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The Knot: 3 Awesome Alternative Engagement Ring Styles to Consider

The Knot | Gem Gossip


We are incredibly pumped to reveal some exciting news--I am going to be contributing monthly features over at The Knot! The online destination and magazine are both leaders in all things bridal, reaching 8 out of 10 brides in America with more than 11 million monthly unique visitors! I'm looking forward to applying my gemological knowledge and style expertise, along with my taste and creative energy, to The Knot and reach a larger audience.

Look out for my posts--I will be sharing them on my social media platforms and I will try to post them here as well!

Here's my first one--I've rounded up some alternative engagement ring styles. Here's the link:


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Gem Gossip Visits Greenwich St. Jewelers in NYC

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Family jewels: sisters Christina and Jennifer, owners of Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Greenwich St. Jewelers loves their Beverley K. Collection--perfect if you love an antique look but want something brand new

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

The Greenwich St. Jewelers storefront, in the heart of the financial district in NYC

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Wearing all Single Stone rings, how amazing are these?!

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Todd Reed's designs mix metals with rough/raw diamonds 

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

All of these bands are by Single Stone...I can see anniversary gifts written all over these!

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Getting a tour of the cases, they are organized by designer.

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

A multi-color party of Polly Wales, who is a favorite at Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Another look at the Single Stone rings available

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

A peek into the Arik Kastan section of the jewelry cases.

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Halo lovers rejoice! Greenwich St. Jewelers has the best ones, from DanHov Jewelry

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Rebecca Overmann rings also call Greenwich St. Jewelers home

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Your view as you walk into the door!

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Pretty, delicate layers from Jennie Kwon Designs

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Some colored stone action from Beverley K. Collection

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Engagement ring bliss from Sylvie Collection

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Wearing this diamond crescent moon necklace and earrings by Jade Trau.

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Newly added Erika Winters bridal line has been a perfect addition to Greenwich St. Jewelers.

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Greenwich St. Jewelers' own collection of stunning rings

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Here's a more up close photo of them, all by Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Wearing Todd Reed--love the two necklaces

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Classic with a twist, Jade Trau's bridal line is what every NY girl covets

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

Jamie Joseph a cult favorite calls Greenwich St. Jewelers home

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

From one Seattle-based designer to the next, Sholdt creates some forever gorgeous wedding rings, like these.

Greenwich St. Jwlrs | Gem Gossip

The full Jennie Kwon Designs look--sometimes you have to wear it all!

My NYC jewel fest was taken downtown, to the financial district to be exact, where Greenwich St. Jewelers has been keeping the city sparkly since 1976.  The evolved version of what the store was and where it began has become the new Greenwich St. Jewelers, all the while staying true to its passion and commitment to fine jewelry. The family-run store is definitively THE place to shop at for all your wedding jewelry needs, whether you are looking for an engagement ring or wedding band. I got to experience both aspects of the store (wedding jewelry and everyday jewelry) and excited to share what I found with you!

Visiting Greenwich St. Jewelers has been a long time coming! Co-owners and sisters, Christina and Jennifer, have always been so good to me with their support and being trail blazers with trying out new ideas with a jewelry blogger like myself, even when I had a few followers.  They gave me the opportunity to curate fall favorites back in 2013, sent me jewels to play with even before "Jewels at my Doorstep" was officially a concept, and even invited me out to NYC to attend a Todd Reed trunk show (which I had to decline only because I was closing on buying my first house and had thoughts of skipping out on it just so I could visit them lol). It is safe to say we've both come a long way and this visit was that much more fun because I had been mentally preparing for it for years! Ha! 

Walking into Greenwich St. Jewelers, an immediate warmth and comfort comes over you. The store itself is inviting and so is the entire staff. I was surprised by how curated their inventory is--every jewelry line had a purpose, a reason, for being present and available, and everything was on-point. It was like someone created a jewelry tutorial on how to achieve the best jewelry look, and took everything needed and placed it in Greenwich St. Jewelers!  They've got their basics covered: stud earrings, tennis bracelets, lots of everyday diamond jewelry. Then, you've got some fun and trendy collections, like Jennie Kwon, Zoe Chicco, Getana, and a few others. Do you love colorful gems and handcrafted, unique designs? They've chosen some of the best out there: Polly Wales, Arik Kastan, Jane Taylor, and Jamie Joseph. And we can't stop there, the most important part: wedding day jewels like engagement rings, wedding bands and the related, all cream of the crop designers including their very own rings designed by themselves are available. You can't get much better than that! Have you ever visited a jewelry store and thought to yourself--wow, everything is so good?! There's not one thing I wouldn't love. 

Let's break down the bridal jewelry options that are available from Greenwich St. Jewelers (most are photographed above, just check out the captions, along with their links to learn more). You'll notice their inventory is expertly curated to include the best classic, modern, vintage-inspired and alternative bridal styles. If you still can't find what you had in mind, they also have an on-site custom design service that will bring you through the design process from beginning to completion. All diamonds and gemstones are responsibly sourced and if you've inherited a family heirloom diamond and want it reset, they specialize in that too! Their on staff gemologists will even appraise and grade your diamond.

Beverley K. Collection: if you love a vintage or antique inspired engagement ring, but want the ring's story to begin with you, brand new, then Beverley K. is perfect for you! Their line takes femininity and makes it into a ring. They also make some really amazing right hand rings that I think would make great alternative bridal pieces. No wedding band necessary!

Danhov: So many classics from Danhov, polished to perfection, and sparkling with every diamond, facet or curve. I loved the swirl designs, where the center stone sits atop of a swirl of pave. If you're obsessing over a halo style, I suggest you come to Greenwich St. Jewelers and try on their Danhov halos! You'll want them all!

Erika Winters: The newest addition to the Greenwich St. lineup, Erika Winters offers wedding bands and engagement rings that will make everyone stop and stare! Her signature Thea design is an incredible choice. Matte gold or shall I call it, "brushed" finish, whether its rose, white or yellow gold, makes these designs stand out. You have to see these in person!

Greenwich St. Ceremony: Years of experience having a jewelry store has led Greenwich St. Jewelers to create their own line, taking classics and making them look effortless and gorgeous. Eternity bands with major sparkle is their specialty. 

Jade Trau: Wedding and engagement rings that can stack and fit together like a puzzle?! That's definitely what Jade Trau has done with her designs, along with some classics and beautiful bands. Pear shapes set on an angle, round brilliants popping up by the band...the options are really cool! And coming from a family in the diamond industry, her standards are set pretty high for what she sets into her jewels.

Megan Thorne: Like artwork, Megan Thorne's engagement ring designs frame the central diamond with a setting done in a Victorian-inspired way. Other designs are lacey, while others show off her take on classics. You'll find something special with this line, that's for sure.

Rebecca Overmann: Natural forms, subtle hues and rustic diamonds depict the style of Rececca Overmann's bridal line. Lots of great alternative bridal choices, including classics her way. Her bands complement so many styles as well, and yes she makes bands for men too!

Sholdt: Bezel settings, classic four-prongs, clean lines...that's totally Sholdt. Love the different finishes, like the ribbed bands, called the "fern finish." The heavy, half bezel setting is a great one too! You must see the full line up!

Single Stone: Many of the designs from Single Stone are true replicas of vintage and antique pieces. Another fun fact is that they use antique diamonds in their designs, that means Old Mine cuts, Rose cuts, and Old European cut diamonds! You will surely fall in love with their work.

Sylvie Collection: With over 1400 engagement ring styles, the work of Sylvie Collection spans multiple looks and styles. Dainty, yet bold...classic, yet unique. You can set your family heirloom in one of her designs or have Greenwich St. Jewelers find you one with the specs you desire!



64 Trinity Pl.

New York, NY 10006

(212) 964-7592

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Jewels at my Doorstep: Greenwich St. Jewelers

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

Congrats to Greenwich Jewelers, or should I say Greenwich St. Jewelers, who, after 40 years in business, has gotten a new name and a few other "enhancements" to their brand. The rebranding includes a new look to their logo, a new tagline, redesigned website and in-store as well. For the family-run business, these changes have been a long-time coming and both sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale are so excited to unveil everything. "Our parents, Carl and Milly Gandia, opened the store in 1976 and only changed the store's location after the September 11th attacks, when structural damage to their building led to a move onto nearby Trinity Place," says Jennifer, who is now the co-owner of the store, along with her sister, Christina. "The new name honors our roots as a downtown New York City retail brand. But the rebranding also conveys how we have evolved into a 21st century store."

The Greenwich St. Jewelers' new tagline is special and significant, as it truly completes what the store is all about--it reads, "Inspired jewels since 1976."  Jennifer says, "The tagline represents our commitment to curating a killer selection of jewelry from artists that have a distinct point of view, one that views jewelry from a singular, unique perspective. Even the pieces from our private label collection, which errs more classic, push the boundaries of that classification." The evolution and new changes are a great example of how the Gandia sisters' contributions to their family's legacy will pave the way for a successful future.  

I've been wanting to visit Greenwich St. Jewelers for quite some time now. New York City is a place I don't get to travel to quite often and when I do, it is for an quick event, with no time to spare. Lucky for me, Greenwich St. Jewelers came to my doorstep! The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all prettier than the next arrived, representing a wide range of inventory the store is known for. Designers from around the world, including their own line of designs, all come together and are able to be mixed and matched with ease. The latest jewelry trends, like lariat necklaces and geometric styles, ear climbers and vintage-inspired pieces, can be found at Greenwich St. Jewelers. 

I couldn't stop wearing the 18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet from Greenwich St. Jewelers' own collection--the clasp on it was unlike any other tennis bracelet I've worn. It is adjustable with chains and a gold movable bead. How smart! It also makes it so much more comfortable than your average tennis bracelet, and at 2.37 carats total, it sure sparkled a lot! I also was starry-eyed over their diamond earrings and felt that stacking them on the same ear rather than wearing them normally was necessary! The earrings total 1.68 carats in diamonds and have an edgy, glam look to them. Most would consider them for fancy wear only, but I say no way, every day wear is a must! 

Other designers that I got to wear from this Greenwich St. Jewelers feature include Arik Kastan, Jennie Kwon Designs, Zoe Chicco, Getana, Sorellina, and Todd Reed. If you didn't think multiple designers could be worn all together at the same time before, think again! Greenwich St. Jewelers has been proving that for years now and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store the next 40 years for them. 

Jewelry used for this shoot:


14k rose gold pentagon stud earrings set with emeralds by Arik Kastan, Price: $1,300

14k white gold diamond earrings totaling 1.68 carats by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $4,600


14k rose gold emerald and rose cut diamond Grand Fleur cocktail ring by Arik Kastan, Price: $3,100

14k rose gold diamond wrap around ring by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $2,500

14k rose gold wrap ring by Jennie Kwon Designs, Price: $920

14k white gold itty bitty triangle stacking midi ring by Zoe Chicco, Price: $200

14k white gold diamond statement Linear ring by Getana, Price: $2,400

14k white gold open cuff ring with a line of diamonds by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $850


14k white gold geometric cuff bracelet with chain closure by Getana, Price: $2,100

18k yellow gold/oxidized silver diamond Wave cuff by Todd Reed, Price: $8,000

18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet with 2.37 carats total by Greenwich St. Collection, Price: $5,100


14k white gold four-hexagons pendant necklace by Getana, Price: $1,100

14k rose gold three tiny bullets diamond necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $550

18k yellow gold boulder opal necklace set with a halo of diamonds by Getana, Price: $1,200

14k white gold diamond lariat necklace by Zoe Chicco, Price: $700

Greenwich St. Jewelers | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Greenwich St. Jewelers.



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