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My Jewel Box: Dendritic Agate Rings from My Pennsylvania Road Trip

Gem Gossip Jewel Box

I kind of fell in love with dendritic agate while I was out in Pennsylvania on my road trip--not sure if it was due to the rolling hills or the amount of land free of buildings that I encountered while there, but it was abundant. The first one that started it all is the rectangular ring spotted while visiting the MaeJean Vintage sisters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The girls had so much eye candy to look at, but for some reason that ring was calling my name. It also should be said that my friend Jenn of @bellflowerbay was texting me the night before showing me her new moss agate ring, and she had mentioned that I didn't have any myself (says a girl who knows my jewelry box just as much as her own ;)) And she was right!  I love moss and dendritic agates, just never focused in on finding any or none have struck me enough to buy. 

The rectangular dendritic agate ring decided to come home with me from MaeJean Vintage, but not without getting some interesting info that the sisters dug up about the piece! I love how passionate both Amanda and Laura are--they don't just attain an inventory and sell it, they understand it, research it and teach others. There's a lot to be said by treating your business this way and so much more growth comes out of it. The girls noticed a few extra letters after the 10k hallmark on the ring.  The letters M S followed 10k which piqued their interest--they had to find out what that M S stood for!  After researching, they found that M S stands for the firm Miller-Steinau which was based in Portland, Oregon and specialized in jewelry made from genuine moss agate, petrified wood, & rock crystal quartz. How cool!

The next day I was on the road again, this time headed to Grove City, PA. When you walk into Joden Jewelers, you immediately realize you haven't planned enough time for all the amazingness that is in one store. I was right. After touring the store and trying on tons of jewelry, speaking with the owner Joe and listening to his fun stories, I had only a couple spare minutes to make some tough decisions--what to bring home with me?!  My dendritic agate kick kept going, as I chose two more--these though had different shapes, one elongated oval and the other a skinny navette that was very long.  It wasn't until I was in the car headed back home to Tennesse that I realized all three rings had the exact same shoulders.  Could it be, they were all made by the same company--that company in Portland, Oregon?!  Turns out the elonged navette also says 10k M S but the other does not.  The oval is stamped 10k on both sides of the ring, which I find odd, and the font is totally different. 

These rings are definitely interesting and fun to wear.  I especially love how they are easy to access, as they aren't hard to find out there and are inexpensive for fine jewelry. I think it is important to buy a moss or dendritic agate that has a cool and unique pattern of inclusions.  Thanks MaeJean Vintage and Joden Jewelers for the newest members of my personal collection!


My Jewel Box: Vintage Multi-Gemstone Dangle Ring

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box s_59237rg_fsa_toumanova_tamara Tamara_Toumanova_&_Serge_Lifar

A dangling rainbow of gemstones was held up before my eyes when I last visited Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA. You know the feeling when you see something that is destined to be yours?!  In that moment this ring was made for me and as I slipped on the ring it gave me a Cinderella, glass slipper moment. Lucky for me, my fantasy didn't end when the clock struck midnight.  I was going to be taking this baby home with me, but it was then that the story got even more interesting...

Joe, the owner of Joden Jewelers, began to explain about a large estate he had purchased from a well-known celebrity.  The woman's name was Tamara Toumanova, a child-prodigy ballerina who was highly acclaimed worldwide and toured the world performing.  A critic once wrote about her and her dancing as having, "large dark eyes, raven wings of hair and magnolia skin, she combined lyricism and virtuosity to a remarkable degree."  (Read the NY Times article about her) She later starred in a few Hollywood movies, most notably Days of Glory and married Casey Robinson, a film producer and screen writer.  It is incredible to own something that once belonged to someone famous, especially when it comes to vintage and antique jewelry, we as collectors always wish to know more about the history of each piece.  This gives more of an idea, knowing who owned it before, but I still am curious where and when she acquired this ring!  So interesting to think about! Having a ballerina past as well, this makes me feel even more closer to Ms. Toumanova.

Thanks Joden Jewelers!  Do any of you own a piece of jewelry that was once owned by someone famous?!

Egyptian Revival Jewelry from Joden Jewelry

Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival

Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival


Egyptian Revival Jewelry from Joden Jewelers Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival Joden Jewelry | Egyptian Revival


Distant and exotic civilizations inspired many creations during the early 1920s and onward to spur a movement called "Egyptian Revival," which characterized the type of jewelry that was influenced by ancient Egypt.  In November of 1922, the efforts of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter culminated in the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was located in Egypt within the Valley of the Kings.  Their incredible discovery was esteemed as one of the most valuable archaeological finds of the 20th Century!  This completely enthralled and aroused much interest throughout the world. Although Egyptian influence had already begun decades prior, the Egyptian Revival movement was heaviest following that particular discovery. Prior to that, author Vivienne Becker explains, "Ancient Egypt had been a design inspiration throughout the 19th century, particularly in France, from the time of Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt in 1798, although the effect was really only felt in the jewelry world in the 1860s, following discoveries of ancient Egyptian ornaments by the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, and around the time of the opening of the Suez Canal, by the Empress Eugenie, in 1869" (Becker, Vivienne. "Five Rare Egyptian-Revival Jewels" Sotheby's Magazine. November 2013.)

Pyramids, sphinxes, obelisks, palmettes, lotus flowers, scarabs, hieroglyphics, and hieroglyph imitations became all the rage in jewelry design and motif. Egyptian dieties like Isis, the falcon god Horus, the lion goddess Sekmeth and a few others also became popular.  Ankhs symbolized eternal life and scarabs represented rebirth. The upheaval of Egyptian motifs actually paired really well with the Art Deco aesthetic at the time--things like Egyptian blue colored faience, lapis and carnelian inlay, colored enamel work, and bright yellow gold.  Faience is a sintered quartz ceramic, like ancient pottery in a way, it was used to create scarabs and other Egyptian objects and amulets.  Big names like Cartier, Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels followed suite and designed multiple piece during the early 1920s/30s typical of Egyptian Revival theme.  

When I visited Joden Jewelry in July, located in Grove City, Pennsylvania, I was blown away by their extensive inventory.  So many eras all in one place--so many niches for any and every collector. I knew they would have quite a collection of Egyptian Revival jewelry, and I was right!  From micromosaics to real scarab beetles, and a few things in between--even spanning different time periods of the movement as well. These seven pieces featured from Joden Jewelry will enamor any Egyptian Revival collector, whether you're just a beginner or have been collecting for years!  

Round circular brooch featuring a micromosaic pharaoh: this spectacular piece was created using over 1,000 tiny pieces of thin, tile-shaped glass or stone to create this image of an Egyptian pharaoh.  The gold surrounding frame holds the micromosaic which consists of a white background, Egyptian blue outline, and multitonal hues of reds, greens, and flesh-tone tiles. Price: $3,000 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Enamel and diamond winged pharaoh brooch: another unique piece of Egyptian Revival jewelry, handmade through and through, down to the dangling bell-shaped detail.  The white and blue enamel are some of the Egyptian colors consistently used with revival jewelry. There are rose cut diamonds along the wings and a lovely pharaoh in the center. Price: $5,685 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Bloodstone scarab ring: scarabs are carved from many different gemstones sometimes even faience which is not a gemstone.  Bloodstone is such a unique gemstone to carve a scarab into--you don't see too many like that!  It should be noted that this piece is finely detailed, down to the legs of the scarab being distinctly carved as well.  The scarab is set using a pin through the stone and held in place with two small gold beads. The ring is currently a size 7.5 and done in 14k yellow gold--it can easily be sized up or down! Price: $800 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Intricate and striking micromosaic brooch: a masterpiece of tiny glass and stone tiles, this brooch has multiple elements of Egyptian Revival jewelry going on--the pharaoh is first and foremost, then the Etruscan detailing, followed by the motifs of serpents and hieroglyphics depicted throughout. The colors are bright and warm, and the black is a great contrast.  This is an example of an earlier Egyptian Revival piece, taking its place during the Victorian Era. Price: $11,375 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Real beetle fringe necklace: if you want something that will surely strike up a conversation, this real beetle fringe necklace is an ideal piece!  It dates back to the Victorian Era during which the first round of Egyptian influence began in the world of jewelry.  There are 16 actual scarabs with iridescent green carapaces--and no two are exactly the same!  I like to call these Cleopatra's ornaments!  CALL FOR PRICE/PURCHASE

Real beetle earrings: of course you must own the earrings if you buy the necklace--OR if you want to try out the real beetle jewelry look but don't want something too large, these earrings are the right idea!  They are handmade set in gold frames (of an unknown karat) and use wire to recreate legs and antenna that are visible from the front and continue on the backs. CALL FOR PRICE/PURCHASE

Double serpet scarab brooch: this is one of my favorites! Two serpents go head-to-head creating coiled tails, and encircling a scarab.  I love the wings on this brooch--it is already such a powerful piece of symbolizism with the snake representing protection and the scarab representing rebirth and life, and the wings just make it that much more special.  A strong piece with a story to tell! Price: $5,750 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


10914719_926175334070052_7472495249124214406_o Joden Jewelry
144 South Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127
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My Jewel Box: A Clover, A Gator, & Diamonds!

Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box Gem Gossip Jewel Box

After browsing the "My Jewel Box" category, I realized there are quite a few pieces from my personal collection that are missing!  I've always had it as my goal to write about every piece in my collection and file it under this category, but c'est la vie, right?!  Trying to catch up as best as I can in the next few days!  

The first photo features four of my all-time favorite rings along with a pair of costume jewelry clip-on earrings that have a very special meaning.  Let's start from the bottom (cuz now we're here) this ring is from the Jewelry Box of Lake Forest and you can read its full story here. The next ring is insane and I cannot believe what a good deal I got off eBay, you can read its full story here.  The ring set with a web of diamonds and sapphires is my first pawn shop score ever--and to think I almost didn't get it because I had just moved to Tennessee and didn't quite have any money/job...luckily layaway is a thing and this pawn shop offered it!  No matter how much my style has changed since seven years ago--that ring is still one of my favorites. The top ring I bought myself for my 30th birthday, it was an eBay score and a "make offer" deal. The costume earrings were bought by my mom at a garage sale years ago, I remember her buying them and I also remember all the flea markets and garage sales she brought me to growing up.  I think that is where my treasure hunting instinct began.

The second photo features two odd rings from my collection and I say odd because if one would not think of these rings when describing my style.  I actually love these rings and for some reason they easily transport me to feeling very cool. The alligator ring is stamped 14k Italy and is from Joint Venture Jewelry--I spotted it on their website one day while browsing, something I like to do at least once a month.  They always have some neat things!  The gun ring is one of those types of rings that resemble a gumball machine kind of ring--it is even just as lightweight as one, but this one is actually the real deal.  It has a sort of badassness to it.

The last picture is one of my favorite stacks ever and favorite photos ever (it is currently my iPhone background).  I'm wearing a Tiffany & Co. open Atlas ring on my pinky (a gift from Matt for my 30th birthday), my engagement ring, and Edwardian Old Mine cut diamond ring and the newest addition--a natural pearl and diamond clover ring from Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA--which came home with me from my Pennsylvania Jewelry Road Trip!

What are some new rings you've added to your collection?!  

Jewelry Road Trip: When in Grove City, PA...

58085_359501777503576_897845395_n joden33 joden55 joden2joden5 joden3 joden99 joden8 joden

Growing up, Grove City was somewhere holiday shoppers would go to once a year to spend all their money at "The Outlets." Now that I'm older and much wiser, I've learned about an amazing antique jewelry shop in that town. I wish I lived back home just so I can journey south to Grove City, Pennsylvania and visit Joden Jewelers--a treasure trove of gorgeous jewels. They've recently upgraded their website to include a wide range of inventory which can be purchased directly from the site. Their inventory is rather large, so they've been updating frequently.

Joden was established in 1970 and has been family-run since opening its doors. They enjoy setting up at both the Miami Beach & Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Shows, proving that they may be from a small town, but pack a big punch when it comes to jewels. I'm excited to hopefully someday visit, either on my way back home someday or on a road trip, because it is not to be missed! Above are some of my favorite pieces currently for sale on their website.