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Entries in jewelry looks (4)

Weekday Wardrobe: New Favorites

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Since coming back from Vegas and NYC, my days have been long and filled with writing and running all kinds of errands. From Sunday morning brunches, to post office runs, to family dinners, my style has been changing daily and almost always depends on what I have planned. Some days I'm lucky if I get a chance to breathe fresh air outside, while other days I've spent more time on the road in my car than normal...but that is what I like about being self-employed and I'm excited for the summer.

Most recently, I was playing in my jewelry box and for some reason or another a lightbulb went off--I took my collection of figas and strung them on my hardwire gold collar necklace. As soon as I put the necklace on I knew that this was one of my greatest moves I've ever made. I'm obsessed with the look and it totally caters to my collecting mantra by displaying my pieces perfectly.  I actually have 6 more figas that don't have jumprings, so I'm off now to get them put on by my jeweler. 

I've also been experimenting with different kinds of earrings to create a "full" look, meaning ALL the way up my ear. To achieve this look without the pain of multiple piercings, I suggest some comfortable ear cuffs. Some are more comfortable than others and it depends on the craftsmanship, so try them out--see if you're able to wear for a full day before committing to buy. 

In the first photo shown, I'm wearing a pair of ombré amethyst ear studs with jackets by Jewelmak. These are so cool and give me a pop of color, which is perfect for summertime. I kept it simple up top with 14k gold balls studs in various sizes, a Paige Novick diamond ear cuff and a vintage swirl motif ear cuff I found on Ruby Lane. 

The photo below shows off my figa necklace and a carved opal necklace I recently sold. My earring look is simple to recreate; two pearl stud earrings of various sizes and a gold huggie earring from Stacy Nolan. 

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day One: (spent doing emails all day and typing blog posts, hence the Beavis & Butthead t-shirt)

Elongated lapis and enamel ring, from Sarah's Vintage & Estate Jewelry in Buffalo, NY

Antique diamond & sapphire ring from Excalibur Jewelry found in Tucson this year

Pear-shaped vintage lapis ring that I can't stop wearing because it is so comfortable and bold

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Two:

Diamond crossover pinky ring by Halleh Jewelry

"Ring One" from my Gem Gossip Jewelry line, since retired

Fringe ring in 14k yellow gold by Ashley Childs

A stack of "Ring One with diamond" from my Gem Gossip Jewelry line, since retired

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Three:

Oval vintage Mexican ring done in 14k yellow gold

Crescent moon ring in 14k yellow gold by Amanda Hunt Jewelry

Dendritic agate ring from Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day Four:

Glass + 10k yellow gold ring, heirloom from my Gram

elongated diamond ring turn-of-the-century from my friend Priscilla

Diamond shaped ring set with old cut brown diamonds, from STORE 5a

Weekday Wardrobe | Gem Gossip

Day 5:

turquoise baby rings, worn as pinky ring and midi ring

Victorian turquoise ring from eBay

Victorian turquoise ring with engraving on entire closed-back, from Gold Hatpin

Turquoise and diamond cluster ring found at the Nashville Flea Market



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Weekday Wardrobe: 5 Rings Stacks + Earring Look

gem gossip earring stack

Ever notice, if you're a jewelry lover, that it is the accessories that take the longest to pick out every morning?! Heck with the clothes!  I could care less what I'm wearing.  If I have a great ring stack going on, mixed with some flawless earrings and some Victorian bracelets--I'm good.  I decided to document five days of different ring looks--my "Weekday Wardrobe" if you will.  Most fashion bloggers document their outfits each day, well I'm here to document my jewelry look.  If you're wondering what I'm wearing clothing-wise in each photo...well, you should be reading a fashion blog! ;)  Here is my above earring look I wore all week.  Most times if I have a really good earring look, I'll wear it for at least an entire week.  I don't change my earrings as much and I don't own nearly as many earrings as I own rings, so this was a solid look that went with all outfits.  

Earring details:

Jennie Kwon whole ear cuff with diamonds and daggers

Jennie Kwon single diamond ball stud earring

PHYNE by Paige Novick double row diamond ear cuff 

Two diamond stud earrings in a martini setting

GemGossip rings stacks day one

Day One:

Amanda Hunt Jewelry Two Moon ring in 14k yellow gold

Antique wide black enamel band in 14k gold from the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, 2014

Fierce lion with diamond in its mouth charm converted into a charm ring

Double onyx navette style ring with pearls in the center from Fancy Flea Antiques

Gem Gossip ring stacks day 2

Day Two:

14k yellow gold turquoise feather ring from Charlie & Marcelle

14k yellow gold vintage enameled snake ring from Levy's Fine Jewelry

Victorian real beetle brooch with gold legs/antenae

Gem Gossip rings stacks day three

Day Three:

14k rose gold double rectangular onyx ring from Tiny Diana

14k yellow gold onyx ring by Zoe Chicco

18k yellow gold double ram head ring from Burgeson Jewelers

14k yellow gold onyx signet ring with the letter M

Gem Gossip ring stacks day four

Day Four:

Elongated diamond ring from Jewelry Box of Lake Forest

Elongated diamond and pearl brooch converted into a ring

Platinum and diamond Art Deco oval filigree ring

Gem Gossip ring stack day five

Day Five:

14k rose gold garnet bow ring

14k rose gold double rectangular onyx ring from Tiny Diana

14k rose gold rose cut garnet band

14k rose gold serpent ring


Fine Gold Jewelry Looks for Everyday #LoveGold

style6 style4 style2 style3 style5 style1

When you work at a fine jewelry store, you begin to learn what sells, what consumers are looking for, and what real people are wearing on a daily basis. Sometimes I get disappointed by the “safe” choices people make when buying fine gold jewelry. Often shoppers are searching for a piece they can wear 24/7. By now, as a reader of Gem Gossip, you probably know that I think differently than a novice jewelry buyer, and I am hoping my blog will help people take more risks when buying fine gold jewelry.

When I shop for gold jewelry, I try to look for things that are very unique--something I have never seen before. Bold, statement making pieces are definitely items you will want to have in your collection. Tinier, smaller pieces that you can wear together or stacked which can be collected over time are also necessary for your jewelry wardrobe.

I’ve highlighted several jewelry looks I’ve sported over the past couple of months. I never wear the same jewelry every single day--to me, that would be like someone wearing the same outfit everyday. Just doesn’t make sense! It is so much fun to mix and match every morning and create different, unexpected combinations.

Above looks: (left to right)

14k white gold diamond X earrings I designed using parts of a necklace

My ring choices span decades-- like gold Victorian baby rings, my Victorian engagement ring, a contemporary gold ring design by Arosha Taglia, Victorian onyx flower and Art Deco filigree ring with an updated diamond

Here I layered different lengths of gold necklaces, with the mid-length dangling rings from, and a gold Victorian monogram choker

My earrings are all 14k gold with a theme in common: dangles & crosses

I collect gold Victorian bangles and sometimes stacking my entire collection works better than being choosey

An incredibly thick, twisted rope chain in 18k yellow gold would typically scream “Mr. T” but if you wrap it around your neck and wear the right outfit, it becomes a cool statement piece!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Lookbook: All-black fashion + bold jewels

58646321 mka tumblr_kr4azm7s0M1qzeizko1_1280

My closet is being taken over by black clothing. The color pink has been MIA since 2002, haven't missed it since. I love a great black coat, shirt or pair of pants. The above looks are very classic, easy to recreate. Black is a perfect backdrop to show off gorgeous jewelry. Here is what I'm loving right now.


Stunning necklace from Hanut Singh, done in an abalone shell with blue topaz. rubyknot

This ruby knot ring has a style that surely stands out on any finger, from Kabiri. dogcharm

Tuck this cute little dog charm from Andrea Levine into a stack full of bracelets on a black cord.