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Why Slowly Opening Jewelry Boxes is Instagram's Latest Rage

There's always trends on Instagram.  Remember when all those filters were completely necessary to add to your blurry iPhone 3 photo before posting? Then the thick, heavy white borders were very popular a few years ago. Now with Instagram Stories, I feel people are posting less on their feed (at least less unnecessary photos) and opting for a quick shot or video posted in their Story. A consistent "aesthetic" has taken over as the it-word of the time, making each post highly thought out and carefully curated. Some people love this, some people hate it. But whatever your feelings are toward this highly obsessed about app, one thing is for sure: it just keeps getting popular.

In our jewelry community on Instagram, there's one obvious kind of post that has been sweeping everyone off their feet and giving mini heart attacks to jewelry lovers nationwide.  I'm talking about the videos where someone opens up a jewelry box ever so suspensefully and ever so slowly, for a BIG REVEAL. I really don't know who or what started this; it is hard to trace back to a particular person. I feel like Larry of Platt Boutique Jewelry has definitely been doing it the longest and has made an impact because he quite often uses this tactic in his daily postings!  Larry says, "When I meet people who follow me, they say they always look forward to seeing a box video because they know it's going to be something special."  He also states that his clients love how natural the videos feel--the item in the jewelry box is glittering away in the sunshine, untouched by photo editing and as real as it gets!

The video below is one of Larry's all-time record holding posts, clocking in at over 98k views! This proves my inclination of how easily these types of posts can quickly become viral, which this post did just that!


Others have joined in on this trend, creating some gorgeous videos of jewels being revealed by opening a box. If I had to guess why this trend is so popular, I would say that it easily resonates with people because it is almost as if they are opening the box themselves, envisioning this as a beautiful gift they are receiving. The suspense factor also plays an important part in why this is trending on Instagram. 

Another antique jewelry dealer that has taken part in posting "unboxing" videos is Ismael Khan of Ishy Antiques. He is based in London and finds that these types of videos perform well for his Instagram too. Ishy says, "I’ve done five box opening videos and all five are in my overall top twenty ‘posts’ based on impressions, insights and likes for the past year. My 2 most liked posts are box openings." If that is not clear evidence to how impactful these kinds of posts are, I don't know what is! He also adds, "From a social media growth point of view, I believe these types of posts are popular because people have to wait to see what’s inside the box which registers views and impressions, and therefore increases engagement."


So the next time you're stumped over what to post on Instagram, try your hand at the big box reveal! I'd like to recommend practicing opening the box a few times while filming FIRST before you film and post immediately. I've seen a few FAILS that were posted on Instagram and not done in the best way. I won't give any examples because that would be quite rude, but I'm sure we've all seen them!  You can even ask a friend to film while you use both hands to open the box OR get a tripod for steady filming. Not everyone has coordination and that's ok! There's ways of going about to help with that!

That's what I did with the video below--I set up my camera on a tripod so I could use both hands. That seemed to work better for me at least.  Another necessary part to this is getting some interesting antique boxes!  I've seen these become quite scarce lately, but there's always some on Instagram and eBay, although some are priced high because the seller knows how rare they've become!  I found the hot pink one in my video below at a random antique shop in Kentucky.  Talk about getting lucky in Kentucky!  Always have your eyes peeled!


Have you seen this BOX REVEAL trend on your feed?  Let us know a seller who does this that you enjoy watching in the comments section, I'd love to see!



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Instagram Tips & Advice for the Jewelry Industry 

Instagram hacks and advice from Gem Gossip

Probably my most asked question is always in regards to Instagram--what are my biggest tips, how does one utilize hashtags efficiently, when is the best time to post, what type of content is most engaging?  From large companies to small tech blogs, I've given my two cents all over the place, yet the questions still remain. So, rather than regurgitating my advice time and time again, I've decided to create this blog post. It now lives on my site so it can act as a reference, a place to turn to, a link you share and advice you take seriously. This will also make my life easier because the next time someone from such-and-such publication emails me to ask for tips on how jewelry stores and designers can use Instagram, all I have to do now is send them this hyperlink! ;) So here are my top pieces of advice, in no particular order!

1. The point of Instagram is VISUAL--it is rooted in the concept of photo-sharing, so that idea must be the first and foremost important aspect of how YOU should utilize Instagram. Post photos that are visually picky about it...and create your own idea of how you want your jewelry store, jewelry line or designs to be portrayed. Vibrant photos, edited photos, YES!  Never post a blurry photo! Never add so many filters you can't seem to remember what the photo originally looked like! (When I mention edited photos, please be aware that there is a healthy balance of editing--overly edited photos are not good either!) You most definitely should most definitely should remove those jewelry store tags...and you most definitely should ask someone for help if you don't know how to do any of those things!

Gem Gossip

This photo above is a typical "Gem Gossip" photo I would post on Instagram--it is visually appealing, makes someone stop from scrolling to get a better look and features what I'm passionate about. 

2. Posting consistently may be the biggest piece of advice I can give. I've done this since day one of signing up for Instagram and couldn't stress enough how important it is. This not only keeps your followers engaged but keeps them wanting and coming back for more! If you are a jewelry designer or store, I would recommend at least once per day. If you choose once per day, a designated time which you continually post may be the key so followers know and expect something from you.  I post at least four times per day, maybe a little less on the weekends, or more if something exciting is going on. 

3. Use relevant hashtags! Figuring this out is easy--find other accounts that you would consider "successful" in the jewelry industry and take a look at what hashtags they are using. Also take a look at what you are posting and figure out the main keywords that describe it, then use those as hashtags--for example: are you posting a photo of an emerald ring? Then use hashtag emerald or hashtag emerald ring. So-- #emerald #emeraldring

But beware! My pet peeve is overuse of hashtags. I would advise no more than ten hashtags per photo. Most people don't agree with me, but I think too many hashtags looks sloppy.

The hashtag I created #showmeyourrings is very popular and should be used when posting a photo of lots of rings! I've noticed some people using it for every picture they post!!  That's so not right! With that said, use hashtags purposefully, not simply copy/paste a list of 20+ popular hashtags. I've seen selfies with the hashtag #showmeyourrings lol not cool.

Gem Gossip

Another typical "Gem Gossip" photo I would post on Instagram--in terms of hashtags, I would first and foremost use #showmeyourrings then maybe #antiquerings #ringsofinstagram and throw in #personalcollection so people know they are not for sale. 

4. Interact and engage with your followers! Again, another reason and main purpose of this app: to connect with others that have the same passion as you. Before I signed up for Instagram, I had been writing my blog for several years and had a few friends who I connected with through email. We both shared a passion for antique jewelry and were in our 20s at the time...a very small group of people fit this description and I wished/hoped for more people out there to connect with. Once I established myself on Instagram, I found so many others who love antique jewelry just as much as myself. I got really excited. It became a place where we all could "gather" and share our interests openly and connect on many levels--we became our own little community. 

With that said, interaction in the sincerest form is amazing and much needed on Instagram. Sure there are those out there who like to comment/like every post possible in order to gain followers, not friends...but those who truly ask questions, comment sincerely--those are the people whom you need to be engaging with!  

If you are a jewelry store or designer and someone asks, "what stone is that?" or "is this piece still available?" make sure to answer in a timely manner! Sometimes I see jewelry store accounts where no one has responded and it has been several days, even weeks,with no response and that makes me sad. Such a missed opportunity for displaying customer service in a virtual atmosphere, which may be just as important as greeting someone who walks into your store. Don't miss those opportunities!

Gem Gossip

A perfect example of how to make a sale through Instagram: I posted these three pendants each individually on my feed and received lots of likes/feedback but no one actually purchased them. A few months later, I posted THIS PHOTO ABOVE with the same items styled, shown worn, and they sold within hours.

5. If you want to include parts of your personal life into your feed it is a great way to connect even further with your followers. I like to include my two dogs into the mix of jewelry posts. I used to post LOTS of personal photos, but overtime realized that that's not what my followers were following me for--they want to see the jewelry! With that said, sometimes too many personal photos, selfies, or party photos can steer your brand in the wrong direction. Have a good balance of this by making sure what you're selling or focusing on always comes first. 

Well, I hope these five tips help give you a general idea of the most important pieces of advice I could give. The Instagram app is pivotal for the jewelry industry because it is so visual. Find ways to make it your own and work for you! 

>> If you have any questions, feel free to email 



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Favorite Instagram Pictures: December 2014

roseark ft hanut mineralien maejeanvintage marionfasel n_mendelevich pamelalovenyc jewelleryhannah mociun erinantiques elekeatsjewelry jemmawynne bellandbird heartofsolidgold sunnysbondjewelry

roseark has a crush on this regal coin pendant designed by Hanut Singh

mineralien captures golden rutile on hematite in this quartz specimen--Incredible!!

maejeanvintage has me dreaming of scarabs and what interesting bib necklace one could create out of several

marionfasel proves there's nothing better than picturesque mountains and a canine sidekick

n_mendelevich visits an enchanting room

pamelalovenyc is gem-obsessed and now in love with rough Tanzanite

jewelleryhannah is googly eyed over these gemstones at the Natual History Museum in London

mociun takes on Florence, Italy and dives into some gems and mineral specimens at the Museo di Storia Naturale

erinantiques admits she has a snake obsession...and we're ok with that

elekeatsjewelry has a dreamy store front in LA and even dreamier owner with her store bird

jemmawynne gazing upon some amazing jewel-like artwork in Paris

bellandbird couldn't have teased us more with this custom double-snake ring with an alexandrite center stone

heartofsolidgold quickly scoped out the golden hearts on display at Grays Antique Centre

sunnysbondjewelry knows how to take travel gear to a whole new level and I'm on board!

Favorite Instagram Pictures: Fall 2013

kyleeditor kholaskloset jannaconner marionfasel3 yesi_fashion seaofshoes roseark pollywales55 jaimiegellerjewelry33 excaliburjewelry23 elizabethsaylesjewelry23 bellflowerbay7 annaewan jenngandia

{from top to bottom:

kyleeditor at Versailles during Paris Fashion Week

kholaskloset love this shot of Rihanna in Chanel and pearls

jannaconner stacking some gorgeous bangles 

marionfasel at the Harry Winston breakfast in NYC

yesi_fashion amazing outfit with long necklace layers

seaofshoes browsing through Veranda magazine and spotted Charles Spada's house-- LOVE

roseark obessed with this Kathy Rose rattle snake cuff with black diamond baguettes

pollywales getting ready to shoot a bunch of her jewelry designs #swoon

jaimiegellerjewelry how cool are these amazing diamond shoulder duster earrings??

excaliburjewelry such a cute Victorian dog charm

elizabethsaylesjewelry collection of religious medallions 

bellflowerbay admiring this 1838 oil painting of Jeannette Woolley by Ammi Phillips featuring a lovely ring

annaewan shopping at Paul Smith in Melbourne, love this home decor

jenngandia has a cool rock & gem collection, which she will add to in Tucson next year}

Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Fall 2013

1stdibs missibbydale ninacortes cwpoindexter gemsteady facetsfinejewelry elizabethsaylesjewelry2 anninavogel2 bochicny2 stone_fox_bride sallmorrison christiesinc satomi_newyork heartofsolidgold

{from top to bottom:

1stdibs Eric Firestone gallery, love this

misslibbydale of Christies shows off three amazing diamond bracelets up for auction

ninacortes tries on an awesome asymmetrical pear-shaped diamond ring

cwpoindexter snapping a photo of this Chanel necklace/brooch combo #swoon

gemsteady makes the coolest doodle into inspiration board love

facetsfinejewelry shows how beautiful rose cut diamonds can be

elizabethsaylesjewelry converting old, forgotten watch fobs into keepsakes for life

anninavogel posted this amazing print made for her inspired by her jewelry

bochicny treasure hunting in Italy

stone_fox_bride posted this breath-taking pear shaped diamond from a bride-to-be

sallmorrison on set of a gold photo shoot, hanging out with the coolest rams possible

christiesinc inside the studio of Mark Ryden, so much inspiration

satotmi_newyork and her stacks of rings that are addictively collectible

heartofsolidgold captures her jewelry box wonderfully organized and brimming full}