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Entries in horseshoe jewelry (3)

Sentimental Jewels Offered in the Upcoming Fellows October Auction

A&M October 2017 Fellows

There's something about sentimental jewelry that makes my jewelry obsession very happy. Hearing stories behind a special piece or knowing that an object has more depth to it than being a material thing is exactly what I'm all about. The upcoming October 12th Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale from Fellows Auction is filled with pieces that beckon to sentiment, both past and future. Some pieces look as though they are filled with harrowing adventure and stories of love and lost love...while others could potentially be attached to warm stories, they're just waiting for a new owner to make that happen.

I've picked my TOP TEN favorite sentimental jewels from next week's sale--and don't forget to SIGN UP to bid and put the auction date in your calendar: October 12th, 2017.

8 54

Lot 8: Lockets always seem to bring the sentiment meter up from zero to one hundred, real quick. I love a good locket and they've been consistently a popular gift-giving item for holidays and birthdays. This locket is especially unique because of the symbolic heart and arrows on the front of it. Set with a heart-shaped ruby cabochon and shot by two diamond laced arrows, this locket screams love. There's even a French engraving that reads, "Mon Coeur Perce" which translates to My Pierced Heart.  

Lot 54: Easily fall in love with this heavily symbolic sapphire and diamond heart ring. Every romantic whim is asking for this ring to be a future engagement ring. The arrows at the top make it even more unique, although it is thought that they were added at a later date (the heart portion being orginal Victorian). The sapphire is of very good quality and is even a color-change one from Sri Lanka. What a gorgeous ring!

73 118

Lot 73: Birds represent an uplifted spirit and often very symbolic. This rose cut diamond swallow brooch immediately caught my attention because it is very sentimental. Swallows go hand-in-hand with representing love, affection and friendship.  How sweet would this brooch be if pinned to a jacket to remember a loved one? Or added to your scarf to commemorate a dear friend? 

Lot 118: Every woman needs a charm bracelet!  It is the perfect extension of yourself, in charm-form. Tell your story with gold charms that become instant sentiments: first vacation, a marriage, a new job, becoming a mom, traveling around the world, birthday surprises, a big move...the charms and milestones are endless. I love this charm bracelet in this lot because it has already been started for you, you now must finish it! Add your story to this ongoing one and wear it happily!

130 271

Lot 130: If there ever were a perfect pair of antique diamond dangle earrings, these would be it! I can picture these as some memorable wedding day earrings that will be passed down to future generations, often borrowed by good friends and continually making memories. They are approx. 3.80 carats total and come with fitted box.

Lot 271: Double horseshoes, giving two doses of good luck for anyone that wears this sentimental brooch by Carlo Guilliano. A rare creation from a celebrated designer and highly collectible. And you may not notice from the photo, but their is rock crystal in the center--it is not open space. What a fantastic piece! 

372 462

Lot 372: I always assume that a two-diamond ring reminds me of my own engagement ring, both very sentimental to me and my husband. This particular ring is an incredibly beautiful take an a moi et toi style, symbolizing you and I. Are your heart strings pulled yet? The diamonds total 2.55 carats and I am truly in love with this one!

Lot 462: One might take a single look at snake jewelry and not realize how much symbolism is entangled in each piece. Those Victorians were highly sentimental and snake jewelry ranked high up in symbolic meaning. This particular necklace is quite the piece! Done in a navy blue enamel and accented with pearls, red gem eyes and holding a locket. The articulated body which composes the necklace is in immaculate condition!

472 485

Lot 472: These earrings grabbed my attention because of their silhohette and striking blue turquoise accents. I could imagine them having a great existence prior to becoming an auction item and I feel like the new owners should keep the adventure going!  Bring these on a fun getaway or dance on the dancefloor wearing them. The possibilities are endless!

Lot 485: More symbolic turquoise blue, this time being a light blue enameled necklace set with pearls and a heart shaped pendant. I love the sentimental heart and knowing that this piece is circa dated to 1860 only makes my head wander even more, thinking of all it has done and seen in its lifetime. Such a lovely necklace!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Vintage Motifs: Equestrian Inspired Jewelry

tumblr_lzxxmmsaDi1qg1naao1_500 XXX_89_1349795746_1 328_1345659622_3 XXX_328_1348346561_1 XXX_24_1343672154_1 XXX_323_1336072766_1

Riding horses is a skill that has been practiced since man and horse met.  Not sure when equestrian inspired motifs were incorporated into jewelry, but I've seen many Georgian and Victorian pieces with horse-related themes.  Whether it's an actual horse, a horse bit, or a horse rein or bridle, jewelry has featured this popular sport and animal.  Gucci has trademarked the horse bit and made it a part of the brand.  Horseshoes are another very popular jewelry motif--seen in Victorian jewelry of the late 1800s and has lasted into today's trends.  Above are all great examples of horse-inspired jewelry from many different time periods.  All jewelry can be found at 1stdibs.

Trend Spotting: Lucky Horse Shoe Jewels

I'm not sure if it is the abundance of horses and farms here in Nashville, or spotting a few celebrities wearing horse shoe jewelry--but I am loving this motif.  Horse shoes actually have been around for many years, as they are seen in many pieces of antique jewelry (a few great examples are below).  Theories of where the "good luck" folklore originated date back to the year 959 AD!  Whether you believe it to be good luck or not, one thing is for sure--if you are a jewelry lover you need a piece in your collection which features this timeless motif.


A great pair of horse shoe earrings that feature diamonds from Ross-Simons. They are done in 14k white gold and would look good alone or with other earrings if you have multiple piercings. I like how the description says "good luck will be galloping your way." Price: $206


Such a bold ring that could be anyone's statement piece. The horse shoe features rubies and diamonds done in 18k yellow gold. This ring dates back to the Edwardian Era and is priced at $1550, from Israel Rose.


Excalibur Jewelry has some amazing finds featured on 1stdibs. This horse shoe brooch is no different, all done in platinum and 18k gold with sapphires and diamonds. I think it is funny that the brooch features 13 sapphires, which make up the "lucky" horse shoe. Price: $1950


If you want a small token of this trend, this pearl charm is just for you. It is from C.H.A.R.M. and is done in 14k yellow gold. This can easily be interchangeable on a necklace or bracelet, and is small enough to add to and layer with. Price: $200