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bellflowerbay gemaporterblog adrilakatos erstwhilejewelry maejeanvintage mociun gemstonegypsy jenmeyerjewelry ylang23

{from top to bottom:

Bellflower Bay with her colorful stack to match her colorful nails, perfection!

Gemologue having fun in Basel wearing Carla Amorim rings

Adrilakatos stacking up some special rings in her personal collection 

Erstwhile Jewelry proves there's never too many when it comes to rings, all from their incredible inventory

MaeJean Vintage navette style rings for days! Love this selection

Mociun always does a phenomenal job of curating a few antique pieces for their Brooklyn-based shop

Gemstone Gypsy stacking some Lori Mclean Jewelry on the ring finger

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry rings in beautiful blues stacked by Aubade Jewelry

Ylang23 is obsessed with Blackbird and the Snow and I can see why!}

Gem Gossip Visits Maejean Vintage in Lancaster, PA

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Starting a vintage and antique jewelry business with your sister sounds like a magical and ideal scenario.  Building a highly-successful and strong vintage and antique business? Well that takes hard work, and the sisters behind Maejean Vintage know all about that because they are living proof.  Their story begins in early 2010 when Maejean Vintage first began listing a few items on Etsy as a hobby.  Being forever vintage and antique lovers, the curation of the items came naturally for both Laura and Amanda. Only a year into selling on Etsy, they both decided to follow this path and make it a full-time career!  More recently, they've reached their goal of listing 1,000 items in their shop and have just settled into their new Maejean Vintage headquarters in Lancaster, PA.  With flea market shopping and auction house hopping now an everyday occurence, treasure hunting is a main priority.  Since day one, customer service has also been at the top of their list as well, with thousands of happy customers--myself included ;)

I've been such a fan of Maejean Vintage for quite some time--this visit was a long time coming!  I was so excited to meet Laura and Amanda and also to see their brand new studio which they moved into just days before my visit.  Being close with our sisters, loving vintage jewelry and owning a chihuahua are just a few things that we all have in common.  Laura and I both also share something special, and that is our first career of being a teacher. We both left our teaching jobs to pursue the world of jewelry but we forever have a sweet spot for being a positive rold model for young children and carpet time read alouds!  Both Amanda and Laura are currently in the midst of their Graduate Gemologist studies at GIA through distance education and are excited to learn more and more about gemstones.  

It was such a fun time getting to dig into Maejean Vintage's four ring cases each FULL of rings. They also had many of their pieces displayed along with antique boxes which we all have a slight obsession over. Good news is that the girls do sell many of their vintage and antique jewelry boxes in their Etsy shop.  Besides meeting Laura and Amanda, I also got to meet Maejean's newest employee Dahlia and also CC the girls' chihuahua! We all had a ring stacking party of our own, yes including the dog, and posed for some pictures to commemorate our time together.  Although I didn't want to leave--EVER--we had to hit the road as our jewelry road trip continued!

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your world of antique and vintage jewelry Maejean Vintage!  Can't wait to plan a get-together sometime in the future. And stay tuned to see a piece I brought home with me from their inventory!

Featured items:

My stack of rings:

10k yellow gold sideways heart baby ring, Price: $95

10k yellow gold monogram MMY vintage baby ring, Price: $140

10k yellow gold blank shield baby ring, Price: $75

10k yellow gold vintage heart baby ring with simulated blue stone, Price: $105

9k gold woven hair mourning ring, Price: $325

8k gold opal and simulated ruby ring, Price: $275

10k Victorian hardstone cameo ring, Price: $175

10k Victorian monogram signet ring with the initials RLL, Price: $210

10k gold vintage mythological griffin stick pin conversion ring, Price: $195

10k & 18k yellow gold love knot stick pin conversion ring, Price: $295

Necklaces featured:

10k gold rectangular moss agate pendant necklace, Price: $475

Gold-filled etched floral locket, Price: $125

Gold-filled repousse daffodil locket, Price: $225

Bangles featured:

12k GF vintage rose etched bangle bracelet, Price: $95

10k GF floral etched bangle bracelet, Price: $110

10k GF Victorian etched buckle bangle bracelet, Price: $125



MaeJean Vintage

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2015

child_of_wild wilsonbrothersjewelry maejeanvintage theedencollective metiersf rosannepugliese elliemcnevin seaofshoes flashtattoos kentshire circa1700 thestepfordwife nikoskoulisjewels goodgirljewelry

child_of_wild makes having dark roots seem amazing

wilsonbrothersjewelry stacking up some new arrivals

maejeanvintage has such an amazing assortment of antique rings

theedencollective features some new gold locket selections mixed with some antique charms

metiersf proves that these three gems have a varied past, but truly belong together

rosannepugliese posing pretty in her brownstone shop, loving the starburst mirror and white brick

elliemcnevin mixes checks and charms whiling showing the versatility of a charm bracelet

seaofshoes shooting some photos in Ft. Worth, Texas...I love the colors mixed with vintage Southwestern jewelry

flashtattoos if you're on a winter beach getaway, these are the perfect beach jewels

kentshire propping up an incredible late Georgian gemstone necklace, love the colors

circa1700 layering some love tokens I have a crush on...that bulldog!

thestepfordwife talking about summer beach bracelets has me lusting for warmer days

nikoskoulisjewels awesome V Collection with colored diamonds and emeralds

goodgirljewelry and her admirable crystal point garden, so dreamy!


MaeJean Vintage does the Brimfield Antique Show

10329174_10202235555918134_53368055652598928_n 10362650_10202246007219410_2116734260_n 10405777_10202245996539143_1355544884_n 10396401_10202245998179184_352621658_n 10396525_10202246004779349_2098021216_n 10405885_10202246000619245_2042279912_n 10370673_10202245999299212_518730799_n 10346763_10202246005739373_1442945024_n

Brimfield has been on my list of must-sees since I began obsessing over antique jewelry.  The show has historical significance as being the place to go to treasure hunt!  The sisters of MaeJean Vintage did a road trip to scope out some jewels for their shop, and it looks like they stumbled upon some amazing finds!  Let's see what they have to say:

If you are an antique / vintage lover, you absolutely must make a trip to Brimfield, Massachusetts! The colossal antique show boasts over 5,000 dealers and is held three times a year. According to most seasoned pros, the May show is the largest and often has the best weather. The show is held along Route 20, with fields full of antique dealers on both sides of the road.  Brimfield is packed with overwhelming amounts of antique jewelry, furniture, décor, fashion, art, and collectibles. In addition to the drool-worthy old treasures, the streets are lined with trucks offering delicious fair style comfort food.

The amount of antique jewelry we saw at the show was truly remarkable; displays with hundreds of antique camoes, ring trays filled with Art Deco filigree rings, countless sparkling old European and mine cut diamond pieces, mounds of vintage lockets, tables piled with statement vintage costume jewelry, thousands of pieces of Southwestern turquoise jewelry, enough rare jewels to feel like you are in a museum, and gemstone pieces in every imaginable color!

If you are on the hunt for jewelry, you can expect to see pieces ranging in price from a dollar up to thousands of dollars. We found everything from retro costume jewelry to rare 19th century museum quality pieces. Some of the dealers offered absolutely astonishing collections. We came across countless large showcases packed with rare and unusual pieces. We enjoyed looking at their jewelry, but we got the best deals from vendors that had less decorative displays. Some dealers even offer silver and gold-filled jewelry by the ounce!


Ten Tips:

- Book your hotel 6 months to a year in advance. The lodging fills up very quickly- check out nearby towns such a Sturbridge.

- Wear your walking shoes and be prepared for any kind of weather. We spent an entire day antiquing during a rainstorm! Don’t forget your sunscreen, and be prepared to use port-a-potties.

- Don’t be discouraged by price tags. We found many dealers would go down 50% or more and were often willing to work on prices even more when we bought several items from them.

- Inspect each item closely before purchasing. Most dealers were honest, knowledgeable, and great to work with but we did experience a few people disclosing incorrect information. (i.e.- claiming items were gold or contained genuine diamonds when they didn’t.)

- Be prepared to pay for parking as well as entrance fees on some fields’ opening days. We found the best parking in residential locations (people actually will rent their yards out for parking, often charging $5 a day)

- If you have time, make sure to check out the local antique malls / co-ops. We found some of our best deals here!

- Bring cash for your purchases. Many dealers do accept checks (and some even credit cards), but you will get better deals if you have cash. If you are a dealer, don’t forget your sales tax number!

- If you plan on making it to all of the fields, consider booking your trip for at least 3-4 days. We spent four full days, morning to evening, in the fields (and still did not see everything!).

- Make a plan of what fields you want to visit on which days. Many fields open up on Tuesday (some dealers even sell on Monday, even though technically they are not supposed to). Be sure to print out a map of the show which can be found at .

- Have fun! You will see so many unique and interesting pieces, along with meeting friendly, helpful, unique, and knowledgeable dealers. We met a metal-head, harmonica playing truck driver from Italy who wore a chunky vintage ring on every single finger. Your trip will be unforgettable for sure!


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