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The Hottest Celebrity Jewelry Trend Happening Now--Hoops!

emilyratajowski3 emilyratajowski2

Jennifer Lopez may have been one of the originators, but now there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of hoop earrings and celebrities are following suit.

What makes this hoop trend new? Crank the typical thin metal circle hoop earrings up a notch... or 12 notches! We've spotted all kinds of luxe versions of the hoop earring -- from diamond color coated to encrusted opal slices. Hoops are competing as the new statement earrings on the red carpet.

Not to mention they have a remarkable way of framing the face and are extremely adaptable in size to fit anyone's face shape. They're quintessential and dependable. Hoop shaped earrings have been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history. The oldest earrings archaeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC, and favoured the classic gold hoop style.

Hoop earrings are a foolproof, classic staple and if you don't have a pair of hoop earrings in your jewelry box, check out these celebrity looks for inspiration to add a pair now!

haileybaldwin1 haileybaldwin2

Hailey Baldwin demonstrating that one pair of hoop earrings is never enough. Hailey wearing 2 pairs of gold hoop earrings from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry at the launch event.

jlometgala1 jlonewvideoshoot

Jennifer Lopez wore Harry Winston three row diamond hoop earrings at the 'Rei Kawakubi/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between' Costume Institute Gala 2017. She also wore a pair of bold gold Samira hoop earrings by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry in her new music video for 'Amor Amor Amor'.

nickiminaj1 nickiminaj2

Nicki Minaj wore oversized diamond hoop earrings by Lynn Ban at the 2017 MTV VMAs.

rihannafentybeauty -celebmafiapic1 rihannafentybeauty1

Rihanna prefers colored diamond encrusted hoop earrings. She wore Rihanna Loves Chopard pink sapphire hoop earrings to the LA premiere of Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets. She also wore yellow diamond hoop earrings by Jacob & Co. at the launch of her Fenty Beauty, pictured here.

ritaora1 ritaora2

Singer Rita Ora wore diamond Tiffany and Co. hoops at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

sarahpaulson1 sarahpaulson2

Sarah Paulson wearing diamond Jasmine hoop earrings by Nirav Modi at the 2017 Screen Actor Guild Awards.


PICTURE credit all GETTY, with the exception of Rihanna photo via WIRE IMAGE

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wwwdaily Laura Lee Fulham | T: @WhoWoreWhatDly | W:

Q & A with Shelley Gibbs Sanders of The Last Line

The Last Line

Discovering new jewelry brands that are trailblazing in unique ways is my absolute favorite--that is why I jumped for joy after learning about The Last Line, a new project recently launched by jewelry veteran Shelley Gibbs Sanders. Bold colors, chic and iconic pieces...and, wait for it...AMAZING prices! You might scroll around the website and wonder, how can these prices be so good for REAL jewelry that is 14k gold and genuine gemstones?! The answer is their philosophy of being direct-to-consumer, never having a middle man, selling new pieces in batches called "drops." Their latest drop is actually TODAY where they've added to all the incredible earring styles you always wished you could find. These ear stacks are what dreams are made of and that is exactly what Shelley set out to do when creating The Last Line. Can her goal of being "the last line" you will ever need hold true for many of you?!  Let's find out!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley and we encourage you to check out the website and find your perfect piece!


The Last Line is a continued project, I have been designing this collection for pretty much my whole life and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone. We just launched at the end of July with earrings and there is so much more to come: necklaces, rings, and bracelets! The inspiration behind the name of The Last Line is it is the last place you’ll have need to look for fine jewelry and trust me, I plan to live up to our name.

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I’ve had the rare opportunity of being on both the design and the production side of the process, which is so helpful and, in the end I am ultimately a consumer so basically it is the trifecta of intel! My career technically began in New York where I studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design before returning home to California to train with Master Jewelers in San Francisco. After learning the tricks of the trade, I returned to Los Angeles to begin my career as a jewelry designer. Over time (and companies!) my roles evolved and I became the head designer and creative director for dozens of celebrity jewelry brands and high-end jewelry houses, working with everything from gold, diamonds, and precious stones.

When we decided to officially launch The Last Line, it was almost four years ago. I have been designing jewelry for almost fifteen years and in every design job I had, I was always thinking if this was my line, how would I do this, what would I change, etc.  I felt like I had seen it all, but really when I started to look there were definite holes in the market. It felt polarizing, there were two distinct buckets: reasonably priced, not-so-great design or great design and quality, outrageous price with nothing in the middle, which as a consumer I found so frustrating. Of course, after that I started to speak to my girlfriends, family, literally, everyone and anyone and I knew I wasn’t alone in that thought. Fast forward to today and voilà, introducing The Last Line.

The brand is two-fold: The Heart and The Soul, everything is designed in Los Angeles where I live with my family. The Heart pieces are the core of the brand and your jewelry box; they’re the staples that you never want to take off and that make you feel instantly put together. The Soul pieces are the jaw dropping, make your girlfriends ask, “where did you get that,” expertly crafted, special pieces you want to treat yourself to. Of course, I believe you need both!

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I did a lot of research before we decided to officially launch, I mean truly did research: price, design, size, color, the list goes on. The symbolism of our brand name The Last Line is that we want to be THE place for all of your fine jewelry wants (and needs!), the last place you’ll ever need to go.

There were a few things that were important for me when launching TLL, one of which was pricing. Fine jewelry shopping can be intimidating, a lot of which can be the result of pricing. Because we are direct to consumer, we can present amazing, quality pieces without the retail mark-up. It was also important for me to be (and stay) hands-on with the line; I think building a relationship from the beginning with your clients is key for any brand's longevity.  Being direct-to-consumer is not only a more personal approach, but it’s service driven, which is important when spending $2,000+ on a piece of jewelry online. All of our pieces focus on craftsmanship, much of the Soul collection being handmade in Los Angeles. Having a background in production (and as I jewelry shopper myself) it was important to use quality materials that look great and merit their cost.  

One of the coolest things about the line for me, is the actual assortment of jewelry is personal, I wanted to present options, in each drop you will have classics with a twist and then some really fun special pieces.  In the first drop, we have everything from a perfect gold sphere stud (in over 5 sizes!) to our signature flower earring in a variety of stones.  In the second earring drop, there are solitaire studs in a variety of stones, lots (!) of diamonds, from line earrings, to ear cuffs, to a perfect tennis drop earring and of course this amazing doubles spiral hoop earring you may have seen Nicole Richie sporting.  And in the third earring drop, well that’s a secret for now.

The Last Line | Gem Gossip


I truly hope that I am working on The Last Line, forever. I love to design of all types of jewelry and I love to create. I can’t stop—it is my obsession. I want to continue to create pieces that connect with women all over the world, it is important for my pieces to speak to the woman who’s just starting her jewelry collection and also excites the existing jewelry client who has her go-to pieces but is looking for that perfect_______. I want our pieces to become heirlooms; they should feel current but not trendy. For me, it is how a woman mixes her jewelry collection that makes it cool. I wanted to create pieces that can be worn but not worried about.  The earrings can all be purchased individually, so mixing it up is fully encouraged!

The Last Line | Gem Gossip The Last Line | Gem Gossip


My engagement ring was one of the first pieces of The Last Line. My husband actually designed it and worked with the jeweler for months. It's was something we always talked about it and one day there he was with it and it all took off from there —our marriage, our line, everything.

From the line, my favorite piece right now that I own is a 3-way tie between the diamond teddy flower earring with the pave tsavorite stem from the Goldie earring, the medium rose gold diamond safety pin and a special bracelet inspired by childhood which will drop soon.

  The Last Line | Gem GossipThe Last Line | Gem Gossip

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with The Last Line.


The Last Line


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Best Jewelry Looks of the 2015 Grammy Awards!

bonnie-mckee-grammys-2015-05 bonnie-mckee-grammys-2015-09 unnamed-4 534936373RJ00089_The_57th_A Messika Miss Hepburn Necklace 5761 NYR_11495_0003 unnamed unnamed-3 unnamed-2

I haven't "live tweeted" an awards show at all in 2015, mainly because if you've done it in the past five years, you pretty much are bored by the jewelry scene on the red carpet.  Same names over and over again, with even safer looks in terms of jewelry--with only a select few of celebrities actually giving credit to their jewelry by naming the jewelry designer as part of their "what are you wearing?"  I'm dying for someone to choose the jewelry first and foremost, and then plan their red carpet look based off that. Or maybe wear an incredible and very interesting piece of jewelry, only to have it be created by some designer that no one has ever heard of before (at least the masses). Now THAT would be red carpet history!  And that would be talked about for weeks!  But no, everyone seems to continue to wear jewelry that is predictable or what their stylist was given or some other lame reason.  

I've decided to recap some of my favorite jewelry looks from the Grammys this year because I felt each one of these looks struck a chord with me--I enjoyed these looks the most!  Of course, not pictured is Rhianna who can do no wrong in the jewelry category and will forever be on my best dressed jewelry list.  I love how she always has on multiple earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets--always stacked high, and if the look is more minimal, it is still very striking.  She also isn't afraid to mix and match the best jewelry designers out there.  

My favorite jewelry look of the night would have to be Bonnie McKee not only because she is wearing vintage/antique Neil Lane but also because she is wearing my favorite color of the season.  I love the long gold and diamond necklaces mixed with the large cross necklace, especially with this neckline and dress style.  One big, bold gold cuff is worn on her left arm and then a mixing of five rings, some of them set with amethyst to go along with her dress color.  I love this look and I can see myself wearing it, which is why I think I like it so much.

The next jewelry look I loved--emphasis on jewelry look--because of the wide variety of rings and also because they are worn on every finger!  The ear climber also made a statement, especially because of the hair style, although I don't really like the hair or dress.  Zendaya wore an Amrapali gold ring, Carrera y Carrera gold ring, Leticia Linton citrine ring, and a Jack Vartanian gold ring and ear climber.  Love the mixing of multiple designers!

Beyonce's performance jewels were really quite special!  The layering of two somewhat similar diamond necklaces is genius!  The necklaces juxtapose one another brilliantly and each has an interesting story.  The diamond tie necklace is designed by Messika and is from the Silk High Jewelry Collection.  Called the "Miss Hepburn" necklace, it consists of over 40 carats of diamonds and is unique because you can fold it up into the palm of your hand like a wad of silk!  The other diamond necklace is an exclusive one-of-a-kind Monique Péan open collar cascade necklace set with rose cut and pear shaped diamonds mounted in 18k white gold. The necklace was made exclusively for Christie's x Latest Revival curated collection.

Katy Perry never disappoints when it comes to large cocktail rings on the red carpet. The ring is a fancy Harry Kotlar canary-yellow diamond worth $2 million. I love how it photographed with the dangles coming off of her dress onto her hand.  

That choker necklace on Jennifer Hudson looked amazing on both her and the red carpet! I also love that it is from Marli, a fairly new company which is great to see.  The ring is also amazing--Jorge Adeler lemon lime quartz ring with diamonds.  No word on the designer of the other really cool ring worn by Jennifer--but I think it compliments her other jewelry perfectly.

Giuliana Rancic wore Jack Vartanian snake ear climbers, Le Vian diamond rings, and Chimento diamond rings and I am only highlighting this jewelry red carpet look because I love what was worn and love the emphasis on lot of rings with nothing else except a bold ear climber earring.  If she would have worn a necklace and bracelets, I think the look would have been ruined!  Well done!

To read my favorite Grammy look in 2011, click here.




Closer Look: Kaley Cuoco's Emmy Jewelry

Kaleycuoco Untitled Untitled Untitled


The Emmy's this year were hit or miss in the jewelry category. Us jewelry fiends were anxiously awaiting each star's red carpet moment, only to boo, hiss and whine as we saw more and more stud earrings, naked necks and wrists, and boring jewels. As per usual, a select few were decked out in some gorgeous jewelry, but all in all a favorite of mine was Kaley Cuoco. I liked both her Vera Wang dress, the color of it, as well as the jewelry that was chosen. I think the details of the bracelets was what I liked most. They were vintage Neil Lane, yellow gold, garnet and diamonds, one was a crossover bangle, and the other two were flexible bracelets.  She was also wearing Neil Lane rings--ruby and gold snake ring and a garnet, diamond and gold ring.  

>> Who was your favorite jewelry look?


Celeb Jewels: Can You Guess Who?

20130301-211649 hj 71209078 159786436JH00060_19th_Annua gr

Try to guess which celebrity each of these jeweled hands belong to!! I will post the answers in one week!

ANSWERS: (top to bottom)

Rita Ora

Scarlett Johansson

Sarah Jessica Parker

Naomi Watts

Jennifer Lopez