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My Jewel Box: Delicate Rings from Charlie & Marcelle

charlieandmarcelle Charliemarcelle il_570xN.703097483_mud8 il_570xN.664808227_k9mb cm4 cm3 il_570xN.664799505_of5k il_570xN.664041036_qdtu cm2 cm

Kristina, the designer and founder of Charlie & Marcelle, prides herself on being more than a jewelry designer, she aims to put a smile on everyone's face!  She did just that and then some after surprising me with a holiday package filled with three gorgeous rings she had made.  A 14k gold diamond crescent moon ring, a 14k gold opal and diamond vertical three stone ring, and a one-of-a-kind turquoise feather ring.  I love the delicate feeling of these rings--although tiny, they can easily be worn alone and stand out beautifully.

After working 10 years in the retail business, Kristina was left feeling like she could do so much more and connect with people in a whole new way.  Her love of jewelry led her to create Charlie & Marcelle, named after Charlie, her mother who passed away from breast cancer when Kristina was only 17 years old, and Marcelle, which is Kristina's middle name.  

Kristina says, "I truly believe each piece of jewelry should tell a story or hold a memory near and dear to us. I believe all jewelry should be meaningful and magical yet simple enough to wear everyday." Her philosophy resonates with everyone, from jewelry enthusiasts, to mothers, to high school girls across the world. I know when I look at my rings from Charlie & Marcelle, I will remember Kristina's kindness and generosity. They will most definitely always put a smile on my face!  






>> Make sure to check out her Etsy shop here!

Etsy Blog: Sentimental Jewels Worth the Splurge

il_570xN.664882079_4f7w victorian_memory_ring il_570xN.512728771_qdut il_570xN.662103666_gmlw il_570xN.654434046_4i2e il_570xN.651874649_gcrn il_570xN.648387914_8ouj il_570xN.636892524_f3mx il_570xN.604684920_6i64 il_570xN.570740392_ipgs il_570xN.557998296_lo4g il_570xN.518744998_2spu

I was incredibly excited to contribute to Etsy's blog for the second time! On this occasion I selected some gorgeous antique sentimental rings that I felt would make great and memorable holiday gifts! To read the full article, head over to Etsy's blog.

Above are the rings I chose to be featured in the article:

Antique flower setting ring with an Old Mine cut diamond, from MSJewelers

Victorian mourning ring with navette shape hair compartment, from ErinAntiques

Antique fede gimmel ring in 18k gold with hearts, from TheDeeps

Victorian Jet ring set with pearls, from Worn2Perfection

Victorian rose cut diamond cluster ring, from ShopFiligree

Black enamel, widow's mourning ring set with rose cut diamonds, from MagWildwoodsCloset

Victorian black enamel, diamond and pearl mourning ring with inscription, from ErisVintage

Purple enamel flower ring with diamond, from TheEdenCollective

Victorian garnet ring with diamonds set in 9k gold, from HeartofSolidGold

Victorian antique band with inscription and engraved initials, from AgelessHeirlooms

Antique double heart ring set with turquoise and diamonds in 18k gold, from ArtifactVintage

Victorian diamond and turquoise forget-me-not ring, from GADantiques


FOR SALE: New Items in Gem Gossip Etsy Shop

photo picture1 picture2

A few new items I have for sale:

a lovely 10k rose gold turquoise & pearl navette ring, size 8, Price: $450

a 14k yellow gold chain with faceted malachite necklace, Price: $250

a 14k yellow gold rhodolite garnet & diamond pendant necklace, Price: $280

a 14k yellow gold Victorian skull made of bone with diamond eyes, Price: $475

a 14k white gold diamond sideways cross necklace, Price: $280

a 14k yellow gold ruby and rose cut diamond navette ring, Price: $450

pair of 14k yellow gold ruby horseshoe stud earrings, Price: $275

a 14k yellow gold turquoise & pearl knuckle ring size 2.5, Price: $100

pair of 10k yellow and white gold citrine & diamond earrings, Price: $225


>> if interested in any of these, email

Etsy Shop: Bellflower Bay Antique & Vintage Jewelry

iusb_760x100.9812245_b55l bellflower

Collecting can be such a passionate hobby.  That's what led Jenn to create her Etsy shop called Bellflower Bay Antique & Vintage Jewelry.  Here's her story:

"My love for jewelry was born early on, something I imagine is the same for many girls (and boys) out there. When I was young, my mother used to slowly sweep through the glossy pages of Town & Country magazine, idling over the baguette diamond bracelets and necklaces dripping with rubies. Brand names like Cartier and Tiffany crowded the captions. We were definitely not in the demographic that these editorials were designed for, but we coveted them, sighed over them, dreamed about them nonetheless. 

As I got older, my limited resources kept my jewelry collection limited to sterling bangles and moonstone rings, pretty little baubles my mother and I bought and shared together.  I imagined a life limited to these pieces, maybe some cute costume jewelry that looked a little more expensive than it was. Maybe a boyfriend would give me a special occasion piece, but I never expected to wear, or even be in the same room as, those sparkly baubles that I remembered. Then, something miraculous happened: I discovered antique jewelry. Several years ago, I had a boring desk job with limited internet and somehow stumbled onto pages of glittering jewels that didn’t seem out of my reach. My husband bought me my first piece for Christmas that year: an unwieldy, exotic, antique bohemian garnet ring. It was under $400 and more exquisite than anything I’d ever seen. 

I was hooked.

My mom got back in the jewelry game with me, and we started collecting here and there. Flea markets, antique stores, estate shops, online, offline. After several years of slowly building up our personal collections—and I mean slowly, I often asked sellers for layaway and was fortunate to encounter many easy-going folks who loved jewelry as much as I did—we decided that we could maybe put together a store of our own. 

And so Bellflower Bay Antique & Vintage Jewelry was born. 

In the Victorian era, flowers were used to send secret messages; Bellflowers stood for gratitude. That’s the message we want to send everyone who looks at, loves, and maybe buys something from our store: thank you for being a part of this little something we’re creating. 

We deeply love old jewelry: for the beauty, the originality, the uniqueness, the history, and the sparkle that each piece carries. We want to provide pieces to women who never thought they could afford a special little bauble. (We offer layaway and are happy to work with all budgets.)  We want to find your wedding ring for you, a celebration piece, or a lucky jewel that makes you feel like a million bucks."

Gem Gossip contributes to Etsy blog




Check out the "Guide to Engagement Rings" I wrote for Etsy's blog--I broke down the top five trends I feel are really popular right now.  Here is the post:

Danielle has been a jewelry collector since she was four years old. Her career in the jewelry business officially started in 2008 when she launched her blog, Gem Gossip, which focuses on jewelry trends, antique and period jewelry, celebrity jewelry, and features exclusive designer interviews. Her hopes for the future include a jewelry line and a book documenting her vast collection.

I work at a jewelry store, and every day I hear the same refrain: “There are just too many engagement rings to choose from, and they’re all so pretty! How could someone pick just one?”

Choosing a ring is tough; it’s the one accessory you’ll be wearing every day of your married life. If you’re overwhelmed by the vast array of choices, don’t fret! Allow me to  break down the top five engagement ring trends. Trust me, you’ll love them all.

Halo Style

[Platinum Halo Ring by OroSpot | Shop Halo Rings]

This design features a diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller, full-cut diamonds. It creates the illusion of a bigger diamond, an ode to the illusion setting of the 1940s, except with diamonds rather than more metal or the “boxhead” style.



[White Topaz Split Shank Ring by Onegarnetgirl | Shop Split Shank Rings]

This style takes any shaped diamond in the center and flanks it with a split-shank band, with or without diamonds. The split in the shank can be subtle or dramatic, depending on its width.


Classic Solitaire

[Classic Solitaire Ring by Ldiamonds | Shop Classic Solitaire Rings]

Just as it reads, one diamond set in a mounting with no other diamonds. There are lots of different looks possible for this timeless and versatile concept: a four-prong setting, six-prong setting, or bezel setting. A round, brilliant cut diamond in a four-prong setting is the ultimate classic. The metals can vary as well: white gold, yellow gold, platinum or even rose gold.


[1925 Antique Ring from Erstwhilejewelry | Shop Antique Rings]

I consider an antique ring to be anything pre-1940s. (If I wore my grandmother’s ring from the 1950s, I would categorize it as “vintage.”) There are many styles for antique rings, and many are unique, usually set with Old Mine, Old European, or Transitional cuts.

The Art Deco period (1920s-30s) is popular right now. This style is characterized by a white on white look, provided by white gold or platinum with diamonds. Filigree and/or hand-engraving is evident throughout. Choose this style if you truly want a “one of a kind” sort of ring.


[Egyptian Gold Ring by Arosha | Shop Unconventional Rings]

Why be conventional? Embrace a non-diamond gemstone or a ring with a unique shape. Birthstones are great options for an alternative gemstone; most gemstones are less expensive than diamonds, so this could mean more money in your pocketbook at the end of the day. On the other hand, all gemstones are softer than diamonds, so durability can become an issue — after all, you will be wearing this ring every day! Ultimately, if a ring speaks to you and it doesn’t look like a typical engagement ring, there is one one rule above all: it’s your ring, so do what you want. The importance lies in what the ring symbolizes and the memories you create while wearing that sparkler every day.

Shop Engagement Rings