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Glimpse Into the Past: Star Settings


A star setting is a type of setting where a gemstone is placed in the center of an engraved star, secured by metal added to the star points.  This type of setting was popular throughout the 1900s, into the retro period and even into the 80s.  Although this kind of setting can easily look tacky, there are many versions that are beautiful.  Some great examples are below.  Do you like the star setting?


This wide band is done in 14k yellow gold, with ten star set rubies. A great gift idea for anyone with a significance in the number ten--10th anniversary maybe?  Priced at $985 from Doyle & Doyle.


Known as a "gypsy" ring circa 1910, this ring features two sapphires and a diamond, all star set. The three-stone ring style is always a favorite.  Priced at $2550 from The Three Graces.


Also from The Three Graces are these earrings. Each has a .03 diamond that is star set in 10k and 14k yellow gold. These are a definite spin on classic diamond studs. Priced at $525.


For those who prefer white gold, this diamond star set band is great. All done in 14k white gold with very clean diamonds. Priced at $1400 from Doyle & Doyle.

I <3 this <3 Ring


...It's true! I love this heart ring! The color combination of the turquoise, pink sapphires and yellow gold is so beautiful. It makes you wonder why we don't see this combination more often. I think that is what sets Elisa Solomon a part from other jewelry designers--she can take an iconic symbol and give it a fresh look. Whether it is with unique gemstone combinations or different gold textures, her jewelry stands above the rest!

The heart ring is currently $468, and is available in sizes 4-7.5  Only for a limited time, spring savings and free shipping!  Check it out here.

Pandora: Not Just those Silver Charm Bracelets

You've seen those silver charm bracelets made by Pandora.  Maybe you even own one or have purchased one for a gift.  Well those are not the only type of jewelry Pandora designs.  The company has branched out by coming out with many gold pieces in their collection.  Including some majorly neat stackable rings.  Their Lovepods collection features customizable birthstone rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Check out the Lovepods collection below in this exclusive video.  Also, check out my favorites from Pandora below!

p4 Price: $280

p3 Price: $495

p2 Price: $495

Give Back to Malawi, Africa [no adopting babies required]


Lori Leavitt's Panthera Collection was created to benefit African children and young adults of Malawi.  Leavitt has expressed her enthusiasm by saying, “As a designer, it's rare to find an opportunity to be able to express my passion and raise awareness to better the lives of children"  Her collection has been beautifully shown off by Camilla Belle in recent ads, as seen above.


Each piece from Leavitt’s Panthera Collection can be worn to reflect your support for Malawi, Africa. The Panthera Collection, inspired by a vintage lion cufflink from the 1860’s, has been designed into necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and key chains. The collection is created with a 14k gold lion in each piece. The lion was chosen as a representative of the children of Malawi. It is symbolic of the courage the children in Malawi must endure on a day-to-day basis when faced with endless issues of poverty and illness.


100% of the profits from the Panthera Collection will benefit the H.E.L.P. Price:$1158 for above ring.

Learn more about the Panthera Collection at

Must-Have Jewelry Books

Most book shelves are filled with boring books, with dull subjects and are visually unappealing. If your book collection makes you dread reading and instantly fall asleep, then these will surely entice you! Filled with interesting information about all things sparkly, with vibrant pictures, leaving you wanting to read on. Any jewelry lover would enjoy each and every one of these books.


Jewels in the Lourve
by: Adrien Goetz, Claudette Joannis
Price: $14.96


Rings: Jewelry of Power, Love, and Loyalty

by: Diana Scarisbrick

Price: $31.50



Jewels of the Tsars: The Romanovs and Imperial Russia
by: Prince Michael of Greece
Price: $34.65



Jewels: A Secret History
by: Victoria Finlay
Price: $10.88



Bejeweled: Great Designers, Celebrity Style
by: Penny Proddow, Marion Fasel
Price: $40


by: Hans Nadelhoffer
Price: $47.25