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Over 70 Items for the Holidays -- @shopGEMGOSSIP

shopGEMGOSSIP Charms | Gem Gossip shopGEMGOSSIP

I've been saving and sorting, hunting and hoarding to bring you an amazing selection of items in time for the holidays! This time of year has some pressure involved with finding the "perfect gift" so I wanted to alleviate that by offering A LOT of antique and vintage jewelry (over 70 items), for great prices (no crazy mark ups like you see elsewhere), and a unique selection (lots of stackers and bold pieces as well). I've been saving many of these pieces all year long and I also went through my personal collection again (after many times, with each inspection learning to let go of more and more). Today is the day the items will start going live over on @shopGEMGOSSIP

At first, many of you voted a few weeks ago, wanting me to release everything at once on the same day. I began to like this idea too, until I realized I had over 70 pieces--so could you imagine someone you're following on Instagram posting 70 photos in one day?! That would be SO annoying, so I've decided to list 10 items each day, which will allow everything to be listed before November 1st, plenty of time before the holidays kick in. Hope everyone likes my selection this year and I'm excited for new customers and happy returning customers.

Just some notes:


  • Yes, I do offer layaway! It is for three months and you pay 1/3 each month--no fees!
  • PayPal is the main form of payment I accept, however I also accept checks and money orders. Also now accepting Venmo.
  • International Shipping--I've been using UPS global shipping which is trackable and fully insured. The delivery time is usually 4-8 days depending on foreign clearance. Pricing is $50-100; it varies country by country.


All pieces shown above are available--if interested email to inquire!



The New Jean Jean Vintage Cachet Collection

Jean Jean Vintage | Gem Gossip Jean Jean Vintage | Gem Gossip Jean Jean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Something very odd is happening in my jewelry box. Yes, rings and cocktail rings have always and will always rule--but another category has taken a dramatic increase as of late, charms! I've been enjoying their collectible nature, as many of you know I'm such a collector at heart, so naturally these are a great fit. Whether it is a charm that reminds me of something in my life or just something that appeals to me, I've been gathering quite a few these past few months.

And then I saw these from Jean Jean Vintage and couldn't have fallen more in love! Introducing the Cachet Collection--Cachet being French for a "seal affixed to a document or letter." Each tiny charm is a double sided wax seal stamped nugget of gold, flattened to perfection. They are sentimental, romantic and most importantly adorable. And the subtleness of the charm allows you to wear one or ten! Add is to your favorite necklace or chain...or maybe even a charm bracelet?!

There are 14 different Cachet charms from Jean Jean Vintage--each featuring two original Victorian wax seal stamps, depicting different messages, some even hidden or not as obvious. You can currently purchase all 14 on the Jean Jean Vintage Etsy page in 10k yellow gold, however if you'd like 14k yellow, white or rose gold, even 18k or platinum, custom orders can be done! There are even ways to add diamonds and other gemstones, which creates a whole new dimension to them! With the holidays quickly approaching, the price points on these are great for friends and family gift giving. Each of the 14 designs are special, so be sure to read about each and decipher which one is right for you!

I picked no.6--the two sides are as follows: side 1 ∙ a dog seated, at attention, in front of a tombstone with an hourglass on top. In French, the phrase reads "le temps passe, l'amitié reste / time passes, friendship remains." side 2 ∙ day of the week, "Samedi / Saturday." Of course I had to pick the one with a dog. I've been wearing mine on a vintage 1950s child's "add a pearl" necklace chain, that is super short, so it is almost a choker on me. I like this charm sitting higher up, but I'm sure I will be changing it up a lot and wearing it often! Thanks Duff of Jean Jean Vintage for creating these amazing charms and gifting me one!


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Doyle & Doyle Hosts a Gem Gossip Meet Up!

Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip Doyle & Doyle | Gem Gossip

Whenever I visit NYC, I like to think of Doyle & Doyle as my home-away-from-home. Everything about the store, the jewels inside, the people inside, the's my favorite! It only felt right to have my first ever meet up there and I was excited to also reunite with Elizabeth & Pamela, the best sister duo in the biz. And of course, I had to see their latest finds--there were even exclusive pieces displayed just for the event, and never seen before!

One of the pieces that had me in a trance was a carved emerald ring (pictured above) in a teardrop shape, with diamonds surrounding it.  I don't think it is on their website yet since it was making its debut when I visited, but you can always email the team at the store.  Another ring I could have just stared at all day was the opal and demantoid garnet (a bright green colored garnet) ring. That particular ring is actually up on their website, so if you'd like more info, just click here. That ring seriously GLOWS and it surely made a splash on Instagram. Another popular piece that I featured from my visit was a peridot ring with a secret. I say secret because at first glance it looks like any cocktail ring--large, enchanting peridot gemstone, surrounded by some gorgeous diamonds. If you look closer, you will notice two tiny screw mechanisms on each side. These let the wearer remove the top portion of the ring and wear it as a pendant! How cool is that?!  Those Victorians sure knew how to trail blaze convertible jewelry. 

I just want to say a special thank you to the team at Doyle & Doyle for always welcoming me into their store.  And thanks to those who took the time out of their day to come and visit with me, whether it was your first time meeting me or we've been BFF since the very beginning of Gem Gossip, your continued support means the world to me!  


Want more?! To check out the store tour of Doyle & Doyle, click here.

Jewelry Collection Stories: @Thing_Finder

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

We may know her as @Thing_Finder but in real life she is Jen Lord, a last name fitting for her because she may very well be the "lord of the rings."  One of the few Canadian antique jewelry collectors we have in our tight-knit Instagram community, and she brings her antique loving style to everyone daily on her Instagram page, as well as her Etsy shop. A newly wed, whom we all celebrated as she tied the knot on her wedding day and gave us followers glimpses into her private ceremony via Instagram. As she curates and collects more jewels, she learns about every aspect of each piece she owns, even if it means doing some extensive research, I wanted to get a peek into her jewelry box and see what defines Jen as a collector. Let's see what she has to say:

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

"My passion for collecting started young, very young. My earliest jewellery memories were those with my Gran and Nana, both of whom share a love of jewellery, and fine jewellery at that. I always volunteered to “clean their rings,” which for me meant a soapy dish, a small toothbrush and a labour of love. These quiet moments allowed me to study the stones, the mountings, and work to bring out their most brilliant shine. These early stolen moments with jewels, would create an insatiable appetite, a lust never quite quenched."

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

"When I hit about 12 years of age, babysitting and “picking” afforded me a modest jewellery budget. I used to walk from school to all the thrift stores, and then home via Victoria’s Antique Row, selling what small finds I could to the local dealers. Perhaps they took pity on a this small child peddling her wares, but I started to develop relationships with the dealers and the learning was immense, not to speak of the small profits it afforded."

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

"My first love in jewellery was Art Deco. Those clean lines, architectural elements and elegant touches, I lusted for it like nothing else. Boys, couldn’t hold my interest the same way a finely crafted diamond cocktail ring could, there wasn’t a hope! These days I would say I go through “jewellery phases.” It isn’t that I ever lose love for one period or another, but I tend to collect in waves and then cull. Jewellery to me is a life long love affair.

Good jewellery makes my heart race, my voice sing, and fills my mind with wonder and excitement. Jewels are talismans of our journey through life. In birth and in death, in marriage and in loss, jewelry in tied to some of the most important milestones and experiences in our lives. To that end, the most meaningful jewellery for me, is that linked to these times. Mourning jewellery has to be one of the most compelling and romantic of all collecting genres for me. I feel so honoured to be able to own such sentimental and deeply personal artifacts of the past. I think only those who feel as I do about antique jewellery can really understand the feeling of awe and respect that these pieces impart on us."

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

"As for where I find my jewellery, the more important question is where do I not?! I literally will go anywhere, search anywhere to find what I am looking for. Stinky thrift stores, dusty pawn shops, web sites with poor images bring it on, I am game!"

On how she thought of the Instagram handle "Thing Finder:"

"It comes from this Pippi Longstocking quote:

“I don’t know what you are going to do,” said Pippi, “but I know I can’t lie around and be lazy. I am a Thing-Finder, and when you’re a Thing-Finder you don’t have a minute to spare.”

“What did you say you are?” asked Annika.

“A Thing-Finder.”

“What’s that?” asked Tommy.

“Somebody who hunts for things, naturally. What else could it be?” said Pippi as she swept all the flour left on the floor into a little pile.

“The whole world is full of things, and somebody has to look for them. And that’s just what a Thing-Finder does,” she finished.

“What kind of things?” asked Annika.

“Oh, all kinds,” said Pippi. “Lumps of gold, ostrich feathers, dead rats, candy snapcrackers, little tiny screws, and things like that.”

Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip Thing_Finder | Gem Gossip

"My collection is quite varied, from my oldest piece, a memorial ring from 1716 to statement rings from the mid 20th century. I’m inspired by nature, the rare and unusual, and of course other collectors! To me jewellery is my favourite way to express myself and I have been known to change up my jewellery several times in a day. I feel very lucky to have found a great jeweller, Roger, who works with me to create conversion and one of pieces to further expand my collection. I never really know what direction my collecting with take next, but I do know, it doesn’t stop here!"

>> Thanks Jen for sharing your passion and jewels with us! Follow her on Instagram for everyday musings: @Thing_Finder

The Ten Best Vintage Engagement Rings from Trumpet & Horn

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

A dream came true over the weekend. Trumpet & Horn sent me a package of jewels, ten to be exact, and I got to live, laugh, love with them for a few days. Of course, every Cinderella has a midnight clock waiting to strike, and I had to send them all back--but don't be sad, if any of these catch your fancy, you can own them!  So my dream does have a happy ending. 

Trumpet & Horn has been the leading online destination for gorgeous antique and vintage jewelry since 2012. Since launching four years ago, they have made hundreds of brides happy with engagement rings and wedding bands. They've collaborated with wedding dress designer Claire Pettibone on an exclusive collection of rings and bands, reminiscent of her intricate bridal dresses and style. The collection is quite the success, you must check out the gallery of designs.  Trumpet & Horn also has their own vintage-inspired collection of rings, along with their authentic vintage and antique jewelry sourced from all over by owner Jerry and his team.

I've been enjoying the Trumpet & Horn newsletter for years--they provide "new arrivals" every Tuesday right to your inbox. It is worth signing up for, especially if you are busy and forget to consistently check their website. You never know if your dream ring might be the next new arrival! You would have first dibs easily! Also in September (tomorrow!) Trumpet & Horn is offering 15% off all sapphires during the month, so some great incentive for all you sapphire lovers out there!

Enjoy the photos of the ten rings and get the full break down of each below:

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

1. Just the right amount of color, this Persian turquoise cluster ring is a little glam and a little low key. Its journey didn't start out as a ring--it actually was an earring and has now been transformed perfectly by Trumpet & Horn. I love the shank that they have added--it is super comfortable and the split-shank style is so fitting.

Ring is called Bridgeton, Price: $2,950

2. These bold step cut aquamarine rings were popular during the late Art Deco, early Retro period. I've seen quite a few in my time from appraising jewelry for five years, but this particular ring is different than the other similar ones. For starters, it isn't as huge and fake-looking as most--sure it is still a bold piece, but the size of the aquamarine (approx. 10 carats) is surprisingly ideal. I would want this as my "something blue" if I were getting married! 

Ring is called St. Tropez, Price: $4,250

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

3. Mesmerizing moonstone. I just can't get enough of this gemstone and it seems to be gaining in popularity. This particular ring shows off everything wonderful about this gem--the solitaire setting really focuses all attention to the stone. It is simple yet bold enough to stand alone. But if you are stack-obsessed, this can do that too!

Ring is called Resthaven, Price: $1,050

4. When I unwrapped this sapphire and diamond cluster ring from Trumpet & Horn, my mouth dropped. The ring was glowing in the light. I have a sweet spot for Victorian jewelry and this ring dates back to the late 1800s. The Old Mine cut diamonds that surround the sapphire make it even more special, totaling approximately 0.80 carats.

Ring is called Oakley, Price: $4,500

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

5. Another phenomenal gemstone that we can't get enough of: Opals. This ring is all-original Victorian Era and features three oval cut opals that have some major fire! If you look at some of the photos above that depict this opal ring, the flashes of color are pretty glorious. I loved stacking it with the peridot ring, so you can see it easily stacks. Whatever gemstone it pairs with, those colors are brought out in the opals. So neat! 

Ring is called Brushy Ridge, Price: $1,975

6. And here is the peridot ring I just mentioned! Peridot was a popular choice of gemstone during the Victorian Era and this ring is a fine example of just that. August's birthstone is sometimes hard to find--there are lots of diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald jewels out there--but you don't often see peridot. Any August babies out there looking for your perfect birthstone ring, this is it!

Ring is called Grand Isle, Price: $3,950

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

7. A golden ring consisting of a natural ruby, an amazing silhouette in a navette shape and sparkling diamonds to finish it off. This ring has it all. If you like your rubies more on the pink-side of the spectrum, this is a good choice for you. It dates back to the Victorian Era and done in 18k yellow gold. Would make the best unconventional engagement ring.

Ring is called Prairie, Price: $2,100

8. This emerald and white sapphire cluster ring for those who like their clusters more reminiscent of floral patterns. I love the size of this ring in general and the comfort level is a 10/10. Set with an oval cut emerald approximately 0.50 carat surrounded by white sapphires--yes, you may have first glanced and thought these were diamonds.  I did too! Makes it very affordable and budget-friendly.

Ring is called Stratton, Price: $1,750

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

9. Garnet lovers rejoice! Trumpet & Horn has a big, juicy garnet for you and it comes in this ring setting that shows it off impeccably. This early Victorian ring features an oval cut garnet in a six-prong setting with hand-engraved details on the side. I think this ring would be perfect for a January birthday gift, or if you're celebrating a January anniversary...or maybe even a push present for an upcoming January baby. 

Ring is called Whitmore, Price: $1,275

10. We couldn't do a top ten ring countdown without including a pearl ring in the mix. This one is extra special because it features some calibre cut synthetic rubies surrounding it and also has a French origin (French hallmarks). Love the two-tone metal, with the yellow gold shank with white gold accents. 

Ring is called Red Roof, Price: $1,250

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Trumpet & Horn.



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