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Sentimental Jewels Offered in the Upcoming Fellows October Auction

A&M October 2017 Fellows

There's something about sentimental jewelry that makes my jewelry obsession very happy. Hearing stories behind a special piece or knowing that an object has more depth to it than being a material thing is exactly what I'm all about. The upcoming October 12th Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale from Fellows Auction is filled with pieces that beckon to sentiment, both past and future. Some pieces look as though they are filled with harrowing adventure and stories of love and lost love...while others could potentially be attached to warm stories, they're just waiting for a new owner to make that happen.

I've picked my TOP TEN favorite sentimental jewels from next week's sale--and don't forget to SIGN UP to bid and put the auction date in your calendar: October 12th, 2017.

8 54

Lot 8: Lockets always seem to bring the sentiment meter up from zero to one hundred, real quick. I love a good locket and they've been consistently a popular gift-giving item for holidays and birthdays. This locket is especially unique because of the symbolic heart and arrows on the front of it. Set with a heart-shaped ruby cabochon and shot by two diamond laced arrows, this locket screams love. There's even a French engraving that reads, "Mon Coeur Perce" which translates to My Pierced Heart.  

Lot 54: Easily fall in love with this heavily symbolic sapphire and diamond heart ring. Every romantic whim is asking for this ring to be a future engagement ring. The arrows at the top make it even more unique, although it is thought that they were added at a later date (the heart portion being orginal Victorian). The sapphire is of very good quality and is even a color-change one from Sri Lanka. What a gorgeous ring!

73 118

Lot 73: Birds represent an uplifted spirit and often very symbolic. This rose cut diamond swallow brooch immediately caught my attention because it is very sentimental. Swallows go hand-in-hand with representing love, affection and friendship.  How sweet would this brooch be if pinned to a jacket to remember a loved one? Or added to your scarf to commemorate a dear friend? 

Lot 118: Every woman needs a charm bracelet!  It is the perfect extension of yourself, in charm-form. Tell your story with gold charms that become instant sentiments: first vacation, a marriage, a new job, becoming a mom, traveling around the world, birthday surprises, a big move...the charms and milestones are endless. I love this charm bracelet in this lot because it has already been started for you, you now must finish it! Add your story to this ongoing one and wear it happily!

130 271

Lot 130: If there ever were a perfect pair of antique diamond dangle earrings, these would be it! I can picture these as some memorable wedding day earrings that will be passed down to future generations, often borrowed by good friends and continually making memories. They are approx. 3.80 carats total and come with fitted box.

Lot 271: Double horseshoes, giving two doses of good luck for anyone that wears this sentimental brooch by Carlo Guilliano. A rare creation from a celebrated designer and highly collectible. And you may not notice from the photo, but their is rock crystal in the center--it is not open space. What a fantastic piece! 

372 462

Lot 372: I always assume that a two-diamond ring reminds me of my own engagement ring, both very sentimental to me and my husband. This particular ring is an incredibly beautiful take an a moi et toi style, symbolizing you and I. Are your heart strings pulled yet? The diamonds total 2.55 carats and I am truly in love with this one!

Lot 462: One might take a single look at snake jewelry and not realize how much symbolism is entangled in each piece. Those Victorians were highly sentimental and snake jewelry ranked high up in symbolic meaning. This particular necklace is quite the piece! Done in a navy blue enamel and accented with pearls, red gem eyes and holding a locket. The articulated body which composes the necklace is in immaculate condition!

472 485

Lot 472: These earrings grabbed my attention because of their silhohette and striking blue turquoise accents. I could imagine them having a great existence prior to becoming an auction item and I feel like the new owners should keep the adventure going!  Bring these on a fun getaway or dance on the dancefloor wearing them. The possibilities are endless!

Lot 485: More symbolic turquoise blue, this time being a light blue enameled necklace set with pearls and a heart shaped pendant. I love the sentimental heart and knowing that this piece is circa dated to 1860 only makes my head wander even more, thinking of all it has done and seen in its lifetime. Such a lovely necklace!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Shop All Your Favorite Jewelry Categories at Fellows Auctions

Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip' Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip Fellows | Gem Gossip

I haven't written about a Fellows Auction in quite some time, but that doesn't mean I never stopped checking out their incredible jewels that would stir up bidding wars month after month. I've always been a huge fan of their Antique & Modern Sales and Fellows' has an upcoming sale in February that can't be missed. The sale is set for February 9th, 2017 and it comes just in time for Valentine's Day. I suggest grabbing your honey and sitting down to look over the jewelry catalog together. Pick out your favorites and potential Valentine's gifts, then pull up a chair and get down to bidding on February 9th! I've done some of the leg work for you, choosing my favorites in every jewelry category: necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets! 

Let's dive into the details below:


Lot 123: This exquisite necklace grabbed my attention right away!  It looks like something regal and very important. Set with old cut diamonds and lapis, all in platinum!  It is an early 20th century piece that every collector needs. The diamonds total 1.20 carats.

Lot 168: Delicate yet striking in every way, this necklace would make the most precious Valentine's gift. A beautiful openwork design, set with feminine seed pearls. I love how they trickle down from the bail and the sapphire is just the perfect gemstone for this piece; all set in platinum, original early 20th century piece.

Lot 268: A late Victorian peridot necklace with stunning diamond wreath detail. This necklace may be over 100 years old, but it still is beautiful as ever! I know so many August babies have trouble finding peridot pieces of jewelry, so this is a great option for those August-born ladies. Plus, greenery is the Pantone color of the year!


Lot 306: Elongated and bold, sapphires and diamonds...yes, you are seeing why I love this ring so much! I also appreciate the mixture of metals in this one piece--with the yellow gold bezels for the oval sapphires and the shank, and mixed with a platinum top. I would love to see this ring on a finger--I bet it looks gorgeous! 

Lot 406: One hundred lots from my first ring pick is this sweet turquoise and diamond ring. I love the unique style of it, although a cluster ring isn't groundbreaking, it becomes different since it also has side diamonds in a bypass style. All the diamonds are old European cuts and look original to the piece. If you love turquoise, you should totally bid on this piece!

Lot 421: Navette rings are a style I can't get enough of and there's something special about this particular one. All of those old diamond cuts clustered together, surrounding the single round emerald in the center. I love the stylized shoulders of the the shank on this late Victorian ring. Someone needs to make this a part of their collection!


Lot 285: These earrings immediately were a favorite for this category for a few reasons--one being their all-diamond design. Something about diamonds set in white gold has such a classic look. Plus, I love the round cuts mixed with the baguettes and squares. Geometry at its finest! Total diamond weight on these is 1.20 carats.

Lot 438: I chose these earrings because I love the multi-colored sapphires used as well as the unique design of these hoops. These 18k yellow gold earrings would look great dressed up or down, giving any outfit some color. Brighten up your day, a boring outfit or your winter blues with these babies!

Lot 500: Something about these funky dangles puts a smile on my face. Done in yellow gold and set with emeralds and diamonds, I just love the V-shaped design. It is both chic and futuristic at the same time. I also love the size of these earrings--I think they are an ideal size, right in between dainty and bold, or what I like to call "just right."


Lot 152: This late 19th century hinged bracelet features a Victorian motif that I just can't get enough of--a dome of light blue enamel. To top it off, the diamond star pattern is another favorite motif, so this bracelet is just glorius to me. The detail work is beautiful and in amazing condition. Best part? It's French!

Lot 286: It was the bold blues of the sapphires and the intricate engraving details that made me look twice at this hinged bracelet. Upon further inspection, the sapphires graduate in size, starting with the biggest in the center. Rose cut diamonds highlight and accent, giving this piece five stars from me! Safety chain included.

Lot 466: One snake bracelet to rule them all--a mid-Victorian articulated snake bracelet set with turquoise and red gem eyes most definitely made my top picks for bracelets. The bracelet measures just over 6 1/2 inches and I can picture it stacked wonderfully with some other Victorian bangles of the same era.  

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Five Things I've Learned Through Online Bidding at Auction

Jewelry Auctions | Gem Gossip Jewelry Auctions | Gem Gossip

All three rings above are from Skinner Auction, won through online bidding

Jewelry Auctions | Gem Gossip

From left to right: sapphire & diamond navette ring from Fellows Auction, gold "Love, Peace, Hope" ring from Hampton Estate Auction, sapphire ring from Richard Winterton Auctioneers

Jewelry Auctions | Gem Gossip

From left to right: snake ring from Hampton Estate Auction, Yellow topaz from Burns White Galleries, X band from Fellows Auction, diamond and black enamel elongated ring from EBTH

