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Top Five Reasons Chinchar Maloney Should be a part of Your Engagement Ring Search

Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip

We don't ever want to pair the words "engagement ring shopping" and "daunting" together.  This is a joyous occasion, a very special time in every person's life and arguably so, some negative words are often used to describe it. Where to start? Who to trust? What are the best options? There are so many questions that often don't come with straight answers, and that may be a culprit. The best thing I can do is suggest designers and stores that I feel are honest, fair, trustworthy and have amazing designs.

That's where Chinchar Maloney comes into play. I've been recommending their designs to numerous brides-to-be who are looking for a unique and classic ring that they can treasure forever. I own a few pieces from this Oregon-based, family-run business and really love their craftsmanship. A fan of my engagement ring even commissioned Chinchar Maloney to create a ring that looks identical to mine and it turned out so very similar, I had to do a double-take.  

Chinchar Maloney most recently debuted a new collection rightfully named the "New Classic." What's even more exciting, since I know a lot of my followers are store owners, they are now offering wholesale and opening up a new realm of their business with wholesale accounts.  It is a great opportunity to feature a rising artist that has captured the millennial market, a foray which many are still trying to figure out. They've not only done just that but have a huge social media following of over a half million and counting. People just love their designs!

I've put together a list of the TOP FIVE reasons Chinchar Maloney should be a part of your engagement ring shopping:

Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip

Unique, Alternative Styles

1. Their rings offer a unique and alternative styles than what's currently on the average market. Many brides are wanting something that is different, that "no one else has," and their designs clearly fit this description. An important selling factor for Chinchar Maloney is that their designs are different yet thoroughly classic at the same time. 

Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip

Rustic Diamonds

2. Chinchar Maloney uses "rustic" diamonds in their designs--a current trend for engagement rings and something that is catching everyone's attention. Diamonds that are peach, grey, champagne, cognac, "salt and pepper," and a few other color descriptors used to name these unique diamonds which are not graded on a typical D-Z color scale. To learn more about the diamonds used by Chinchar Maloney, click here.

The use of these diamonds is important to Chinchar Maloney, "All of our diamonds are natural and untreated and have come out of the earth with the wonderful colors and characteristics you see here. All of our diamonds are ethical and conflict free. This is just as important to us as it is to you!"

Family-owned & operated

3. As a family-owned company, you will receive incredible customer service and know that you are contributing to artisans who have a passion for creating. There is something about a family-owned business in the jewelry industry that stands above the rest. I love the above video and how it brings the brand into the spotlight to give you a peek at what they're all about. Now you can see what truly goes into creating these pieces.

Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip

100% Handcrafted 

4. Everything is handcrafted. This is becoming more and more of a rarity, as we see so much that is mass-produced. Looking at a Chinchar Maloney ring and you know that each piece was created in their Portland, Oregon studio, by hand, with each step of the way in a craftsperson's hands. That is amazingly wonderful to me. 

Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip Chinchar Maloney | Gem Gossip

Not Just Rings!

5. You can outfit your entire look using pieces from their "New Classic" collection. Yes, they've expanded into bracelets, necklaces and earrings--all with the same raw, unique look that is so Chinchar Maloney. So if you're putting together your wedding day look and want to match your engagement ring, you've got some options. Or if you already own a Chinchar Maloney engagement ring and want something to add to your jewelry box that will go perfectly with it, these gorgeous pieces above would be great.

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Chinchar Maloney.

Chinchar Maloney

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My Jewel Box: Diamond Cage Ring by ChinChar Maloney


IMG_6968 IMG_6941

group 1

I've never had a jewelry designer tell me that they were inspired by me and my style when designing a specific piece, until now!  Meet the Diamond Cage ring, a part of ChinChar Maloney's newly launched Diamond Deco Collection.  I pretty much think they nailed it on this one!  If you can see from the above photos, if you turn the ring, you get a different look each time.  I can come up with three different looks based on how it is worn--I love that!  I have it stacked with another ring of theirs as well, the Lock & Key ring, which warms my heart just glancing at it!

ChinChar Maloney is excited to launch this labor of love of theirs--the Diamond Deco Collection--which mixes simple elegance with an Art Deco feel.  Like their other collections, many of the pieces in the Diamond Deco line-up are able to mix and match, with stacking possibilities that are endless.  Lots of angles and contouring lines, with dashes of diamonds mixed in! Check out the entire collection here.

Another favorite is ChinChar Maloney's natural colored diamond engagement ring selection. For those that want something incredibly unique, a diamond that is natural and uncut is quite spectacular.  With engagement season in full-swing, and future brides wanting things to be more and more "one-of-a-kind," these are the perfect fit!  Check out the entire natural diamond engagement ring collection here.


Vintage Motifs: Gold Padlocks & Keys #LoveGold

IMG_4553 IMG_4569 chincharmaloney IMG_4587

I received a beautiful gift in the mail from Chinchar Maloney, a husband and wife duo who love design and being creative.  Their jewelry line features dainty, stackable rings with a motif on each end, and space in between--with my favorite being--the lock & key ring.  I was naturally drawn to that design and upon further examination into my jewelry box, and also showing my mom, I realized that gold padlocks and keys have a deeper meaning to me than I realized!  

My first key motif piece of jewelry came to me from my grandparents, brought home from a trip to Italy visiting family. My sisters and mom each received a piece of gold jewelry from them upon arriving home from their trips to Italy, and out of all the items, I got the 18k yellow gold key charm.  I wore that pendant almost everyday in 9th grade--until one day I almost lost it in a gym locker and never wore it again.  I felt better that it was tucked away in my jewelry box, away from danger.

My second padlock themed piece of jewelry was purchased shortly after I got my first job and had some money of my own to spend.  I bought it on a family trip to Florida, where going to flea markets was our favorite Saturday afternoon pasttime.  While my younger sisters bought clothes and fake designer belts, I was rummaging through a jewelry dealer's "junk" section where he had a pile of broken parts and unwanted trinkets--all real gold.  I found the padlock and talked him down on the price and ran off happily with my new purchase. I've had it affixed to an old Victorian gold bracelet ever since.

Receiving this gold lock and key ring from Chinchar Maloney served as a symbol for a new beginning for me. With new hopes of spending more time with family and focusing more on my blog by only working four days a week now, this ring couldn't have arrived at a better time.  It will remind me of my goals and keep me focused.  

When I showed my mom the ring, her face lit up.  She immediately showed me her gold key pendant set with a ruby that my dad gave her when they first started dating.  It fit in perfectly with my pieces and completed the symbolism for me full circle.  From now on, I will be more aware of this motif and make sure to search it out!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold