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My Jewel Box: Victorian Trefoil Ring from Verlaine Davies' Collection


I've recently added an amazing piece to my ring collection and am still freaking out about it.  If you're an avid jewelry reader and book fan, you have Verlaine Davies' book Rings 1800-1910: A Study of English & Related Designs in your collection (if you don't, you NEED it).  Well, a few years ago I got the opportunity to interview her for Gem Gossip--read the interview here.  We recently reconnected and to my surprise, a couple of the rings featured in her book are for sale.  My chance to own a piece from one of my favorite jewelry books happened to strike, and I feel so honored to have it now a part of my collection!  

In the book, Ms. Davies features about 300 Victorian rings from her personal collection, which she has collected over the span of 30 years.  Her travels to England and being a native of England have helped grow her collection, as some of the finest examples of that time period are from England.  I love how the book features photos of the rings, which then in turn, help illustrate different parts, motifs, styles, and examples of turn-of-the-century rings. Such a good read!  

IMG_8490 IMG_8487

My ring is featured on page 63, with the caption reading:

Fig 154. Trefoil bezel comprising round amethysts, with a seed pearl in the centre and one in the stem. Thick round wire hoop, transverse ribs on shoulders. Rose gold. American, circa 1895. Bezel diamond 10mm, hoop diameter 16mm.

Top Five Essential Pieces of Gold Jewelry #LoveGold

XXX_229_1357926916_1 XXX_320_1343659676_1 XXX_456_1373360791_1 XXX_4_1360700172_1 XXX_116_1360971520_1

Lately I’ve been helping a few clients out with their jewelry collections.  This task came about on a whim, not planning it or advertising it, just kind of stumbled upon something I thoroughly enjoy.  It basically goes down like this: a tired jewelry box is handed over to me, and I go through the items along with the client.  We get rid of the “junk” and sort through real vs. faux.  We discuss ways of reinventing some old pieces that never get worn and gather the items that need repairs (missing stones and broken chains, etc).  I clean the rest of the “keepers” and evaluate the jewelry box.  Within the evaluation, I come up with some suggestions of key pieces to possibly purchase for a better, overall jewelry box, along with some examples.  

I’ve put together my top five essential pieces of gold jewelry that I’ve continually suggested.  So if your jewelry box is in need of a makeover, make sure you at least have these pieces to get you started! 

  1. Bold gold link bracelet: Gold bracelets can come in many different link styles.  Browse around and find one that speaks to you. My essential gold link bracelet in my personal collection comes from Italy brought back by my grandparents when I was younger.  The Italians can make a gorgeous bracelet. 
  2. Classic stackable bands: several dainty, stackable bands are good to have in your jewelry box.  Bands that allow you to mix and match, creating several different looks.  My personal collection has a variety, including some with and without gemstones.
  3. An interesting/conversation worthy antique piece: this could be a family heirloom or an antique piece you went out yourself and purchased.  Something that tells a story, something that has a hidden message, or maybe an engraving written in Latin...?  Anything that has a unique gemstone or enamel work is a great example.  Special motifs--like a crowned heart--tell a story ("I give you my heart and I crown it with my loyalty." ) I have an anchor pendant that I sometimes wear on a long gold necklace.  What is interesting about it is that it is made out of hair!  It is Victorian and baffles anyone that I ever tell!
  4. Everyday stud earrings: Most people tend to wear stud earrings, and having a pair that are your signature studs is important to have!  Are you a pearl stud kind of girl? Or more into diamond studs?  Find a pair that you love and make the purchase.  If you want to be edgy, you can always change up the classics--like go for an emerald cut diamond pair rather than the typical round cut.  In my personal collection, I wear a pair of diamond “X’s” almost everyday.  
  5. An incredibly indulgent splurge item: everyone deserves to splurge on one item, whether it be a ring or a pair of earrings, something that gets your heart racing!  Think about your closet--do you own a pair of shoes or a handbag that is over-the-top?  Well, your jewelry box needs a luxury item too!  In my personal collection I have a Cleopatra-inspired necklace done in 18k yellow gold.  When I wear it, I feel like Elizabeth Taylor.

Above examples of my top five jewelry essentials:

18k Yellow Gold Gucci Lion Head Link Bracelet, from FD via 1stdibs, Price: $6000

Barbara Heinrich Assorted Gemstone 18k Gold Stacking Rings, 1stdibs, Price Upon Request

19th Century 18k Yellow Gold French Portrait Ring, from Pennisi via 1stdibs, Price $5300

22k Yellow Gold Pear-shaped Diamond studs, Julius Cohen via 1stdibs, Price: $8800

18k Yellow Gold Diamond Stripe Ring by LFrank, 1stdibs, Price: $6400


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold




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