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Vegas Prep: Interview with Katerina of

Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip Katerina Perez | Gem Gossip

To close out our Vegas Prep week of interviews, I've asked fellow jewelry lover and blogger Katerina Perez to participate!  She makes the journey all the way from London every year to partake in Vegas Jewelry Week, although last year she sent people on her behalf since she just had her first baby! Now he is one year old and Katerina is excited to be back.  I met Katerina two years ago when we participated in the JCK Talks presentation together.  It was awesome getting to know someone who does something similar and thinks about jewelry 24/7 like me. She is excited to be launching a brand new very soon, as she has been blogging since April of 2013. Stay tuned for that!

How many times have you attended Vegas jewelry week?

This is going to be my 4th time!

Biggest tip for Vegas jewelry week you’d give your rookie self on the eve of your first time going to Vegas?

Go and see newcomers first to discover new talent and then visit the established brands after.


Name five things you ALWAYS bring to Vegas Jewelry Week.

My smartphone, my camera, my business cards, a variety of nail varnishes and tons of moisturising lotion  


One big difference from last year to this year?

This year I get to Judge The Couture Design Awards (so excited :) !!  


Favorite things about Vegas Jewelry Week.

The saturation of jewellery talent in one place!  


Biggest pet peeve about Vegas Jewelry Week.

Constant fight with getting dry skin because of the amount of air conditioners. OR having to walk all the way to the reception at the Wynn and back when you realise your room key stopped working. 


Weirdest thing to happen to you during Vegas Jewelry Week in the past.

Nothing weird happened for now, just lots of fun moments!  




WANT MORE? Check out my coverage from last year 

You can follow Katerina --> @katerina_perez

Typical Tuesday with Liza Urla of Gem-A-Porter 


Name: Liza Urla

Job: Jewelry Blogger, creator of Gem-A-Porter and entrepreneur

Location: London, England

Designer Spotlight: Hattie Rickards

In-Detail-Hattie-Rickards-Love-Gold-9 HR Ring . In-Detail-Hattie-Rickards-Love-Gold-7 Aquamarine Engagement Ring black-crophighres In-Detail-Hattie-Rickards-Love-Gold-5 . . Studio Black & White

Continuing with my British jewelry designer obsession I've been having lately, Hattie Rickards is one that cannot be left out of my favorites list!  With 12 years of experience designing, it is completely accurate to describe her as a celebrated vision in jewelry design. She has worked with Kara Ross NY, Francesca Amphitheatroff, and Solange Azagury Partridge. I find it incredibly inspiring that in 2010, Hattie was commissioned by Made Jewellery to go out to their workshops in Nairobi and design 70 pieces out of recycled brass!


color, nature, kinetic energy, idea of connection

Bespoke, One-of-a-kind:

Hattie Rickards recently added custom jewelry to her line of work, after much demand.  She enjoys designing engagement rings for clients, especially catering to them by meeting face-to-face, asking questions, extracting details and putting together a personal reflection of the wearer.  Hattie hand-sketches multiple design ideas and meets with the client before a final design is chosen.  Above are several photos of commissioned pieces she has done for clients.

Wish List:

I am incredibly obsessed with her Flip Octo ring in her GEO collection.  The ring was beautifully snapped by In Detail blog and it features ruby, blue sapphire, tsavorite garnet, blue topaz, mandarin garnet, amethyst, and yellow sapphire.  The center octagon pieces flips and it is all done in 18k yellow gold--that is, fairtrade ecological yellow gold, a specialty of Hattie's.  

(photos via In Detail & Hattie Rickards)

Gemfields: Leader in Ethical & Sustainable Mining


gemfields Octium bracelet Jemma Wynne bangles hannahmartin Hoorsenbuhs cuff

Gemfields is the world's leader in ethically sourced, rare colored gemstones. Their current claims cover three gems--the ruby, emerald and amethyst. Zambia is a special place for Gemfields--not only is it where everything started, it is where they call home. Zambia, with its beautiful, lush landscape, provides a picturesque scene where the emeralds are mined. This is what Gemfields is aiming to preserve, and surrounding themselves in the precious landscape makes their goal that much more real.  Their impact on the mining industry goes far beyond making sure everything is conflict-free--and even further from beginning to end.  They monitor every step, give back to the community, including the workers and miners, and track the gemstone journey from mine to consumer.  

A game changer in the jewelry industry on so many levels, even when choosing their newest spokesmodel--Mila Kunis.  The gorgeous, dark-haired beauty posed for the cameras dripping in emeralds and even journeyed to Zambia with Gemfields to take part in the emerald experience.  They've also made some strategic moves by collaborating with some of the biggest names in the jewelry industry.  Exclusive pieces were created by several jewelry designers using their ethically mined emeralds, rubies and amethysts.  

Above are some exclusive creative collaborations:

Parulina 18K yellow gold double finger ring with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, 28.96 carats

Octium 18K yellow gold with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, 49.80 carats and diamonds, 6.00 carats

Jemma Wynne 18k yellow gold cuffs with Gemfields' Zambian emeralds

Hannah Martin 18K rose gold with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds 1.34 carats, with removable hexagon studs

HOORSENBUHS 18K yellow gold Phantom cuff with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, 7.00 carats


Well, it happened again.  I was supposed to get some work done on my computer and found myself entranced with a website I stumbled upon for several hours.  The website is Closet Visit, a blog which features a peek into closets of some pretty cool people.  The concept isn't new, but I continue to believe this is something us humans are forever curious about.  I love how Closet Visit often takes photos of jewelry--whether it being worn on the owner or draped in an interesting way.  Check out my favorite snapshots below and take a look for yourself (just make sure you have a few hours to kill).

roseark momosuzuki kathyrose clairecotrell heathertaylor closetvisit alicia 5493207179_f2c08fcf57_z

all photos taken by Jeana Sohn