floor Map of the show. It is quite easy to get caught up in the rows upon rows of antiques and get this glazed look usually only seen on teenage boys playing video games all day. We hit the first day hard by standing in line for 45 minutes pre-show opening time and leaving around 7! It may be an understatement to say that we were tired! Looking back though, I think it is the best way to do it and to take advantage of this once a year show. Also as I look back, I am craving those personal pan pizzas that they sell at their consession stands so badly--those are some good pizzas! Our nightly routine consisted of eating dinner and looking at all the jewelry we bought and then sleep!  Day two went about the same as day one, with looking in the morning with fresh eyes only to realize you should have left the day before way earlier to avoid the zombie-buying episodes. Once you pass five hours of being at the show nonstop, you start buying things you normally wouldn't buy or skip booths that shouldn't be skipped. It's ok, it happens to the best of us.  

Some highlights of the trip were meeting OakGem, one half of MetierSF, the women of Rago Auction house roaming the aisles of the show, also meeting The Three Graces, and a few random people that passed me by and were like, "Hey you're that Gem Gossip girl!"  Enjoyed seeing old friends like Craig Evan Small, Jacob's Antique & Estate Jewelry, my friends at Excalibur Jewelry, Jewels du Jour, and meeting up with Sunny S. Bond. Of course, I always miss out on connecting with people that I've been meaning to, but you can always reach out via email!  

Jewelry highlights of the trip, I tried getting pictures of things that really stood out to me, shown above. I loved Sue Brown's eclectic taste and it was awesome seeing her inventory in person rather than the smaller selection online. One ring that I fell in love with online was the three colored sapphire ring pictured above--set with the most luscious yellow, pink and blue sapphires.  Such a cool design too!  DK Bressler had some incredible pieces as well--things that deserved to be photographed for an exhibit or basically my dream jewels all in one place! Every ring I tried on there was tiny and could fit my little fingers by the I was like, is this real life?

Every year I try to bring home one ring for my personal collection, which has been tradition (except for my first trip ever, I left empty-handed--which looking back, is just as devastating today as it was back then). This year I brought home an early 1900s star sapphire ring set with single cut diamonds and black enamel from OakGem. It fits right in with my other elongated, geometric rings which have been my ultimate favorites from my collection.  Thanks OakGem!

As always, the trip was too short with not enough sunshine...and as per usual, the bathing suit was an unnecessary suitcase addition.  Can't wait until next year!! 

April Inspiration Board

rhodolitegarnetMRK10-750x500 pixielott_nails sylviasidney rings_nails 64e0931f-f3fd-4fb2-878b-4265707a187c_300_AmandaBynes2_041113 kismet TorpedoEar_SnakeBangle_PearlRing_Just-Found {From top to bottom:

Brooke & I are still in love with her purchase for her personal collection from the Miami Antique Show

Love this blog post from the Glamourai who visited the home of jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann

Not only is British singer Pixie Lott adorable, but her jewelry style and nails are always a hit

Some vintage inspiration with the red and gold colors

Rita Ora is quickly catching up with Rihanna in my book for best jewelry style

Ok so don’t judge me, but I am kind of loving Amanda Bynes and all of her wackiness

Up high on my wish list is a pair of ruby lips for my finger, designed by Kismet

Never thought I would be so infatuated with a stack of pearl bands, all from Bell & Bird}

Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2013

miami4 miami5 miami14 miami15 miami16 miami3 miami1 miami9 photo miami8 miami10 miami13 miami12 miami6 miami11

The Miami Beach Antique Show was a fun and memorable trip this year! This was the first time ever going to a jewelry show on the first day of opening rather than the tail end of the event. The show had a large turnout--with crowds of people gathering at each booth and lots of deals being made. I was enjoying all the gorgeous jewelry of times past and admiring the art/furniture as well. With aisles and aisles of eye-candy, hours and hours passed quickly. My legs and feet ached from all the walking, but I couldn’t wait to nestle in my hotel bed and wake up, to do it all over again! I met some awesome people and saw old friends...special thanks to Julie for VIP access tickets, all the exhibitors for their hard work, and the Miami Beach Show for providing me this opportunity. As always, I can’t wait until next year!

>>My trip last year and in October

{Some highlights from my trip pictured above:

typical entrance shot from Day two...ready to go!

gorgeous display from an exhibitor--awesome cuff and beutiful necklace

quick SHOW ME YOUR RINGS shot before going into the show--me and Brooke

obsessed with this booth, especially the ring in the lower right corner

I really loved this rose cut diamond and ruby ring--but didn't buy

our accomodations: the James Royal Palm

which ring would you pick? so many choices!

LOVE Elizabeth Dmitrova and ALL her rings she wears--she is the perfect role model #mein30years

opals that display red flashes of play-of-color are most valuable--perfect example

this exhibitor is from upstate NY #hometownrepresent

how amazing is this mirror?

Victorian jewelry at its finest!

Good morning Miami! my hotel view

loved this ring, have yet to find the perfect crowned-heart ring

a purchase is necessary--this was my choice, diamonds and pearl in a shield motif circa 1930s}


Gem Gossip Engagement Ring!

engagement ringgemgossip

I've written about, criticized, adored and appraised hundreds of engagement rings since entering the jewelry industry. I wished and hoped for one day to finally have my own since I was little.  I am happy to announce, on a personal level, that I am engaged and wanted to share with all my readers my ring.  Here are the details:

Victorian, circa late 1800s, 14k rose gold bypass ring set with two Old European cut diamonds, each in six delicate "claw" prongs.  Each diamond is has a VVS-2 clarity and average color of LM range, and total approximately 2.60 carats.  Of course, it is from Walton's Antique Jewelry, where I work.

*thank you Matt, looking forward to lots of fun memories and a lifetime together

ALSO, I will be live tweeting from the Miami Antique Jewelry Show starting tomorrow!  So I may be MIA (literally) from here for a week--but daily updates on Instagram and Twitter from the show will continue.  So follow me on Instagram and Twitter!