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Whatever the Occasion, Style it with Jewelry from Fellows Auction!

Girls Night Out -- Fellows Auction Date Night -- Fellows Auction Work Attire -- Fellows Auction Casual Weekend -- Fellows Auction

As the holidays are swiftly approaching, you are either in two boats: the social butterfly spirit, where you are invited to multiple parties and events, or the hibernating cave dweller lifestyle, where it is too cold to go anywhere. Whatever it may be, and for me it is a little bit of both, there's nothing like some beautiful antique jewelry to go along with either mood. It can brighten up the coldest day and liven up the darkest party. As always, Fellows Auction has an unbelievable selection in their upcoming Antique & Modern Sale which is set for Thursday, November 12th, 2015. I've styled four different looks for four different occasions--a "Girl's Night Out" when you have a holiday party with your best friends, a "Date Night" look which often is dinner and a movie, a "Work Attire" ensemble for your Monday-Friday office job, and finally a "Casual Weekend" outfit for a day spent with family or antiquing. 

<< Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale, Fellows Auction, Thursday, November 12th, 2015 >>

Girl's Night Out:

Lot 65: When I set out in search for a early 20th century diamond band, this is exactly what I had in mind! Five diamonds which graduate in size set in yellow gold, with scroll-work detailing on both sides. I also love how there are tiny diamonds set in between the larger ones, giving the ring even more sparkle!

Lot 93: Ever since my wedding, I have been obsessed with opals--especially ones with an extremely unique play-of-color. This ring does it for me! It is a black opal set in 18k white gold surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Talk about a stunner!

Lot 524: To add to the fun of this look, I've chosen these imperial topaz and diamond drop earrings. The color of imperial topaz is striking against a darker look, like this black dress. I also picked these earrings because they are light, airy and ready to party. The diamonds are all old cuts, which makes this pair of earrings really special.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

Date Night:

Lot 111: Such a pretty emerald and diamond ring, set with a rectangular cut emerald and Old Mine cut diamonds, which interestingly enough graduate as they go around the emerald. A striking design, done in yellow gold with French assay marks. 

Lot 350: I'm in love with the deep, rich green of these emeralds and how well-matched they are! This precious band is ideal for stacking, and I love the idea of an all-emerald look, which is what I was putting together for this look. A band like this is totally necessary!

Lot 589: Thought this was the perfect emerald necklace to coordinate with the all-emerald ring look I've put together here. What is really cool is that there is more than meets the eye with this piece! It actually is a locket, and when you open it you can see the backside of how all the gemstones are set, like a stained glass window. Currently, the locket is vacant, but you can add a keepsake photo of your loved one and make it your own!

Lot 627: Our all-emerald look would be complete without a statement ring--this one is heavy (weighing 20.5 grams) and bold (9.5mm x 9mm emerald). The high carat gold and domed style make it both unique and comfortable. Love this piece.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

Work Attire:

Lot 29: This late Victorian 21k gold diamond and enamel pendant shines brightly, suspended on a 9k gold curb-link chain. The diamond star is set with Old Mine cut diamonds, and featured within an oval-shaped blue enamel dome, surrounded by cannetille. This exquisite piece mixes masculine and feminine vibes and is a great staple for any collection. 

Lot 513: To play upon the masculine undertones of this jewelry look, I've added a somewhat feminine lapis and diamond ring. This piece is truly unique, mixing a cabochon lapis with baguette cut diamonds, most likely dating back to the 1930s. Such a fun silhouette.

Lot 657: I'm dying to purchase a gold Victorian painted portrait brooch for the winter season, as I'm picturing wearing it pinned to almost every other jacket I own. This portrait brooch is no exception--it is exactly what I had in mind. The stout gentleman in profile sits discreetly, set in an oval stylized brooch. Divine!

Lot 658: To top off this masculine look, a heavy link bracelet is just what we needed and this is an ideal example! Flat, curbed links well suited for comfort, with an added bonus of being abundant. 

 - - - - - - - - - - -

Casual Weekend:

Lot 396: A wildly electric garnet cabochon ring, surrounded by rose cut diamonds! Even though the garnet is significantly cracked, it makes the piece more interesting in a way with the cracking patterns within the stone. The color is radiating and would easily grab anyone's attention!

Lot 666: A late 19th century DEAREST acrostic ring mixes well with this punchy look. The gemstones spell out the hidden message of DEAREST (D-diamond, E-emerald, A-amethyst, R-ruby, E-emerald, S-sapphire, T-topaz). These are highly collectible and this one is in great condition!

Lot 674: I love the bright colors of these micromosaic dress studs.  I figured for this look, they would be converted from dress studs to stud earrings! What is even better is this lot comes with the original box, including five dress studs total--so two can be made into earrings and the others...rings?! The possibilities are endless!

Lot 676: If you look closely you will see what is used to make these vibrant colors of this mid-19th century brooch.  Yes, they are feathers! Mother of pearl acts as an iridescent background for the scene, which is entirely set into gold with a beaded-surround. Such a interesting piece!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




The Jewelry That Will Have You in a Bidding War at Fellows Auction!

Lot 9 Lot 18 Lot 91 Lot 195 Lot 203 Lot 225 Lot 251 Lot 484 Lot 488 Lot 514 Lot 517 Lot 584

Ever been involved in a bidding war?!  If you're an antique jewelry collector you've been in AT LEAST one and know exactly what the item was and how you felt in that moment!  Most introverts become heart-thumping, rash decision-makers and most shy, timid people become voracious, crazy bidders during a high stakes auction, when favorite pieces are up on the block.  I, myself, have been guilty of this--no matter how much you plan ahead and write down your absolute highest offer and promise yourself not to go over it, all that means nothing when it is "crunch time."  Last week, for example, I lost out on a ring by $25 just because I tried to be good and not exceed my maximum limit I set for that particular item.  Now, when I think back, would I have gladly paid an extra $25 to own that ring?! YES!  So there is always a good vs. evil concept going on with bidding and sometimes you are your own worst enemy.  Some of my favorite auction wins involved a stroke of good luck, so that plays into it as well!  

It's not even September yet and I already had to peek at Fellows' Antique & Modern Sale as soon as they posted their catalog online.  Their September sale is going to be a good one, with numerous items that are incredibly desirable!  I've got my list going, now it is your turn to pick out your favorite items you will be bidding on when auction day comes--September 17th, 2015.  My prediction?  These 12 items will be causing some bidding battles and leaving some people heart-broken and the winners feeling amazing!  Let's take a closer look at these pieces:

Lot 9: This late 19th century Emerald bangle bracelet has exquisite gems that are such a deep forest-green color, which will attract buyers and collectors from all over!  The engraving throughout the bangle is a nice touch and if you pay attention, you will find the matching earrings and necklace that go along with this bracelet!  How great would it be to acquire the whole set?!

Lot 18: A fun and playful station necklace, this vintage piece is done in 9k gold with beads of malachite, a very trendy gemstone in today's fashion world.  This necklace is hip and could make any outfit better!  A fine piece of jewelry that isn't going to break the bank, yet continue to hold its value.

Lot 91: An incredible Art Nouveau diamond and sapphire dress clip turned necklace! The style of this piece is quite unique, I've never seen anything like it.  Talk about a stunning piece of history, one that will stand out in someone's collection.

Lot 195: Ughh, this ring brings me to tears when I look at it!!  If you want to focus on creating the most insane navette ring collection, just watch what comes up to auction from Fellows--I swear they have the best navettes ever! This one is seriously the best I've ever seen...but I may be retracting that statement next month when seeing their next batch of jewels... 

Lot 203: I've seen some amazing rings be made out of arrow jabot pins and this one would be a great one to use--set with diamonds and onyx.  I've also seen lots of these popping up everywhere as earrings, with the arrow seemingly poking through one's ear.  Lots of possibilities with this one!

Lot 225: These diamond "webbing" motif rings are my weakness and this particular ring is a fine example. Typical of the Edwardian time period, this ring is set with an oval sapphire in the center and diamonds all around. Who will win this beauty?!

Lot 251: A very geometric bangle bracelet which is vintage and set with the coolest, boldest hexagon amethysts. If you're looking for a unique piece with a big splash of color, this is it!  I think this might be small enough to fit me?!  I might be bidding...

Lot 484: A precious pair of coral drop earrings with a dainty diamond clover detail up top.  These earrings are antique with rose cut diamonds and are something that can be worn daily.

Lot 488: Another cute pair of earrings, these are diamond bird stud earrings with dangling diamonds in each of their beaks.  How adorable?!  Perfect for any animal or bird lover, or even a nature lover.

Lot 514: A rare early 20th century black ribbon choker necklace, featuring a plaque of diamonds and pearls in a bow motif.  Funny to see something like this which was very popular then and have it slowly becoming popular again today!  This would be right on trend now.

Lot 517: A glorious pair of rose cut diamond dangle earrings circa late 1800s with black enamel detail. What makes these special besides all the original rose cuts is how the backs had brooch fittings added at a later date so they can be worn as earrings or brooches.  So neat!

Lot 584: Can you tell I'm infatuated with the clover trefoil motif?!  I love how this ring features slightly different pearl overtones--one white, one more peach, one more purple/pink.  Definitely a special ring that will cause some high bidding come auction day!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Valentine's Day Gifts from Your Loved One at Fellows Auctions

fromtheboyfriend 82851-1 82960-32 82826-11 82694-1 fromthefiance 83043-1 83042-1 81255-19 83235-11 fromthehusband 83006-3 82889-1 82898-15 82823-45

With Valentine's Day coming up, Fellows' Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale falls two days before the big day and it meets every need for those men searching for gifts for their significant other!  Whether you call yourself a boyfriend, fiancé or husband, Fellows Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale has you covered!  I've put together some great gifts ideas for each category--leaving the fiancé category for those looking to propose on this day. Yes, you can find some amazing engagement rings at auction--in fact, it is my favorite place to look for engagement rings!  Read more about that here.

The auction takes place on February 12th, 2015 and features some great jewelry from all time periods. There are even more pieces not featured that are incredible--hint, hint--there's a Victorian ring with the words "Good Luck" on the shank with a horseshoe in the middle!  So cool!  Here are my favorites for those shopping that are a boyfriend, fiancé or husband:

From the Boyfriend:

Lot 28: Lockets make great gifts because of their sentimentality and this cute pearl bow locket is a winner. If you open it, you will reveal a hand-painted portrait from a bygone era...although it used to once belong to someone and had its own story, you can continue its legacy and create a new story!

Lot 572: This opal, diamond, pearl and ruby brooch has such a cool shape--it would look amazing pinned to a jacket or scarf, even hold together a cardigan.  I can also imagine it converted into a fun pendant for a necklace.

Lot 177: Opals will most definitely cause the heart to skip a few beats and make a memorable Valentine's Day gift!  This particular opal has gorgeous play-of-color and a line of diamonds leads to it, hanging beautifully from a chain.

Lot 114: Two pretty pendants, each dainty and reminiscent of Valentine's Day!  Both have jump rings that can easily accomodate a chain...great for a charm bracelet too!

From the Fiancé:

Lot 137: If carat size is high up on the wish list of necessary attributes of an engagement ring, this is it!  The center stone is 3.12 carats and all focus is on it...with minimal side stones and classic basket setting. Traditional and beautiful are the best words to describe this one.

Lot 190: Tiny calibre cut sapphires are continually becoming more and more popular in engagement rings, with this one being even more unique with the pearls as well!  The profile sits low on the finger and the engraving along the sides makes it extra special.

Lot 514: Want a yellow gold solitaire with some personality?! This is a great engagement ring choice for you! The geometric style adds some depth to what would be a simple solitaire.  

Lot 576: A very unique ring for the couple wanting an unconventional style, this diamond navette cluster ring features 1.45 carats of Old Mine cut diamonds with a few newer replacements.  The style and age of the ring make it unique, and heads will be turning for this one!

From the Husband:

Lot 174: The perfect minimal diamond dangle earrings for every day wear!  These earrings resemble delicate ribbons, and hold over three carats total!  

Lot 412: Another great gift for your wife would be an anniversary band to stack along with other bands.  This seems to be a popular trend or you can even start your own tradition by giving a special band each year!

Lot 509: Get her a right-hand ring she's been dreaming about, with this Art Deco diamond ring!  The shape and size are just right, and all those Old European cut diamonds are glorious.  Perfect for a middle or ring finger on the right hand.

Lot 539: If your wife collects antique jewelry and has a discerning eye, this necklace and earring suite is amazing!  The carbuncle garnet has been a favorite of mine lately and this trio cluster necklace is extremely cool.  The earrings have a good length to them and match the diamond flies on the necklace.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons




Gorgeous Pocket Watches in Fellows' November 24th Sale

29 36 85 154 169

I don't normally get excited about pocket watches, but these are an exception!  Fellows Auction House has their Pocket Watches & Accessories sale coming up November 24th, 2014, and while browsing through I found some gorgeous pocket watches.  What sets these apart from an "average" pocket watch is the detail, the enameling, the guilloche, the markers, the dial...everything!  Such detail is put into each one.  They are all ladies' pocket watches, each being special in its own way. Above are my favorites from the sale:

Lot 29: Although this P.Reynaud pocket watch has some enamel damage to the beautiful scene on the backside, it still is one of the prettiest I've seen!  The white dial features roman numerals and I love the hands--long and slender with circular ends.

Lot 36: A gorgeous example of guilloche work on the backside of this gilt open face pocket watch.  The burgundy color is a perfect contrast with the white pearls, which surround the front and back.  This one is unsigned, with Arabic numbers for markers and a white dial.  The fleur de lis on the back is also a fun addition.

Lot 85: An 18k gold open face pocket watch, with heavily detailed enamel work on the backside.  The dial is a white enamel with black roman numeral markers.  I love the colors of the enamel on the back--black, white and an electric blue.

Lot 154: A 14k gold open face pocket watch, with an intricate enamel purple pansy on the backside. The white enamel dial features Arabic numbers, with the movement being 15 jewels.  It is unsigned.

Lot 169: A ladies open face watch by Horus.  The backside shows incredible blue enameling, with a gold flaming heart, which I love.  The watch is stamped 18k/750 and has baton hour markers, quarterly applied Arabic numerals.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons




Fellows Auction: Antique & Modern Jewellery, February 13, 2014

plate 1 3 31 lot32 51 415 431

The February Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction is going to be so good!  Browsing through the catalog, I had so many favorites--it will be an eventful bidding day--which is Thursday, February 13th.  

February has a very popular birthstone, one that many people truly love and have in their collection, and that is Amethyst. In the quartz family, amethyst is very wearable, abundant, and economic.  There are different tones and saturations of color that amethyst can be found to have, and althoug the deeper purples are more sought after, it is up to the wearer!  I personally love amethyst paired with diamonds and/or pearls.  Many vintage and antique pieces use this combination, and I found several examples in this month's auction.

Lot 3: this seed pearl and amethyst pendant dates back to the early 20th century.  It is done in 9k gold and comes with a chain.  The detail on the scrollwork and use of seed pearls is typical of the time period.

Lot 31: there is a reason these earrings are called ear pendants!  These are bold and elongating, set with oval cut and pear shaped amethysts.  Love the chain detailing, which may or may not be original.  Done in 12k gold and are in good condition.

Lot 32: a necklace full of amethyst! All 14 inches of this necklace are oval set amethysts, even the clasp.  This piece dates to around the late 19th century, with the one dangling amethyst being possibly added later. 

Lot 51: this amethyst brooch is set with a gorgeous marquise cut amethyst, surrounded by pearls.  The rich hue of the purple is really pretty and I love how the pin can be worn horizontally or vertically to give you a different look.

Lot 415: nothing is prettier than fine enamel work on a piece of jewelry.  This amethyst brooch features greens, blues and some orange enameling along the rim, also set with diamonds.  Would look incredible pinned to a scarf.

Lot 431: such an interesting pendant, set with an emerald cut amethyst and accented by half-pearls. The two-tone look is an interesting addition, and the length of the piece measures 2 inches.

13 18 336 363 372 402

Also within the Antique & Modern Jewellery auction in February, there are several stand-out pieces that are really interesting to me.  I love finding unique items that I've never come across before.  One important aspect of vintage and antique jewelry is how exclusive certain pieces are--many are one-of-a-kind and hand-made through and through.  An advantage of Fellows Auctions is their location in England, a country known for their rich, extensive history.  Many of the jewelry items that go up for auction at their facility have an equally intriguing history.

Lot 13: this brooch is unique because it is engraved on the backside, 1837 Diamond Jubilee 1897. The front is spectacular, an enamel portrait of Queen Victoria. Such a piece of history!

Lot 18: blackamoor jewelry is highly collectible, and this pair of ear pendants are up for auction. Everything is done in enamel, and the closures are in working order.

Lot 336: Egyptian Revival at its finest! This Art Deco scarab brooch is done in 18k gold, rubies and diamonds. Can you spot the snakes? There are hieroglyphics on the backside of the Egyptian faience scarab, which say 'neb nefer' which literally means 'all good.'

Lot 363: this is a late 19th century Yorkshire Hussars brooch, with a pretty white enamel rose.  The brooch is set with ruby and diamonds and is in good condition.  The Yorkshire Hussars was a unit of the British Army from 1794 to 1956.

Lot 372: I love this gorgeous diamond ring, set with an Old European cut diamond in the center and surrounded by open metal work and other smaller, old cut diamonds.  Such a pretty ring!

Lot 402: this early 20th century diamond and ruby brooch is all about the details! The crown at the top and the "W" created out of diamonds are both amazing.  Such a great piece!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons