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Hampton Estate Auction Fine Jewelry Sale, November 3rd, 2014

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Auction season is in full swing, and Hampton Estate Auctions has another jewelry-filled auction coming up November 3rd, 2014! This one is not to be missed--with antique bracelets, bold earrings, vintage rings, pretty pendants, top-brand watches and a mix of coins, there is something for everyone. The timing of this auction is perfect for the holiday season, so get ready to add some pieces to your holiday wish list after browsing the catalog online. I easily found some favorites (shown above) and I think there are plenty more not shown…you'll have to check out more on the Hampton Estate Auction website.

(be sure to sign up to bid here)

Lot 79: an antique 14k yellow gold brooch with pearls and enamel work. I love this style of brooch, which generally dates back to the Victorian Era. These types of pins look fabulous on a suit jacket. Starting bid: $800

Lot 96: a ring duo consisting of a black sapphire and opal navette ring, both 14k yellow gold.  The uniqueness of these rings totally intrigues me.  The black sapphire has such a modernist, abstract look.  Starting bid: $220

Lot 98: an 18k gold antique bracelet set with a pearl and diamonds.  The design on this bracelet is incredible!  It is bold enough to be a statement piece and would look elegant on a wedding day.  Starting bid: $800

Lot 144: a diamond buckle ring, done in 18k gold with European hallmarks.  A good, retro buckle ring should be in everyone's collection!  So funky and cool!  This one is made really well.  Starting bid: $400

Lot 145: an 18k yellow gold enameled cigar band.  Although the enamel shows some damage, the overall look of the ring is still great.  I've always wanted a cigar band and the red enamel against the yellow gold is just classic! Starting bid: $350

Lot 148: a Retro, 1940s buckle ring set with diamonds and rubies.  If you miss out of the first buckle ring, this auction gives you another shot with this gorgeous retro piece!  Such a stunner.  Starting bid: $260

Lot 151: a pair of diamond skull stud earrings in 14k yellow gold.  For the badass in you, these skull studs are the subtle hint you've always wanted!  So cool!  Starting bid: $200

Lot 152: an 18k yellow gold textured finish bangle bracelet set with sapphires.  I can't imagine a cooler bangle bracelet right now--which my readers know, my Ankh obsession is real and I've never seen it done in a bracelet before!  Starting bid: $550

Lot 175: a large graduated malachite bead necklace.  Malachite is one of my favorite gemstones, and this necklace has a big, bold look to it...would be something that turns heads, for sure!  Starting bid: $50

Lot 179: an Art Deco enamel camel brooch set with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.  Suddenly, I am a huge fan of camels!!  This brooch is adorable and a true sentiment of the 1920s.  How grand it is! Starting bid: $1,000

Lot 217: a 14k yellow gold Old Mine cut diamond elongated ring.  This is my pick of the entire auction!  Everyone knows of my affinity with antique diamond elongated rings--this one is a beauty!  Starting bid: $750

Lot 326: an 18k yellow gold Art Deco gemstone and diamond ring.  This ring is outstanding!  The shape and outline of the piece is very unique, and whoever wins this ring is one very lucky person!  Starting bid: $1,000



This post was brought to you in collaboration with Hampton Estate Auction


My Jewel Box: Labradorite Bracelet from Brooke Gregson

DSCF2165 DSCF2184 DSCF2185

Loving my Labradorite silk bracelet from Brooke Gregson! It is perfect for stacking with my other bracelets or sometimes I even wear it alone. The Labradorite gemstone is so mystical looking, it is the stone of destiny and is good for intuition. Labradorite's unique shine has its own classification when learning about gems and light, it is called labradorescence. It is a broad flash of color in labradorite feldspar that disappears when the gem is moved.

>>Check out all the different silk bracelets by Brooke Gregson on her website!

My Jewel Box: Leave It to Beaver


When your place of work buys gold and old jewelry on a daily basis, it is both good and bad for a person like me. Well, mostly good ... but bad because I like everything I see.  I've learned to be more discriminating as to what goes into my jewelry box and becomes mine.  When this little guy came through, I had to bring him home with me. The beaver is made out of ivory with scrimshaw markings.  The bracelet is most likely Victorian, in 10k gold with handmade links and interesting clasp.  


Can you guess who?

Let's play a game...can you guess who?  Which celebrity's jeweled hands are each of these?  Submit your guesses in the Comments section, and I will reveal the answers in a few days!  And to whoever gets them all correct--you're good!  If you like this sort of game, click here for a similar past post.


Jennifer Lopez


Rosario Dawson


Kat Dennings


Jennifer Garner

Jewelry Road Trip: When in New York City...


New York City has so much to offer, it is pretty sad that the last time I was in NYC I was in Middle School and went to watch my sister's gymnastics meet.  I am well overdue for a trip and this summer may be the year to do it! After coming across Finn Jewelry, I feel that I have locked in on a definite jewelry showroom to visit. Designer Soraya Silchenstedt has created some designs that are too desirable to look at online only. I would love to get the chance to see them in person, especially these pieces:

sharktooth gatsby skullbracelets heartarrow

Each piece is handmade in New York City using the finest materials. 18k gold, diamonds, and specially selected rose cuts and colored stones make Finn highly desirable and collectible.

To make an appointment to visit their showroom, call 212.929.9556