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30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry into Summertime!

Summer is next week--can you believe it?!  Are you ready?! One of my most favorite things to do in the summer is to plan activities that I wouldn't normally get to do...this involves taking days off from work, surrounding myself with people I love, and living my best life. I also like making lists or a group of goals to complete over the summer--they can be wishful thinking or very, very serious. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 30 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Jewelry just in time for summer! 

1. Pick a gemstone, any gemstone, and learn all about it.

2. Find a gem show that is coming to your area and attend!

3. Have a gem or mineral specimen collection? Reorganize it in a cool way.

4. Plan a trip to go gem mining.

5. Do you have a favorite Instagrammer in our jewelry community? Plan a summer meetup.

6. Pick a state that is somewhat close to you, and research the best jewelry store they have to offer. Plan a visit!

7. Make a cool treat on a hot day--these gem ice trays can be filled with any fruity liquid!

8. Find a gemstone print top, bathing suit or towel and wear it to the beach.

9. Reserve a day at the nail salon and go for a gemstone manicure!

10. Buy that jewelry book you've been eyeing and lay by the pool with it!

11. Scout out some amazing flowers in your city, buy them, and take some jewelry photos with them.

12. Find a new way of wearing some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

13. Take a day to clean your most-worn pieces of jewelry.

14. Plan a SWAP party with friends that also love jewelry.

15. Pick a time period you don't know as much about as your favorite jewelry period, and learn about it!

16. Spend an entire day "hunting" for antique jewelry online--but do it by a pool.

17. Learn about crystal healing and depending on where you live, schedule an appointment with an expert.

18. Throw a gemstone-themed party!

19. Learn about a new designer you've never heard of before.

20. Need a new way to store your jewelry? Splurge on a jewelry cabinet and reconfigure it if necessary.

21. Take a jewelry making class.

22. Decide on creating a charm bracelet or necklace--gather charms, buy some new ones and put it together.

23. Get something very special and sentimental made into a piece of jewelry.

24. Size all of your fingers and keep it written down.

25. Get registered to bid at your favorite auction houses.

26. Put on all your favorite Art Deco jewels and watch a 1920s old movie.

27. Hit up your local estate sales or garage sales.  You never know!

28. Tell someone thank you by gifting them a piece of jewelry.

29. Get lost on Pinterest by searching "antique jewelry" or "jewelry."

30. Pick your favorite medium (water colors, arcryllics, pencil, etc) and try drawing/painting a diamond. 



WANT MORE? Search my summer favorites 

Let me know which of these you want to do! --> @gemgossip


Shirley Temple Jewels Highlight Heritage Auction's December Sale

Heritage Auctions | Gem Gossip

Heritage Auctions, December 5th 2016

Heritage Auctions, December 5th 2016

Heritage Auctions, December 5th 2016

Heritage Auctions, December 5th 2016

Heritage Auctions, December 5th 2016

Truly one of the highlights of my career was getting to try on pieces of jewelry that once belonged to Shirley Temple when I visited Heritage Auctions in NYC a few months ago!  Well these rare jewels are now finally up for auction at Heritage, where their December sales are jam-packed with some incredible jewelry. The amount and variety they have to offer is astounding. There are over 2,000 items in their Holiday Signature Sale which starts on December 5th at 10am CST. There's no typo there, no extra zero was tapped when typing! Of the 2,000 and some items, over 80 pieces were once owned by Shirley Temple. 

Above are some of my favorites, along with a fun collage of some of the gorgeous loose gemstones that are also included in the sale. Did you know they sell loose gems too?! Many come with certificates and are waiting to be set into something beautiful to be worn. 

>> Heritage Holiday Jewelry Signature Auction, December 5th, 2016

Lot 54032: A French diamond, lapis, turquoise clip brooch, Estimate: $4,000-6,000

Lot 54637: A Cartier Ceylon yellow sapphire ring, Estimate: $5,000-7,000

Lot 54638: A French Victorian turquoise and diamond bracelet (once owned by Shirley Temple), Estimate: $4,000-6,000

Lot 54661: A pair of emerald and lapis dangle earrings, Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 54774: An opal inlay bracelet set with tourmaline, Estimate: $2,000-3,000



WANT MORE? Check out my visit, where I got to try on some of the jewels of Shirley Temple, being auctioned off December 5th!

