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Ilias Lalaounis, A Greek Made of Gold #LoveGold

image-4 image-3   Untitled

My fascination with Greek gold and the picturesque country of Greece is even stronger after doing some research on one of my most favorite Greek designers, Ilias Lalaounis.  His career started in the late 1950s with his first collection called, The Archeological Collection, which was inspired by Classical & Hellenistic art and architecture.  He created his own niche, mostly using all gold (18k & 22k) within his designs, while others used an abundance of gemstones.  Lalaounis was also known for being quite the academian.  He would spend hours researching topics like nature, science, animal and plant cells, constellations, and even biosymbols...these topics were then translated into jewelry and captivated jewelry enthusiasts around the globe.  

At the height of his career, Ilias Lalaounis was an expert at the artistic techniques of hand hammering, granulation, hand weaving, repoussé, and filigree.  Each technique is still used in many designs today from his brand, which is now in the hands of his four beautiful daughters--Aikaterini, Demetra, Maria, and Ioanna.  He has created over 17,000 pieces of jewelry in his career, with over 50 different collections.  To learn more about each collection, head over to the main website and click on Collections--it will take you through each name, chronologically!  

That leads anyone to say, "his designs belong in a museum!" Well, he has his own museum--the Ilias Lalaounis Museum, founded in 1993 and open to the public--located in Athens, Greece.  The museum holds over 4,000 pieces from Lalaounis' collection.  Would love to visit someday!

Five artistic techniques of Lalaounis:

Hand-hammering: this ancient technique which involves tiny hammers with multiple strikes was revived during the 1960s by Lalaounis. This technique takes a lot of time, creating subtle indentations and producing an overall hammered finish.  Best done on 22k gold.

Granulation: this technique uses teeny tiny beads of gold, and fuses them onto a surface of jewelry, creating a pattern.  Dating back to the third millennium BC, each gold grain no bigger than a millimeter is individually created and placed onto the jewelry surface.  Lots of concentration and patience is needed for this, but the overall outcome is beautiful! 

Hand Weaving: mainly regarding chains and necklaces, this technique dates back to the Hellenistic period, and is used to create multiple types of chain.  Gold wire made up of uniform links are combined by hand to form a chain of gold--based on the technique used, different patterns and styles can be made.  Some incredible necklaces were created by Lalaounis using hand weaving, especially during the 1960s.

Repoussé: means "to push back" ...this technique takes the reverse surface of a piece of jewelry in gold and is hammered to create a relief design.  Dating back to the Bronze Age, the finished look is a raised design and is very sculptural in appearance.

Filigree: there are two types of filigree--the first kind is open filigree, mostly associated with 1920s jewelry, and then there's surface filigree, where wire is twisted, curled and shaped, and placed on top of the jewelry surface. Lalaounis excelled at surface filigree and really made it a staple of his design elements.



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The Ultimate Ring Wish List #LoveGold


This year, my holiday gift guide came in a different form--a hashtag, which became incredibly fun to procure each morning.  It became a game, where suddenly I held a magic genie lamp and got to wish for a gold ring upon waking up.  I made sure to pick rings that I truly would want, and then I posted them on Instagram, with the hashtag #gemgossipwishlist ...I have been doing this since October and have compiled quite the ultimate list!  I will continue to do this until Christmas, however here is a round up of all the gold rings up until a couple days ago that have been featured:

18k yellow gold Memphis Chevron enamel ring by Alice Cicolini

18k rose gold Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin 

14k rose gold smokey quartz and sapphire navette ring by Arik Kastan for Anthropologie

18k yellow gold Hawthorn ring by Shaun Leane

14k yellow gold ring THREE by Gem Gossip Jewelry

14k yellow gold Mini Ella Twist ring by Ilana Ariel Jewelry

14k yellow gold Wave ring by The Heart Department

18k yellow gold Boulder Opal Ellipse Twist ring by Brooke Gregson

14k yellow gold Eclipse ring by Uma K

14k yellow gold sapphire evil eye ring by Kismet by Milka

18k yellow gold Blood Red ring set with ruby and red lacquer by Solange Azagury-Partridge

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring by Workhorse Jewels

14k rose, yellow & white gold Bloom Petal stacking rings by Sandy Leong Jewelry

14k yellow gold Scarlett ring set with a faceted onyx by Katie Diamond Jewelry

18k yellow gold World ring by Artelier MX

14k yellow gold Tourmaline and Chrysoprase cuff ring by Melissa Joy Manning available at Greenwich Jewelers

18k yellow gold Le Cage Champagne ring by Coléoptère exclusive to Stone & Strand

10k yellow gold Lapis ring by The Mania Mania available at Love Adorned

18k yellow gold Fluid ring by Fernando Jorge

14k yellow gold Link ring by Kiel Mead

18k rose gold black diamond horsebit ring by Gucci available at Levinson Jewelers

14k yellow gold diamond crown ring with boulder opal by Michelle Fantaci

14k yellow gold Lindsay Allison cocktail ring set with abalone and diamonds by Dana Rebecca Designs

14k yellow gold Nefertiti ring with green tourmaline by Daniela Villegas

18k yellow gold Mini Octo ring with emerald by Holly Dyment

18k yellow, rose and white gold black enamel bands by HOORSENBUHS

14k yellow gold Caillou diamond slice ring by Vale Jewelry

14k yellow gold Eye Piercing ring with pearl by Delfina Delettrez 

14k yellow gold Lace Crown ring & Beaded Crown ring by Grace Lee Designs

14k yellow gold Rainbow South Sea Pearl ring by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

18k yellow gold Moonstone Shield ring by Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

14k yellow gold Flower Seed rings by Blanca Monros Gomez

14k yellow gold malachite and diamond ring by Jacquie Aiche

14k yellow gold Third Eye ring in Onyx and white Agate inlay by Makers Circle



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Obsession: Gold Antique Date Rings #LoveGold

IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5413 IMG_5406

Like they always say, it just starts with one!  That "one" was the 1922 date ring listed on The Eden Collective's Etsy shop, and for some reason I fell in love with it.  I noticed I was beginning to wear it everyday, stacking it with other Victorian rings that complemented it...or just wearing it by itself.  As one who protests people who wear the same rings everyday, I was starting to realize this was more than just a ring I liked--it was the whole concept behind date rings and what they commemorated that I loved. As an appraiser, dating jewelry we always use the term "circa" meaning approximately.  If I'm stating that a piece of jewelry is circa 1920s, I am meaning that it displays characteristics of the early Art Deco Era, and was made anywhere from 1920-1929. Engravings offer exact clues that help tremendously with circa dating, and date rings are somewhat similar in that aspect because it says an exact year.  That concept is pretty cool to me--I can look at my 1937 date ring and know that it commemorates that exact year!

The mystery of these date rings lies in what actually is being commemorated.  Most are class rings and represent the year in which graduation was completed.  Some are from world's fairs from that particular year or were made to celebrate a milestone.  Others were sort of a souvenir for the New Year.  The collector in me hopes and wishes to collect one from every year--sort of a challenge and fun mission to entertain my current ring collection.  So far, I have collected nine date rings and a few overlapping dates which I am willing to trade with anyone who has a date that I don't have yet!  Here are the ones I have; a few are shown above:



If you have any date rings, feel free to share yours with me!  I'd love to see! Also, if you couldn't already tell, I kind of cleaned out James McHone Jewelry of all their date rings the owner had been collecting for over 20 years!  If you ever get a chance to visit his store in Harrisonburg, Virginia, YOU MUST!! 

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Top Ring Stacks from Gem Gossip

stack1 stack2 stack3 stack4 stack5 stack6

Wanted to capture all my favorite ring stacks from these past few months. Picking out different rings each and every morning can sometimes be a blur--I'm glad I have an outlet to capture some of my best work before I forget what I wore! To me, wearing different rings everyday is just as sensible as wearing a different outfit everyday. Early morning ring choosing has become a creative outlet for myself, and I would have to say I base my choices on what I'm wearing, my mood and everything else is random. I never know what I will come up with! Here are some of my favorites above--some looks were chosen based on what I had planned for that specific day, like lots of love and luck tokens for a long day ahead. Others were picked based on a new ring I got and wanted to wear, adding ones from my personal collection that I felt complimented the newbies.

>> Make sure to document your best ring stacks and hashtag them #showmeyourrings so I can see!


Q & A with Designer Wing Yau of WWAKE

Wing_portrait Jewelry designer Wing Yau created WWAKE in 2011 in the most artistic way possible. A sculptor at heart, Wing likes to experiment with texture, movement and flow, creating something truly unique. Her minimalistic style has stirred up a cult following, and I was easily one of them!

I was honored to catch up with her before the craziness of Couture!


I'm developing a small collection of simple engagement rings and wedding bands and working on the next WWAKE collection. I'm interested in exploring simple, yet surprising stone settings with my upcoming work. Lots of opals too!

1426174_557999767629634_1575474579_n 1376467_505142532915358_1761148945_n


I'm actually trained in sculpture, not jewelry. Back in school they encouraged us to make large sculptures out of bronze, wood and clay. Though it was kind of overwhelming then, it made making jewelry quite natural. All of my experience in jewelry comes from applying those basic sculpture techniques into a small scale.

WWAKE started by experimenting with rope sculptures, and how to make them wearable. As I continued to make pieces that were more "challenging" in terms of traditional jewelry, I also understood the timeless value of wearable, metal jewelry. Everything just snowballed from there!

1604568_556845171078427_1629524413_n 1798671_568464376583173_2023162650_n


I like making little sketches out of clay and seeing how the forms relate to each other. I look to a lot of painting for inspiration.

1924925_585494238213520_91558211_n wwake


Just a lot more jewelry! I hope to grow the WWAKE with an awesome team behind it and keep offering the world inspiring things.

1472828_539914089438202_2038807396_n 1527797_541802182582726_598883173_n


It's a simple & beautiful ivory ring from my grandma.


New Fall/Winter 2014 Jewelry from Jennie Kwon Designs

JKD-Lookbook---Fall-Winter-2014-_2_-6 JKD-Lookbook---Fall-Winter-2014-_2_-7 JKD-Lookbook---Fall-Winter-2014-_2_-5

When you're so in love with a designer's debut jewelry line, it is all eagerness when checking out the new new. Staying true to her aesthetic, Jennie Kwon reveals all new stacklabe/collectible rings, elegant architectural necklaces, dainty chain necklaces, cool cuffs and bangles, and a really unique ear cuff. With select pieces being customizable in 14k yellow or rose gold, they will surely mix in well with your current collection whether it is new or vintage. I've got my eye on the Stacked Diamond & Pearl cuff ring in 14k yellow gold.  So cool!

Some pieces featured from her above LookBook, Fall/Winter 2014:

14k yellow gold Diamond Web Bracelet, $950

14k yellow gold Diamond Stretched Hexagon ring with a textured finish, $655

14k yellow gold Half Round two diamond Cuff ring, $620

14k yellow gold Stacked Diamond Cuff ring, $1600

14k yellow gold Stacked Diamond & Pearl Cuff ring, $1665

14k yellow gold Black Diamond Sotto Voce ring, $575

14k yellow gold Onyx and Diamond cuff, $836

>> All are available on JennieKwonDesigns.com 

Ring Stack Style Guide: Gem Gossip Recent Looks #LoveGold

IMG_1228 gemgossip2nnnnn gemgossip2nnn gemgossip2n gemgossip2nnnn

With experience comes perfection!  Not that my stacks are perfect, but I've learned a thing or two about how to create a lust-worthy ring ensemble over the years.  Anything from what color manicure you have to the gemstones you mix and match have a large effect over the overall look.  

Can you mix metals?  YES.

Can you mix gemstones? Yes and no.

How many is too many?  Never limit yourself with numbers!

There are lots of questions when it comes to stacking rings, but here are a few useful tips to act as a ring-stack style guide.  The photos above serve as great teachable tools to help point out the key ideas:

Photo one: Pairing unique and striking designs is a must!  Both of these rings are bold and can hold their own if worn alone, however pairing them together makes them that much more eye-catching.  The Victorian turquoise ring has a bright blue color and also pairs well with the clear stones in my grandmother's oval ring. 

Photo two: Playing with colors that go together or contrast well is a key element!  Make sure to not only choose your gemstones wisely, but your manicure color too.  I like using reds or a black color on my nails, which act as a good neutral when wanting to focus on your ring stack.  If you have crazy or wild nail decals or colors, it often takes away from the jewelry or looks too busy! Tacky colors can also cheapen your look.

Photo three: Create a color story using all the same gemstone!  In my photo I created a fun stack using all wine-colored gemstones, mostly garnets and one carnelian ring.  You can do this with any color, just make sure to collect many rings of a similar color.  Blues, for example, can be used and different saturations of blue would make the look even more unique.  Yellow gold can also be done and I love the idea of creating a stack a rings in various designs of all yellow gold, no gemstones!

Photo four: Mix old and new!  Antique rings and new designer pieces now, more than ever, go hand-in-hand (no pun intended).  My pinky ring is a bypass style diamond twist ring from Halleh Jewelry that can pair wonderfully with any antique diamond ring or even a Victorian cameo, like shown.  And these ruby eternity bands in yellow gold are very modern, but when worn side-by-side with my grandmother's wedding band, they look like one very wide band.  Don't be afraid to mix antique with modern, it just takes practice to get the right look!

Photo five: Try wearing a ring on every finger!  Choose longer rings for the middle and ring fingers, and shorter rings on the ends.  I'm wearing a coiled snake on my middle finger that was purposefully uncoiled so it unfurls up my finger, from Gem Gossip Jewelry.  The ring on my ring finger is from Karen Hsiang Jewelry and beautifully elongates the finger.  


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Six Gold Rings from Designers You Need to Know! #LoveGold

TR-1003 8e2113935d572f9f7f703d4dd0baa024 SelinKent chelseykantor 150157_10151155170759857_1081669756_n xiaowang

If you are on the hunt for the perfect gold statement ring, but don’t want one that everyone has or one that is constantly in the spotlight, I’ve compiled the best ones just for you!  These are the top SIX gold rings from some amazing up-and-coming designers that you may not know of now, but certainly will in the future.  So grab them now and make your own statement before anyone else!


  1. 18k yellow gold with a matte finish, open square design by TATE jewels, a third generation jeweler named Steven who saw a void in the market for cool, hip designs that are affordable.  
  2. 14k yellow gold Lace Aztec ring, by Grace Lee Designs.  Created and based in Los Angeles, Grace designs some of the most elegant gold pieces I have ever seen, many of which have a lace attribute to them.
  3. 14k yellow gold Koko ring, by Selin Kent. Think strong, dynamic designs sure to make a statement.  Selin Kent is based in NYC but has Istanbul, Turkey roots.
  4. 18k yellow gold swirl ring, by Chelsey Kantor.  This ring is just magical to me--it stood out immediately when I checked out Chelsey’s designs.  She is a graduate gemologist from GIA, raised in Vermont and a percentage of her sales goes to SAVE BIOGEMS. 
  5. 18k yellow gold tetrahedron ring, by John Brevard.  Jewelry is new to John, launching his first designs in 2012, but he is an incredibly acclaimed artist in many other areas.  From the looks of this ring, he will go far!
  6. 14k yellow gold cut-out ring featuring a bow, heart and leaves, by Xiao Wang.  This ring is from model Xiao Wang’s 14k collection called Icecreamcandy 14k which has yet to debut online.  So excited about it because each piece is whimsically amazing, like this one!



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Jewels at my Doorstep: Bochic #LoveGold

IMG_0835 IMG_1012 IMG_0828 IMG_1019 IMG_0838 IMG_1025 IMG_0844

Bochic jewelry is known for its sophisticated and chic feel.  Created by a duo which consists of Miriam Salat and David Aaron Joseph, the best of these two worlds have combined since 2004. The pair make jewelry that can be seen on red carpets all over the world, as well as gracing gorgeous women everyday.  I was excited to get a first-hand look at a couple pieces from their Conquistador Collection, which has been making headlines in both magazines and editorial shoots.  

A Bochic woman is confident and well-traveled.  The Conquistador Collection exudes a hint of bravery as well, with inspirations from shields and armour, created by diamonds and 18k rose gold.  The photoshoot inspired me to take the rings to a historic mansion in Middle Tennessee, a mansion that was caught in the crossfire of the Civil War.  Such a horrific and bloody battle, this mansion stood tall and elegant amongst the war.  Just like any woman wearing Bochic jewels, no matter what comes her way, she will stand tall and elegant.  The rose gold is a great juxtaposition against the black and white diamonds, with different qualities of white diamonds used to create a unique effect.

Jewelry Details:

18k rose gold diamond Nouveau Warrior ring, Price: $4,825

18k rose gold black and white diamond Nouveau Knight ring, Price: $6,185


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Gem Gossip Recap: Jewelry Looks Late-2013 #LoveGold

Untitled Cartier Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Gemgossiprings Untitled Untitled

I’ve been meaning to recap my favorite ring stacks and jewelry moments from the later part of 2013...since the year continues to dwindle at an even faster pace!  Technology is amazing for being able to document events and everyday life all with a cell phone.  And thankfully it let’s me be visually organized and even helps putting together a ring stack. Hope you enjoy!

{from top to bottom:

work look wearing 14k gold Arosha Taglia Anubis ring, 14k gold Victorian Garnet ring, & Daniela Villegas Kephri Knuckle ring in 18k gold 

got to spend the day with a Cartier Love bracelet and loved every minute of it 

bedside table gold stash--the necklace is 14k initial pendant from Ariel Gordon and I added a vintage 14k gold lightning bolt charm

wearing garnet rings set in 14k gold next to a stack of antique bands and a Victorian turquoise ring

loved this all Victorian look--with a 14k yellow gold filigree ring, a serpent and cameo stack, & Victorian baby rings on my pinky

these wing earrings are actually 14k yellow gold jackets--so you can wear them with any type of stud earrings.  I chose a plain gold ball in 14k gold.

I like wearing large hoop earrings when I wear my hair pulled back--these are thin j-hoops in 14k yellow gold that have a braided pattern

I’m obsessed with this stack! The first finger is a 14k gold chained ring I made out of old wedding bands and bracelet extenders, two of my serpent rings from my collection (Gem Gossip Jewelry, ring FIVE) just finished differently--one is coiled closely the other is stretched out, and then my ring finger sports four different solitaire rings stacked up.  I love the idea of stacking solitaires for a bigger look--one Victorian pearl in 14k gold, one shell by Lena Skadegard in 18k gold, one small diamond in 14k gold disc, and a pearl bypass ring in 14k gold.

My newest jewelry purchase--14k white gold sunburst stud earrings from the 1950s converted from brooches.

Matt gave me the sweetest gift before I headed up to NY without him--this Victorian forget-me-knot ring done in 14k gold with tiny blue enameled flowers.

Catching rainbows while wearing Gem Gossip ring ONE on top of Arosha Taglia Anubis ring both 14k gold, a bunch of paper thin vintage bands all 14k gold, and my favorite 18k yellow gold Ram head ring. 

Working on a blog post--when I take off all my rings to do work, that means business!  

At Matt’s birthday celebration, wearing diamond X earrings in 14k white gold

Also at Matt’s birthday celebration, my ring lineup: 14k yellow gold vintage leaf ring, Victorian 14k gold turquoise serpent ring, & 14k gold malachite ring.

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