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shopfiligree lorimcleanjewelry loveadorned agelessheirlooms emilyandashley heartofsolidgold metiersf fancyfleaantiques sunnysbondjewelry

{from top to bottom:

ShopFiligree and a most incredible selection, makes me wish I had jumped on a few when they were available

Lori McLean Jewelry stacking some personal favorites from years-worth of collecting

the designer line-up from LoveAdorned is insane!

Ageless Heirlooms has a thing for Victorian wedding bands and they mix beautifully with a few others

Emily Amey Jewelry wearing Peruvian opal and pearl and a few others from their line

appropriately named Victor the circus bear, HeartofSolidGold turned him into the perfect charm ring

MetierSF always delighting everyone with the prettiest/dreamiest photos of their inventory

Fancy Flea Antiques showing us an assortment of black rings from all different time periods

Sunny S Bond Jewelry ran into this resourceful lady stacking her wedding rings--I love this look!}


Etsy Blog: Sentimental Jewels Worth the Splurge

il_570xN.664882079_4f7w victorian_memory_ring il_570xN.512728771_qdut il_570xN.662103666_gmlw il_570xN.654434046_4i2e il_570xN.651874649_gcrn il_570xN.648387914_8ouj il_570xN.636892524_f3mx il_570xN.604684920_6i64 il_570xN.570740392_ipgs il_570xN.557998296_lo4g il_570xN.518744998_2spu

I was incredibly excited to contribute to Etsy's blog for the second time! On this occasion I selected some gorgeous antique sentimental rings that I felt would make great and memorable holiday gifts! To read the full article, head over to Etsy's blog.

Above are the rings I chose to be featured in the article:

Antique flower setting ring with an Old Mine cut diamond, from MSJewelers

Victorian mourning ring with navette shape hair compartment, from ErinAntiques

Antique fede gimmel ring in 18k gold with hearts, from TheDeeps

Victorian Jet ring set with pearls, from Worn2Perfection

Victorian rose cut diamond cluster ring, from ShopFiligree

Black enamel, widow's mourning ring set with rose cut diamonds, from MagWildwoodsCloset

Victorian black enamel, diamond and pearl mourning ring with inscription, from ErisVintage

Purple enamel flower ring with diamond, from TheEdenCollective

Victorian garnet ring with diamonds set in 9k gold, from HeartofSolidGold

Victorian antique band with inscription and engraved initials, from AgelessHeirlooms

Antique double heart ring set with turquoise and diamonds in 18k gold, from ArtifactVintage

Victorian diamond and turquoise forget-me-not ring, from GADantiques


Engagement Rings of the Jewelry Bloggers

1x 2 3 4 5 6

Probably the most commented on, asked about or talked about ring I own is my engagment ring.  Not only is it by far one of the most important pieces of jewelry I will ever own, but I wear it everyday!  And for someone who never wears the same ring twice in a row, wearing an engagement ring everyday for the rest of my life better be one I LOVE, with a capital L, all in caps lock.  Well, most everyone that knows me or reads my blog is quite familiar with my ring.  It got me thinking--what about my other favorite fellow jewelry bloggers?!  I'd love to know more about their engagement rings!  So, I've compiled some of my favorites, along with their stories. Each in its own right extremely heartfeldt and touching, and all extremely gorgeous.  So many different styles for such unique ladies!  I'm so excited to share these with my readers and glad I can call these girls my friends! 


My engagement ring is vintage, a platinum Art Deco ring with an original inscription from 1937.  I was working for a very fine independent jeweler at the time that I got engaged, and I called up our Estate jewelry dealer, J. and S.S DeYoung, in Boston to see if they had something that would work.  Choosing a vintage piece seemed like the right thing—nothing modern really appealed to me at the time.  But going the antique/estate route is potentially tricky—everything is one-of-a-kind by nature, and it can take a while to find something just right. This ring came along very quickly—and it fit perfectly.  20 years later, I still love it and wouldn’t change a thing.  I wear it with a hand-engraved platinum band from Charles Green and Sons, and added a vintage eternity band with lovely French-cuts.  

By Gold Girl:

Being in the jewelry business, I never envisioned it would be possible to look down at a piece of jewelry and smile as much as I do when I see my ring. The rose gold detail, & of course, glimmering diamond, is something I could get lost staring into for minutes on end. This was the ring that my fiancé, Matt, & I found at New York City vintage/estate jewelry destination, Fred Leighton. It was the first ring I saw and I was immediately enamored by it. Greg Kuwait, owner of Fred Leighton & a friend of mine, even mentioned if he had to pick the perfect ring for me, without me there, that this would have been it. Several months later, Matt completely surprised me with this flash mob in Bryant Park, definitely one of the best days of my life. 

Sunny S. Bond Jewelry:

My engagement ring is classic Art Deco, with an old european cut diamond, set in platinum with rubies and diamonds. It's a family heirloom, and has a very special story.  It was given to my great-aunt in the 1920s, when Art Deco was contemporary. Can you imagine?!  My sweet mom and boyfriend (now husband) chose it from the family heirlooms together.  The proposal wasn't a surprise, Gordon and I were already bound for life.  His parents flew in and, with my mom, we had a beautiful little ceremony celebrating our new life together.  It happened on the first rain in over 100 days in central Texas, breaking the summer drought, a sign of good luck. My mom was sick at the time, and we lost her only a few months later.  My ring, and the memory of our special time, are very important to me, and I carry them with me everyday. 

Heart of Solid Gold:

As nearly every woman will tell you, my engagement ring is without doubt my most treasured piece of jewellery in my collection. Having collected antique jewellery for many years now, my fiancé Alex had a lot to live up to when picking my ring. 

It was only a few weeks ago when Alex and I went about our normal weekend routine of waking our dog Cleo. We both have pretty busy lives so we try and make as much time as possible at the weekends. We'd just got back from a long walk at a nearby river when Alex surprised me by getting down on one knee - along with Cleo - in our house. 

We've renovated our house from top to bottom together so the building means a lot to us. Alex said he couldn't think I a more meaningful place to propose. 

With a few tears shed, I instantly said yes and he then surprised me with my beautiful ring. As my family and friends well know (plus anyone who follows me on Instagram) I have a love for Georgian jewellery so this ring was like a dream come true! 
It's a Georgian sacred heart ring encrusted with foil-backed, closed-set diamonds dating from approximately 1820-1840. 


Diamonds in the Library:

I tried on a lot of beautiful rings during the hunt for The One: new, antique, estate; all kinds of styles and diamond cuts. I loved quite a few of them: their dazzle, their details, their brightness. But there was only one that stayed with me, one that felt equally like me in a cocktail dress and me in yoga pants with my hair messy. 
I fell in love with the warm old mine cut center diamond's quiet fire, the whispers of filigree on either side, the six winking side stones that bring that central shimmer out and down the ring shank. It's a tiny masterpiece, a platinum proscenium of curves, whirls, and arches all dedicated to presenting its reason for being, the center diamond. 

The future Mr. Diamonds in the Library and I went ring-visiting together, then he went back later to buy this one and kept it hidden until he surprised me with it in our living room. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Jewels du Jour:

My engagement ring is very personal to me because both my fiancé, who works in his family's jewelry business, and I designed it together. When he proposed, he had Betteridge's in-house jewelers create a simple solitaire setting since he knew that I would want to be involved in the design of my ring, which was incredibly thoughtful and sweet of him. The center stone is a cushion cut, my favorite cut for a diamond in an engagement ring, and my dream engagement ring has always been a cushion cut diamond with tapered baguettes, a very classic and clean composition. 

The week after we got engaged, I came to the store and together we selected a pair of tapered baguettes that matched the center stone. As luck would have it, the first pair we looked at happened to be a perfect match. Then, we had one of Betteridge's jewelers build my dream ring, throughout which I got to watch at each step. Not only did we create the ring together, but I also got to know the jewelers who actually hand-crafted it, making the whole process - and the ring itself - very special to me.




Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Summer 2014

dilmunlana bellandbird erstwhilejewelry marissanaples heartofsolidgold hsternofficial fellowsauctions levi_higgs sunnysbondjewelry melissajoymanning randimolofsky sofiakaman ericaweiner bellflowerbay

dilmunlana outfitted in Cartier, Chanel and an incredible enamel antique bracelet

bellandbird scores a 200 year old portrait miniature, a lady with little birds

erstwhilejewelry primps and polishes to match a Victorian onyx and diamond ring

marissanaples is all about jewel tones, both in jewelry and fashion

heartofsolidgold spotted the most unique hand clasp, it even is wearing a ring

hsternofficial I'm obsessed with these diamond star rings from H. Stern

fellowsauctions had this really cool 1970s textured gold ring up for auction a few months ago

levi_higgs doing what he does best at David Webb 

sunnysbondjewelry just debuted a collection of antique engagment and wedding rings

melissajoymanning has a fun personal collection of rings--love the coin ring!

randimolofsky knows how to accessorize a dog--Gemfields emeralds and gold

sofiakaman shows how to mix antique with new, love the antique jewelry box

ericaweiner overflowing with Egyptian-revival jewelry

bellflowerbay playing with some lovely jewels from her Etsy shop