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New Year, New Gear

whitebg 5301695125_210739f381_b 5301696007_09d1607067_b

It is always nice to start the new year out right with some new pieces of jewelry. Have you purchased your new gear yet? What did you opt for...a new necklace? New earrings? Below are the details on the jewelry I am wearing above:

Necklace: Labradorite on leather, by KateyLove

Bracelets: 14k vintage engraved hinged bangle, from Walton's Antique Jewelry

Wrap-style Gem Gossip charity bracelet, from Gem Gossip [email to order]

Julie Rofman multi-colored bead bracelet, from Twist

14k yellow gold delicate chain bracelet with red enamel, from Reed's Jewelers

Stingray cuff in grey, from our buying trip to Atlanta Jewelry Show


Happy Two Thousand Eleven! A look back...


2010 has been a great year!  Gem Gossip has grown, 191 blog posts in the past year, all ranging from Art Deco jewelry to favorite charity bracelets.  Let's look back at some highlights of 2010:

1. Started the SHOW ME YOUR RINGS project.  Definitely a favorite of mine and many others, with an entire page now dedicated to the entire project on the right sidebar.  Click here.


2. Finished my Diamonds coursework by going to GIA Carlsbad and taking the Diamonds & Diamond Grading lab class.  So much fun, can't wait for Colored Stones this Spring!



3. Visited Lang Antique Jewelry in San Francisco, California...was amazed by all their antique jewelry and had a great time chatting with owner Suzanne.


4. Checking out the PrimeXpo jewelry show when they came to Nashville, and leaving with this gorgeous Edwardian ring from Jacob's Estate Jewelry.

DSCF1305 5.

5. Being featured in Glossy magazine with an article I wrote about my fascination with antique jewelry.


6. Getting a custom designed ring from FishHead Designs. R009


7. Photoshoot for Walton's Antique Jewelry wearing an Art Deco Cartier dress clip.


8. Going to the Atlanta Jewelry Show with everyone from work.


9.Taking some time off to visit my grandparents and having my grandma show me her original engagement ring.


10. Unwrapping this antique watch for my 26th birthday from my dad.


December in Fast Forward

IMG_0403 DSCF2001 IMG_0409 IMG_0392 DSCF2010 DSCF0586 DSCF1913

December feels like someone pressed the 'fast forward' button and 'pause' is no where in sight. Here are a bunch of photos that have accumulated from this month. Enjoy!

{from top to bottom:

Victorian baby rings--finally found rings that fit my tiny pinkey!  I wear them stacked

Playing Wii, Alisha is the only person alive who plays Wii sitting on the floor

First time in ten years we have a real tree

On the Go? Check out Gem Gossip on your iphone. Ring in picture is by Zoe Chicco

The Julie Rofman bracelet I surprisingly won from Twist's Facebook contest, I love it

Toys & jewelry, the top two highest selling products during the Christmas season

Billy.  Nice tail}


Glimpse into the Past: Antique Wrist Watches

DSCF1848 Photo 497

Antique wristwatches caught on strong during the 1920s.  They often were done in white gold or platinum, and fraught with diamonds.  Embellishments like calibre cut onyx, sapphires, emeralds or other colored stones added to some of the more unique ones.  The faces were shapes of rectangles, circles or octagons, with tiny hands and numerals.  The straps were usually black cords, gray cords, seed pearls or diamond links. These antique watches remained popular into the 1930s and are highly collectible today.  Popular brands include: Hamilton, Ebel, Cartier, Elgin, Bulova...mine is an Evkob.

Pictured above is my antique watch, is has a rectangular face, is white gold and set with diamonds and emeralds. On the back, it is engraved "Esther Xmas 1936" Below are some great examples of Art Deco wrist watches, all from Israel Rose.


watch4 watch2 watch watch3

Gem Gossip Holiday Wish List


Holiday wish lists are easy for a person like me--whether it's a piece of jewelry I've been admiring all year, a new gemological gadget to use at work, a newly released historic jewelry book, or a remarkable mineral specimen to display--that pretty much covers it all. Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday this year! What is on your wish list?

1. Faux Sheepskin Bagpack, Topshop, $90

2. Platinum & diamond Art Deco rings, Walton's Antique Jewelry, $$

3. Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria by Charlotte Gere & Judy Rudoe, $90

4. Hawk jewelry loupe, Kassoy, $425

5. Red Enamel snake ring, St.Kilda, $$

6. large Pyrite specimen, eBay, $$

7. Ice Climber in Quartz Geode, Catbird NYC, $48