Book Review: Lydia Courteille Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams

Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip

I opened up this book knowing very little about the French designer Lydia Courteille. I've seen her incredible designs on Rihanna, at trade shows, in magazines, and every time I see one of her pieces, I have a slight heart attack. Her over-the-top and bold creativity is something that I vibe with, so I was really curious and excited that this monograph depicting her life, inspirations and collections was published. Actually, I take that back, it comes out November 16th, but I luckily got my hands on an advance copy thanks to the publisher. I made the bad decision of finally snuggling up to this book around 10:30 pm on a Friday night, thinking I would just look at the pictures and fall asleep. Nope. I was awake until early morning, reading, gazing and overly relating to this incredible woman and feeling so many connections that I never knew!  

What caught my attention were many of the depictions of her life growing up, her penchant for antique jewelry and how it opened up the jewelry world for her, and to learn Lydia is a gemologist as well!  Like I said, so many relatable moments while reading, I had to rub my eyes a few times. I love the tales from her childhood and the nuances that have connected her to the world of jewelry. Small items or events in her life have all shaped and steered her in the direction of jewelry and it is wonderful to read about these subtle hints she experienced growing up. Acknowledging them and connecting them is so fun. 

Her jewelry is art--it is colorful beyond all rainbows and in a league of its own.  As you can see from the photos above which I took of some of my favorite pages, she has so many different inspirations. Things like architecture of her beloved Paris, literature, film, her love of unusual gemstones, memento mori, and of course antique jewelry. Lydia has a knack for juxtaposing two completely unique things, creating gorgeous harmony which has her collectors wanting more. I hope to someday meet Lydia and her head-turning jewels. If only the setting could be in Paris at her atelier at Place Vendóme. That would be just as dreamy as this book. Happy reading!

To order your own copy:

Four New Jewelry Trends You Need to Try with Fellows Auctions

lot 29 Lot 57 Lot 489 Lot 38 Lot 233 Lot 298 Lot 230 Lot 502 Lot 693 Lot 81 Lot 425 Lot 479

With the warmer season headed our way (thankfully!) it is time to break the mold and try some new jewelry styles! Just as any stylist would tell you, sift through your wardrobe and purge the tops and bottoms you haven't worn in awhile, you must do the same with your jewelry wardrobe.  My favorite thing to do if you're not into letting pieces of your jewelry go is to simply adopt a new way of wearing jewelry which you haven't done before!  I've come up with FOUR new jewelry trends I will definitely be trying this season, in hopes you will do the same.

Lucky for us, Fellows Auction has an Antique & Modern Jewellery sale coming up May 12th that has pieces of jewelry which fit perfectly with my four trends. I love Fellows Auctions and their selection continues to be top notch!  I sometimes wish I had the time and money to visit England again, but honestly bidding with Fellows and browsing through their catalogues is just as good and saves time/money ;)

Be sure to register to bid and let us know if you try any of these jewelry style suggestions:

MUST TRY: Bold Earrings + Slicked back hair (sans necklace!)

Lot 29: This trend is all about the earrings, so the bolder they are, the better! These are intricate, special and made in the Victorian Era, so they won't let you down. Perfecting the slicked back hair look may take a professional to do or if you want to try yourself go for it. It takes a little to get used to, especially if you're keen on having hair flowing in your face at all times. These earrings are geometric and have the best gemstone combo. 

Lot 57: These urn-inspired dangle earrings need to be shown off! You will love them even more after realizing the green urns are actually emeralds. The seed pearl details emitting a dainty vibe, that would stand out with hair totally slicked back and no other necklaces.

Lot 489: I have a thing for torpedo-like motif dangles of the Victorian Era and these earrings depict everything I'm loving about that! Set with pretty purple amethyst and seed pearls, these will be sure to stand out. I love how amethyst is having a huge comeback and if you're not aware of that, here you go! ;)

MUST TRY: Black Velvet choker with brooch

Lot 38: I love the choker trend and it can be achieved easily with my own spin on it--changing out brooches by pinning them either directly in the middle of a piece of wide black velvet or toward the bottom so the brooch "dangles" downward. To accentuate the "dangle" vibe, pick a brooch that actually has a dangle feature. This turquoise and pearl brooch is perfect, as it has a boho feel and the colors scream summer. 

Lot 233: Again, amethyst is hugely popular so adding this brooch to a black velvet choker will have you dominating jewelry trends. This brooch even has some "swag" chains hanging from it. I think it would look good with a thick or thin piece of black velvet--which can be secured with a safety pin or if you can sew, some velcro.

Lot 298: Everything you could ever want in a Victorian brooch--carbuncle garnet, tassles, torpedo-motif dangles...bold gold. This would look so stunning hanging close to the neck. Show it off even more by wearing no other jewelry with your hair pulled back--all eyes on this brooch!

MUST TRY: Statement Pinky Ring 

Lot 230: Always wanted a pinky ring but never got around to finding something that fits your tiniest finger?! Well now is your chance! Statement pinky rings are huge for fact, it might be the only thing you can get away with wearing on your fingers during these hot months. I like something bold and colorful, this ring is a great option, using multiple gemstones--not one repeats itself! 

Lot 502: A cluster ring can do wonders for a small, little pinky. This ring features an oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds--a classic, yes, but take a look at the etching along the band. Incredibly done! All signs point to YES you need this.

Lot 693: If you want more of an antique cluster ring for your statement pinky ring, look no further than this piece. Set with a stone cameo of a woman's profile, surrounded by rose cut diamonds...and the best part--the shank and setting are so unique. Such a masterpiece.  Your pinky will thank you!

MUST TRY: DIY Bolo Tie using pin to secure 

Lot 81: If this isn't the coolest Egyptian Revival piece, I don't know what is! The bolo tie, often popular for men especially cowboys, found its height during the 80s and is having a comeback, but for women! Just get some braided black leather, usually they have metal on the ends that is pointed...and is cinched by a clip. I think changing out the clip with different pins would be so fun. This pin would be great, I love the lapis detail against the yellow gold.

Lot 425: Victorian swirls of seed pearls make this a great option for a bolo tie. Unique green enameling gives it a nature-inspired look, finished off with a diamond in the center. Place the pin at the highest it can go for a choker look with the bolo tie or loosely in the middle just above the heart.

Lot 479: Crescent moons are wildly popular and have been that way for centuries. This one--even more special than your average crescent moon, even though crescent moons are hardly average. Set with diamonds and bright blue turquoise, it has my stylish mind wandering. Totally up for the bolo tie challenge using this piece, it would look killer!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Gem Gossip's Story: A Passion Can Be Life-Changing

Jewelry Television Letter

The above letter is 100% real, frozen in time, written and sent in 2006. I was speaking from the heart, although at the time it was broken and lost. Gem Gossip wasn't born yet--I'm not sure blogging was even a thing back then. I was a recent college graduate with a degree in Childhood Education: four years of hard work, dedication and not to mention money spent on a career choice that I randomly chose one day as a sophomore in high school. It wasn't hard for me to understand that what I had chosen as my profession on that ill-fated career day wasn't right for me--I could feel it every time I stood up in front of a classroom full of eager eyes, I could see it in my face when I would get a 6am phone call to substitute, I could hear it every time the school bell would ring. I love kids, but this wasn't my passion. I should have tried dealing with all this built-up anxiety and frustration. Instead, 22-year-old me hunkered down in my room, day-in-day-out, trying to avoid substitute teacher calls.  I knew not answering them would just lead me further and further away from a permanent position, but at the time I didn't care.  Looking back now, I can say that I most definitely was in a depression, but I would have never admitted that. It is hard to admit you don't want to do something anymore after convincing yourself that is was right for all these years. It essentially would be like quitting, and that was a tough word to say for me.  More importantly, I felt like I would let down my whole family, especially my dad.

Luckily, I had a boyfriend at the time who was really supportive and always looked at things with the most practical and positive viewpoints.  I remember him making me do things I thought were stupid, but in hindsight I think these things saved my life and I actually still use them today. He would tell me write down lists of things that made me happy.  Then from that list, I had to explore possible careers or activities I could participate in that would have to do with those things that made me happy. He also used to make me write down goals all the time--big goals and little goals, nothing was out of the question or considered "unreachable." At the time I had already explored the item that ranked number one on my happy list--jewelry. I was constantly surfing the internet and staring at jewelry.  It became my obsession, as it always had been...I just never had this enormous amount of time to devout to anything else but school.

I learned anything I wanted to each day--one day stumbling upon Jewelry Television and feeling like I had discovered King Tut's tomb (at least for someone with a just-graduated-college budget). This website had everything--pendants, rings, earrings, gold necklaces, bracelets...and most importantly a large percentage of the jewelry was REAL. That's one thing that always defined what I wear--I love gold and real gemstones, no silver or gold-plated. Heck, the pieces may have been 10k gold and used commercial-grade gems, but I didn't care. I would buy pieces...I even took a few jobs as a substitute teacher, hating every moment but knowing it would get me a paycheck to buy something new.  I started filling out questionnaires for Jewelry Television's customer satisfaction program, and getting 20% off coupons, all while cataloging my favorites and making wish lists. I even remember creating a "How to buy me a gift" guide for my boyfriend at the time, intricately describing things I liked and didn't like, all using graphics and examples. This was truly the beginnings of a makeshift blog, I just hadn't known it yet.

Just as my momentum started going, I got the courage to write the above letter. I remember citing that the coolest job I could possibly think of for myself at that time in my life would be to write the jewelry descriptions for the jewelry on Jewelry Television. Yes, that was my number one dream job. After figuring that out, what was the next step to achieving this "dream job?" Well, I came up with writing a letter to the company. I remember my boyfriend telling me, "Hey, what's the worst that could happen?!" And he was right--we often spend too much time thinking about all the reasons why we can't or why we're not good enough. If I didn't take a chance and write a letter that probably never got read, or probably never even got opened, I wouldn't have began healing and learning valuable lessons of taking go for it. So even though as farfetched it may have seemed to write that letter, it opened many doors for me.  

Jewelry Television

As I sat down at my desk last week early one morning, I did my usual routine--check social media, get a big glass of water and hunker down on my inbox. LinkedIn's an interesting website.  It's different. It's not like other social media platforms. It's kind of weird. I joked one time about getting "endorsed" on LinkedIn by someone whom I've never met before. That's just wrong. Anyway, I got a "request to connect" email from Bill Kouns, current Chief Merchandising Officer and Co-Founder of Jewelry Television. Eight years later HE wanted to connect with ME. That took me awhile to fully grasp. Talk about coming full-circle. And my, oh my how crazy can life change in ten years when you find your passion and go for it.

You better believe I hit "Accept" and I hope he finally reads my letter...ten years late...but I hope he reads my letter.   

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how things started for me.  I know I get asked that question a lot, but I find it hard to answer without telling someone my whole life story.  It's just never as easy as, "Well one day I sat down and started a blog about jewelry because I love jewelry." It is so much more than that. And everyday I like to remind myself how and why I started Gem Gossip.  Sometimes the hype of having 100k+ followers on Instagram, or having an inbox full of designer pitches can get overwhelming. Or even the negative aspects of having a somewhat successful career, like the hurtful comments I get on Instagram from time to time, or people in the industry judging me without ever getting to know me can take their toll. It is those moments where I like to stop and remember the girl who wrote this letter...the girl who checked her blog a few days after publishing her first post and freaked out because it had 7 views...the girl who just plain loves jewelry.  That's me.  I'm still that girl, I'm just grown.

If you know of someone suffering from depression or feel as though you may be, please reach out.