You've seen me show off jewelry won at auction on here and on my Instagram page. I've bid online at auction multiple times, with various platforms, different auction houses--even different countries. I'm here to break it down for you, to make bidding at auction less intimidating and hopefully you come up a winner. But winning isn't something that always happens for me--eight times out of ten I come up short and end up defeated. It takes time, effort and practice--but most importantly luck and intelligence. The first few times I bid online I was SO nervous!  (And when I say bid online, I'm not talking about bidding on eBay. I'm referring to bidding live at a real-life auction, just virtually via computer.) When I was a beginner at this, I usually lost or ended up missing certain items I was looking out for..a few times I didn't even realize you had to register beforehand!  A good portion of my personal collection consists of pieces won at auction, my wins came from Skinner, Fellows, Hampton Estate Auction, Richard Winterton Auctioneers, and Burns White Galleries. 

In total, I've placed 11 winning bids on rings that are currently in my personal collection! Some of these are the most unique pieces and my absolute favorites.  Some of these are the best "deals" I've scored as well. I have never purchased something at auction that I would say is worth less than I paid for it. In fact, many items are worth twice, three times, even four times more than what I paid. So if that doesn't entice you enough, here are some lessons I've learned along the way to help you even more:

1. Register at least one week in advance of auction date.

I didn't realize this when I first started out, but you need to fill out a few online forms before you can bid!  Most auction houses have to also "approve" of you bidding as well, so the paperwork completion is not an automatic in. Sometimes the process can take a few days, depending on how backed up they get. It is also noteworthy to know that every auction house requires different forms before allowing you to bid. Some even require a scanned copy of your driver's license and credit card!

2. Register with several websites which host auctions.

This is helpful because there are so many great websites which host live bidding. They also act as an auction calendar, pulling up reminders and suggesting items they believe fit what you're looking for. Sometimes they even approve you to bid at auctions you didn't even sign up for, just in case you decide to bid last minute. It is like early bird check-in. 

My favorites:

3. Login and bid live.

I hardly ever win bids that I place on items weeks or days prior to auction. It is almost like wasting a bid. I suggest figuring out the date and time a particular auction is set to go live, time it correctly, and login/bid live. This also helps to get a feel for how people are bidding--are items going for crazy prices?  Are there more floor bidders or online bidders? It also helps you view how the process goes. For example, item is called up for auction, bidders bid, "final call" happens and hammer!

4. Don't forget about the fees.

These might surprise you! When bidding, make sure your "max" bid isn't truly your max amount you're wanting to pay, because there are fees involved! If you are within the US and are bidding at a US auction, the fees usually include a buyer's premium (with the % varying depending on auction house), taxes if applicable, and shipping & handling. Premiums can get high--for example, my winning bid on one ring was $1,000 with a $230 premium added. 

When bidding outside of the US, things can get tricky. Money conversion usually confuses me, so half of the time I'm not sure if I'm bidding in US dollars or British pounds. Make sure you know your conversions! Many British auction houses charge a VAT as well as a premium, so make sure you read before you agree to bid!

5. Opt to phone bid vs. bid online.

This is my newest discovery. I've never bid over the phone until a few weeks ago with Michaan's Auction house. Rumor has it that if you place a winning bid via phone, your premium is lower than if you were to place that same bid online. Also, phone bidding was super easy--I had to fill out a form and include the lot I was interested in bidding on. About 3 minutes prior to my lot going up, I received a phone call.  You can hear everything live in the background, so you really feel like you're there!  The person on the other end will say, "it's now at X amount, do you want to bid or pass?" and continue until you're done. 

A few things I could easily find negative about phone bidding--one, if you're a person who would rather text someone than call someone, you would probably prefer online bidding vs. phone bidding. Yes, even if the premiums are higher, you would still opt for this lol. Two, you feel more obligated or slightly pressured to bid higher/longer with another person on the phone vs. you in the privacy of your online world hitting the "bid" button. At least I did.


WANT MORE? You may also enjoy taking a peek into my jewelry box.

Four New Jewelry Trends You Need to Try with Fellows Auctions

lot 29 Lot 57 Lot 489 Lot 38 Lot 233 Lot 298 Lot 230 Lot 502 Lot 693 Lot 81 Lot 425 Lot 479

With the warmer season headed our way (thankfully!) it is time to break the mold and try some new jewelry styles! Just as any stylist would tell you, sift through your wardrobe and purge the tops and bottoms you haven't worn in awhile, you must do the same with your jewelry wardrobe.  My favorite thing to do if you're not into letting pieces of your jewelry go is to simply adopt a new way of wearing jewelry which you haven't done before!  I've come up with FOUR new jewelry trends I will definitely be trying this season, in hopes you will do the same.

Lucky for us, Fellows Auction has an Antique & Modern Jewellery sale coming up May 12th that has pieces of jewelry which fit perfectly with my four trends. I love Fellows Auctions and their selection continues to be top notch!  I sometimes wish I had the time and money to visit England again, but honestly bidding with Fellows and browsing through their catalogues is just as good and saves time/money ;)

Be sure to register to bid and let us know if you try any of these jewelry style suggestions:

MUST TRY: Bold Earrings + Slicked back hair (sans necklace!)

Lot 29: This trend is all about the earrings, so the bolder they are, the better! These are intricate, special and made in the Victorian Era, so they won't let you down. Perfecting the slicked back hair look may take a professional to do or if you want to try yourself go for it. It takes a little to get used to, especially if you're keen on having hair flowing in your face at all times. These earrings are geometric and have the best gemstone combo. 

Lot 57: These urn-inspired dangle earrings need to be shown off! You will love them even more after realizing the green urns are actually emeralds. The seed pearl details emitting a dainty vibe, that would stand out with hair totally slicked back and no other necklaces.

Lot 489: I have a thing for torpedo-like motif dangles of the Victorian Era and these earrings depict everything I'm loving about that! Set with pretty purple amethyst and seed pearls, these will be sure to stand out. I love how amethyst is having a huge comeback and if you're not aware of that, here you go! ;)

MUST TRY: Black Velvet choker with brooch

Lot 38: I love the choker trend and it can be achieved easily with my own spin on it--changing out brooches by pinning them either directly in the middle of a piece of wide black velvet or toward the bottom so the brooch "dangles" downward. To accentuate the "dangle" vibe, pick a brooch that actually has a dangle feature. This turquoise and pearl brooch is perfect, as it has a boho feel and the colors scream summer. 

Lot 233: Again, amethyst is hugely popular so adding this brooch to a black velvet choker will have you dominating jewelry trends. This brooch even has some "swag" chains hanging from it. I think it would look good with a thick or thin piece of black velvet--which can be secured with a safety pin or if you can sew, some velcro.

Lot 298: Everything you could ever want in a Victorian brooch--carbuncle garnet, tassles, torpedo-motif dangles...bold gold. This would look so stunning hanging close to the neck. Show it off even more by wearing no other jewelry with your hair pulled back--all eyes on this brooch!

MUST TRY: Statement Pinky Ring 

Lot 230: Always wanted a pinky ring but never got around to finding something that fits your tiniest finger?! Well now is your chance! Statement pinky rings are huge for fact, it might be the only thing you can get away with wearing on your fingers during these hot months. I like something bold and colorful, this ring is a great option, using multiple gemstones--not one repeats itself! 

Lot 502: A cluster ring can do wonders for a small, little pinky. This ring features an oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds--a classic, yes, but take a look at the etching along the band. Incredibly done! All signs point to YES you need this.

Lot 693: If you want more of an antique cluster ring for your statement pinky ring, look no further than this piece. Set with a stone cameo of a woman's profile, surrounded by rose cut diamonds...and the best part--the shank and setting are so unique. Such a masterpiece.  Your pinky will thank you!

MUST TRY: DIY Bolo Tie using pin to secure 

Lot 81: If this isn't the coolest Egyptian Revival piece, I don't know what is! The bolo tie, often popular for men especially cowboys, found its height during the 80s and is having a comeback, but for women! Just get some braided black leather, usually they have metal on the ends that is pointed...and is cinched by a clip. I think changing out the clip with different pins would be so fun. This pin would be great, I love the lapis detail against the yellow gold.

Lot 425: Victorian swirls of seed pearls make this a great option for a bolo tie. Unique green enameling gives it a nature-inspired look, finished off with a diamond in the center. Place the pin at the highest it can go for a choker look with the bolo tie or loosely in the middle just above the heart.

Lot 479: Crescent moons are wildly popular and have been that way for centuries. This one--even more special than your average crescent moon, even though crescent moons are hardly average. Set with diamonds and bright blue turquoise, it has my stylish mind wandering. Totally up for the bolo tie challenge using this piece, it would look killer!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Your Jewel Horoscope As Told By Fellows' Upcoming Antique & Modern Sale

zodiac3 zodiac11

Are you into Astrology?  Aside from day-to-day predictions, I love learning about my sign and seeing how it compares with my life and how I live. It fascinates me and from what I've read, I really do think my sign matches with my personality, both the negatives and positives. Growing up, I would read my daily horoscope in the local newspaper regularly--it was that and the "Puppies For Sale" classifieds which I read, and nothing more. I thought it would be fun to put together my own "Jewel Horoscope" based on astrological sign characteristics using jewelry from the upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale from Fellows Auctions. The sale is set for Thursday, March 10th, 2016. 

Be sure to check out the entire catalogue online and register to bid!

Aries, March 21-April 19

Lot 451: A double ram head bangle was an easy choice for Aries, as your sign is represented by a ram. Adventurous, courageous, and many strong characteristics make up an Aries that this bangle would coordinate almost too well with your demeanor! Done in 18k yellow gold and set with rubies and diamonds.

Taurus, April 20-May 20

Lot 251: A classic, investment piece is right up your alley if you're a Taurus and this lapis necklace is exactly that. Done in yellow gold with Italian origin, sleek and modern combine to form this beauty. Suspended from a belcher-style chain and measuring 18 inches in length.

zodiac6 zodiac4

Gemini, May 21-June 20

Lot 82: Nothing more "Gemini" than these earrings--first off, because there are two, a pair if you will, and secondly, they are mismatched. One earring features rock quartz, the other blue chalcedony--two very different colors and gems. These are done in 18k yellow gold and set with ruby and diamonds as well.

Cancer, June 21-July 22

Lot 67: A pair of yellow gold ear pendants, these have such a unique style to them. The are of the verge of being kitschy, while at the same time so classic/modern. These earrings reflect the strength and compassion of a Cancer sign.

zodiac zodiac12

Leo, July 23-August 22

Lot 533: A late 19th century micromosaic brooch depicting two birds together--possibly swans? A Leo's ambition is mighty, leading me to believe a fellow Leo must be the artist behind this micromosaic, a painstakingly daunting task of placing each tiny piece of glass or pottery down to create a beautiful scene. If the birds are really swans, this can represent your passion and loyalty.

Virgo, August 23-September 22

Lot 84: Virgo's perfectionist attitude would love this ring--as well as the beautiful diamonds in this Edwardian stunner. The diamonds total about one carat and are very clean, and yes Virgos are known to be clean-freaks. 18k gold with a platinum top, typical of the time period.

zodiac7 zodiac10

Libra, September 23-October 22

Lot 256: Known for being a great host, I can picture these gorgeous aquamarine and diamond earrings dangling from your Libra ears as you are gathering a party together! This pair is dynamic, with just the right amount of color vs. diamond sparkle. Elegance is also a characteristic of yours, and these match perfectly!

Scorpio, October 23-November 21

Lot 439: Big and bold, this all diamond ring set with a black gemstone in the center commands attention, just as you do Scorpio! Over two carats of sparkling color, different hues creating a powerful combination. This piece is done in 18k white gold. Love it!

zodiac9 zodiac5

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21

Lot 510: A late 19th century gold and garnet snake necklace represents our Sagittarius sign. Both rare in the antique world and covetable, same goes for your outlook on life! Always spiritual in nature, this snake necklace will remind you of how good vs. evil first began. Such a symbolic piece for a philosophical person.

Capricorn, December 22-January 19

Lot 318: As a Capricorn, you prefer luxury, so what could be more luxurious than a Bvlgari serpenti ring. This particular ring is done in 18k rose gold. All the viable markings and hallmarks are there--this piece is just waiting to be worn in the chicest way possible!

zodiac2 zodiac8


Aquarius, January 20-February 18

Lot 340: As a trendsetter, you go for it--this exquisite Cartier brooch set with aquamarines will do it for you! Aquarius is a water sign, so that also lines up with the gemstone colors and look of the brooch. This piece would look stunning clipped to an elegant black top or attached to a velvet choker. As an Aquarius, you'll have fun with all the possibilities!

Pisces, February 19-March 20

Lot 2: Figa charms for a strong, water sign (yes, one even has a fish dangling) perfect for the Pisces. This piece is sentimental in nature and can represent many things, which lines up with how empathetic and caring Pisces are. Looks like there are five charms that dangle from the main figa--such a cool piece!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions