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Gem Gossip Visits Williams Galleries in Nashville, TN 

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I like to brag about living in Nashville as much as I can--especially to my counterparts who live in NYC and LA, who think their high cost of living, traffic jammed cities are the best places to live. Lucky for me, I have one more thing to boast about besides the wonderful people who call TN home and the rolling hills of the countryside, and that is Williams Galleries in Green Hills.  Predominately an art gallery featuring 19th & 20th Century American paintings and antique American folk art, lifelong collecting and researching has spawned this space. Ideally tucked away, by appointment-only, surrounded by upscale shops, great restaurants, and an ever-growing locale--Williams Galleries is Nashville's best kept secret for fine antique and estate jewelry.

Randi Williams, who owns the gallery along with her husband, is keeper of the jewels, where she gladly wears pieces from her inventory in the coolest way possible.  A Bvlgari suite from the 1960s? She has worn those chic pieces with black leather pants and a V-neck.  A bold plume-like French dress clip by Suzanne Belperron?  She has tucked it seamlessly against a belt for a head-turning look.  Her attitude toward these high-end pieces of jewelry is dynamic and has others catching on by investing in pieces by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Seaman Schepps, Rene Boivin, amongst others. Jewelry of this stature should not lead one to feel intimidated by it--Randi has been teaching this to her clients since she started.

I got to try on numerous pieces--so many rare and fine jewels, all drool-worthy and highly covetable. A backdrop of art went hand-in-hand with its appeal, and one soon began to blur the lines between the art hanging on the walls and the art hanging from our ears, necks, wrists and coiling around our fingers. Jewelry, after all, is art--from the gemstones, to the gold and everything in between.  There's a reason why one might not realize this when you walk into any other jewelry store. But when you ring the doorbell and enter Williams Galleries, and begin to feast your eyes on the remarkable pieces of jewelry, you soon learn these are wearable masterpieces by highly skilled artists called jewelers. 

Make sure to stop by Williams Galleries if you are ever in the Nashville area.  Don't forget it is by appointment only.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Randi at 

Special thanks to Clark Heldman for facilitating the meetup and being a great model! 

Williams Galleries
Hillsboro Corner Shopping Center
4119 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 297-2547 gallery
(615) 948-2835 mobile


The Opulent Box: A Jewelry Subscription You Won't Want to Throw Out!

opulent step1 step2 step3 opulentjewelers kieselstein-cord-bloodstone-intaglio-ring-18k-yellow-gold1-600x800 hermes-stirrup-18k-yellow-gold-bracelet-1-600x800 hermes-collier-de-chien-ring-18k-yellow-gold-600x800 hermes-choker-necklace-yellow-gold-1-600x800

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, in order to be one-step ahead of the game, one must be constantly thinking outside the box.  Unless this box is an Opulent Box, then you've found yourself amidst a genius idea-- a concept recently created by Opulent Jewelers, a jewelry company that is based out of Pennsylvania. The concept isn't new--have you heard of Birch Box or Bark Box?! Surely you have, a subscription based service which mails subscribers a monthly box of 4-5 samples based on preferences. Many companies have formed from the surge of interest, anything from makeup, to food, wine, and my favorite--Japanese toys and trinkets. Could this concept work for jewelry?!  Obviously, but what if you want to step it up a notch...a BIG notch.  I'm talking when you receive an Opulent Box in the mail, your box will be valued at $25,000!  Yes, it is the world's first-ever subscription box for authentic, luxury and designer jewelry!  

Opulent Jewelers says that each box is, "custom curated by a personal concierge to suit your unique tastes and preferences, selections in this incredible box will include rare and exquisite pieces chosen from legendary brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and others! On top of the amazing jewelry, we’ll also throw in some exclusive goodies just for you."  They've set up a survey which takes just a few minutes to answer a few questions, all of which determine the best "surprise" jewels for your Opulent Box. Questions like, "When do you normally wear jewelry?" or "Which of these speak to your style?" ..with photos of five different options. With an entire year's subscription costing $100,000 this is as good as it gets for an extravagant client needing a gift for their significant other without having to do much of anything but pay!  There's usually four occasions per year that need gifts like this--anniversary, birthday, Christmas and the ole yearly "just because" and the Opulent Box will have you covered for 365 days!  

So what do you think?!  Do you like this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

The four items featured above are favorites from Opulent Jewelers, who also have a private suite in Bucks County, Pennsylvania!  You can click on the image to bring you more details and price.  

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Opulent Jewelers.



Book Review: Cartier in the 20th Century

IMG_5898 IMG_5904 IMG_5911 IMG_5899 IMG_5902 IMG_5909 IMG_5915

Museum exhibits and books go hand-in-hand, each epically displaying works of art in the utmost refined way possible.  Cartier has opted to utilize this one-two punch with their latest achievement--releasing Cartier in the 20th Century, their newest hardcover collectible, strategically coinciding with Denver Art Museum's exclusive exhibit: "Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century."  This exhibit runs from November 16th-March 15, 2015.  Both the book and the exhibit highlight some important jewels created by the iconic masters of luxury, where House of Cartier went from being one of Paris' leading jewelers in the early 1900s to the most prestigious jeweler of the 20th Century worldwide.  

Through the ornate garland-style of the Edwardian period, to Art Deco's geometry and clean lines, on up through the glamorous tutti-frutti pieces of the 30s and 40s--each page majestically marks the periodic lifespan of Cartier's style and significant finished jewels.  One cannot mention just the jewels themselves without elaborating on the people that wore them.  From celebrities to fashion icons throughout the 20th Century, Cartier became a household name with the help from people like Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor, Maria Felix and many others.  These glamorous cosmopolitans are also portrayed among the pages, with pieces from Cartier either being worn on screen or in real life, often treasured personally among their very own jewelry boxes.  Other areas of interest in the book include a whole section on men's jewelry/style, also Cartier's other accessories like cigarette paraphernalia, clocks and table-top objects.  

Both the authors of the book and the curator of the museum exhibit did an incredible job of putting together such an immense feat.  Cartier's accomplishments in the 20th Century alone are both incomparable and, not to take words directly from the title of the exhibit, is the mot juste.  I hope to make it to Denver before the exhibit closes, but I'm glad to have an equally comparable book in case I can't make the trip!  

>> If you want your own copy of Cartier in the 20th Century click here.

Beladora features Aldo Cipullo Jewelry #LoveGold 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

I like to think the mildly common parallels between Aldo Cipullo’s life and mine mean something; I think it is mainly because, although I do love jewelry--his jewelry designs I adore.  His most iconic creation--the Cartier Love bracelet--is incredibly genius.  Its simplicity, mass appeal, symbolism, and most importantly, it being unisex makes it such a best-selling, most coveted jewelry item.  His “Juste un Clou” Nail collection has seen a resurgence to new generation coveters, I being one of them.  The idea and symbolism of a nail making up the entirety of a design is brilliant. 

Cipullo produced more than just those well-known pieces during his tenure at Cartier.  Several pieces are currently for sale from Beladora, an antique and estate jewelry source of the world, located in Beverly Hills, California.  I’ve visited their headquarters three years ago and they have some pretty amazing pieces of jewelry.  Those pieces include some very geometric inspired designs, using opaque gemstones and 18k gold.  The model above is wearing some great examples, as well as the specific details below:


Cartier Aldo Cipullo Jade and Onyx Earrings in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Rhodonite Pendant in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Lapis and Coral Earrings in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Black Onyx Circles Bracelet in 18K




This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Kim Kardashian is Cartier Obsessed




Kim Kardashian's jewelry box must be full of Cartier!  I'm surprised she isn't making them change their name to Kartier!  With Instagram posts showcasing her newly acquired bling which Kanye gifted to her--each just amazingly awesome.  It is estimated that the bracelets in both photos total over $200,000.  The diamond encrusted panther is supposedly a brooch, turned into a bracelet, and was Kim's Valentine's gift.  

kimk3 kimk