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Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry Launches Video -- THE METAL MYTHOLOGIST

THE METAL MYTHOLOGIST from Lisa Kim on Vimeo.

Prepare to be captivated and inspired; Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry artistically takes it up a notch again (first time was with a look book unlike any other, shot in the desert and made into a hardcover book). The Metal Mythologist video demonstrates a grand juxtaposition between the maker and the muse, the finished and the work in progress. It shows off the beautiful jewelry she creates, while giving a backstory and inspirational vignettes into the world of Lisa Kim. I love this video for so many reasons!

Be sure to watch and let me know what you think in the comments below--I'd love to hear! For more from Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry:

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Jewelry Store: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest 

480683_10151331077640955_2119348496_n 1270598_10151890279815955_1618070692_o GemGossip_Rings2 VintageJewelryBox 581353_10151255079615955_540139508_n FallRings GemGossip_Rings3 VintageWatchesGemGossip_Rings1 VintageRings_FB

Tucked away in a city named after its two man-made lakes, in laid-back, sunny southern California is The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest--a wonderfully smart jewelry store with a 25-year history.  If the title of being one of America's safest cities doesn't draw you in, this jewelry store will!  Continually voted best of Orange County several years in a row, this store is easily people's top choice.  And now, mine too thanks to social media.  I found The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest after being mesmerized by their gorgeous photos posted throughout Facebook & Instagram.  It wasn't long until they posted something that really caught my attention--an Edwardian diamond ring in an elongated, finger-flattering silhouette.  Before I knew it, I was learning first-hand at how amazing their customer service was as well.  With such a lovely staff made up of caring, knowledgeable people, it is easy to notice the passion behind the store, and where it started from from the beginning.  

Owners Jack and Christine began their journey in the jewelry industry working for a national department store chain.  Both were in regional management positions, but for different parts of the country.  With larger goals in mind, both had visions of owning their own store one day.  Dreams became a reality in 2001 when they opened The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest.  Their successful store has been able to give back, with many special events benefiting Breast Cancer and giving back to the community.  

The inventory runs the gamut, with new fashionable pieces of jewelry and "previously enjoyed," their take on vintage and antique jewelry.  With new items being added daily, their customers love to stop by frequently and check out what is new to the store.  Other services like appraisals, repair work and restyling old, unwanted jewelry are also their specialty.  If you're like me, and can't make it to their store, following their updates online is one sure way of receiving a purple box with their name on it!  Although I do hope to visit some day!

For more from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest visit their website, Facebook & Instagram.

>> Click here to see the ring I bought from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!

"May Is Gold Month" Exclusive Interview


Last month was MAY IS GOLD MONTH, where I participated in an interivew about jewelry and gold--my two favorite things!  The website also interviewed several other tastemakers with the same interview questions, all of which are really interesting to read!  Check out my interview here (and below):


Many red carpet jewelry trends are translating to every day wear – like pinky rings, bold gemstones, opaque stones, geometric inspired jewels and one-of-a-kind pieces.


Yellow Gold has made its way back into the #1 spot as the preferred metal of consumers. I think people are enjoying its richness in hue and how it looks great with so many skin tones.  It also pairs beautifully with so many gemstones.


Stackable and collectible rings in 14k Yellow Gold are huge hits for many age groups. The affordability of the thinner rings, combined with the timeless investment of fine Gold is both intelligent and trendy!  


Pieces that are personalized in some way – like an engraving or special birthstone – are perfect Gold gifts.  I also love the abundance of Gold inspired charity jewelry that is out in the marketplace. 


A really cool statement ring that has a story behind it.  Maybe it's antique or vintage… if it makes people stop and ask, it is a totally necessary essential! 


In December of 2012 my grandfather passed away.  My grandmother gave me their wedding bands from 1956 when they were married in their homeland of Italy.  They are 18K Yellow Gold and have beautiful engravings on the insides of each.


Gold has such a remarkable, unbelievable history.  It has an incredible allure that is deeply rooted. If taken care of properly, a piece of Gold jewelry can last hundreds of years. I love how it can be passed down through generations and continue to be even more valuable year after year. 


MaeJean Vintage does the Brimfield Antique Show

10329174_10202235555918134_53368055652598928_n 10362650_10202246007219410_2116734260_n 10405777_10202245996539143_1355544884_n 10396401_10202245998179184_352621658_n 10396525_10202246004779349_2098021216_n 10405885_10202246000619245_2042279912_n 10370673_10202245999299212_518730799_n 10346763_10202246005739373_1442945024_n

Brimfield has been on my list of must-sees since I began obsessing over antique jewelry.  The show has historical significance as being the place to go to treasure hunt!  The sisters of MaeJean Vintage did a road trip to scope out some jewels for their shop, and it looks like they stumbled upon some amazing finds!  Let's see what they have to say:

If you are an antique / vintage lover, you absolutely must make a trip to Brimfield, Massachusetts! The colossal antique show boasts over 5,000 dealers and is held three times a year. According to most seasoned pros, the May show is the largest and often has the best weather. The show is held along Route 20, with fields full of antique dealers on both sides of the road.  Brimfield is packed with overwhelming amounts of antique jewelry, furniture, décor, fashion, art, and collectibles. In addition to the drool-worthy old treasures, the streets are lined with trucks offering delicious fair style comfort food.

The amount of antique jewelry we saw at the show was truly remarkable; displays with hundreds of antique camoes, ring trays filled with Art Deco filigree rings, countless sparkling old European and mine cut diamond pieces, mounds of vintage lockets, tables piled with statement vintage costume jewelry, thousands of pieces of Southwestern turquoise jewelry, enough rare jewels to feel like you are in a museum, and gemstone pieces in every imaginable color!

If you are on the hunt for jewelry, you can expect to see pieces ranging in price from a dollar up to thousands of dollars. We found everything from retro costume jewelry to rare 19th century museum quality pieces. Some of the dealers offered absolutely astonishing collections. We came across countless large showcases packed with rare and unusual pieces. We enjoyed looking at their jewelry, but we got the best deals from vendors that had less decorative displays. Some dealers even offer silver and gold-filled jewelry by the ounce!


Ten Tips:

- Book your hotel 6 months to a year in advance. The lodging fills up very quickly- check out nearby towns such a Sturbridge.

- Wear your walking shoes and be prepared for any kind of weather. We spent an entire day antiquing during a rainstorm! Don’t forget your sunscreen, and be prepared to use port-a-potties.

- Don’t be discouraged by price tags. We found many dealers would go down 50% or more and were often willing to work on prices even more when we bought several items from them.

- Inspect each item closely before purchasing. Most dealers were honest, knowledgeable, and great to work with but we did experience a few people disclosing incorrect information. (i.e.- claiming items were gold or contained genuine diamonds when they didn’t.)

- Be prepared to pay for parking as well as entrance fees on some fields’ opening days. We found the best parking in residential locations (people actually will rent their yards out for parking, often charging $5 a day)

- If you have time, make sure to check out the local antique malls / co-ops. We found some of our best deals here!

- Bring cash for your purchases. Many dealers do accept checks (and some even credit cards), but you will get better deals if you have cash. If you are a dealer, don’t forget your sales tax number!

- If you plan on making it to all of the fields, consider booking your trip for at least 3-4 days. We spent four full days, morning to evening, in the fields (and still did not see everything!).

- Make a plan of what fields you want to visit on which days. Many fields open up on Tuesday (some dealers even sell on Monday, even though technically they are not supposed to). Be sure to print out a map of the show which can be found at .

- Have fun! You will see so many unique and interesting pieces, along with meeting friendly, helpful, unique, and knowledgeable dealers. We met a metal-head, harmonica playing truck driver from Italy who wore a chunky vintage ring on every single finger. Your trip will be unforgettable for sure!


My Jewel Box: Snake Bracelet + Tortoise Shell Cuff

IMG_3571 IMG_3559

This past week I went three days in a row without wearing a jacket!! This is incredible news to everyone, seeing as this winter seemed to be one of the coldest I can remember. Bracelets are quite tricky to wear with long sleeves and jackets. I almost always never wear bracelets in the winter. I can't even remember my go-to stack from last fall, so I've come up with my new favorite trio of bracelets since spring has sprung. It uses a bracelet that I've had for awhile, and two new ones acquired over the long winter. Now I can wear them and feel good!

1. my Forstner snake bracelet: an iconic piece and highly collectible. I am through and through fine jewelry all the way. This gold-filled bracelet is my only exception. It is easy to slip on and stack with any bracelet combination and it immediately makes me feel slightly Victorian in all the right ways.

2. my Tortoise shell cuff: tortoise shell is actually what the jewelry industry calls when describing jewelry or trinkets made from the Atlantic hawksbill sea turtle. It was highly popular in the Victorian Era, although it has been used for thousands of years. Tortoise shell is soft but fairly tough, so a cuff like this can withstand everyday wear. With many imitators out there, how can you tell it is truly tortoise shell? Either sticking it with a hot point (it will smell like burning hair) or immersing it in hot water (it will smell like wet fur or wet hair) unlike plastic.

3. my Jet beaded snake bracelet: this was a rare find and it took me awhile and I actually had to ask, if it were a snake? It was thrown in a case of antique jewelry at Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. Jet is another organic material popular during the Victorian Era. Jet forms from fossilized wood of certain types of trees that once dead, often end up as driftwood that gets swept out to sea. From driftwood it became waterlogged debris, sinking and eventually being buried under many layers of mud, decaying organisms and other aquatic detritus. Under great pressure for millions of years and with all of the requisite elements, jet forms. Jet is extremely lightweight and has a high luster and polish.