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Your #1 Holiday Party Essential: An Arik Kastan Ring

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

If you want an all-diamond look, the Deco River ring is one of my favorites from Arik Kastan. Bring the ultimate in understated luxury to your finger this holiday season by putting this on your wish list!

Deco River ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Hey there, Delilah! Sitting pretty with a center sapphire, the Delilah ring from Arik Kastan glistens in any light--whether you're in the moonlight, sunlight or the strobe lights from a holiday party--this ring is all kinds of YES!

Delilah ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Fluttering onto your finger, this butterfly-inspired ring will have party-goers asking about it! You can tell them it has rose cut diamonds and inspired by the roaring 20s. Your friends will flip!

Deco Butterfly ring, Price: $2,178

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

Combining inspiration from the Art Deco period along with Arabic architecture, the Shiraz ring from Arik Kastan takes shape. I'm am obsessed with its beam of emerald green shining from the center, and all those rose cut diamonds.

Shiraz ring, Price: $1,760

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

A dome of sophistication, this latest piece from Arik Kastan takes two time periods and rolls them into one beautiful design. Large rose cut diamonds shine amongst the scrolling details and you'll be happy it is sitting on your finger this holiday season.

Deco Nouveau ring, Price: $1,804




fergusonsfinejewelry jewels_by_grace theedencollective diamondsinthelibrary lisajshuler sarahnehama jewelleryhannah maelgwns_muse ringhoarder

{from top to bottom:

Ferguson's Fine Jewelry has some serious rings in their inventory--loving these

Jewels by Grace met up with Bellflower Bay, This_Is_Ferro and GemstoneGypsy and it was AWESOME

The Eden Collective wearing some of my favorites, especially that 1944 ring, most from her personal collection

Diamonds in the Library met up with Diamond Doodles, GemFever & EatJewels and it was epic 

Lisajshuler shows off some bright blues from items in her shop--some turquoise, some enamel and some aquamarine

Sarahnehama displays some special keepsake mourning/sentimental rings from her personal collection

Jewellery Hannah stacks up some pieces from her shop and others from her own collection

Maelgwns_muse piling on all her favorite rings from her personal collection--I'm dying!!

I guess you can say RingHoarder has a thing for pearls...and rings, obviously}

How Our Favorite Designer Rings Got Their Names


What's in a name?! -- The famous quote uttered by Juliet in Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet may be one of the most well known quotes of all time. When we truly think about it, what IS in a name and how important is it for jewelry designers when creating a moniker for their collections. Are they a make or break for how well the collection sells?!

When I created my jewelry line three years ago, I knew one thing for sure--I didn't really want to name my pieces. I've always been into numbers and when I decided I wanted to create my own line of rings, it was easy deciding on the question of, well, how many? Five fingers on each hand = five rings in the collection. I decided to name each ring using the numbers one through five. I wanted the designs to be more about what each looked like rather than what they were named. With my background in literature, I've always found myself preferring poems that were titled "Untitled" or quotes written by "Anonymous." Is that weird?! No, it's just me. The simplicity of being named a number fits myself and the collection. But don't worry, I would never pull a Seinfeld and name my daughter Seven.

I got curious in names and decided to do some research. Turns out, now more than ever designers are naming their pieces based on the most simplistic way of describing something--like, if you didn't have any experience in the field of jewelry, but rambled off the name of the piece, you could identify it easily out of a group of jewelry. Examples like, "Diamond bar ring" or "Pyramid onyx ring" or "Gold spike ring." I would say more than half of jewelry is named in this way.

But what about the creative names...pieces that were essentially the "diamond bar ring" but now have a name called Goddess Cleopatra...or something exotic like that. I wanted to find out from designers who put in some brain power and meaning into their naming and see what they had to say! So I asked five designers to tell me the inspiration behind a specific piece and how each came up with the name of it. Here's what they had to say:


Name: The Aztec Chain Ring

Designer: Khai Khai Jewelry

Explanation: "The Aztec Chain Ring is part of the Aztec Collection. This collection was inspired by a trip I took to Mexico years ago during which I visited a Mayan Temple ground. When I began sketching the concepts and layering different lengths of lines on top of one another, it had a clear resemblance of these Aztec temples. To think that these immense, elaborate structures were built by bare hands in the 14th to 16th century with such intricate detail really just stuck in my mind and that's what triggered me to design an entire collection based on that unique architecture."


Name: the Meredith ring

Designer: Suneera

Explanation: "All pieces are inspired by and named after woman in history, stories, and folklore. I love the idea of bringing a piece of history and mystic from the past to present with her designs. Inspired by the spirit of her elegant and stylish Indian heritage, Suneera brings precious jewels that can be called modern heirlooms. The design aesthetic is an eclectic mix that reflects personality and individuality.

Meredith is a name that comes from an old folklore, meaning the protector of the sea. I enjoy working with opals as each one is so unique. When I saw this Australian opal, I fell in love with how the surface has waves and a magical depth like the ocean. For this piece, I designed with 18k yellow gold and champagne diamonds. The rich yellow of the gold beautifully compliments the cobalt’s and greens in the opal."


Name: Benares Spot Ring

Designer: Alice Cicolini

Explanation: "Inspired by the fine gold thread weaving traditions of Benares, the pattern is drawn from an 18th century sari border. This joyful ring also nods to the style of Carlo Giuliano, who was working in London around the mid 19th century."


Name: Skipping Stone Ring

Designer: Emilie Shapiro

Explanation: "This ring is created by water casting -- a free form casting technique where you throw molten metal into water to create spontaneous shapes. This technique dates back to an Eastern European tradition called molybdomancy, where they interpret the shapes of the water casting to tell your fortune. Although I'm not a fortune teller, I love interpreting the shapes after casting, and allowing the wearer to interpret that shapes and instill their own meaning in the piece. To me, this piece really shows the process and resembles stones skipping and creating ripples."


Name: Sacred Windows

Designer: Ralph Masri

Explanation: "My new Sacred Windows collection is inspired by the arch windows and stained glass artwork of cathedrals and churches - hence the name Sacred Windows! It focuses primarily on simple silhouettes reflective of the arch structures set with an array of colored gemstones reflecting the stained glass patterns you usually see in those windows."


My Jewel Box: Gold Rings for Christmas 2014 #LoveGold

IMG_6183 IMG_6122 IMG_6108

After putting together two large ring collages (1 & 2) full of potential gift options, this Christmas I was left wondering what would be under my tree. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to gift a memorable piece of jewelry. Rings are very personal. Giving a ring as a holiday gift almost guarantees a special memory which will forever go along with it. I was actually just saying this the other day when my mom asked me a detailed question about last Christmas, and I honestly couldn't remember certain details from that day. But I could tell you which ring out of my collection I received that year, along with some memories that went with it!

Last year, Matt got me five golden rings, each he picked out himself except for the double-finger ring from Elisa Solomon.  Christmas 2011 and 2012 were also ones for the memory books.  This year, Matt surprised me with a ring he picked out himself, found on eBay.  It has such a unique style and swoops down into a point, with a braided style of 18k yellow gold.  I love lapis, and a tear-drop shaped lapis at the point sets it off perfectly.

I also unwrapped a gift I've been waiting for for a few months--a ring specially designed for me by LFrank Jewelry using a bi-color quartz I provided.  I fell in love with Liseanne's aesthetic after visiting her store earlier in the year with LoveGold.  I had to have that buttery-matte gold with lots of prongs, all done in 18k.  It turned out better than I expected, and it really shows off the unique gemstone.

Two surprises from designer friends--Misa Jewelry diamond branch ring in 14k gold and an 18k yellow gold lucky clover ring from Elisa Solomon made my holiday complete!  Unexpected gift-giving is one of the best aspects of this time of year...and it reminded me to pay it forward.  Although the holidays are now over 350 days away, next year I hope to expand on good-deed-doing and I hope you will join me!  A little gift of gold can go a long way!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Gem Gossip Featured in Interview


A perfect way to end 2014, an interview on!! I answer questions on a topic that is my expertise, RINGS! InStyle's Contributing Editor of Fine Jewelry and Watches, Marion Fasel, asks some thought-provoking questions about rings, with the interview below.  For the full feature, including Marion's picks for the perfect "Ten Golden Rings" for gifting OR receiving, check out this link.

Why do you think gold rings make a great gift?
Rings are very personal. Giving a ring as a holiday gift guarantees a special memory. You look at your rings throughout the day on your hands which is a constant reminder of the joyous moment when you received them.

You have hundreds of gold rings, but for someone who is just beginning their collection what style would you recommend?
I would say stick with the classics—a nice signet ring or stackable band. Ten years from now when you’ve grown your collection along with your evolving tastes, you will still love and treasure those pieces.

What gold ring do you wear most often? 
Besides my engagement ring, I’ve been wearing my 30th birthday present, which is the Tiffany Open Atlas ring in 18k yellow gold. It is so comfortable.

Do you have any favorite contemporary gold rings you would recommend? 
I have a couple of rings from Elisa Solomon’s beautiful collection. And I’m dying for a custom ring from L. Frank. I love her aesthetic.