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Top Five Pieces I Wanted to Take Home With Me at Couture 2017

Couture | Gem Gossip

This year the Couture show opened its doors to hundreds of buyers and press from all over the world, while I walked in a day late of opening day, I was quick and eager to dive into all that it had to offer. Each designer stood beaming behind their booths, creativity on full power and all their blood, sweat and tears front and center under the grappling lights. More on the show in general in a few days, but I wanted to focus in on five pieces, from five different designers that I felt stood out to me. These pieces may not be the flashiest or have the biggest gemstones; they are pieces I would want for my personal collection--items I could see myself wearing and enjoying on a daily basis. There are lots of jewels at Couture that were bold, striking and great for editorial shoots--but translating them into every day wear for an average American didn't quite fit in my eyes. Yes these jewels might be fun to drool over, to take a photo of, or to just simply stare at, but as I stood there thinking to myself, "what if I owned a store in Nashville, what would I buy that would fit my audience?" I realized that sort of changed my entire thinking while browsing. Most of the time when I'm in "Gem Gossip mode" I'm one-sided in my thinking, focusing on what pieces would photograph well, what would my followers want to see, what would get the most "likes." So here are my top five pieces that I surely wanted to take home with me at Couture 2017!

1. Anthony Lent Crescent Moonface bangles: being celestial obsessed must be commemorated somehow and these bangles fit the bill in many ways. First off, they are wearable and go with just about anything, for any occasion. Secondly, they are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Best part is they are each hand-made by Anthony Lent himself in his Philadelphia-based studio.

See the Anthony Lent website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

2. Anything in opal from Jacquie Aiche: If you've visited Jacquie Aiche's booth at Couture, you know--every year she outfits her spot in gems and mineral specimens that have you feeling like you've been transported to her world. And once inside, there's no shortage of jewelry--each corner and nook is filled with displays, dripping in jewelry. And that's exactly their mantra--cover yourself in their pieces and style yourself to the max. Every necklace, bracelet, earring, ring and body chain complements one another, and now we know why she has so many devote "tribe" members!

See the Jacquie Aiche website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

3. Stackable, easy on-and-off chokers from Suzanne Kalan: ok, we all have realized chokers are still going strong in popularity and if you're really wanting to invest in something that is well-constructed, easy to wear, and gorgeous all-around, I suggest these! Suzanne Kalan is known for her baguette diamond wizardry and she follows through again in the choker design department. At the show, the chokers were displayed in large bunches, stacked together and they looked just as good, if not better when worn! There's no clasp or ties, it is flexible, so you can take it on and off SO easily!

See the Suzanne Kalan website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

4. Enamel surf boards from Tara Hirshberg: I loved all the charms I was seeing at Couture this year and these enameled surf boards were a definite highlight from the debuting designer. I have never surfed before in my life and honestly am frightened beyond belief of the ocean, but even with those pitted against me, I have never wanted a gold surf board more in my life! haha!  I love the colors used, the size of them and the wearability. Creating surf-related jewels came naturally for LA-based designer Tara and her ocean living and ocean loving life. 

See the Tara Hirshberg website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

5. New diamond bow rings from Arik Kastan: I always look forward to seeing the new designs from vintage-inspired Arik Kastan. This year's new bow rings had my head spinning and jaw-dropping.  They are perfect to stack and fit right in with other antique pieces, as seen here stacked with some other fun Arik Kastan rings. Loving all the green agate too! Tough decision though choosing which bow--the top or bottom??

See the Arik Kastan website here. 

Couture 2017


Want more? See my top picks from last year's show!

Best of the Couture Show 2016

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Jacquie Aiche drew in buyers and press with window displays rich in colors, jewels and crystals from Tucson Gem Show. Inside, displays were already styled in layers and layers (the way her jewels are meant to be worn) making it easy for merchandisers to choose what to buy!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Stopped by Suzy Landa Jewelry to get a dose of COLOR--her juicy gemstones always brighten my day and so does the designer herself! So awesome!

Couture | Gem Gossip Untitled Untitled

Ilias Lalaounis' tradition of bold gold pieces is wonderfully carried out through his four daughters who now are continuing his legacy. Every year I enjoy seeing his designs, as they immediately transport me to Greece and his heyday of accessorizing stars. I couldn't pick a favorite!

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Neha Dani wowed and inspired--I felt like I was back at the MET looking at the JAR exhibit for a second. The technicolored gold, hand-set diamonds, intricate work, where each mechanism, each stone, each design is precisely thought-out. Loved all!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Loved all the shapes, patterns and colors seen at Kavant & Sharart! This young husband and wife duo have really been cultivating their styles and merging them flawlessly. I want so many pieces from their line!

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Pamela Love tapped into every night sky watcher's dreams with the creation of this Lapis & diamond moon phase collar necklace. It feels so good in person too! I love her rings--the opal arrowhead was killer and the play-of-color on it was just right. And bet you didn't realize the ring on my pointer finger flips!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Jordan Alexander Jewelry first grabbed my attention at the Nashville Fashion Show. Now a year later, they've put their focus from pearls to diamonds and other gemstones. And I love all the use of gold!

Couture | Gem Gossip

I believe this is Anthony Lent's third year exhibiting and although I have a rule to see new designers every year, he is the only one to break this rule! Seen three years in a row and will never not be captivated by his designs.

Couture | Gem Gossip

Eva Fehren's geometric designs were amazing to see for the first time in person. Loved her display as well, as seen above.

"Danielle, please call you grandmother. She's worried about you. And did you make it to Vegas? You never even told us." I immediately deleted the voicemail from my iPhone, which was hot to the touch because of all the charging and photo-downloading it incurred while at the jewelry shows in Vegas. Something about Vegas every year I find it liberating to block out everything going on in my personal life and back home, and truly immerse myself in the four-day jewel fest called Couture.  Excuse me, five-day jewel fest--I just had to look it up, and wow, really?  Five days? A little excessive? NOPE. Never. In fact, this year I spent the most time I've ever spent at Couture and still felt like I needed more time. 

Couture 2016: Venni Vetti Vecci. And the best year yet. Remember that time I forgot my business cards? Ah, yes rookie mistake, but not this year. Remember that time I spent only six hours at Couture? Massively stupid mistake, but no, not this year.  I came prepared, I packed my bags efficiently, and made a handful of appointments (enough I could count on both hands--not too many where I felt like I had planned way too much in such short of time). This year was all about enjoying my time, having fun and learning. Sometimes events like these can be stressful and far too often taken way too seriously. What is the fun in that? 

This year, Couture was upbeat--the designers, the buyers, the atmosphere--even all my "whoops, I'm sorry I didn't make an appointment" appointments. I loved seeing people whom I haven't seen in forever and reconnecting with those who I sometimes talk to on a daily basis. 

Some highlights for me are shown above.  One of them being finally meeting Jacquie Aiche and experiencing her alluring booth full of layer heaven. I can easily see how and why people like Rihanna are die-hard fans of her jewelry--it is a lifestyle, not just a jewelry line. For a second year in a row, I clamored over Ilias Lalaounis' designs as if I were in Greece and happened to stumble upon his boutique.  It reminds me of my life goal of going to Greece and visiting both the Lalaounis museum and stores. Someday.

Other highlights include seeing the guys of Anthony Lent Jewelry who continually put the enchantment back into jewelry, as most designs have lost that aspect over time, especially all that is made now in factories or mass produced items. I love that everything he makes, he creates himself in his studio in Pennsylvania. Neha Dani was also a great highlight--such stunningly beautiful designs that easily wow. Huge fan of the technicolor gold she uses as well. Pamela Love had such a great line-up at her booth, of course the pièce de résistance for me was the lapis and diamond moon phase collar necklace that we took outside to photograph. Once posted on Instagram, it got 6,500+ likes--the most I've ever gotten in my 4+ year Instagram lifetime. 

Loved seeing everyone at Couture this year--if I didn't get a chance to swing by your booth, I'm SO sorry. Time was short but I will make a valiant effort next time around. Can you believe that I am totally stoked for next year already?! I am. 

Can't get enough of Couture? Read what I had to say from the years past: 2013, 2014, 2015




kismetbymilka isadorasantiquejewelry brookegregson jannaconner >anninavogel makerscircle jacquieaiche alixiskletjian gemstonegypsy

Kismet by Milka has me taken by these evil eye rings set with sapphire

Isadoras Antique Jewelry letting some sunshine in from the help of topaz, yellow sapphire and zircon

Brooke Gregson's gorgeous one-of-a-kind diamond slice rings are so incredible

Janna Conner has us feeling the a good way

Annina Vogel sure knows how to stack--all her antique goodies are amazing

Makers Circle is proud to unveil their third eye rings now in solid gold! Sign me up!

Jacquie Aiche's opaque gemstone game is too strong for words

Alexis Kletjian enjoying herself while previewing some auction pieces at Skinner in Boston

Gemstone Gypsy flashing this favorite of hers seen at the Pier Show in NYC

Jewelry Collection Stories: @Karripsoph


One of the main reasons for starting Gem Gossip was so I could connect with others that share a love for jewelry, just like myself. Whenever I find other people that love jewelry and have amazing collections, it is so fun and refreshing to talk about jewelry and what makes it so alluring.

One thing I wanted to do in the new year is to connect with other fellow jewelry collectors, and share their passion, their stories, their collections--not just mine.

Up first, is Kari (@karripsoph) who I've enjoyed connecting with on Instagram. Her love for jewelry was obvious, so I had to know more about her collection and share it with everyone! Hope you enjoy this new series!


I love jewelry because there is usually a story behind it. Growing up I remember playing in my mom’s jewelry box as well as my grandma’s. I loved hearing their stories of where the pieces came from and where they were worn. Jewelry lasts longer than accessories or clothing so it can be passed down through generations so the stories can live on. I also love that people can be drawn to pieces of jewelry for different reasons. Wearing those pieces can give someone a feeling of comfort and connection and even good luck! It is also fun to see how different people style the same designer’s jewelry in so many different ways. I’m most inspired by seeing how people style jewelry so I’m obsessed with Instagram!

Untitled Untitled sbubble2

I have done a great deal of traveling in my life and wanted to create a piece of jewelry with the trinkets I had collected over the years. Three years ago I was introduced to a local jewelry designer, Ann Lambrecht, who also traveled the world and created jewelry inspired by her travels. The moment we met we connected over our mutual love of jewelry and travel. That day we drank wine and co-designed my new necklace and I remember how inspired I felt having met a new life-long friend! The piece contains beads and coins I collected from Asia and Africa as well as a cross I got in Costa Rica and a key from the house I grew up in. Over the following three years we co-designed many more pieces (and drank more wine!) and became closer friends. Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly last September, so this piece means just that much more to me now.

Ann Lambrecht necklace sbubble3


For vintage jewelry I shop ebay or antique stores in small towns.  I shop and for great trend-right, affordable layering pieces and for statement pieces I shop , , and

Untitled Untitled sbubble4

This is a tough one as there are so many great ones! We are really in a jewelry moment right now which I love so I’m learning about new designers all the time. I would say Kathy Rose, Jacquie Aiche and Jennifer Fisher. They are all very different from each other but I love the way they all have such a unique way they style their own jewelry.

Untitled Untitled 10601214355_bd4910128b_o

This is such a tough question! I wear so much jewelry every day and I have many favorites. The two pieces that never come off though are my Jennifer Fisher pinky ring and my gold cuff I had made by an Etsy designer. The ring has the initials of my two special-needs dogs. One is paralyzed and the other has lymphoma. They are my life, I love them more than anything and I am committed to their care. The cuff reads “Together we can face challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. Love heals all. Ripley 3-31-02 Sophie 6-17-02”.

jewelry with R&S


Hinting Season: Gemfields x Jacquie Aiche Collaboration #LoveGold

freeform_rough_shaker_necklace_587x626 RG 7 EMERALD BEZEL FINGER BRACELET _ email _ email YG EMERALD BEZEL SHAKER FINGER BRACELET _ email 130815_SKindt_Aiche_0447 stone&strand_10_25_13-3115 stone&strand_10_25_13-3114 YG 5 EMERALD BEZEL BODY CHAIN _ email _ email 130815_SKindt_Aiche_0435 RG 5 EMERALD BEZEL BODY CHAIN _ email _ email


Stone & Strand just launched an exclusive collaboration with Gemfields, the world's leading producer of ethically-sourced rare colored gemstones.  The first in a series of ongoing collaborations with different designers is with Beverly Hills-based and Coveteur alum Jacquie Aiche, who counts celebrities like Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz among her clientele.  Jacquie has re-imagined a number of her signature creations including body necklaces and ring-bracelets with Gemfields emeralds for Stone & Strand and created a new one-of-a-kind amethyst necklace.  There are a total of six pieces in 14k rose and yellow gold in this capsule collection and it is the first time Gemfields is doing more accessible and wearable pieces (prices start $1,738-$6,600).  

The collection is exclusive to Stone & Strand and just launched for the holiday season! Keep an eye out for this collaboration because it will continue throughout next year with more contemporary fine jewelry designers offering up fresh, limited-edition styles!

Above pieces:

“Free Form Rough Shaker necklace” features diamonds and a large, incredible one of a kind rough cut ethically-mined Gemfields amethyst set in 14K yellow gold. Price: $6600

“Seven Emerald Finger bracelet” features seven ethically-mined Gemfields emeralds set in 14K yellow gold. Price: $1738

“Emerald Shaker Finger bracelet” features ethically-mined Gemfields emeralds that are bezel set in 14K yellow gold. Price: $2970

“Five Emerald Spaced Out necklace” features five ethically-mined Gemfields emeralds set in 14k yellow gold. Price: $1760

“25 Emerald Shaker necklace” features 25 ethically-mined Gemfields emeralds set in 14k yellow gold. Price: $5170

“Five Emerald Body Chain” features five ethically-mined Gemfields emeralds set in either 14k rose or yellow gold. Price: $3850


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold