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Entries in medallion charm (2)

My Jewel Box: Religious Medallions


My latest addition to my jewel box--the above religious medallion. It features a unique piece of mother-of-pearl carved into the blessed Mother. She sort of glows at times, which is highly extraordinary. All rose cut diamonds and square sapphires, done in platinum over yellow gold. Most likely an Edwardian Era piece.


My mini collection of religious medallions--top left is my St. Anthony medallion given to me by my father who's name is Anthony, top right is my baptismal medallion given to me on the day I was baptized.  Didn't realize I had quite the little collection going...

Drape Chain Charm Bracelet


{14k yellow gold drape chain bracelet
14k yellow gold St. Anthony Medallion charm}

{14k yellow gold textured band
10k yellow gold antique panther ring}


A Gem Gossip "Do-It-Yourself:"

How to get the drape chain, charm bracelet look:

1. Get three very fine 14k gold chains (these came with pendants I've purchased that seem too thin to wear on a necklace alone)
2. Clasp them together, so that one clasp connects to the other's end ring, and do the same with its other end
3. Wrap around your wrist and add a round medallion charm