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Entries in las vegas antique jewelry show (5)

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show 2017

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Taking on the Las Vegas Antique Show with Becca of BCE Jewelry, with Lenore Dailey at her booth and we ran into Sheri & Trina of Metier

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Both pieces here (left & right) are from DK Bressler and both are more than meets the eye: the dragonfly is En Tremblant and the diamond brooch can convert into other pieces of jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Two gorgeous booth photos, the left is Platt Boutique Jewelry and the right I cannot remember for the life of me!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I loved these three rings from Excalibur Jewelry, especially the open metal work on the pointer, & the right photo features an incredible Lightning Ridge Opal set in a turn-of-the-century ring from M&C Stevens

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

This large pendant/medallion made me smile, from Platt Boutique Jewelry and the photo on the right are my three favorites from Jacob's Estate Jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Lenore Dailey's booth is just jaw-dropping in its own right, so I always take a photo of it every year -- the photo on the right is an incredible ring box full of the most beautiful pieces from Simon Teakle 

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I think Blue Topaz gets a bad rap--this bracelet is crazy gorgeous, from Clayton Antiques and the photo on the right features a museum-worthy suite of early Victorian jewelry

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I always have to stop and stare at the crowns I see at the show! The right photo features some of the best rings I saw throughout the entire show--these three, from Under the Crown. Favorite stack ever.

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Always a sucker for hearts, I loved this opal brooch from DK Bressler and the photo on the right features three light blue enamel bracelets from Keyamour. Once in a lifetime shot right there!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

I love to see what Joden has and this time around this necklace caught my eye--from the black enamel to the mega gemstones, wow! The photo on the right is a ring tray seen at Mary Ann-tiques 

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

The combo of moonstone + rubies is so good, I think that is why I loved this bracelet from Mary Ann-tiques so much. Also this tortoise shell butterfly brooch--wow, so unique and all handcrafted. This one belongs to Platt Boutique Jewelry.

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

A box of goodies found at Lucy Verity ... the photo on the right are my favorites from Mary Ann-tiques, some rectangles and ovals!

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Sapphire stack from Excalibur Jewelry and the jewelry box on the right was seen at Lucy Verity--that snake bracelet is to die for and unfortunately a little too big on my wrist. 

Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip Vegas Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Last photos come from Excalibur--clusters of sapphire and diamonds, which create this amazing bracelet...and the photo on the right are my favorites from Craig Evan Small.

I've always associated the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show with The Paris hotel, however this was the first year in a very long time that that particular location was changed.  This year's show was located at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I didn't know what to expect at all and actually didn't even know where the convention center was located in regards to where everything else is until the day of the show!  To my surprise, I enjoyed the change--but I also will be happy when the show returns to The Paris next year. I attended on opening day and then again the following day, covering as much as I could on day one and attempting to pick up where I left off the next day.  I had good company on the second day--Katie of Vada Jewelry (like last year) and Becca of BCE Jewelry who had never attended before! It was cool to see someone experience the show for the first time and she walked away with an awesome diamond cluster ring. 

For some reason the reoccurring theme for me this year was large, circular pendants aka medallions. It seemed like every booth I visited, I spotted one or was attracted to one. I like how with every show, I'm not sure what I'm going to find or what I will be drawn is always something different. I brought home a really cool medallion zodiac pendant, which I will share in another post!  I also brought back nearly ten pieces to sell for @shopGEMGOSSIP, some of which have already sold but you can certainly browse what is still available. 

From the gorgeous diamond crowns I spotted at several booths, to lots of diamond cocktail rings, there was some major selections going on at this show. Lots of buyers were going full force and commenting on what a great show it was. I noticed an up tick in traffic flow up and down the aisles and saw a lot of buying happening. 

As always, I have the best time roaming the aisles, running into people I know and chatting with my favorite dealers. It is fun catching up with everyone and I can't believe this was my sixth year attending the show. And even after six years, I still relish in finding awesome pieces and the thrill of the hunt definitely still lives on at these shows. I hope that never changes!

Thanks for another great year, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show...can't wait until next year!


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Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show 2016

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

First stop, Lenore Dailey's booth--always. Great jewelry, great gossip and a feast for the eyes.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Excalibur Jewelry always has some stunners--like these opals and gigantic emerald. OakGem had this malachite Egyptian Revival pendant I flipped over.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Sky Gems boasting this fabulous tray of various corundum and emeralds. The trio of crowned hearts from Lowther Antiques is SO special!

Untitled Vegas Show | Gem Gossip

Lenore Dailey's booth had this jaw-dropping faceted amethyst pendant, I couldn't stop staring! And this opal ring is INSANE--I snapped this photo just as I was leaving and don't remember whose booth it is from.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Both these photos are from Key Amour, owner Dana is so nice! I love the opal pendant it just glowed. And the stack of rings from her booth was fun to create.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

A booth shot of Mary Ann-tiques' booth, always full of great items, you gotta look long and hard. The next photo is actually me with a bunch of antique reproductions and I appreciated the vendor immediately disclosing this as soon as I asked about them!

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Ann Marie Stanton always has some really interesting pieces! Love this Egyptian Revival pendant and carved opal brooch.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Had to stop by Jogani's booth and be immediately mesmerized by his diamond rings. His handmade ring boxes wowed me too!

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Lucy Verity had the cutest little Victorian ring box, nestled with the daintiest Victorian rings! We also loved the snake wrapped around the crescent moon brooch found at Under the Crown.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

My next stop was Jacob's Estate Jewelry where I oogled over all the jewelry, especially these artisan-made earrings set with really interesting opaque gems. Sugilite is the funky, deep-purple colored gem used in the one pair.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Prepare to be amazed by this huge emerald ring, weighing in at 19.86 carats! Found at Pat Saling's booth. The other photos is LOTS of diamond Art Deco rings from Lenore Dailey's booth.

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

The most glorious opal rings from The Gold Hatpin, seen here. And another piece from Pat Saling, set with an abundance of colored gemstones, creating a rainbow burst for your wrist!

LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip LVAntique Jewelry Show | Gem Gossip

Platt Boutique had a great lineup of really interesting, noteworthy bracelets. I love the heavy gold ones. And the urn mourning ring was an awesome find, from Lowther Antiques!

Ah, another year in Las Vegas for the annual jewelry shows has come and gone! I arrived late the night before in Vegas and made sure I had a hearty room service dinner to prepare for the next day spent at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, opening day! This year I tagged along with Katie of Vada Jewelry who was buying unique pieces to add to her finely curated antique and vintage jewelry selection of Vada. The vibe on opening day was busy and bustling--seems year after year the show gets more crowded on the first day, and then it tapers off. Day two was by far less busy. I'm a huge fan of how laid back the antique show is compared to other jewelry shows in Vegas. The fact that it opens at 11am rather than 9:30am also is pretty cool in my book. 

Rumor has it that next year's antique show will not be at The Paris, so I'm trying to see how this settles with me, as next year's Original Miami Beach show is also supposed to be located somewhere other than where it has been for ages! Change--I guess that's the theme for next year and for people in the antiques industry, we don't like change! ha!

Two full days at the antique show proved to be ideal (as I learned from last year)--I was able to get some great photos for both my blog and some other projects I was working on. Some shopping was done, bought a couple things for @shopGemGossip and if you've been reading my blog since the beginning, I always have to commemorate the trip with a purchase for my own personal jewel box. More on that in a separate post! ;)

Just want to take the time to thank all the wonderful people of the antique jewelry world for making my trip year after year more fun than the last! Check out the captions and above photos for a play-by-play of my two-day antique excursion. 


Thanks for another great year, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show...can't wait until next year!



Gem Gossip Covers the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, 2015

Trio 18437416235_3cd52953d6_k Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I think everyone knows whose booth this belongs to....gorgeous pieces with so much sentiment, and yay, I finally got to meet her--miss @lenoredailey xoxo #gemgossipdoesVegas #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow Untitled Good morning! This is just me missing the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry show and making note that attending one day instead of my normal two was a bad decision!! These rings were from @lenoredailey 's booth. 😍😍 #gemgossipdoesVegas #lasve Untitled Ok, so I know I always pick my favorite piece out of the entire show each year--here's this year's winner: 18k yellow gold plique-à-jour turquoise scarab cuff! This piece is not antique, but vintage and was made by a Florida man who recently passed away. Amazing carved sapphire and diamond pendant from @underthecrownjewelry Thanks for letting me play! #GemGossipdoesVegas #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow I love stopping by @jacobs_estate_jewelry and catching up with Jacob & Rigoberto.  They are Instagram obsessed, so make sure to give them a follow!! 👉👉 @jacobs_estate_jewelry #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow Keep your eyes peeled!! 👀👀 #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow #gemgossipdoesVegas 18k gold French piece circa 1840s the birds are actual feathers!! Amazing! @lovegoldlive #lovegold #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled A day at the Vegas Antique Jewelry Show is not complete without a visit to @plattboutiquejewelry !! #showmeyourrings #gemgossipdoesVegas #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Treasure hunting today! YES. @jewelrygurl @lovegoldlive #lovegold #lasvegasantiquejewelryshow I hit my own Vegas jackpot today! 🎰 My date ring collection just got massive. Thanks Vegas Antique Jewelry Show! The one on my pinky is extra special--1921 Year of the Monkey, and has a little monkey on the side, gratefully sacrificed out of

Every year, the anticipation of the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show is high--even more so this time around, for me at least!  With a packed schedule of appointments at the other shows, I was truly looking forward to some unwinding time at the antique show, with no appointments in sight...just me and the jewels!  I got to walk the show with my friends Sunny of Sunny S. Bond Jewelry and Lauren aka By Gold Girl who are so much fun to be around, and the fact that we are all around the same height makes us a great little trio!  Ha!  There totally was a "tall girls club" going on at these shows this past week, and for someone has has to exaggerate by adding on that one inch when you tell someone how tall you are, this was great!  

The vibe of the show was great this year--although I was pretty bummed for missing opening day, where I heard the line out the door before the show opened was crazy long.  Many of the vendors noted that Friday (the day I attended) was slower than normal, but also crediting the opening of the JCK show as to most likely why. As a buyer/attendee, I welcomed the fact that the aisles were less congested and I could easily walk up to a booth and converse with the booth owners without being interrupted.  Another topic of conversation was how as a community of antique jewelry lovers, everyone felt that the goods are getting harder and harder to find, hence why prices were definitely higher than normal.  As a collector, I do see a definite increase and the demand for antique jewelry, so it will be interesting to see where the industry goes in the future.  

This year I only had time to devote one full day at the antique show, where I normally spend two days. After doing this, I would say spending two days at the antique show is ideal, especially if you have a task or certain piece you need to find for a client.  It is always nice to spend one day getting things done and then still have a whole extra day to browse and enjoy--you usually find the best things when you are browsing for fun.  

As many of you know, I'm always on the hunt for date rings--my collection seen here.  They are extremely tough to find and although I didn't set out thinking I'd find any at the show this year, I had forgotten where I was after all--VEGAS!  Yes, I struck date ring jackpot in Vegas!  The first one came from Platt Boutique Jewelry, straight out of owner Larry Platt's personal collection--there's the type of man that will give you the shirt off their back, and then there's the type that will give you the ring off their finger!!  There's a difference! ;)  What is special about this ring is the year it represents, 1921, being the Year of the Monkey and having a monkey on the side of the ring.  That is quite awesome!  The other EIGHT date rings came from the same seller, who told me that the entire collection came from the same person--someone who collected every date, also known as my long lost twin.  How crazy is that?!  Boy would I have loved to sit down with whomever that is/was.  Also, only slightly heart-breaking to learn that there were lots more, which were sold throughout the years.  Funny to think that the entire collection was intact--but I guess that wouldn't make it such a fun hunt as it has been!

I did buy one other ring besides all the date rings, which I will reveal/talk about soon!  Stay tuned!

Vendors pictured above:

Jacob's Estate Jewelry

Platt Boutique Jewelry

Found Collected 

AM Stanton

Lenore Dailey

DK Bressler

Under the Crown Jewelry

Kenneth James Collection

Clayton Antiques

D. Tenenbaum Inc.


Elizabeth Dmitrova


Thanks for another great year, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show...can't wait until next year!



2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, Jewelry Through the Ages #LoveGold


The 2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show was, as always, a pure delight!  The four-day tradeshow opened its doors this year to 25% more people on opening day in Las Vegas with their location at the Paris Hotel. With nearly 400 dealers set up, I was scouting out both gold jewelry throughout the ages as well as potential treasures for my jewelry box.  It was incredible to see such an array of time periods being represented at one show, so I set up a sort of scavenger hunt for myself--to find a piece of gold jewelry in each time period of fine jewelry.  

It was interesting how this mission allowed for an impromptu history lesson of the use of gold in jewelry. Like why I couldn't find too many pieces of gold jewelry during the 1920s? I did some research and found that a large deposit of platinum was found in the early 1920s.  That discovery, paired with the invention of a torch that allowed jewelers to heat up and melt platinum and make jewelry, led to a resurgence of platinum jewelry during the 1920s and 1930s.  Why were there so many gold pieces of jewelry during the 1940s? That period coincided with the beginning of World War II, where platinum was scarce and in some instances forbidden to be used in jewelry.

Let's see how I did:

ERA early 1800s:

this amazing work of art is a brooch from the early 1800s, it has woven hair behind the hand-cut gold monogram and swags (from Lowther Antiques)

this is a great example of Georgian jewelry, with Topaz and Turquoise set in all gold in the shape of a plume of flowers and feathers (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA late 1800s, early 1900s:

this necklace is circa 1915, it is 14k yellow gold and enamel in a Neo-Classical style

these bangles are gorgeous examples of the Victorian Era, late 1800s--the left two are 14k yellow gold and the far right is done in 18k gold--lots of typical Victorian themes, Etruscan revival and snakes! (from Levy's Jewelry)


ERA 1940s & 1960s:

this brooch is totally 1940s, retro, with its sputnik-inspired style and set with rubies and sapphires--most jewelry from this era was either yellow or rose gold (from Mary Ann-tiques, photo courtesy of Sunny S. Bond Jewelry)

this Omega watch was designed by Grima and is characteristically 1960s with the textured gold (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA 1970s & 1980s:

these gold hammered doorknocker earrings scream 1970s (from Platt Boutique Jewelry)

this 18k yellow gold necklace is designed by Mapamenos Natepas and is a great example of 1980s jewelry--this Greek designer became popular because Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband was Greek and lavished her with Greek jewels! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



My Jewel Box: Rings Found at the 2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

IMG_4046 IMG_4069

Sometimes a lot of pressure can be put on yourself to find a special piece to bring home to your jewelry box, and shopping at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show is definitely intense! You only have so much time, so many days, x-amount of dollars, and lots of other tasks to get done during the anticipated jewelry week. A certain piece has to speak to me--I have to feel like I can't live without it, and the feeling and moment are both hard to describe but it happens! Once I made that first purchase, a load of pressure was put off my shoulders and I felt more relaxed as I knew for certain I was not going home empty-handed. For some reason this time around that act of buying one ring for myself opened up the flood gates, because I found four more to bring home with me that trip!  

Here's what I bought:

10k yellow gold antique baby shield ring with barely-there "A" engraved on front of shield

14k yellow gold garnet and seed pearl Victorian ring

10k yellow gold wide eternity band with black enamel design engraved "E. L. Taylor, 1920"

10k yellow gold antique baby ring

14k rose gold Victorian "man on the moon" moonstone ring

*special thank you to Sunny S. Bond for the lovely jewelry pouch from Clare Vivier, I love my gold monogram of GG for Gem Gossip :)