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How 3 Nashville Entrepreneurs Style Their Dana Seng Jewelry

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The life of an entrepreneur: forever in motion, on the go, and fast-paced. Sometimes you need your jewelry to be that way too!  I'm always on the hunt for something I know I can throw on and automatically look good, something I can style with a variety of different outfits, and something that is timeless and will withstand a hectic lifestyle. The piece of jewelry that does it for me is my Dana Seng birthstone initial charm necklace, without a doubt! It goes with just about anything...when I put it on I already feel put together...and the best part is that it was made for me! I picked out the letter I wanted and the gemstone I wanted--D for Danielle (my first name) and sapphire for my birthstone (and luckily blue is a color that goes great with almost my entire wardrobe). 

Dana Seng Jewelry prides itself on creating jewelry that fits this exact remedy--for "every style" and for "every woman." I thought it would be fun to see how three different women style their own Dana Seng Jewelry pieces, so I took three Nashville entrepreneurs (myself included) and without any direction, told everyone to style their piece with what fits their lifestyle and how it fits in their everyday look. It was so interesting to see how a simple initial gemstone necklace or ring could be worn in different ways, suit unique styles and become a staple to someone's wardrobe. One thing is for sure, we all agreed how simple, yet statement-making our birthstone initial pieces are and how much they've become an everyday occurrence within our style. 

Let's find out more:

Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip


By day, I'm writing my blog Gem Gossip, editing photos, pulling ideas and planning my next night, I'm cooking the latest Blue Apron, catching up on Shameless, playing with my dogs and most likely ripping out carpet somewhere in my house. Even if there are days where I don't leave my office, I like to at least throw on a piece of jewelry that makes me feel good and oftentimes it is my Dana Seng Jewelry initial necklace. My style is casual, always pants (I've never been a dress-wearer, but I'm trying) and I love a good blouse, like the one I'm wearing. I mostly wear vintage or antique jewelry, and my initial necklace from Dana Seng fits in perfectly.

Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip


When she's not busy building her photography empire, Lauren Newman, a Florida-born, California-dreaming entrepreneur is exploring Nashville, always on the lookout for new places to shoot. Photography is her passion and so is traveling. Her style is romantic with an edge, often pairing a pretty dress with a leather jacket. Her Dana Seng Jewelry is an initial birthstone ring--she chose an L for her first name, done in garnets for her birth month of January. It pairs perfectly with her other gold, delicate rings and is exactly her jewelry style. She likes wearing rings when she's out on a photoshoot because every time she clicks the camera, they sparkle!

You can follow Lauren on Instagram here.

Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip


Documenting her daily outfits and inspirations has been something that has come natural for Nashville fashion blogger Alyssa. She has been writing Dreaming Trees since 2014 where her creativity flows and her bohemian style is put front and center. Her Dana Seng birthstone initial charm necklace easily transitions from her nine to five day job, to her photoshoots she executes for her blog. She chose an A for her first name set with Peridot for her August birthday in a necklace. As you can see, mixing her initial necklace with her usual Southwestern silver rings and other delicate gold necklaces fits her style and she makes it her own! Whether Alyssa is wearing a vintage dress or a new trendy designer, her Dana Seng necklace can blend with either and easily layer with other jewelry.

You can follow Alyssa on Instagram here.


- - - - - - - - 


All photos by Lauren Newman Photography.

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Dana Seng Jewelry.


Dana Seng


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Check out the Q&A Interview I did with Dana!

Weekday Wardrobe: Accessorizing Rings & Clutches

Lately I've been all about wearing my newest addition to my necklace collection--this 14k yellow gold thick collar that I picked up from Arrow & Anchor Antiques. We did a trunk show together and of course, ended up buying something from her gorgeous selection. When you're a jewelry lover (addict?) you tend to do that.

I've also been sorting through my vintage clutch collection, mostly which came from eBay and antique shops from my travels. Getting them out and pairing them up with different rings has been a fun thing to do, especially over the holidays. Wearing festive attire usually isn't my thing, but I want to add something fun and different to what I normally wear when I attend holiday parties, so having these clutches is perfect for my style. I thought it would be cool to incorporate them into my Weekday Wardrobe post for this month since I promised more of these posts. Hope you enjoy!

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day One:

Navy blue enameled shield conversion ring (used to be a stick pin) -- enamel refinished by Platt Boutique Jewelry

18k yellow gold Lapis ring from Sarah's Vintage & Estate Jewelry -- enamel and side stone repair by Platt Boutique Jewelry

14k yellow gold linked rings created by myself using scrap gold items and bracelet safety chains 

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Two:

Victorian trio opal ring found at Brimfield in 2014

Retro flower ring with diamond, my first ever Ruby Lane purchase back in 2008 (still one of my favorites)

Opal flower cluster ring found at Nashville's first ever Big Flea

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Three:

14k yellow gold Victorian thimble ring found at the Nashville flea market

14k yellow gold boulder opal ring specially made by BCE Jewelry for me :)

14k yellow gold Gemini Twins enamel ring found on eBay

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Four:

Star sapphire and enamel antique ring found from OakGem at the Miami Antique Show in 2015

Victorian dendritic agate ring found at Joden Jewelry

Victorian turquoise and diamond ring found at the Vegas Antique Show in 2013

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Five:

Edwardian diamond ring found on eBay

Platinum and diamond ring found from Hampton Estate Auction (my Christmas present from Matt this year)

14k white gold three stone diamond ring from eBay (one of my very first purchases off eBay, it originally had a ruby in the center)



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Doyle & Doyle Preview Party: What I Wore #LoveGold

IMG_5167 IMG_5232 IMG_5132 IMG_5163 IMG_5238

The Doyle & Doyle Preview Party was so much fun!  To read more about the event itself, click here.  With so many details, things to remember, on top of traveling, it was important to pull together a flawless jewelry look for the event beforehand, which included lots of planning!  As far as an outfit--that part didn't come together as easily for me as the jewelry!  I knew right away what jewelry I wanted to wear.

Nicole Landaw is best known for her eclectic pieces, most of which are perfect for everyday wear.  Her 14k gold and pearl spiders are quite different.  Each are individually hand-formed in unique sizes, with custom configurations and color combinations!  I knew right away I wanted a large spider in 14k yellow gold, with a grey Tahitian pearl body to wear to the event, as my pièce de résistance.  Styling the spider was tricky--you had to get the right balance of cool/chic vs. creepy/weird. I noticed anything black automatically made the whole look have a Halloween vibe, and I did not want to look like I was wearing a witch costume!  I settled on a red lace top (which used to be a dress) paired with black lacquered skinny pants.  A few people at the party commented how the lace was quite fitting, as it resembled a spider web--the perfect backdrop for my spider friend.

Nora Kogan has been a favorite jewelry designer of mine since I first laid eyes on her lovely enameled snake rings.  When she posted pictures of her latest pieces from her new Death on the Nile collection, I couldn't have been more obsessed.  I wanted a pair of her large Ankh earrings in 14k yellow gold for the event!  Luckily Nora is the nicest/coolest person ever, and immediately got to work on a custom pair for me, and they arrived just in time!  What's even more special is she attended the event and I got to finally meet her in person!  

With the main event unveiling some very important Sentimental Rings co-curated by myself and the Doyle sisters, I knew my ring game had to be superb.  I basically wore my three biggest/boldest antique rings, mixed with some gold antique baby rings, and of course my engagement ring.  It was so much fun for people who came to the event and who have seen/read about these rings to actually get to see them in person! I enjoyed talking about my rings--both on display at the event and on my fingers--as well as checking out what everyone else was wearing.  That was my kind of party!

>> To win a pair of the same earrings I wore to the event (Large Ankh earrings by Nora Kogan) enter an exclusive giveaway here!



This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Updates from Arrow & Anchor Antiques

79duOzNfe4E-o93jSdMEZlA5d5D0R_oU5ld2CM2nvso 9qQ3c5LT9MeOtRn7kyTQBP-6W6SFi7i37d5scST84hQ -E6phZzoA-7uP6s3pLmAX4kZ5--_am535mnu0Ay30WM cHmbKwmwdqOZ7g0LitSH14jW7q_gElJ1rLGbCTu0TnQ jCAbGuhw2ugw01rZT4WYwg2q-EgN7ztBCbdsptlpGp8 VJipwo-wtGxv14bH0ZUCvHe0-dBBZIMMXzPmBrFAZ4k emQeLToAa_1_YI2o09zL56r3KfHQWbKDBgVk5A3DiS4

The mystery, the hunt, the allure, the beauty. This is what antique jewelry is all about and it is our passion. Yearning to share our fun finds has led us to create Arrow & Anchor Antiques--a mini museum where the items on display are actually for sale! We've added several new pieces to the inventory from our summer travels, and have one more road trip planned!  Above are some shots of us playing with pieces that are a mix of rings for sale and rings from our personal collection.  Most should be on the Arrow & Anchor Antiques website--but if you see any that are not, shoot us an email and we will be on the lookout for a similar style, picked just for you!  Make sure to follow on Instagram as well.  Many times, a ring will debut on Instagram and never make it into the shop!


My Jewel Box: Yellow Gold is Here to Stay #LoveGold 

ramring bangles lovegold pinky

Wanted to share some of my latest additions to my personal collection and as I was putting this post together, I noticed one common aspect among my newest pieces--all were yellow gold with no gemstones!  I have been undeniably drawn to gold lately, with no need for a sparkly gemstone to win me over.  I also think it is safe to say that yellow gold is back!  White gold ruled for awhile...last ten years, maybe?  But as rose gold was introduced as a new trend a few seasons ago, yellow gold has slowly eased its way back to the top.  High carat gold, like 18k and 22k has been catching my eye.  The buttery, richness of the yellow adds to its allure and my new ram head ring attends to that!  It is my first heavy, investment-worthy piece of 18k yellow gold jewelry.  Check out the details below, along with all the others!  

{from top to bottom:

18k yellow gold ram head ring from Burgeson Jewelers in Nashville, TN

Newest addition to my Victorian bangle stack is the top bypass style in 14k yellow gold Etruscan-revival from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, GA

All 14k yellow gold designs I created--first ring was created from old wedding bands and a bracelet safety chain, middle finger has ring FIVE from Gem Gossip Jewelry (the snake ring) but I stretched it out, and stacked some paper thin gold bands on top

My pinky and I have been enjoying collecting Victorian baby rings--this stack has been amassed from eBay, Walton’s Antique Jewelry and Scott’s Antique Market} 


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold