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Top Ten Rings from STORE 5a in Columbus, OH

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

I learned of STORE 5a when on my #JewelryRoadTrip last month in the Ohio area.  The shop caught my attention because they are all about selling pre-owned items--things like designer handbags, watches, and of course fine jewelry. It is stores like STORE 5a where you can find hidden gems and that one piece you've been missing from your collection, easily. Luckily they have two locations, both in Columbus, Ohio--one being in the Easton Market and the other in Short North. Taking the word pre-owned and putting their own spin on it, STORE 5a shows how you can save money, be socially responsible and own a piece of fashion history, all while shopping at their store. 

I hope to someday get to visit one of their stores, but in the meantime, their jewels came to me!  Here are my TOP TEN favorite rings from their current inventory:

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

1. 14k yellow gold solitaire rutilated Kunzite ring, Price: $2,750

I don't know but for some reason I went from not liking pink to being ALL ABOUT pink!  This kunzite ring is vibrant, glowing and pouring out color in every direction. What is neat about it this particular piece is that it features some rutile inclusions that have become a part of the unique look of the stone. Rutile thin fibers of another mineral that often get in the cross path of another mineral when forming underground. The result is often really cool, like in this ring! 

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

2. Platinum and 18k yellow gold tourmaline and diamond ring, Price: $2,999

The center gemstone in this ring immediately caught my attention and you wouldn't realize how different the setting is until you saw the side profile view, above!  The flattened shank is actually really comfortable--now I know why so many men have a square wedding band. The tourmaline is such a pretty blue-green color, accented perfectly with a rubellite (just another word for red/pink tourmaline). 

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

3. 14k white gold diamond and sapphire bubble ring, Price: $3,950

A cluster of geometric goodness consisting of diamonds and sapphires, this ring is bold and beautiful! There's quite a lot of diamond weight here--nearly three carats! It sparkles like crazy and the way the ring is designed, it has a comfort fit where the shank meets the front. I love how elongated it is and takes up quite a lot of space on the finger! A must in my book. 

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

4. 14k yellow gold diamond and sapphire owl ring, Price: $1,960

Something about owls that people just love--my gram collected owls for years...had them all over her house!  I would have preferred this owl ring over a house full of owls any day!  The eyes are two glowing sapphires and there are also diamonds which form its classic scowl. I love the detail of the texture of the gold--makeshift feathers right there! Such a cool piece.

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

5. 18k yellow gold and platinum emerald and diamond ring, Price: $2,999

This ring is all about the details! From the gilded, scrolling shank, to the contrasting metals, and even the details of the "petals," it checks every box. It also doesn't hurt that it is very photogenic! It is bold and earthy, with lots of vintage vibes going on. Maybe you're a May baby and need a birthstone ring that you've been hunting for?! This may be it!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

6. 18k yellow gold old mine cut diamond and sapphire flower ring, Price: $1,450

Perfect for spring, or really, any time of year for that matter--this flower ring is the cutest! It is set with one center old mine cut diamond that is approx. 0.40 carats, surrounded by gold petals with sapphire accents. I've always loved the combination of yellow gold, blue sapphire and diamonds. This little vintage beauty is a definite favorite!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

7. 18k white gold filigree synthetic sapphire and diamond ring, Price: $998

Ah, the classic three-stone filigree ring--a staple in every antique jewelry collector's jewel box. I remember purchasing mine when I first started collecting--since then I upgraded by removing the center stone and replacing it with a diamond. This could easily be done with this one too, but I do love the contrast of the blue and the white gold/white diamonds. Such a precious piece with a great price!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

8. Platinum irraditated yellow pear-cut diamond set with accent diamonds, Price: $7,150

If anything is becoming as of late, it is these incredible pear-cuts that are thankfully trending. I love a good pear cut and this particular diamond has some intense yellow color to it, enhanced through a process called irradiation. I love its design and silhouette--it looks as though it is two rings, but it is all one seamless ring. And it sparkles like crazy!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

