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The Top Jewelry Trends Seen at Couture 2017

Yael Sonia | Gem Gossip

After acclimating to normal life, and when I say normal I mean not having to take 700+ photos per day while meeting one jewelry designer after the other all while trying to look like I haven't just slept for 4 hours and only eaten a diet that could sustain a person for a brief moment, I am happily enjoying my quiet reflection time from the Couture show. Happy to be tucked away in laid back Nashville, far from the dry air, noisy crowds and thick cigarette smoke of Vegas. But don't get me wrong, there is a large part of me that absolutely loves everything about Vegas Jewelry Week--including all that is complained about. 

One of my most favorite things to do when Couture is over is go through all my photos, take in all that I just saw and narrow down all the goodness into a small list of top jewelry trends. It is no simple task and I like to keep my trend categories somewhat pinpointed, so they are not so broad. Tracking trends and observing how these trends evolve is some science mixed with a heavy dose of anthropology, and no I don't mean the lifestyle/clothing store. 

So here are the five jewelry trend categories I've come up with that were the most dominate in the best way possible from Couture 2017. They are in no particular order and are illustrated using just ONE example of designers I had appointments with--there are several other pieces and designers that also captured these top jewelry trends too!

Jane Taylor Jewelry

1. Rainbow Waves:  

I was seeing SO MUCH rainbow around Couture; color everywhere! I was totally loving it. This trend was best exhibited by Jane Taylor Jewelry whose designs get more and more colorful every year. Every ROYGBIV fan out there can spot the gemstone that represents each spectral color. Designers are embracing color and incorporating all colors into their designs. Buyer and jewelry lovers are searching for pieces that are vibrant, colorful and play off one another while still displaying a rainbow of hues.

Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip

2. Shoulder-Duster Statement Earrings:

We've seen earrings trend all across the board in the past few years--from simple studs, to ear jackets, to ear climbers/crawlers...even ear cuffs.  This year was all about the bold, shoulder-dusting statement earrings. Long in length, sleek in style, and statement-making in their own right. Above, I clearly saw some great examples of this trend at Lydia Courteille. These pieces were quite breath-taking and feature her signature black rhodium and rainbow of gems (which ties in with the first trend). I love Lydia's gem choices and color combinations. We recommend this trend with pulled back hair and no necklaces.

Yael Sonia | Gem Gossip

3. Modern Geometric:

Perhaps one of my favorite trends, the modern, sculptural pieces that have a hint of geometry to them. This trend is easily showcased best by Brazilian designer Yael Sonia. Her designs exude a futuristic feel, very 3017. She uses Brazilian gemstones and each item is handcrafted in Brazil. I love the 3D cubes, spheres and the use of movement that is also incorporated into her pieces. 

Zoe Chicco | Gem Gossip

4. Gold Wire Necklaces:

Chains took a backseat this time around at Couture--it was all about the solid gold wire. Whether it was plain or decorated in gemstones, the wire collar can exquisitely flatter any neckline, all while making a statement. I think the gold wire has gained popularity lately because it almost resembles a choker, has the same capabilities as a regular chain, yet it is heavy, rigid and substantial. Above, one of my favorite gold wire collar necklaces found at Couture 2017--this one is by Zoe Chicco and features bezel set diamonds of various cuts set throughout the piece. It is elegant and edgy at the same time!  So good!!

Sydney Evan | Gem Gossip

5. Charms:

I was not expecting charms to be such a highlight and hit at Couture 2017, but they totally were and as a charm collector, I was loving all the interpretations I was seeing! Each designer had their own take on charms--their own motifs and ideas came to life in colorful and gem-set renditions. The most well-known being the Gemfields x MUSE collaboration charm necklace, as people are STILL talking about it! I loved Sydney Evan's charms (shown above) as they were quirky, fun and very colorful. Her signature motifs, like the evil eye, the word "Love," wishbone, lips, etc. were brought to life as charms. The trend is great for many reasons--low price points, easy to collect, and the wearer can choose to wear them any way they want!


Couture 2017


Want more? See my top picks from last year's show!

Q & A with Anabel Higgins Jewelry






Anabel Higgins Jewelry began during the designer's recovery from breast cancer. As the collection began to evolve, she found a passion for shaping beautiful pieces to express a woman's unique sense of style. The initial collection takes its inspiration from vintage sporting medals popular in Britain during the first half of the 20th Century. The Anabel Higgins' Heritage Collection is the re-shaping of these antique medals for today. The jewelry is fabricated in Los Angeles, and with every sale, a portion goes toward funding breast cancer research!

I had to know more about this lovely lady and her charitable jewels:







Expanding the Anabel Higgins Heritage Collection of British Sporting Medals to include additional vintage inspired pieces with a modern twist. I am currently designing Pendants featuring 19th Century hard stone cameos with 18k or Fine Silver surrounds and diamond bales. I am also working on a Collection based on Victorian love tokens which will include turquoise and diamonds.



Actually, I practiced law for 13 years as a litigator! I stopped lawyering to raise 3 children. Nonetheless, my passion for collecting runs deep. I am an avid furniture collector; mainly 18th and 19th Century English and French pieces. Paintings, silhouettes, and antique jewelry round out my continuing repertoire. I am an amateur student of art history and am always looking to further my education. I am currently attending a seminar at The Huntington Art Collections entitled "Fashion and Art". Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a mastectomy and between several surgeries, I started Anabel Higgins Jewelry. I was looking for a healing, creative endeavor to take my mind away from my treatments. Nothing pleases me more than creating beauty for people to adore.


Watching people wear my jewelry with style and passion!



One of my primary goals for Anabel Higgins Jewelry is to donate a majority of the proceeds to charities focused on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Thus, the more successful the business, the greater the donations and hopefully, the greater the impact.


My grandmother's Edwardian diamond drop earrings I wore on my wedding day.

Annie Higgins Wedding Earrings

Timeless pieces by Mannin, from Broken English


I was completely captivated by the works of Suzanne Donegan, the creator behind Mannin. I admire her use of carefully curated objects within her jewelry line and emphasis on heritage. Below are some charms from Mannin, available at Broken English. Love the watch fob and the unique gemstones used.


Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry


Jennifer Fisher's jewelry line is described by the designer as having a "casual edge."  I say it is gorgeous, but what I am most fond of is how her collection of necklace charms is the coolest I've seen.  Each charm is one that I would wear--and it is a neat concept to start with one charm, and then continually add more.  This idea will create your very own customized necklace story.  Jennifer Fisher designs each piece so it can be worn alone or layered, so whether you wear a necklace with one charm or several, it will look great.

Besides charms, Jennifer Fisher has some other amazing jewelry pieces such as two-finger rings encrusted in black diamonds, studded cuffs and rings, gothic letter necklaces, and insect earrings. Check them out for yourself here. You can also find her jewels at Broken English.



Flower key $660
Malabar crest $750
Quill with diamonds $2500


Green Tahitian Pearl $1000
Gray Tahitian Pearl $1000
Spider with Sapphire & Ruby $1560
Wishbone branch $800
18k feather $800
Medium circle, black diamonds $2500




Antler $400
Ivy crest $715
Star with diamonds $720


Jennifer Fisher Jewelry ♦  270 Lafayette Street Suite #1206  New York, NY 10012  ♦  212.625.2380

Automotive Motif of the Art Deco Period


During the Art Deco Period within jewelry, automotive motifs became popular as a result of the first ever automobile.  This era occurred during the 1920s & 1930s.  I love all the vintage possibilities of this motif, and many of them are in the form of charms.  During my trip to California, I was wooed by the awesomeness of the Blue Angels jets as they tore up the sky (it literally sounded like they were tearing up the sky!)  At the Miramar Air Show I also got to see WWII war planes flying through the air.  Not only did that sight sort of transported me back in time, but it helped me to understand why planes were made into pieces of jewelry.

{14k yellow gold British taxi, Price: $205 from CHARMCO}


{14k yellow gold with rubies airplane, Price: $215 from CHARMCO}


{14k yellow gold cruise ship, Price: $205 from CHARMCO}


{18k yellow gold propeller with diamond, Price: $225 from CHARMCO}


{14k yellow gold double-decker bus that opens, Price: $200 from Beladora2}