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Jewels at my Doorstep: Alexis Kletjian Jewelry

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All the April showers have rained down on us all month long and I'm here waiting for the May flowers, which will hopefully be worth the wait!  Spring is one of my most favorite times of the year; a time of rebirth, growth, freshness and strength. What better way than to capture all that in our latest Jewels at my Doorstep shoot because it is so fitting with the designer being featured--Alexis Kletjian.  Her jewelry is created and designed with the intention of being a part of your every day wardrobe, being passed down, and becoming a part of your legacy. The word legacy is very important to Alexis--it is a word she often thinks of when celebrating milestones, both in life and online. Celebration often goes hand-in-hand with giving/receiving jewelry, and it is exactly that idea which Alexis feels her jewelry line lends itself perfectly with. She also celebrates online anytime her social media platforms hit a special milestone and she gives back by drawing names from anyone who has emailed her with their legacy story!  Winner receives $1000 good toward a piece from the Alexis Kletjian collections. 

A milestone like a birthday, anniversary or holiday are all ideal moments to share a piece of Alexis Kletjian jewelry--a shield pendant, a hexagon band, or any of her initial charms--there are so many great pieces. I was really excited to see her jewels, as I haven't seen them in awhile. I also got to experience some never-before-seen pieces she has been busy cooking up!  Like the emerald and diamond crossover ring and the opal lotus star pendant with one-of-a-kind boulder opals. Definitely some of my favorite pieces!  We can't forget the Retiarii earrings because those need their own special introduction. Glamorous, sleek and bold--shining bright with diamonds set in the "netting" of the design (a retiarii is an ancient gladiator net used to protect oneself in battle) and dangling with two specially cut chrysoberyls by Top Notch Faceting. These earrings can be customized, as Alexis also makes them in all gold, all diamonds, or all diamonds + moonstone. The bangles were beyond belief, as they came done in 18k gold with three different eternity style gemstone varieties: demantoid garnet, chrome diopside, and tanzanite.  Lastly, we must discuss my obsession with these "crystal ball" looking rings because when I look into them, I can see my future.  They are actually prehnite cabochons and although you might not have ever heard of that stone before, get familiar!  Alexis just put it on the map. 

Our shoot was set on a glorious spring morning in Nashville; our location being Belmont University--one of the prettiest schools I've ever been to. They are known for their lavish gardens, with over 14,000 tulips (imported from the Netherlands), and over 100 species of trees and shrubs. Efforts have been put in place to keep the campus classified as a tree sanctuary.  The photos were shot by Lauren Newman Photography and we used as much of the gardens, plants, trees and flowers as possible in all the shots. We hope you enjoy!


18k yellow gold Retiarii earrings set with diamonds and dangling chrysoberyls cut by TopNotch Faceting

18k yellow gold mini star stud earrings set with diamonds


18k yellow gold Oscar bangle set with demantoid garnets

18k yellow gold Oscar bangle set with chrome diopside

18k yellow gold Oscar bangle set with tanzanite


14k yellow gold Lotus shield pendant set with tanzanite and diamonds

14k yellow gold Lucky star shield pendant set with an emerald

18k yellow gold Lotus star pendant set with boulder opals


18k yellow gold prehnite cabochon signet rings, in two different sizes

14k yellow gold mini hexagon bands, one in emerald and one in diamonds

14k yellow gold hexagon bands, one in demantoid garnet and one in diamonds

14k yellow gold emerald and diamond crossover ring

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This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Alexis Kletjian Jewelry.


Alexis Kletjian Jewelry


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Jewels at my Doorstep: Michelle Fantaci Jewelry

IMG_9919 IMG_9951 IMG_9821 IMG_9884 IMG_9889 IMG_9917 IMG_9911 IMG_9813IMG_9932 IMG_9933

A woman living in the 19th century would never leave the house without her folding fan.  These days, I don't think I would ever leave the house without Michelle Fantaci's modern version of a fan reimagined in jewelry form.  The sensuous arcs are brought to life through 14k & 18k gold, diamonds, and marquise shaped gemstones set East-West in her newest collection called Sensu.  The pieces take inspiration from the historic significance of folding fans and are applied to the woman of today, both modern and sophisticated. I couldn't help but notice the subtle sexiness within the shape and silhouette of a fan until seeing it in jewelry form.

Michelle explains, "The name of the collection is Sensu, which means folding fan in Japanese but also means sense of style. Both meanings are fitting since the design process was a reflection on how women dress, now and in the past.  My sources of inspiration were fans in Japanese art and also in European 19th century art and objet, a period in which fans were an essential part of a woman's ensemble, as fashion accessories and also as props, barriers and protectors."

I took in the meanings and purposes of a hand-held fan and formed my vision for the above photoshoot. Layering on Michelle Fantaci's jewels became my barrier and I had a sense of my own secret language fan's once held. The hot, humid climate of the deep south was emulated by a fog machine and newly moistened trees.  Luckily the weather wasn't too much of an exaggeration as the temperatures climbed to 90° during our time shooting photos. The jewelry did the rest!  Each ring stacked seductively together and the two necklaces draped ideally on top of one another.  I loved the Sensu fan necklace which featured a tassel drop, with the ends being little daggers of gold.  The rigid edge of the Sensu bracelet gave it such a cool, textured look. And the earrings spiced things up, giving my look a bold, sharp appeal.  

Are you just as obsessed as I am over these new pieces by Michelle Fantaci?!  If you can't get enough, check out the details below and one or more of these pieces can be a part of your jewelry box!  If you're headed to Couture, Michelle will be set up with all these and more in Las Vegas at booth 916.

Jewelry Details:

14k yellow gold Sensu fan edge bracelet set with diamonds and sapphire, Price: $3968 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold fan hoop earrings, Price: $1846 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Sensu fan necklace with baguette diamonds and tassel drop, Price: $2290 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold triple diamond bar necklace, Price: $1536 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Sensu fan ring with baguette diamonds, Price: $1986 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Watchful Eye ring with turquoise, Price: $1040 available at Muse

18k yellow gold Watchful Eye ring with rose cut diamond, Price: $3900 available at Muse

14k yellow gold Bright Eye ring with blue sapphire, Price: $610 available at Stone & Strand

14k yellow gold Pavo ring with unheated sapphire, Price: $1055 available at Muse

14k yellow gold Eye of Stars ring with diamonds, Price: $1110 available at Muse



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Photoshoot for Walton's Antique Jewelry Print Ads 

leppy-7 walt0000-5 lep1-6 waltedited2-3

Took some photos for Walton's Antique Jewelry print ads--we had great feedback from last photoshoot and needed new pictures for the new year! We had some different inspiration this time around, and of course some gorgeous jewels. The earrings are Art Deco platinum, diamonds and onyx. The necklace has a detachable brooch, and is peridot, diamonds and pearls. It is amazing and circa 1900s. 

>>Which photo do you like best?