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The Ten Best Rings Currently For Sale at The Three Graces

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

One of my most frequently asked questions I get is, "where do you find all these amazing vintage and antique jewels?!" And my answer may surprise you, as most would envision me scouring flea markets, old attics and the like to find things like these featured above. It might be easy for me to say ONLINE and it is totally true. Websites like The Three Graces do the hard work for you, scouting out the most unique, wearable and head-turning jewels out there and we should appreciate that! I like knowing that anytime I go on I can find a whole new batch of sparkly, rare, vintage and antique pieces that expert Lisa Stockhammer Mial has sourced, authenticated, cleaned up and ready for its next lifetime. They also have some pretty special perks like a "no questions asked, free return policy," offer layaway, and most every ring can be sized to fit! And what is easier than simply logging on to a website and ogling over New Arrivals?!

I got to do just that when choosing my favorite top ten rings that are currently for sale at The Three Graces. A mix of pieces I would love to own, rings that remind me of some favorites from my personal collection, and some that I can't believe are still available (quick, grab them before someone else does!). Let's start from the top!

Emerald Art Deco Ring & Diamond Filigree Halo Ring

1. There's something unique about an Art Deco ring shaped like this emerald and diamond one! Not only does it elongate the finger, but it surely gets people staring. I love how delicate yet statement-making this ring is. Set in platinum with a stunning emerald, currently a size 6.5 and ready for a finger to shine on! Price: $4,950

2. At first I thought this would make such a beautiful engagement ring but then I saw the photos created by The Three Graces with my picks and I am really loving how this ring also looks as a right hand ring! I love when rings are versatile like that and this one definitely doesn't have a bad angle even if you tried. The center diamond is just over a half carat and has a gorgeous sparkle to it. Price: $3,650

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Deco Rock Crystal Ring & Large Moonstone Sapphire Cluster Ring

3. This ring is one of the best examples of rock crystal jewelry I've seen!  I love the contrast of the blue sapphires along with the frostiness of the crystal and white diamond. This ring would be a perfect anniversary or birthday gift and I can almost guarantee this will get a lot of wear--it goes with everything! It is currently a size 7 1/4 and done in 14k white gold. Price: $1,350

4. If you know my personal collection as well as you know your own, you will understand why I HAD to choose this grand moonstone and sapphire ring!  I have an almost identical one in my collection and the compliments that I get on it are nonstop. If you've been wanting to find something similar, this is it! Currently a size 5 1/2 with 2.88 carats of bright blue sapphires. Price: $4.450

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Antique Citrine Ring & Vintage Amethyst Halo Ring

5. A pop of yellow added to any outfit instantly brightens everything! That's why I love this citrine ring so much--I quickly become happy as soon as I look at it. I think this would be an ideal ring to wear in the summer and it could easily transition to fall wardrobes and colors. This art deco ring is currently a size 4 1/2 and can be resized for its new owner. Price: $1,275

6. Purple was my favorite color for most of my childhood. Anyone lucky enough to have a February birthdate can call amethyst their birthstone and this particular ring would be perfect for you. Or if you're like me and just love the color purple, then yes you deserve this ring too. Currently a size 8 1/4 and can be sized to your liking. Price: $1,350

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Bohemian Turquoise Ring & Bold Opal Cluster Ring

7. Turquoise is one of my most favorite gemstones--I can't get enough of it! When most people think of turquoise, they think of Persian turquoise and although that is most desirable and valuable, I actually like when turquoise shows veining, different patterns and depth of color. This particular ring has great natural veining and I love the design--simple yet bold! The ring is done in 8k yellow gold and currently a size 6 3/4. Price: $650

8. So we all know my obsession with opals and if I didn't have so many opal rings, THIS would be in my virtual shopping cart right now. Everything about it is amazing to me--the design (large oval cluster), the opals (a nice play-of-color that glows in the right light), and the size (big and bold). Don't miss out on this vintage one-of-a-kind, done in 10k yellow gold. Price: $2,195

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Edwardian Diamond Heart Ring & "Four Corners" Sapphire, Diamond Ring

9. Never thought I'd be such a sucker for hearts, but I absolutely love them, especially the antique versions. This is an exceptional ring, dating back to the Edwardian period and set with rose cut diamonds in a silver topped setting. The band is done in 14k yellow gold and currently a size 5 1/2. If you love heart jewelry as much as I do, you won't let this one slip away! Price: $3,850

10. Ok, this ring is one that will stop you dead in your tracks and I'm so in love with it! The design is really unique--The Three Graces describes it perfectly by saying, "modernist flavor with strong design elements." The intensity of the blue sapphires is insane and it is one in a million. This ring deserves a good home that provides lots of love and care! ;) Price: $4,450

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with The Three Graces.




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Find Your Color Palette at Fellows' Antique & Modern Sale

Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale

As you can tell, December is FULL of the best jewelry auctions--it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Fellows does not disappoint, with their December 10th Antique & Modern Sale lineup now online for your enjoyment. If you're struggling to find that "perfect" piece for a holiday gift this year, make sure you check out their catalogue. It is brimming with fun antique jewelry, rare items and collectible pieces. I've put together a color palette to get some ideas flowing. Whether you're drawn to moody blues, epic greens, festive florals or vibrant orange, these will surely get you inspired!

> Fellows Antique & Modern Sale, Thursday, December 10th, 2015 <

Image One:

Lot 26: A bright blue enamel ring, finished off with white enamel around the edge, is set with five rose cut diamonds in silver settings. This is a fine piece of Georgian jewelry and I love the openwork shoulders--gives it some nice detailing! 

Lot 37: A mashup of my current muses all in one piece of jewelry--a tri-colored figa pendant! I love the detailing with the different colored gold. The uniqueness of this piece is really something else! It is all 18k gold and the piece measures a little over two inches.

Lot 45: A moody mid-19th century gold Holbeinesque pendant, consisting of a garnet, pearl and some enamel. The garnet cabochon in the center is foil-backed, flanked by pearls with rose-cut diamonds, blue, red and green enamel in a circular-shape. The backside features some beautiful etching. So exquisite! 

Lot 134: An Egyptian-revival plique-a-jour brooch. The coloring is bright and vibrant, depicting an Egyptian King in a headdress with wings. Nothing like that stained glass window effect on a piece of jewelry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Two:

Lot 38: This emerald and diamond dress ring features a crowned heart, an enchanting jewelry motif! Pear-shaped emeralds team up to form a heart shape, along with a bow of diamonds to form the crown. Such a pretty piece!

Lot 56: A fun waterfall of diamonds is depicted in this pendant, which is set with Old European cut diamonds and some rose cut diamonds, accented with black enamel. The two diamond scrolls which start at the top of the piece set it off beautifully!  

Lot 399: Such a fantastic piece of Art Deco history, this drop pendant features emerald and diamonds in platinum in a chandelier style. The necklace that is comes on also has some special detailing--dispersedly set with pearls throughout. Gives off a very romantic vibe!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Three: 

Lot 114: A gem-set ruby band ring featuring cushion cuts which graduate in size, each bold and juicy as ever. The ring is done in yellow gold and would make a gorgeous right hand ring or stackable within your collection. Be a lady in red!

Lot 157: An epic pair of Victorian fringe earrings, each set with an oval cabochon garnet in a scalloped motif with hanging chains at the bottom.  I love the bow detail at the very top--it is unexpected and gives it a nice character. 

Lot 384: Jewelry featuring hands is a personal favorite--this claddagh ring has French assay marks and a gorgeous trillion cut pink sapphire. The hands are articulated and show enough detail to be just right!

Lot 443: Fiery garnets create this striking necklace, which is rather delicate and modern looking. A medium-sized round garnet at the very top, followed by four smaller garnets, ending with the biggest garnet at the bottom. A simple design but very powerful.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Four:

Lot 100: A mid-20th century enamel pansy brooch. This one features an old cut diamond in the center that is approximately 0.15 carats, with pink and white petals. The center shows purple as well.

Lot 108: Another mid-20th century enamel pansy brooch, this time featuring a pearl in the center and mostly purple and white enamel colors with some yellow detailing. Love these enamel pansies--my collection is lacking one!

Lot 269: An incredible Carlo Giuliano brooch which is a bumble bee reverse crystal intaglio brooch, surrounded by amethyst and half pearls. What is even more amazing about this lot is it comes with the original box and the maker's mark is clearly on there. What a fantastic piece! 


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Obsession: Gold Lockets #LoveGold

IMG_4310 IMG_4314

Here’s a little secret for you--you can file this under things you may not know about Gem Gossip: lockets were my first collection and eBay obsession.  Of course I was still in high school, so every locket I found on eBay was costume jewelry, but I did have one 14k yellow gold locket that had “Danielle” engraved on the outside, which was a birthday gift from my parents when I turned 12.  Since then, I lost interest in lockets...until recently!  An auction score from Fellows landed me with a yellow gold etched locket, but not an ordinary locket which hangs from a chain--this is an unusual locket ring.  I’ve been wearing it nonstop lately, although I have yet to place any mini-photos into the locket.  

My newfound love for lockets has led me to search out some amazing yellow gold lockets, each available and ready for a new lifestory.  

1209863177_90-1-1381b b5c74240e963818e61f5dc7f35f80e2a 51247_huge 578991695551cf9b9242c3b64d475791 53199_huge 40c9be5f4008f971f264a2631bdb820c


18k yellow gold masked woman enameled portrait locket, from Lang Antiques, Price: $2250

15k yellow gold Victorian turquoise and diamond flower locket, from Metier SF, Price: $2400

15k yellow gold archaeological Revival Victorian locket, from The Three Graces, Price: $1575

14k yellow gold black enamel and pearl locket, from Metier SF, Price: $950

14k yellow gold with rendering of a female circa 1910, from The Three Graces, Price: $2650

14k yellow gold Etruscan Revival locket with hand granulation and bloomed finish, from Metier SF, Price: $2100


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Jewelry Camp 2013 in Atlanta, GA

Untitled 1097867_506280432784658_193910742_o 1094722_506280502784651_111196317_o Untitled Untitled 1119905_506280159451352_423503895_o Untitled Untitled 1077745_506282946117740_1657927820_o 1149378_506281032784598_1441690063_o 1149184_506286772784024_534918225_o 1078899_506280896117945_941179748_o Untitled Untitled

Jewelry Camp was a fun experience for a first-timer like myself, with others who have continually gone every year, I think I may follow in their path!  The speakers were great and incredibly informative, and the participants included a slew of jewelry lovers, appraisers, and shop owners with interesting stories and an obvious passion.  It is fun to be in a room full of people who share the same love for antique jewelry.  

The three days I was there I sat in on 12 different lectures, ranging from topics on: Identifying Georgian & Early Victorian Jewelry, to an overview on Tiffany & Co., and even a class on Antique Diamonds!  A favorite lecture of mine was called, “The Daguerreotype & Early Photographic Jewelry.”  I was excited to sign up for this one because lately I’ve been obsessing over portrait jewelry, and the speaker was not only extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but his passion for it was apparent!  There also was a class called Accelerated Antique Assessment which basically taught you how to quickly look at a piece of jewelry in 60 seconds!  It reminded me of what I do on a daily basis at work, and it was the perfect class for any appraiser.  We were given 25 pieces to look at and assess using the five categories outlined by speaker Louis Scholz.  It was fun and fast paced!

Here are the classes I attended and one/two facts that I personally learned:

Georg Jensen: Defined by Design
*There were many designers under Georg Jensen--a favorite of mine was Tuk Fischer, 1963, who designed the 18k yellow gold necklace above.  Many Jensen pieces have hidden clasps that are so hidden, it takes several minutes to sometimes find them!

The Jewelry of Tiffany & Co.
*Mary Todd Lincoln received a Tiffany & Co. seed pearl parure from her husband to wear at his inauguration.  
*Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti & Paloma Picasso are the only three designers Tiffany let’s sign their pieces with their names.

Identifying Georgian & Early Victorian Jewelry
*Pauline Bonaparte is the epitome of 1800s jewelry with Greek/Roman influence.
*During the 1830s earrings were extremely long--up to four inches in length!

Antique Diamonds: A to Z
*An Old Mine cut (antique cushion cut) diamond is not round and has an open culet.  Having an I color or better is RARE.  Although they do face up whiter than they actually are because of its open culet (it helps disperse color, as opposed to a closed culet which concentrates the color).

The Diamond Market
*Global demographics are causing many diamond companies to move Far East--populations there have high numbers for potential diamond customers (48% of India’s population is 25 and under).

Auctions: Are They the Best Way to Buy & Sell
*85% of the items listed on eBay are “Buy It Now” which defeats the point of being an auction site.
*Aquamarine has lost its salability due to the Blue Topaz.  It is very unpopular right now.

The Daguerreotype & Early Photographic Jewelry
*The techniques involved in creating a daguerreotype take hours, and starts off with a hand polish of the Sheffield plated copper.
*Overexposed photos turn blue--which ironically sometimes pictured a blue sky within the black & white photograph.
*Families that posed for daguerreotypes often brought with them an object of importance.  There are daguerreotypes of children or people who passed away, not in a morbid way, but it was the family wanting to capture one last glimpse of the person before they were buried.

Gothic Revival Jewelry in France & England 
*Poissarde earrings are highly collectible and in French, means “fish wife”
*Jewelry design was heavily influenced by Medieval buildings.

Periods: Styles from Georgian to Retro
*Tiger claw jewelry was quite popular during the mid-1800s--it was manufactured by native craftsmen for the English tourist market in India--souvenir jewelry.
*Queen Alexandra always wore a choker, which in turn made them en vogue.  Historians speculate she may have had a tracheotomy and was hiding her incision.  

Faux & Fabulous--Jeweler to the Stars--Joseff of Hollywood
*Joseff was known as “Jeweler to the Stars” and designed numerous costume pieces for stars like Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis to name a few.

Accelerated Antique Assessment
*If you had 60 seconds to look at a piece of jewelry, here are five categories you need to  assess: old or new?, marked?, metal?, gemstones?, any other important details (missing stones, condition, repairs)?

(photos courtesy of AskMediaProductions, Google Images, and myself) 

Wedding Jewelry Inspiration Board

board1-2 1362698991_30_1_5205_Edwardian_Natural_Pearl_and_Diamond_Platinum_Dinner_Ring__1_of_5_ hoorsenbuhs 5103275077_4c11b7b2fa_z 45820_huge


I've been having some fun wedding planning and I'm still in the very preliminary stages. Browsing online definitely is helpful, with Pinterest being extremely helpful! I've put together a small inspiration board above. I am keeping my dress very plain and going big with the jewels. One aspect that I am having fun with is the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I've decided doing four rings on my right hand, each corresponding to that traditional saying.


Something old: Lang Antiques diamond and pearl ring circa 1910, Price: $2750

Something new: Hoorsenbuhs phantom ring in yellow gold, Price: $3800

Something borrowed: my grandma's engagement ring

Something blue: Victorian buckle ring with a hint of blue enamel from The Three Graces, Price: $2250