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David Webb Makes Their Debut at Couture

David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip

Don't ever say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. At nearly 70 years old, David Webb still reigns supreme as an iconic, American jewelry house full of the most exquisite designs. One look at a David Webb piece and you KNOW it is a David Webb piece. From the finest craftsmanship, to the bold enamels and well-known motifs, the jewelry has been delighting since 1948. They have a strong following, a large amount of die-hard collectors and a presence known worldwide; not to mention a showroom/workshop located on Madison Avenue in NYC and a boutique in Beverly Hills. You'd think debuting for the first time at a tradeshow would not be on their agenda. Could such a legendary American brand make a move like that? And if so, how could they "do it their way"?

I was very curious myself...however feeling more excited than any other emotion. I made sure that David Webb was first on my Couture agenda--Villa 112 was the place and I was ready to gawk, gander and swoon. Walking into the Villa, I thought I was in their NYC boutique for a minute. Luxury was brought to the desert and the animal kingdom followed along too. I got to see many of the pieces that hit the red carpet over the past year--like totem necklaces, which one was worn by Nicole Richie back in November and I still can't think of a better look. I love seeing David Webb worn on the red carpet and it is always magical when it happens. Speaking of red carpet, nothing would look more incredible than the turquoise and emerald necklace I got to try on while at Couture--could you imagine that on the red carpet?!  Hopefully it will happen in the future. I also got to revisit some animal favorites--like panthers and cats (rings) and dolphins, fish and snakes (bracelets). 

One new aspect of David Webb which debuted during Vegas Jewelry Week, is a scaled down collection with a lower price point than typical pieces. This new collection, called Motif, features black and white enamel and appeals to all ages.  There are also new entry-level pieces from the Tool Chest collection, which I actually am a proud-owner of from the off-chance I entered my name into the drawing to win a pair of Nail Stud Earrings. I couldn't believe I won! I've obviously been wearing them ever since. (The next day I wore them to the Antique Show, and almost every dealer commented on them!) I've included a photo of the earrings above (last photo) and they are done in 18k hammered gold and are only $680.

Be sure to stop by David Webb if you're ever in the NYC area or Beverly Hills to check the new collection out. If you thought you'd never be able to afford a piece of David Webb, think again--this new collection may be your chance!

Special thanks to Levi Higgs of David Webb for taking the photos!

Couture 2017


Want more? See my visit to their NYC boutique

Favorite Instagrams: Early 2016

davidwebbjewels gemfever susannahlovis trafalgarjewellers hakan_groth spencerfinejewelry jesswinzelberg giuliaballetti butterlaneantiques maelgwns_muse catbirdnyc reliquarysf metiersf ferrermiret

davidwebbjewels captures this opal, diamond and enamel ring in the best way possible 

gemfever posted this ring for sale and I am so bummed to have missed out on it

susannahlovis displaying an amazing opal heart and diamond ring that makes my own heart beat fast

trafalgarjewellers is ready for the brooch to have its come-back this year

hakan_groth takes a picture of this ceiling painting located in Napoleon's Library at Compiègne

spencerfinejewelry in awe at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris

jesswinzelberg and her incredible drop earrings she designs, all available on her website

giuliaballetti snapped this photo from an antique shop in Bournemouth which looks lovely

butterlaneantiques sold this 18th century love token pendant/brooch which also hurts my heart it got away

maelgwns_muse playing with some of her treasures, like this Edwardian diamond ring

catbirdnyc photographs the two prettiest pieces from their collection--the Marie Diamond ring and Black Magic Opal ring

reliquarysf layers some of their finest gold necklaces and pendants from their vintage/antique collection 

metiersf displays lots of beautiful pendants and necklaces--Qu'Hier-Que Demain 

ferrermiret posted this incredible portrait miniature pendant with the dangling heart lock at the bottom


Gem Gossip Visits David Webb on Madison Avenue, NYC

David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip David Webb | Gem Gossip

I confess I am still a NYC newbie. I've visited maybe four times and I get astonished looks every time I tell someone that, especially since I grew up in western New York. But with every visit, and even if these visits are less than 24 hours (like this one), I go all out.  This particular trip I made every bit count and squeezed in a stop at the iconic jewelry store and workshop of David Webb over on Madison Avenue, where I got a personal private tour from Levi Higgs, who runs their social media and works in the archives. Levi has been a good friend for a few years now, being featured on Gem Gossip in the past and even guest blogging from NYC's antique shows for me. He is also a damn good photographer (he shot the photos seen here) and seriously needs a trophy of excellence for creating the beautiful content that is seen on David Webb's social media platforms. He truly has an indescribable knack for beauty.

David Webb is one of the first people I think of if someone were to ask me to name the best, most iconic jewelers.  His name is synonymous to greatness, he defines American jewelry, and it is no wonder the subtitle to his 2013 released book is "The Quintessential American Jeweler." This North Carolina-born master of creativity and talent has made a name for himself in the short time he was here on this Earth. I remember sitting in my very first jewelry conference back in 2010 up in Rhode Island and listening to Simon Teakle speak.  His lecture was called "Twelve Months of Change: The Ups & Downs of the Jewelry Market" and at the time he was the director of antique and estate jewelry for Betteridge Jewelers. As Mr. Teakle spoke, he could not have stressed how significant he felt David Webb's designs are and how much of an investment piece each one truly is. His resonating quote from that lecture was, "Rarity and quality prevail," and that day I first learned what it means to display such high quality and craftsmanship like a David Webb piece.  That lecture stuck with me and I always felt David Webb was in a category of its own from that day forward. 

Who would have ever known, fast forward five years later and I would be visiting the flagship in NYC, where above the shop resides some of the most talented craftsmen in the jewelry industry. The David Webb workshop is unlike anything I've seen. New-world techniques collide with old-world traditions and designs, and each piece is made from start to finish right there on Madison Avenue. I got to meet Benjamin Ray (the man pictured with me wearing his polishing apron) who is a legend! He has been working at David Webb for 50 years, where he first landed the job back in 1965 at the young age of 21! He has been a part of the company for such an extensive period, working both before and after Webb's passing, and has polished many famous pieces throughout the years--like Elizabeth Taylor's David Webb collection, pieces worn by stars, celebrities and fashionistas. I could immediately tell that he takes great pride in what he does just based on his beaming smile he was flashing, sitting behind the polishing machine. The stories he could probably tell!  I wished I had more time with this visit.

Onto the Archives room, where over 40,000 drawings and records call home.  The files are endless and I could seriously get lost for days on end. I got to take a peek into the Taylor-Burton file, like it was an ordinary thing to do, but now that I'm home and I think back I cannot believe the opportunity.  Elizabeth Taylor's extraordinary double-headed lion pearl necklace rendering?? YES.  I saw it right before my very own eyes. Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Richard Burton commissioned David Webb to make this necklace in 1965. The star wore it in her film Ash Wednesday, and it was also featured on the cover of her book, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry. How incredible?! Seeing the amount of drawings that were stored here made me realize how phenomenal and passionate David Webb was. It is so tragic that he passed away in 1975 but left behind a legacy that has made a huge impact on the world of jewelry and many others.  What a special day to spend at David Webb!



David Webb

942 Madison Ave.

New York, NY 10021

To read and learn more about David Webb, purchase this "Must-Have" Jewelry book:

Glimpse into the Past: David Webb


Myrna Loy, in my opinion, would have been the perfect model for David Webb's exquisite jewels. Although the chronological timeline may not necessarily worked out--David Webb being founded in 1948 and Myrna Loy being in her prime acting career during the late 20s and 1930s. David Webb is still producing highly collectible jewelry today, with the well-known pieces featuring animals and nature-inspired themes. Below are some of my favorite David Webb pieces, which are currently for sale on 1stdibs. davidwebb3 davidwebb davidwebb2

Beladora: Glitz from the Past

Don't have the time to strut your stuff on Rodeo Drive?  Luckily Beladora is online and you can shop whenever without leaving the comforts of your home.  Browse through hundreds of vintage and estate jewels, even designer pieces like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopard, David Webb and many more.  Check back frequently for more additions, and check out their "mini-me" version called Beladora 2, with a more affordable, less ornate selection.


These earrings are destined for the red carpet! 18k yellow and blackened gold, with turquoise and diamonds. Total diamond weight: 2.11 carats! And, hey everyone needs a good pair of chandelier earrings. Price: $1850

Bangles are always chic, but add some bright coral and you've got yourself a knock out piece! Circa 1965, this bracelet has 18k yellow and white gold with diamonds and coral intertwined. Price: $4250

Elegant emerald necklace--so delicate and truly a statement of its time. From 1965, it is done in none other than platinum. Beladora describes it as having a 'negligee' style. Price: $14500
Sometimes pearl necklaces all look the same to me! However, this pearl necklace is unlike any I've seen. The clasp is gorgeous, featuring a diamond and six sapphires. Now, if your necklace is on backwards, it will look better! Price: $535.50