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Vegas Prep: Interview with Marion Fasel of The Adventurine

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We are excited to kick off a fun series this week on Gem Gossip -- these next five blog features will get you excited and prepped for Vegas Jewelry Week, which is quickly approaching!  I've asked five people--a mix of designers, editors, and industry insiders--to contribute their insights from this epic event that happens once a year. I'm asking for advice, tips, favorite parts, and much more!  Whether it will be your first time attending or you are a professional (and can pack with your eyes closed), these interviews will pique your curiousity and you'll definitely learn a thing or two!  One thing is for sure, we all are SO EXCITED for Vegas.

We are starting the week out with Marion Fasel who is celebrating a big milestone in a few weeks--her online magazine The Adventurine turns one year old at the end of the month. She strategically launched the same day Vegas Jewelry Week began last year and has been covering all kinds of jewelry topics since then (many of which are pictured above). But don't let the small digit fool you, Marion has been in the jewelry industry for over 25 years. Most notably, she was InStyle's Contributing Editor of Fine Jewelry & Watches for nearly two decades, has written eight books, and has helped curate several museum exhibitions. It's no secret I am her number one fan and have been continually cheering her on since I discovered her flipping through the pages of InStyle magazine.  Let's find out more:

How many times have you attended Vegas jewelry week?

I have been 12 times.  I haven’t missed a jewelry week in Vegas since the Couture show relocated from the Phoenician in Scottsdale to the Wynn in 2005. 

Biggest tip for Vegas jewelry week you’d give your rookie self on the eve of your first time going to Vegas?

I’d give my rookie self a fun tip and a few practical tips.  

My fun tip is about gambling.  I’d tell myself to gamble.  You are in Vegas—some fun must be had. Then I would say, skip the slots.  Go in the early evening to the Encore where it can be quiet and find a Black Jack dealer with an empty table.  There are usually several.  Tell the dealer, you don’t know much about the game but would like to learn.  The dealers are incredibly knowledgeable and thrilled to share their tips.  If you allow them to guide you about what “the book” says for your hand, you will win. Trust me on this.  Just let them tell you how to play.

One practical tip, don’t let the bellhop take your luggage when you check in.  Just take it to your room yourself.  If you don’t, you have to wait for it.  They won’t leave it in your room unless you are there.  Sometimes they are fast, but sometimes they take a while which keeps you waiting in your room before hitting the trade show floor or doing anything your heart desires.  

Drink lots of water.  It’s the desert and you will get dehydrated even indoors.

Oh, and have a clear strategy for who you want to see.  There are a lot of great jewelry designers there and you won’t be able to see everyone, so do a careful edit on your agenda and leave breathing room to explore.  The time to explore is key.


Name five things you ALWAYS bring to Vegas Jewelry Week.

I wear heels so I bring Band-Aids.  I bring my gambling budget, usually around $200.  I bring loads of jewelry, because it’s a jewelry crowd and its Vegas so it’s fun to get decked out.  Beyond that it’s pretty standard phone charger, camera, computer.  I don’t travel light.  


One big difference from last year to this year?

Well, last year I launched my online magazine one day before the Couture show started.  The timing was not a coincidence.  It’s really the beginning of the formal jewelry season.  You see how the trends and designers are shaping up at Couture.  I wanted my website anniversary to coincide with the Couture show.  I guess the biggest difference is now The Adventurine is humming away.  


Favorite things about Vegas Jewelry Week.

Winning at Black Jack.  I am kidding.  Meeting a talented new designer or just seeing a great new collection from an established designer are my favorite things.  


Biggest pet peeve about Vegas Jewelry Week.

It is a bit odd being indoors for a week.  During the course of the show, it’s not usual for some people to never step outside for more than a few minutes on the terrace off the trade show floor or to walk to the taxi stand to go out to dinner.  I try to make my way to La Cave as often as possible to sit in the outdoor café there for lunch, dinner or drinks.  


Weirdest thing to happen to you during Vegas Jewelry Week in the past.

I won a Vespa at the Couture Awards.  It’s probably one of the most wonderful and weird things that has ever happened to me anywhere.  I actually like public speaking but when I went on stage to accept the scooter, I was so shocked and happy, I was virtually speechless.  




WANT MORE? Check out my coverage from last year 

You can follow Marion --> @marionfasel & @theadventurine

Favorite Instagrams: June 2015 

eriebasin jennysisco craigevansmall loveadorned luisafere levi_higgs ufgrangehall wilsonbrothersjewelry cupidscharm misslibbydale jasmyntea ishyantiques marionfasel oscarheyman

eriebasin created this special ring for his wife using a Lightning Ridge black opal covered by this open tear-drop gold mask

jennysisco poses with some Jemma Wynne bracelets in front of icebergs in Jokulsarlon, Iceland

craigevansmall snaps a collection of Victorian butterflies available at their shop

loveadorned getting some crystal power from this cool quartz collection

luisafere wishing she was a bird with this one-of-a-kind bracelet by Dezso, Cartier bracelets are her own

levi_higgs getting lost in the Yale Center of British Art 

ufgrangehall has me coveting the new Jules Kim fine jewelry collection, like THIS ring

wilsonbrothersjewelry proves that white metals and diamonds in antique and estate jewelry always win

cupidscharm has some good company surrounding her in her studio

misslibbydale finds out that #showmeyourrings was around in 1969 in a Tiffany & Co. advertisement 

jasmyntea captures her locket collection, and a fine one indeed!

ishyantiques some cool and unique pendants and a locket from Ishy's Etsy shop

marionfasel posts this really exquisite photo of Elizabeth Taylor trying on a bib necklace at VanCleef & Arpels in Paris

oscarheyman featured in NY Times spotlighting this incredible platinum and diamond bracelet


Favorite Instagram Pictures: December 2014

roseark ft hanut mineralien maejeanvintage marionfasel n_mendelevich pamelalovenyc jewelleryhannah mociun erinantiques elekeatsjewelry jemmawynne bellandbird heartofsolidgold sunnysbondjewelry

roseark has a crush on this regal coin pendant designed by Hanut Singh

mineralien captures golden rutile on hematite in this quartz specimen--Incredible!!

maejeanvintage has me dreaming of scarabs and what interesting bib necklace one could create out of several

marionfasel proves there's nothing better than picturesque mountains and a canine sidekick

n_mendelevich visits an enchanting room

pamelalovenyc is gem-obsessed and now in love with rough Tanzanite

jewelleryhannah is googly eyed over these gemstones at the Natual History Museum in London

mociun takes on Florence, Italy and dives into some gems and mineral specimens at the Museo di Storia Naturale

erinantiques admits she has a snake obsession...and we're ok with that

elekeatsjewelry has a dreamy store front in LA and even dreamier owner with her store bird

jemmawynne gazing upon some amazing jewel-like artwork in Paris

bellandbird couldn't have teased us more with this custom double-snake ring with an alexandrite center stone

heartofsolidgold quickly scoped out the golden hearts on display at Grays Antique Centre

sunnysbondjewelry knows how to take travel gear to a whole new level and I'm on board!

Q & A with Marion Fasel of InStyle

marion Back in 2009, I first interviewed Marion Fasel, the Contributing Editor of Fine Jewelry and Watches for InStyle magazine, and I was incredibly honored to have her be one of my first for a Q & A.  She has forever been such a huge role model to me and I love everything she does!  Then last year at Couture, we happened to stumble upon each other at a restaurant in Vegas, and I felt like a teenager at a boyband concert meeting her for the first time.  It was such a delight to get to sit and chat with a woman who has come so far in the jewelry industry with writing and sharing her knowledge and true passion for jewelry.  I think we both could have talked forever, and share pictures of Hunter and Chiefy for days!  But alas, our meeting had to come to an end, just like any fairytale.  And unfortunately this year we never got a chance to meet up.  In consolation, here is a new and updated interview with the jewelry legend herself, giving us a glimpse into what she has been up to lately:




I am in the midst of the fall issues for InStyle now. They always make the summer an exceptionally busy time. Besides the print magazine, I recently started a regular column #RocksMyWorld for Finding jewelry topics every week that will stand out among all the categories on the site is an invigorating challenge. On May 29th the column I wrote, “Brace Yourself Body Chains Are Making a Comeback," inspired by the body chains Nicolas Ghesquière showed in Louis Vuitton’s resort collection was the most popular story on the website that day. My jewelry-centric brain is in overdrive trying to repeat the success.



I am thrilled about all the innovation going on in jewelry. I have a long laundry list of names I am watching. A short lineup of new designers who I am in awe of includes: Jacquie Aiche, Lynn Ban, Karma El-Khalil, Eva Fehren, Ana Khouri, Alison Lou, Deborah Pagani and Hanut Singh. Each of them is bringing something very fresh to our field.



From beginning to end, the entire project took one-and-a-half years so I learned a lot! I spent a significant amount of time in Rome in the company’s archives and learned to speak Italian with my hands. Seriously, I think the main overarching history lesson of the experience was about the extraordinary jewelry of the 1970s.

When I began my career in jewelry history my studies were focused on jewelry between the two world wars as well as the art nouveau era. Bulgari’s work during the 1960s and 70s is as exceptional and in some ways more so. The scale of the designs is much larger than the earlier periods. The stones they used are not to be believed. The Bulgari brothers—Gianni, Nicola and Paolo—were in their twenties and thirties when they took control of the firm. They were fearless and imaginative. The fact that all three of them—who are well past retirement age—still work on jewelry design regularly is proof of their passion. Gianni, it should be noted, works at his own company called Enigma separate from Bulgari.

Specifically, the one area where I really learned a great deal was the coins. All of the coins used in Bulgari jewelry are authentic artifacts. I spent time in London with Nicola Bulgari’s coin dealers and that ignited my passion. Many of the Bulgari jewels in the archive collection are very rare. They come from different countries and periods including ancient Roman, Byzantine, the Tudor era in England and early American. I thought the information about the coins was an important part of the story especially since the 1970s chain necklaces were subtly designed in the spirit of the historic periods of the coins set in them. My favorite publication to read during the process of writing the book was Coin Weekly. I geeked out on numismatics.

yhst-30868769906465_2270_367073343 yhst-30868769906465_2271_69868738 bulgari-monete-collection-4


I have two favorites. They are both connected to projects that meant a lot to me. Cartier gave me a Juste un Clou bracelet in 2012 after I worked with the New York team on the exhibition Cartier & Aldo Cipullo: New York City in the 70s staged at the landmark Fifth Avenue Mansion. The other treasure is my Bulgari Serpenti bracelet. It was a gift I received after completing the first book in the Bulgari Collection series, Serpenti, and curating the exhibition at the New York store that opened Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2013 the Year of the Snake. The date also happened to be my birthday.

cartier bulgari_serpenti_bijoux_haute_joaillerie_exposition_flagship_5__me_avenue_new_york_livre_marion_fasel_assouline_501953193_north_883x


Well, as the saying goes, I could tell you but I would have to kill you. Seriously, I never like to say what I am doing when it comes to long-term projects because there can be an extensive incubation period and people actually become bored with what you are doing long before you are done. I would, however, love to do another interview in a few years and tell you all about it.

Cartier_#4_LowRes_HighResTK Cartier_#2 Bulgari_Serpenti 006 Bulgari_Serpenti 062

Favorite Instagram Pictures: May 2014

emilyameyjewelry jfisherjewelry bellflowerbay shopfiligree randimolofsky aesajewelry topnotchfaceting brookegregson lfrankjewelry marionfasel jennifergandia perryssouthpark melissajoymanning jennifergandia2

emilyameyjewelry some of the most amazing bespoke malachite, turquoise and chrysocolla rings

jfisherjewelry beautifully models some new designs, diamond Talon hoops

bellflowerbay can spot a snake from a mile away, whether it is a ring or on the Brooklyn Library

shopfiligree always has a brimming stash of new rings for happy customers

randimolofsky captures this emerald Bulgari necklace in the best light *dreamy*

aesajewelry no contest--best specimen ever

topnotchfaceting finished off his hand-cut masterpiece of Nigerian sapphire in this cool 18k gold design

brookegregson has the loveliest wonder her jewels are glorious

lfrankjewelry ...and Liseanne has the prettiest showroom

marionfasel posted this 1960s photo of Elizabeth Taylor wearing Tiffany & Co. pearls

jennifergandia picked up some rare gem books while in Tucson

perryssouthpark are we the only ones that can't get enough of Moss Agate right now?!

melissajoymanning scored big time in Tucson as well, finding these 1903 lithographs of minerals

jennifergandia snapped my favorite photo from Tucson--this amazing gem display