9. 14k yellow gold amethyst and pink tourmaline ring, Price: $1,662

I love a juicy color combo and this is amethyst/pink tourmaline duo is pretty incredible! Besides the fact that the design is really stunning in its own right, I simply can't get enough of this ring. I can picture it being paired with a very casual t-shirt and jeans look, and make a big impact. Make this your statement ring that people recognize you by!

store5a | Gem Gossip store5a | Gem Gossip

10. 14k white gold diamond snowflake ring, Price: $1,225

This ring most resembles a snowflake to me, but could be open for interpretation. It features both princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds to create the design, every stone being bezel set. This would be an ideal ring for every day wear. The diamonds total approx. 1.21 carats and whether you love the winter or love the concept of snowflakes each being totally unique, this ring is for you!


This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with STORE 5a.




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Gem Gossip Visits Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco, CA

Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip Gallery of Jewels | Gem Gossip

My next stop on my #JewelryRoadTrip in San Francisco was Gallery of Jewels. This store has three locations, each which reflect the neighborhood it is situated in--all very distinctive and great to experience. I visited Gallery of Jewels' Union Square gallery, where the area is known as the central arts, theater, and hotel district, with lots of shopping! I love the street the gallery is on--as it sits ideally amongst the hustle and bustle of the area. Across the street I had lunch at Cafe Taza, a tiny counter-service restaurant with few seating, but really great food!

The concept of Gallery of Jewels focuses everything on the designers that make up their stores, showcasing fine talent within the jewelry community and putting the spotlight on each of them. Seeking out new and upcoming designers is a passion of Bill Hoover & Dona Taylor, a duo who first opened up their doors back in the 90s with the same concept in mind. Since then, Gallery of Jewels carries over 100 designers and have helped launched the careers of many up-and-coming design talents. A true testimony to how well respected and loved Gallery of Jewels is, the store won first place as JCK's best designer retailer 2015/16 as voted for by the artists. This is a huge win as there are SO many stores across the United States up for nomination. And well deserved, I may add.

As soon as I walked through the doors I was enchanted by the color scheme and pillars, naturally. Each glass curio holds LOTS of designers, displayed impeccably on glass shelves, where staring is appropriate. Mirrors are important in jewelry stores--if you have customers trying on earrings and necklaces, a mirror is vital. Gallery of Jewels houses lots of mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The center of the store houses the bridal section with lots of engagement ring options and wedding bands. Bridal appointments can be made for one-on-one time with a sales associate and for some odd reason, I've never come across that feature before! I love the concept and think it's perfect for future brides, especially if one has lots of questions. 

Another concept that may go unnoticed by most but really struck me was how the front door of the jewelry store was propped open, inviting passers-by to come into the store. With jewelry stores, you often come in contact with closed doors, locked doors, even doors with no windows and a buzzer for safety. This open, welcoming environment is quite refreshing and I immediately could see why Bill and Dona have created such a warm and respected brand.

One of my favorite parts of visiting Gallery of Jewels was seeing how many times I said, "Wow, I've never heard of this designer before!" I came across so many great pieces from familiar and unfamiliar designers--I love learning and experiencing new talent.  Designers like Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry, Anne Sportun, Megan Thorne, Sethi Couture, Todd Pownell, and Zoe Chicco were those designers whom I love and enjoyed seeing on display. New-to-me designers that I discovered while visiting were Monica Marcella, Marian Maurer, and Jason Dow. Click on the names to view their collections.

A few favorite pieces I tried on during my visit:

jasondow8 earringslisakim annesportun toddpownell2mm

mml lisakim2 lisakim jasondowtoddpownell

Gallery of Jewels

Union Square location

427 Post Street at Powell

San Francisco, CA 94102

(Gallery of Jewels other locations: 24th Street Gallery & Fillmore Street Gallery)

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Engagement Rings You Won't Say No To at Marisa Perry in NYC

Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip

Hey New Yorkers, I've found your ideal spot for engagement ring shopping that measures up to everything you've been wanting. The sweet spot is called Marisa Perry and this atelier has just moved into the ideally romantic meatpacking district (I say this sitting from my office in Nashville, only to have visited NYC a handful of times, but the meatpacking district gave me all the feels). After ten years setting up shop in the heart of Soho, this move has provided the husband and wife team with a new location, new look and improved store layout, not to mention much more space. And yes, it is only one block east of Christian Louboutin! ;) Their new Forevermark diamonds mini boutique is something really special, where Marisa Perry can provide customers with gorgeous, rare and ethically sourced diamonds that are certified and responsible. 

Custom engagement ring creation is one aspect Marisa Perry excels at and each and every client that has experienced this first-hand will be the first to tell you! Their hands-on approach and letting the customer get fully involved has proven to be both memorable and enjoyable. I've read so many testimonials from Marisa Perry and it becomes apparent that customer satisfaction is extremely high, along with their excellent customer service and friendly staff. Marisa says, "People come in wearing work out clothes, have a coffee or a drink, bring along their dogs, pop in, relax and look at settings and stones. We talk them through the process and are with them every step of the way. The store has a beautiful feeling and decor, but the staff is relaxed and casual, and we try to make everyone feel at home. No stuffy behind the counter sales people. Just us, working with customers, trying to help everyone make the right decisions for themselves!"

Enthusiasm is shown for the new location, but most importantly what is being sold at Marisa Perry--the jewels! The product remains top priority and providing classics as well as cutting edge is something they strive for. Marisa's husband designs new settings on a daily basis, always creating something ahead of the game and continually listening to what people are wanting. Marisa adds, "We have the best metal workers and setters in the United States making our jewelry! Our main micro-pave setter has created and set the incredible collection for Harry Winston, as well as Leviev and other brands whose prices command the absolute best workmanship." I love how every piece is created in NYC, as their aim is to provide the best custom fine jewelry all within their own city.  

Have you been obsessing over thin micro-pave bands?! This is their specialty! The demand for a thin wedding band and a thin engagement setting is high, but finding what one is picturing in their head can be a challenge! Marisa Perry knows exactly what you're wanting! They also cater to other trends that seem to be in demand as well, like oval and emerald cut diamonds, rose gold, halo settings, large carat diamonds, and solitaire settings. I'm excited about their vintage and antique section, which I think is awesome that they have! Not too many stores have vintage, and it is refreshing to learn that it is one of Marisa's passions!

Be sure to stop by Marisa Perry if you're in the NYC meatpacking district! I can't wait to visit the next time I'm in town! (I'll be sure to give you all a full report, in the meantime--enjoy these gorgeous shots provided by Marisa Perry)

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Marisa Perry & The Cut.


Marisa Perry | Gem Gossip

Marisa Perry

636 Hudson St

New York, NY 10014

• 212.566.8977 •

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Shop Vintage & Antique Jewelry at ESQUELETO



A store amongst my "I'm dying to visit" list is ESQUELETO--located in two different cities, Los Angeles and Oakland, California.  A little over four years ago, the store opened its doors in Oakland with the intention of bringing together favorite designers and fellow artisans whom owner Lauren Wolf admired, along with being a place to showcase her own work. Lauren is quite an accomplished jewelry artist herself, with a line of jewelry every rustic, modern bride is swooning over. I personally love her style and aesthetic and think it pairs immensely well with vintage and antique jewelry--perfect for stacking and mixing.

Speaking of antique jewelry, ESQUELETO's latest venture has been introducing old pieces into their stores and online with rave reviews. The shop started out small--very small, as in four pieces of antique jewelry--just to test customer reaction, and they immediately sold out!  This prompted Lauren and the staff at ESQUELETO to begin to take vintage and antique seriously and build a larger collection to offer. LA store manager Alexis Adams says, "I think the vintage pieces resonate with people because of the intrinsic history - it's fascinating to think about where a piece has been, who has worn it, who created it. Also, they are just really, really gorgeous!" We couldn't agree more here at Gem Gossip!  

ESQUELETO's vintage and antique jewelry inventory has certainly expanded, where Lauren and her staff have been sourcing new and exciting pieces from dealers, jewelry shows and even friends.  They have quite an eclectic collection, with lots of antique engagement rings as well as alternative bridal options for the ever-evolving modern bride. Alexis notes, "Vintage engagement rings have become very popular lately at our store, with many brides looking for rings that are both totally unique and timeless in design. We also have seen many clients stacking in elaborate ways--mixing styles from different eras." ESQUELETO's antique offering has expanded based on these findings, with loads of diamond Art Deco rings, sentimental Victorian amulets and rings, some lockets and a few Georgian pieces. Each item plucked from history and awaiting its new owner, with a full future ahead. 

I'm obsessed with their "Stack of the Week" segment on the ESQUELETO website. It is ideal for those shopping solely online because it gives you an idea of size/proportion of each ring, as well as how to style each piece. "Stack of the Week" is essentially a mini-tutorial on how to wear and style rings, and provides LOTS of inspiration! I've displayed six of my favorites above and if you click on any of them, it will take you to their page devoted to "Stack of the Week." 

One last thing, ESQUELETO is having a Vintage Trunk Show in LA on November 14th--from 11am-6pm featuring Laurel of PASS IT ON, LTD. So if you're in the LA area next Saturday, stop by!!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with ESQUELETO.


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Gem Gossip Visits Eliza Page in Austin, TX

IMG_8692 IMG_8746 IMG_8767 IMG_8695 IMG_8698 IMG_8769 IMG_8755 IMG_8751 IMG_8683 IMG_8776 IMG_8702 IMG_8779 copy

Gem Gossip first began in July of 2008, at that time Eliza Page was celebrating their fourth year in business. With only a few weeks into publishing my first blog post, I happily mentioned Eliza Page in a round-up titled "Essential Earrings." Eliza Page's website was one of my first glimpses into the world of designer jewelry and I remember checking it often.  I loved the mix of cool and trendy, with the bohemian and eclectic.  I dreamed of visiting Austin and getting a chance to walk through their doors, always anticipating what gorgeous things they would be showcasing and what would be hanging from their iconic art installation in the center of the ceiling.  

Nearly seven years later, I finally got my chance to visit Eliza Page on my Austin jewelry tour and all my expectations were met as soon as I stepped foot in the beautiful showroom.  Located downtown, next to some great shops and tasty dining spots, Eliza Page invites you into their open and airy showroom which has a fresh feel.  I was immediately drawn to the ombré blue hanging art that catches one's attention, with their fashion and fun jewelry directly below, front-and-center.  Along the walls, at eye-level, are glass cabinets which display the fine jewelry for one to lust after. The bridal selection has its own wall cabinet, with lots of engagement rings and bands to choose from.  Eliza Page designs their own bridal, as well as feature some amazing designers like Megan Thorne, ila&i, Jennifer Dawes, Kataoka, Shaesby and a few others.  Directly across is their everyday fine jewelry cases which hold some great essentials from several designers, with an emphasis on Austin-based talent.  Designers like Halleh (Houston-based), and Daniela Rivkah (Austin-based), produced some fun "hands-on" stacking situations.  I love how wearable every piece of jewelry for sale at Eliza Page is--and also affordable!  You won't see rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings for tens of thousands of dollars like some boutiques.  What is the fun in that?!  Each piece is both covetable and attainable!  

I enjoyed speaking with the owner Elizabeth Gibson about what is to come for her Eliza Page Collection, as well as her love for gemstones--especially boulder opals!  She ventured to Tucson on a gemstone hunting mission and loves going every year. We stacked up some bridal favorites and some everyday essentials, while I drooled over the lapis earrings by Halleh and marveled over the one-of-a-kind labradorite rings from the Eliza Page Collection.  Although mimosas were served, I was quite content with all the gorgeous jewelry which quenched my thirst in its own way--I had my own delirium, no champagne required!  If you're in the Austin area, Eliza Page is a must-see!!  Stop by and enjoy some jewelry play-time!

>> If any pieces seen here catch your attention, check out their website or feel free to email for more details!



Eliza Page Jewelry
229 W. 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701