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May Is Gold Month, Celebrate with Some Gold Trends!

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip

The allure of gold is unlike any other metal--it conjures up so many feelings when I look at my favorite yellow gold bracelet brought back from Italy by my grandparents over 20 years ago, or when I wear my gold hoops that I purchased when I graduated from high school. I can sense the power, the value and the weight of the gold, but I can also feel the memories, the sentiment, and the love behind each piece. Celebrating gold is something I do everyday, as it is hands-down my favorite metal used for jewelry, so having an entire month dedicated to GOLD and promoting everything about it makes me happy!  Over at May Is Gold Month, they have committed to spreading the knowledge of karat gold, promoting the wearability of gold with weekly trends, even providing some deals and contests for readers as well. For me, it's a passion I can stand behind too, right there with them!

My love for karat gold jewelry has brought me on so many journeys with my #JewelryRoadTrip and working with LoveGold for two years, I've put on some miles all in the name of gold. I love the fact that gold has been found on every continent and it is my lifelong dream to be able to pan for gold and actually find some! I like to relate my quest for finding and featuring gold jewelry stores/designers on my blog as being similar to the gold miners of the big Gold Rush of 1849. In fact, it is one of my most favorite things to research and learn about. The power of gold is depicted best in situations like the California Gold Rush, where hundreds of thousands of gold-seekers put everything on the line in search of one thing. Gold's impact reached far greater than just the discovery of it alone and it will always remain the number one selling metal for luxury and jewelry items.

How you wear and style karat gold jewelry is a whole different realm of gold. My biggest tip would be to try new ideas and trends--don't ever wear the same pieces of jewelry every single day for the rest of your life! If you need some suggestions, May Is Gold Month has put together some weekly trends that you can easily focus on and I'm here to help suggest ways of taking each and making them your own.  Let's start from the top!

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip

Trend #1: GOLD HOOPS

A gold jewelry staple that will never go out of style, gold hoops are a piece of karat gold jewelry you must own! Thick or thin, large or small...the style and size does not matter, it's how you wear them and what you wear them with that is most important! I like to wear mine stacked on one ear, with each being similar in size and style. I left my other lobe bare to give it a dramatic effect. Karat gold hoops can really add a spice to your style--a small addition with a big impact. 

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip


This is a great trend because you can combine lots of small, karat gold jewels to create one big, impactful look. I've always had a thing for tiny gold bracelets and each one has a unique style. Some are from Italy from my grandparents so they are very sentimental to me, while one I bought from a gold kiosk in the middle of the mall, and another is from Kay Jewelers. Wearing them all together is fun and every time my arm moves, they move around with me. The small karat gold rings are fun to stack and layer as well, so both types of jewelry play off one another. 

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip

Trend #3: GOLD RINGS

This trend comes way too natural for me--I don't ever leave the house with just ONE gold ring. However, there's a skilled art to stacking rings and piling on whatever you have just won't cut it. I like large, elongated rings to go on the biggest finger--the middle finger--and that works as a good starting point. Combine rings that have a special meaning with pieces that are trendy. I love the geometrical trends that are happening right now, so I opted for a lightweight, but still 14k solid gold version of this trend to cut the cost. One thing is for certain though, whenever you buy a piece of karat gold jewelry, it is an investment that you won't regret.

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip


Gold jewelry is often highly symbolic, whether it's a talisman, a good luck charm or a piece of jewelry that means something more than what meets the eye. For me, I have many karat gold charms in my life that hold a symbolic meaning like my Figas, and my lucky locket passed down to me by my Gram. My newest additions are the lapis scarab (if you follow me on Instagram, I've sold two large lapis scarab pieces recently and sort of regretted selling--and then I found like mini version of it just recently on my trip to DC, from The Antique Guild) and a gold heart ring box that holds an almost identical miniature version of my engagement ring, recently purchased from A.Brandt + Son. The charm is so neat because it opens and closes, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. 

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip


What a dueling pair of wrists! My bracelet style is quite bipolar--I love a great karat gold Victorian hinged bracelet but then I also can go very modern, chunky with a large, heavy men's Cuban Link chain. Talk about opposites! I love both for different reasons, but that's the beauty of having different styles and karat gold jewelry has SO many styles. I've collected the Victorian gold bracelets over the years from my job being an appraiser, but the Cuban Link chain is my husband's! I hope to own a matching one some that actually fits though! His is huge on me!

MayIsGoldMonth | Gem Gossip

Trend #6: NECK CANDY

Necklaces are the type of jewelry I own the least of, but surprisingly that has been changing lately! I think it's because I like wearing necklaces that are more than just a chain and a pendant or charm. That's when I got the bright idea of turning my gold cross charm bracelet into a necklace by adding a gold bracelet to each end and extending the length. It easily transforms it into a close-fitting statement necklace that everyone asks about...and even better, each cross has a story. I've also added my Fox & Bond Mini necklace to the mix to make the look more interesting.  The Mini is a miniature solitaire ring which features a special engraving on the inside. 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with May Is Gold Month.




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LoveGold: Unconventional Gold Designer Rings


Although my first love is antique jewelry, I have an overwhelming crush on bold, gold rings that have an unconventional look.  I think it’s the warm, golden color of 14k and 18k yellow, and when it teams up with architectural lines and geometric elements of some designs that just gets me!  More and more designers are letting the gold do the honors of representing a particular design rather than pave gemstones.  Whether the gold is polished, hammered, matte or texturized--each finish has its own characteristics and personality.  Below are my top five favorite rings that utilize gold as the main feature, along with undeniably unique design.

rings rings2 IR_MED

Above Rings:

  1. Ring One by Gem Gossip Jewelry, done in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold
  2. Anubis ring by Arosha Taglia, done in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold
  3. Madalyon ring by Kismet by Milka, done in 14k yellow gold
  4. Series II faceted ring by Octium, done in 14k or 18k yellow gold
  5. Infinity ring by Zoe Chicco, done in 14k yellow gold


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Remixing Your Gold Wardrobe #LoveGold


Have you ever taken a shirt or a pair of pants--tweaked them in some way--and now you feel as if you have a whole new outfit?!  Doesn’t that feel awesome?  The idea of reinventing your wardrobe is so important these days.  But have you ever done this with your jewelry?  Remixing your gold jewelry wardrobe is essential!  Especially since the number of gold pieces in a single person’s collection is more limited than, let’s say, your shoe collection.  The price of a gold bracelet or a chunky gold necklace will most definitely cause you to reinvent it in more than one way, so you can wear it in a whole new way!

Looking back, I’ve noticed that I remixed and reinvented my gold jewelry wardrobe several times.  I’m hoping these examples will foster a slew of ideas, and you can share with me what you did! 

lovegold3 goldlive2 stickpinrings photo2

My Gold Reinventing Ideas:

  1. I took a pearl necklace and wrapped it around my wrist several times and transformed it into a unique bracelet!  I also took a brooch and wore it on the very top of where my buttons started on my blouse--different and fun!
  2. This photo takes that same idea of wrapping a necklace around your wrist, but shows how you can use just about any kind of necklace.  You could use thin chains, thick wheat chains, an old Victorian pocketwatch chain, beads or pearls.
  3. Pendants and charms are not solely confined to chains worn around your neck! Mix it up by using colored silk and tying a few charms, making bracelets.
  4. Old stickpins can be reinvented as rings by bending the stick part of the pin around in a circle, making it fit to your size!  
  5. I took this old, broken bracelet and had it made into a ring.  Broken parts can create one new piece! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold