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Top Gold Jewelry Trends for 2017, with May Is Gold Month

May Is Gold Month | Gem Gossip May Is Gold Month | Gem Gossip May Is Gold Month | Gem Gossip

This is my fourth year partnering with May Is Gold Month and I think it goes without saying that I love all things karat gold! In preparing for this trend post, I thought it would be a good idea to spread out almost all of my jewelry across my entire desk. Scattering each piece allowed for all the memories, sentiment, special occasions and sparkle to overflow at once. I was reminded how powerful gold can be in more ways than one. It also helped me fully understand why May Is Gold Month exists and why they are so adamant about celebrating a single metal. 

When found in the ground, gold can look like an undesirable pebble; dirty and hiding its value. It is the makers and jewelry designers who unlock the true beauty of gold when they create a piece of jewelry using gold. It comes to life and takes shape--it can be made to look shiny, textured, brushed, or hammered. It can be rose, green, red, or brown (even some other colors too). A single piece of gold jewelry can provoke laughter, tears and joy, all at the same time. It also can unlock the trends, feelings and historical happenings from which time period it was made. 

All of my karat gold jewelry has a special place and meaning in my life. Some pieces were created during the turn-of-the-century, when other metals were being discovered and created...but gold always reigned supreme. Other pieces were designed specially for me by jewelry friends who have become like family. And my most important pieces of karat gold jewelry have been passed down to me, with tender stories and rich histories. It is my passion to teach others how to take all these jewels and style them in numerous ways, and it is May Is Gold Month's commitment to celebrating this that makes May one of my favorite months!

So this year's trends will keep you on your toes--let's get creative, as I challenge you each week to showing me how you style, wear and show me your karat gold with these six weekly trends--have fun!

Wrist Ornaments | Gem Gossip

Trend #1: Wrist Ornaments

My wrists have been BFF with these Victorian hinged bangles since the day I acquired each one. You know how the Cartier Love bracelets are known to "become a part of you" once you wear one--it is the same with these guys to me--and better yet, not every girl has a Victorian bangle. These are all 14k yellow gold and are uniquely me. I'm hoping to add another to my stack soon!  

Jumping Through Hoops | Gem Gossip

Trend #2: Jumping Through Hoops

Let's face it, hoops never go out of style--they may go on a hiatus every so often--but come back even stronger than ever every time. Like right now! Hoops are so popular--I've had these large, very light-weight 14k gold hoops for years now. I decided to update my hoop look by adding these post hoops that are tiny but very wide by J. Hannah. I love how modern they can look and how easy they can pair with just about anything!

Finger Frill | Gem Gossip

Trend #3: Finger Frill

Ah, easily my favorite of the weekly trends. Lately I've been loving all-gold looks paired together...ones that are geometric and linear in nature, with bends, twists, and curves. The newest addition is the one I'm wearing on my ring finger. It is a simple wave and the wave perfectly fits and accentuates my engagement ring. It has been my go-to wedding band as of late. A simple design can create such a unique impact!

Neck Jazz | Gem Gossip

Trend #4: Neck Jazz

My neck has been getting extra love lately as I've been really into karat gold necklaces, pendants and different types of chains. I added a solid gold wire necklace a few months ago to my jewelry wardrobe and it has been a game-changer. So many things I can do with it, the possibilities are limitless! I sometimes wear it alone, I can easily throw on a pendants or a grouping of charms, and I can layer it up as well, like seen here. I've been collecting lots of Egyptian Revival pendants and charms, like my ankh I'm wearing. I also can't get enough of my DMD Metal Shaman necklace with a diamond drool and my simple diamond with no setting whatsoever (it is a pierced, free-standing diamond) necklace from La Brune & La Blonde.

Ear Decor | Gem Gossip

Trend #5: Ear Decor

How many of you got a new ear piercing this past year just because of how trendy karat gold earrings are?! Whether you pile on stud after stud, go for an ear cuff look, or go big and bold, ear decor has never been more popular! One of my favorite earrings are by Grace Lee Designs and she calls these Whisper Mobiles as each is like an art installation on your ear, but they are whisper-thin and ultra lightweight. I am wearing three different styles in one ear, all done in 14k yellow gold.

Gold for Guys | Gem Gossip

Trend #6: Gold for Guys

In a world with over 7 billion inhabitants, it is kismet that we find a partner that wants to spend the rest of its life on Earth with you. I happened to find that special person and what made our relationship even better was that he loves jewelry just as much as I do!  From karat gold medallions, to karat gold sword stick pins, and everything in between, my husband loves wearing and collecting gold. My husband's advice to any guy? "You should invest in a really nice karat gold bracelet that easily goes with your everyday style." I agree!!


This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with May Is Gold Month.




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2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, Jewelry Through the Ages #LoveGold


The 2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show was, as always, a pure delight!  The four-day tradeshow opened its doors this year to 25% more people on opening day in Las Vegas with their location at the Paris Hotel. With nearly 400 dealers set up, I was scouting out both gold jewelry throughout the ages as well as potential treasures for my jewelry box.  It was incredible to see such an array of time periods being represented at one show, so I set up a sort of scavenger hunt for myself--to find a piece of gold jewelry in each time period of fine jewelry.  

It was interesting how this mission allowed for an impromptu history lesson of the use of gold in jewelry. Like why I couldn't find too many pieces of gold jewelry during the 1920s? I did some research and found that a large deposit of platinum was found in the early 1920s.  That discovery, paired with the invention of a torch that allowed jewelers to heat up and melt platinum and make jewelry, led to a resurgence of platinum jewelry during the 1920s and 1930s.  Why were there so many gold pieces of jewelry during the 1940s? That period coincided with the beginning of World War II, where platinum was scarce and in some instances forbidden to be used in jewelry.

Let's see how I did:

ERA early 1800s:

this amazing work of art is a brooch from the early 1800s, it has woven hair behind the hand-cut gold monogram and swags (from Lowther Antiques)

this is a great example of Georgian jewelry, with Topaz and Turquoise set in all gold in the shape of a plume of flowers and feathers (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA late 1800s, early 1900s:

this necklace is circa 1915, it is 14k yellow gold and enamel in a Neo-Classical style

these bangles are gorgeous examples of the Victorian Era, late 1800s--the left two are 14k yellow gold and the far right is done in 18k gold--lots of typical Victorian themes, Etruscan revival and snakes! (from Levy's Jewelry)


ERA 1940s & 1960s:

this brooch is totally 1940s, retro, with its sputnik-inspired style and set with rubies and sapphires--most jewelry from this era was either yellow or rose gold (from Mary Ann-tiques, photo courtesy of Sunny S. Bond Jewelry)

this Omega watch was designed by Grima and is characteristically 1960s with the textured gold (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA 1970s & 1980s:

these gold hammered doorknocker earrings scream 1970s (from Platt Boutique Jewelry)

this 18k yellow gold necklace is designed by Mapamenos Natepas and is a great example of 1980s jewelry--this Greek designer became popular because Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband was Greek and lavished her with Greek jewels! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Jewelry Road Trip: Map It Out!

Map IMG_9801 IMG_9788 IMG_9785 Snake IMG_9802 IMG_9806

My latest project has required some craftiness and extra wall space, but I am very excited about it! Throughout my searches, emails from others, traveling and tips, I've realized that my brain can't remember every recommendation that comes my way. My five years of writing Gem Gossip has honed in on certain aspects of the jewelry industry that I love most, and what I want to devote more time toward…and that aspect involves treasure hunting! A jewelry road trip, if you will.

I've compiled some supplies--like a cork board from Amazon, a map of the United States from eBay, red ball point pins from Joann Fabrics, paper, scissors and a fine tip ink pen. I got to work on mounting the map and hanging it just outside my office. I set markers with names of antique jewelry stores I've either visited or am wanting to visit. There are so many great antique jewelry stores across this country--most hidden gems that don't have websites or much way of getting their name out. I rely on tips from readers and colleagues and some old school investigating! I've started by posting a few on my map, but have opted to try to do one each day, as it is very time consuming!

If you have any recommendations, comment below! And I will keep you updated!



It's the thrill of the hunt--not knowing what you'll find. These little rings and gems have me driving miles, flying across country…crazy thing is, I always long for more and plan for my next adventure.

--Gem Gossip


Designer Spotlight: Delfina Delettrez #LoveGold

orange-triangle big-piercing-ring delfina3 mouth-piercing-ring anello-2


Delfina Delettrez combines quirky with cool to create her distinct jewelry line consisting of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and a few other accessories.  Her jewelry has been described as, “jewelry from another dimension,” which is perfectly said.  Based in Rome, Italy with a family full of artistic fashionistas (mother and grandmother are designers for Fendi) her path led to jewelry design.  She is inspired by surrealism and mixing metals like gold with unconventional items you wouldn’t necessarily think of in jewelry.  

She invites you into her world, along with the LoveGold crew there to film her beautiful jewelry and showroom in Italy.  She reveals some interesting inspirations that you cannot miss! Check out the video below!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Q & A with By Gold Girl, Lauren Kaminsky


560899_481335248544764_1373132601_n Lauren Kaminsky, better known as By Gold Girl, is a twenty-something entrepreneur living in NYC who has a love for all things GOLD. Not only are we both contributers to LoveGold's website as the blogging gurus, but we both stand five foot something (depending on how tall our heels are) with loads of jewels on! I got to meet Lauren in Vegas when we covered the Couture Show, where we talked about the ways she's been revolutionizing her father's pawn business, EZ Pawn Corp and how jewelry obsessed we are. Lauren has been saving items from being melted one jewel at a time, and curating items for resale in a whole new way! I caught up with the busy business girl to ask her a few questions!


I remember coming in to my Dad’s store, EZ Pawn Corp, with my mom on the weekends to pick out jewelry for her to wear. We would sift through the vintage pieces, very similar to what I do now, except she would pick out the most unique items that I always thought were so ugly! Now today I see the pieces on her and I love them, I guess vintage was an acquired taste I developed! She also had a knack at finding the most beautiful pieces and taught me about all the big name jewelry houses- Cartier, Tiffany & Co, & Van Cleef, to name a few - I definitely get my jewelry style from her!

f39f61c334bf65fa_lauren-kaminsky.preview bubble2

I always was interested in the business but was never fully sold on it being my career.  Looking back, that may have been because I never fully appreciated or realized its maximum business potential until I was in college.  I was studying Business Management at Boston University and I started working for my dad as a summer job going into my senior year.  Gold was on the rise, and our business was growing, & my dad needed my help. 

While I took pride in providing a financial service and making collateral loans to customers, it was that summer I remember falling in love with an overlooked portion of the business- the jewelry-sales side of it.  My dad was very busy managing the pawn sector of the company that as a result, the vintage jewelry he got in was usually melted or sold to wholesalers.  Now, I oversee an entire department dedicated to making sure nothing slips by without me seeing it first.  

BeautyandEssex1 5569259449_75e3d2cca9

There is no such thing as a typical workday for me!  As an entrepreneur in NYC, running a 12-store company, and a retail store at downtown hot-spot Beauty & Essex my days can take me anywhere. However, most of the time I am at one of my branch stores overseeing the operations. Each week there is always something new going on- this week it’s our 12th store opening!

bygoldgirl bubble3

I love being able to have flexibility and make decisions on how to run my family business. Of course, my dad always has final say, but lately he’s been really nice about testing out my ideas. I also really love saying that I’m a pawnbroker, just to get some good reactions out of people! Like any job, there are its downsides. Some days are a lot harder than others and I have to make business decisions that business school could have never prepared me for, but like anything else in life- I learn from my mistakes and move on.

meandlauren q5


That’s the hardest question! Currently I love my 18kt gold stardust necklace, it has a wavy disk filled with pave diamonds. It is great for summer and when the sun hits the disk it sparkles and shines better than any other piece I have.