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Jewels at My Doorstep: Vahan Jewelry

IMG_1329 copy IMG_1568 copy vahanjewelry IMG_1544 IMG_1489 copyIMG_1463IMG_1491 copy 2

Something about a killer bracelet stack that just screams summertime to me!  I couldn't wait to get a package of Vahan Jewelry's bangles and bracelets to play with, and they arrived at my doorstep just in time as the weather here in Nashville has been nothing but sunshine. It inspired me to take these jewels poolside for a fun photoshoot that would put these designs in their rightful element. By the way, no jewels were harmed in the making of this and yes, I do understand chlorine and gold jewelry do not mix, but this was a saltwater pool and I never put the jewelry in the water! ;)

Vahan Jewelry was founded in 1968 by Leon "Sacha" Der Calousdian who can trace his family roots back to the jewelry business as early as the 1800s. He is the third generation in his family to enter into the tradition of fashion and jewelry design. Sacha was born in France and lived in Paris until the age of 19 when he came to New York, following his graduation from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie in the early 60’s, to pursue his dream of designing exquisite jewelry of the highest standards.  He designed for David Webb where he honed his specialty for creating animal-inspired jewelry for a special clientele. Once he began his own company, he continued with his love for designing animal jewelry, however over time, he stuck with one animal that stood out more than any other to him--the jaguar.  It has since seen several renditions throughout the years.  Vahan Jewelry is most frequently recognized for its trademark Moiré Beaded stacking bracelets. First designed by Leon in 1994 and 1995, these bracelets quickly became the brand's most widely demanded look. For me, I recognize Vahan Jewelry from their beautifully done ad campaigns that run in my favorite magazines and can be seen on billboards across the United States!

I learned quickly that with Vahan Jewelry, the more you stack, the better the look can be! I had seven bracelets I was able to style--all done in 14k yellow gold with diamonds. I added each one to my wrist, one at a time, and with each addition, the look got closer to perfection!  The weight of all the bracelets when worn all together actually has an indescribably comfortable feeling. I also wore two pairs of leverback earrings from their collection--a diamond encrusted "bug" and a square onyx surrounded by a halo of diamonds. I styled the leverbacks worn together.  Also got to try some of Vahan's ring styles--two matching pairs of diamond bands. The wide bands have almost "wave" looking designs done in diamonds, which also seemed very summer-fitting to me. The plain diamond bands are cool because their signature "bead" look is incorporated into the channels of the band as well--so it is not just a plain band! 

Interested in any of these pieces?!  You can contact your local Vahan Jewelry retailer for more information.

Jewelry Details:

14k white gold pair of diamond matching bands 0.19 ctw diamonds, item #12536GD

14k yellow gold "wave" wide band 0.35 ctw diamonds, item #12545GD

14k yellow gold "wave" wider band 0.45 ctw diamonds, item #12644GD

14k yellow gold diamond "bug" leverback earrings 0.28 ctw diamonds, item #42702D

14k yellow gold onyx square leverback earrings 0.12 ctw diamonds, item #42855GDBO

Bracelets worn from top to bottom:

14k yellow gold 3mm single bar of diamonds with beading along the edge 0.10 ctw, item #22547GD03

14k yellow gold 4mm single bar of diamonds with polished channel 0.13 ctw, item #22540SMGD04

14k yellow gold 3mm smooth band bangle with detail 0.05 ctw, item #22538GSMD03

14k yellow gold 8mm panther bracelet with 1.76 ctw diamonds and blue sapphire eyes, item #22609GDBSA08

14k yellow gold 4mm twisted rope bracelet with diamonds 0.18 ctw, item #22235GD04

14k yellow gold 6mm bracelet with double row of diamonds 0.26 ctw, item #22210GD

14k yellow gold 4mm open bangle with diamond ends 0.15 ctw, item #22355GD04


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Gold Rush: Big Bold Gold Bracelets


With the price of gold climbing everyday, one of the smartest investments right now would be a nice, heavy gold bracelet. A perfect pick would be one that would withstand the test of time, remaining classic years from now. All the above bracelets are true examples, and I've picked out my favorites below that would make a great statement ringing in the new year--both as an investment in your wardrobe and your pocket! boldgold

This is a vintage bracelet from the 1980s, that features tiny sapphire flowers along with the woven mesh gold done in 14k yellow gold. This bracelet is from Beladora2, price: $1505


I love the design of this high end, Italian Contemporary bracelet. Designed by Carlo Weingrill, done in 18k yellow gold with diamonds. From Beladora, price: $9950

boldgold4 Another great bold gold bracelet design is this one. Vintage, 1980s with a chevron style and done in 14k yellow gold. This one is also from Beladora2 and priced at $1750


Just as the inspiration photo suggests, a high-polished, plain gold bangle is a necessary staple for every jewelry wardrobe. This one has a 3/8" width, which is a great size and priced at $1000 from Beladora2. 14k yellow gold, from the 1980s.


Lastly, a bold gold bracelet from the Retro Period is a perfect compliment to the other classics. This one is 18k rose gold, and its definite Retro Period open links. From Beladora, price: $2450

Jewelry Lookbook: Coral Ring, Pearl Bracelet & Woven Gold Bracelets


Starred shorts, denim button-up, black socks with open-toe heels: it sounds so wrong, but it look so right. And the jewelry combination is just as interesting. An angel skin coral ring, woven gold bracelets, and a three-strand pearl bracelet--check out this look below! All look-alike pieces are vintage and were found at Beladora 2.


This three-strand pearl bracelet has 14k white gold bars to keep the pearls tame, and I love the white gold filigree clasp. It is 7.5 inches long and is circa 2005, so only a few years old! Price: $695 from Beladora2.


This coral ring is classic and simple. Known as "angel skin" coral when portraying this light peach color, rather than the other, darker versions coral can be found as. This ring, circa 1965, is done in 18k yellow gold and is a size 6. Price: $316 from Beladora2.


Although difficult to tell exactly what the stack of bracelets look like worn on the left wrist, I believe some are woven gold. I love this example from Beladora2. It is from the 1970s and is done in 14k yellow gold. The thickness of the piece makes it beautiful. Price: $1450


A circular link bracelet is also stacked on the left wrist, this one is also from the seventies and done in 14k yellow gold. The clasp is actually disguised as a link, which shows great craftsmanship. From Beladora2 and priced at $1125.

How about some gold bracelets?

Stack 'em high!  A trend that is pretty glamorous, is happening right now.  Gold and diamonds are the perfect combination for a glittery wristful.

The picture above could act as inspiration--here are some gold bracelets for you guys to check out.

This chunky 18k gold and diamond bracelet is actually a vintage piece from Dover Jewelry. It is priced at $12500, so you can see that this trend comes with a price. I could see this bracelet being passed down through generations, and well worth the pricetag.

This bracelet has an interesting bamboo link look to it. The diamonds add some glam to an otherwise organic bracelet. The designer is Henry Dunay, and can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Gold Palace has always been a favorite of mine. Their bangles made in India, usually are made of 22k gold. Make sure you click on the help section to figure out your correct size of bangle--standard inches are not used. This one is actually a baby bangle, but would probably fit me since I have such tiny wrists!