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Q & A with Onirikka Fine Jewelry

Onirikka | Gem Gossip Visually caught up in the moment, I stumbled upon Onirikka Fine Jewelry one day while browsing Instagram and immediately got swept up in their feed. I was drawn in by the pops of color given off by the bright bubble gum topazes and quartz gems featured in the Klasica rings, all set in 18k yellow gold. I dug deeper to find a few more collections, each unique and stunning. Like the Prisma Collection, which mixes all the right colors of sapphires and sprinkles in some white diamonds for good measure. The Trinity Collection is all diamonds, mostly bezel set in clusters of three, all done in 18k gold. It's classic with a twist. And finally, the Unika Collection is just as you would suspect--one-of-a-kind designs that let designer Gloria Rank create freely.

Each piece is handmade in New York City, keeping in mind the mantra of the line--jewelry is a legacy. The creativity is never-ending for the El Salvador born Rank, who finds inspiration everywhere she goes. 

Such fun and unique designs led me to a few questions, wanting to know more about the designer behind these jewels and what's in store for the future. Hope you enjoy my Q & A with the Gloria, creator of Onirikka Fine Jewelry:


I'm always working on new pieces for the next collection, so I'm looking forward to showing some new designs in exciting materials. But what I'm really most excited about is showing Onirikka at an upcoming jewelry show. Stay tuned for details!



I can truly say that my love for jewelry started in childhood, always feeling a special connection to it. Then I studied design at Le Arti Orafe in Florence where I was able to nurture and express my passion for jewelry design. About midway through my career, I married my husband and 13 years later, we have two children in my hometown of San Salvador, El Salvador. For a few years, I put my jewelry career on pause for a little while but am excited to now be back doing what I love. I jumped back in with an intensive jewelry design course at GIA in New York. My first collection came out in 2011 and flourished by privately selling in El Salvador. A few years after that, I launched a proper label to tap into other markets and now the brand stands where it is today.

Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip


I feel a great sense of pride every time I am recognized from a jewelry industry expert. I am still learning and finding my voice through jewelry, which I suspect will continue to evolve throughout my career. And with every step forward, every single accomplishment, as small as it may seem, is a step closer to reaching my goals.

Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip


I am very guided by my goals and dreams. In fact, the name Onirikka comes from Oneiric, which means "From Dreams." My ultimate dream, and where I see the company going, is to be sold in five major retail stores, creating enough brand awareness to open an Onirikka Fine Jewelry flagship store in major cities. I also hope to launch a kids line and ultimately, to create a foundation that supports performing arts in my native country, El Salvador, and in other countries where dance, theatre and art are not taken seriously.

Onirikka | Gem Gossip


As we know, jewelry is a very emotional business. So my absolute favorite piece of jewelry is not the coolest or trendiest. Instead, it's a vintage gold and diamond brooch that hangs from a pearl necklace, which I received as a gift from my grandmother, when I turned 18. I love everything about it; it's intricate, delicate and meaningful. I still vividly remember the day she gave it to me, and her happiness when she handed it over. Two other favorite pieces are my vintage engagement ring, which belonged to my husband's grandmother, and a black and white frog ring, designed by myself, inspired on balance.

Onirikka | Gem Gossip Onirikka | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Onirikka Fine Jewelry & YaYa Publicity.


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Necklace Stories: Four Figas, Four Different Ways

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box

Remember that time I decided to make a New Year's Resolution where I can only buy one ring per month for the entire year?!  Yeah, I do too...I, like, just made that resolution and I already want to break it. But I must not falter, I must resist temptation. Oddly enough, other parts of my jewelry collection are growing! Hmmm...strange how that works! ;) For example, I bought a brooch.  I bought a curb-link necklace (photo is of it twisted into a makeshift ring, because I can't help it, ring obsessed). I've even strung a ring onto a gold chain and created one of my most favorite necklaces ever (that way it doesn't count as being a ring if it is worn as a necklace)! Yes, truly loving my new Charlton & Lola Japa ring--a 14k gold ring that features nine sacred gold balls elevated off the main band. When the Japa ring is worn on the finger, it can easily be turned with just the flick of the thumb, becoming an aid in meditation, a soulful piece of gold. This is one of those pieces that you just fall in love with, both the design and comfort of the piece, and end up wearing daily. The Japa ring made me start looking into my necklace and charm collection. I began to pull favorite charms and started to create mini-vignettes of charms that complemented one another. Hope you enjoy!

Necklace One: one malachite figa (from James McHone Jewelry), one St. Anthony medallion (passed down to me by my dad), one green enamel dangling fish (passed down to me from my mom who was gifted it by my grandma after a trip to Italy)

Necklace Two: one figa with gold nails and gold bracelet (!!) (from James McHone Jewelry), one Italian horn pendant (passed down to me by my dad), one Victorian heart padlock (from eBay), one Fox & Bond Mini (from Fox & Bond, engraved with my wedding date)

Necklace Three: the necklace is actually a Y-necklace which I experimented with adding charms to and I love how it looks with charms (from Bea Millen), one Japa ring (from Charlton & Lola), one amethyst figa charm (from James McHone Jewelry), and one Amoré heart charm (from Pasquale Bruni)

Necklace Four: one rose quartz figa charm (from James McHone Jewelry), one Edwardian carved mother of pearl religious medallion (from where I used to work), one gold heart key (gift from my grandma after she got back from Italy)



Jewels at my Doorstep: Michelle Fantaci Jewelry

IMG_9919 IMG_9951 IMG_9821 IMG_9884 IMG_9889 IMG_9917 IMG_9911 IMG_9813IMG_9932 IMG_9933

A woman living in the 19th century would never leave the house without her folding fan.  These days, I don't think I would ever leave the house without Michelle Fantaci's modern version of a fan reimagined in jewelry form.  The sensuous arcs are brought to life through 14k & 18k gold, diamonds, and marquise shaped gemstones set East-West in her newest collection called Sensu.  The pieces take inspiration from the historic significance of folding fans and are applied to the woman of today, both modern and sophisticated. I couldn't help but notice the subtle sexiness within the shape and silhouette of a fan until seeing it in jewelry form.

Michelle explains, "The name of the collection is Sensu, which means folding fan in Japanese but also means sense of style. Both meanings are fitting since the design process was a reflection on how women dress, now and in the past.  My sources of inspiration were fans in Japanese art and also in European 19th century art and objet, a period in which fans were an essential part of a woman's ensemble, as fashion accessories and also as props, barriers and protectors."

I took in the meanings and purposes of a hand-held fan and formed my vision for the above photoshoot. Layering on Michelle Fantaci's jewels became my barrier and I had a sense of my own secret language fan's once held. The hot, humid climate of the deep south was emulated by a fog machine and newly moistened trees.  Luckily the weather wasn't too much of an exaggeration as the temperatures climbed to 90° during our time shooting photos. The jewelry did the rest!  Each ring stacked seductively together and the two necklaces draped ideally on top of one another.  I loved the Sensu fan necklace which featured a tassel drop, with the ends being little daggers of gold.  The rigid edge of the Sensu bracelet gave it such a cool, textured look. And the earrings spiced things up, giving my look a bold, sharp appeal.  

Are you just as obsessed as I am over these new pieces by Michelle Fantaci?!  If you can't get enough, check out the details below and one or more of these pieces can be a part of your jewelry box!  If you're headed to Couture, Michelle will be set up with all these and more in Las Vegas at booth 916.

Jewelry Details:

14k yellow gold Sensu fan edge bracelet set with diamonds and sapphire, Price: $3968 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold fan hoop earrings, Price: $1846 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Sensu fan necklace with baguette diamonds and tassel drop, Price: $2290 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold triple diamond bar necklace, Price: $1536 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Sensu fan ring with baguette diamonds, Price: $1986 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Watchful Eye ring with turquoise, Price: $1040 available at Muse

18k yellow gold Watchful Eye ring with rose cut diamond, Price: $3900 available at Muse

14k yellow gold Bright Eye ring with blue sapphire, Price: $610 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Pavo ring with unheated sapphire, Price: $1055 available at Muse

14k yellow gold Eye of Stars ring with diamonds, Price: $1110 available at Muse



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Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2015

levi_higgs elizapagejewelry georgjensen jeanjeanvintage idazzle anninavogel lovegoldlive lfrankjewelry townandcountrymagjewelry craigevansmall roseark n_mendelevich xiaowangjewelry theoneilovenyc

levi_higgs is mesmerized by this star sapphire ring by Verdura Jewelry he spotted at the Sothebys preview

elizapagejewelry getting ready for their Ila and I trunk show, looking gorgeous

georgjensen smushed pansies and gold jewelry make for a perfect photo

jeanjeanvintage taking a moment to enjoy these beauties before listing them in her Etsy shop

idazzle is dazzled by this piece of jewelry by Barbara Heinrich, so magical

anninavogel has a new project, taking vintage Hermes silk scarves and placing them in antique lockets

lovegoldlive posts this image from The Native Fox featuring a tailored suit jacket and gold jewelry

lfrankjewelry sporting the cutest look with big bead necklaces, rings and a casual ponytail 

townandcountrymagjewelry has a serious crush on this Tiffany & Co. from their holiday luncheon 

craigevansmall has the most amazing creatures in a sorts of gems and shapes

roseark is surrounded by love with these mantas, the more the merrier

n_mendelvich captures this sketch, the beginning of a very beautiful opal ring

xiaowangjewelry is taken by this open living/working space mixed with antique, vintage finds

theoneilovenyc is charmed by Susan Siegel conversion necklaces, perfect for layering


The "It-Ring" of the Season, Spinelli Kilcollin #LoveGold


IMG_8065 IMG_8025 IMG_7992 IMG_8013 IMG_7851 IMG_7913

Every season, the fashion world claims an "It-Bag," a purse or handbag every fashionable girl must own! Oftentimes the criteria for this highly acclaimed title is classic, not trendy, and can be a staple within one's wardrobe for years to come.  Even better, the movie world sometimes has their very own, "It-Girl" who is so lovable and talented that she lands role-after-role in many feature films.  Well, if the jewelry world had its own "It-Ring," I would declare the Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin just that!  

Why, do you ask?  Well, it is simple:

Classic look: the Sonny Gold ring combines classic pieces like a diamond eternity band and two plain gold bands into the design.  All three are timeless on their own, but when combined and looped together, the look is sophisticated and slightly edgy.

Goes with anything/everything: I love the kind of rings that can easily be dressed up or down--this ring is definitely one of those!  I can easily wear it with jeans and a tee, or paired with an elegant dress--day or night, dressy or casual!

Comfortable: a really important aspect of good design in rings is comfort and this ring is surprisingly comfortable any way you wear it!  It is so comfortable that you will want to turn it into an everyday staple and almost never take it off!

Interchangeable: the genius designs of Spinelli Kilcollin allow you to wear your ring in multiple ways.  Try wearing all three rings on one finger for a stacked look, or loop each on separate fingers for a more dramatic effect.  I've even tried two of the rings on one finger and one on the other--it looked so unique!

Will someday be a future heirloom: this 18k gold ring has value as a piece of luxury and future heirloom. Passing it down to future generations 40-50 years from now will be a definite, and its quality and craftsmanship will withstand the tests of time.  


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold