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Entries in l frank jewelry (11)


Jewelry_maven mariehelenedetaillac Allyssapower Plukka Elizabethroseantiques Estatejewelrymama AndreaFohrman Lfrankjewelry Henrydominiquejewelry

{from top to bottom:

Jewelry_Maven creates the ultimate stack from pieces from Quadrum Gallery

Marie-Hélène de Taillac shines straight from the workshop in India to the outdoor sunshine--these are tourmalines

Allyssa Power puts together a pastel punch using rings from Market Square Jewelers

Plukka showing off some stackable pieces from the Yi Collection 

Elizabeth Rose Antiques vacations in the Swiss Alps and brings along her favorites

Estate Jewelry Mama mixing some personal pieces with items that are for sale in her Etsy shop

Andrea Fohrman playing in the sun, exactly where her celestial jewels belong

LFrank Jewelry stacking bigger and better with her gemstone-focused designs

Henry Dominique Jewelry wearing her personal pieces; the all-gold lion and signet are such a great match}



jhadleyjewelry lynn_ban jessicamccormackdiamonds amygreggjewelry roseark lfrankjewelry diamondsinthelibrary luckandlockets oldgoldobsession

{from top to bottom:

jhadleyjewelry and her amazing one-finger wonder, the mani is everything too

lynn_ban shows how color can be powerful and so is the phrase "more is more"

jessicamccormackdiamonds gets in the spirit of Valentine's Day with rubies

amygreggjewelry sets free form opals and bold gems into her amazing designs

roseark combining several designers--Selin Kent, Christina Magdolna Jewelry, Amy Gregg & Queen Vee

lfrankjewelry does a good triple stone and of course major cluster

diamondsinthelibrary found another twinned heart ring at the Miami Antique Show but didn't buy it

luckandlockets has the blues in the best way possible--Georgian blues

oldgoldobsession has an amazing collection of portrait miniatures--the furthest on the right is from the Miami show}



luxcharmjewelry elizabethbuenaventura bellflowerbay mimisojewels jaimiegellerjewelry tessametcalfe lfrankjewelry sky_juls saraweinstockjewelry

{from top to bottom:

Luxcharm Jewelry captures agates in all their glory, the more the merrier

Elizabeth Buenaventura makes these two rings shown, which I totally WANT

Bellflower Bay got to meet up with Duvenay and try on all her rings--dreamy!!

Mimi So Jewels shows the importance of rings to those who type all day on the computer

Andrea Fohrman via Jaimie Geller Jewelry out-of-this-world jewels, so excited to see what she has in store for Couture

Tessa Metcalfe another photo depicting how rings help get shit done!

L Frank Jewelry always is a favorite--the pointer finger is INSANITY

@sky_juls and her great trio, all great motifs to have in an antique collection

Sara Weinstock Jewelry proves coordinating your jewels with your outfit is so important}



xiaowangjewelry ericaweiner alexandralippin keshettjewellery kavantsharart norakoganjewelry isadorasantiquejewelry lfrankjewelry bcejewelry

Xiao Wang Jewelry's element collection rings are SO insanely cool

Erica Weiner sharing some of their English mourning rings, the one with the pearls is engraved, "In Memory of Wee Duncan"

Alexandra Lippin stacking up her favorites from Workhorse Jewelery

Keshett Jewellery proving one can't go wrong mixing up an Edwardian/Art Deco dinner ring look

Kavant & Sharart wearing two incredible Art Deco-inspired rings from their line, yellow diamonds and fancy sapphires

Nora Kogan Jewelry donning my favorites from her line plus a little antique action

Isadora's Antique Jewelry pulling through with an all floral theme with these antique dreams

LFrank Jewelry casually reading a book while sporting the sparkle she's best known for

BCE Jewelry showing off her amazing turquoise ring designs, so killer

Favorite Instagrams: Early Spring 2015

levi_higgs elizapagejewelry georgjensen jeanjeanvintage idazzle anninavogel lovegoldlive lfrankjewelry townandcountrymagjewelry craigevansmall roseark n_mendelevich xiaowangjewelry theoneilovenyc

levi_higgs is mesmerized by this star sapphire ring by Verdura Jewelry he spotted at the Sothebys preview

elizapagejewelry getting ready for their Ila and I trunk show, looking gorgeous

georgjensen smushed pansies and gold jewelry make for a perfect photo

jeanjeanvintage taking a moment to enjoy these beauties before listing them in her Etsy shop

idazzle is dazzled by this piece of jewelry by Barbara Heinrich, so magical

anninavogel has a new project, taking vintage Hermes silk scarves and placing them in antique lockets

lovegoldlive posts this image from The Native Fox featuring a tailored suit jacket and gold jewelry

lfrankjewelry sporting the cutest look with big bead necklaces, rings and a casual ponytail 

townandcountrymagjewelry has a serious crush on this Tiffany & Co. from their holiday luncheon 

craigevansmall has the most amazing creatures in a sorts of gems and shapes

roseark is surrounded by love with these mantas, the more the merrier

n_mendelvich captures this sketch, the beginning of a very beautiful opal ring

xiaowangjewelry is taken by this open living/working space mixed with antique, vintage finds

theoneilovenyc is charmed by Susan Siegel conversion necklaces, perfect for layering