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Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Gem Gossip

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Above features every "logo" aka Banner I've had over the past nine years, from first inception until now. The evolution shows the progression and most recently we dropped our tagline which we've had since day one.

With each passing July, I sit and ponder the beginnings of my blog Gem Gossip--all that it has done and accomplished, and all the potential that lies ahead. It was nine years ago that I first started this website with the sole purpose of connecting with others that love jewelry as much as I do. I never imagined that I would be doing this full-time nine years later and creating my own path. And I have YOU to thank for all this--those who read my blog daily, follow my social media accounts, "like" my photos and send encouraging emails. Thank you. You truly don't know what it means to me and I'm forever grateful. 

To celebrate this year, I'm reminiscing like crazy and sharing with you some facts you might not have known about Gem Gossip!  I thought this would be a fun and personal blog post, and I'd love to hear some interesting tidbits regarding YOU and Gem Gossip. Does a blog post stick out in your memory? How did you find or stumble upon my blog? Did I help you out in a way that I don't know about? I'd love to know! You can email me, write it in the comments below, or share on Instagram--I'll be posting this on there as well. 

PS: There will also be a giveaway coming up, but I have to hit 160k followers on Instagram first, so stay tuned!

The Facts:

1. I started my blog as a result of moving to Tennessee--after uprooting from the only house I had ever lived in my whole life in Upstate NY to TN, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had no job, no car (I sold my car because I didn't want to drive it 11 hours by myself lol), and knew no one in my new town. I finally decided to invest my time and energy into learning about my biggest passion I had been carrying around with me my whole life--JEWELRY!

2. I was in a long distance relationship at the time I started Gem Gossip. It was because of my ex-boyfriend who suggested I should start a blog about jewelry after I had constantly filled his inbox daily with long hyperlinks of jewelry that I thought was "really cool." He told me he didn't care about the jewelry and that I needed an outlet to share my passion with others who felt the same way!

3. The name "Gem Gossip" was conceived after a brainstorm session with my sisters on what to name my future jewelry blog. I knew I couldn't have my URL be because NO ONE knows how to pronounce my last name. It had to be catchy, simple, relate to jewelry and easy to say. I was looking at my sister's fashion magazines and saw one of the actresses from Gossip Girl on the front cover (that show was the most popular around that time). I whispered aloud, "Gossip Gem" ... and then "Gem Gossip" and it all clicked!

4. One of my first emails I've ever received from a jewelry designer was from Carolyn Tyler, after I had featured some of her work on my brand new blog. Her email was so encouraging and the excitement that I felt from receiving positive feedback was worth more than gold to me in that moment. I will never forget that kind exchange.

5. On the flipside of that, I've received several negative emails over the past nine years. One that called me Southern white trash (I'm from NY, so nice try) and a few that poked fun of my features that included photos of me modeling jewelry. This is both alarming on many levels but also quite comical, in my opinion.

6. The first seven years of writing Gem Gossip were all done part-time on weekends or after work. I was a nanny for the very first year and a half when I moved to Tennessee, and then eventually worked full-time at an antique jewelry store for five years. I would sit behind a microscope Tuesday through Saturday, with a pile of jewelry in a room without windows and crank out appraisals...and then come home bursting with creative energy, not wanting to do anything else except work on my blog.

7. One of my first big writing gigs was for LoveGold--I had no idea at the time how much I would learn in such a positive way from the 2 1/2 years of working with them. I produced exactly 100 pieces of exclusive content for LoveGold and traveled thousands of miles. And I still can't get enough of yellow gold.

8. I once had a meeting with a very prestigious celebrity stylist.  After learning I lived in Nashville she asked me about my love of country music.  I told her I hated country music and she kept saying, "So you don't like Taylor Swift? Not even Taylor Swift??" and I was adamant about not liking Taylor Swift. It was then and there that I realized I could have easily changed my answer to better fit our conversation; for her to "like" me. But I didn't. I am who I am and I'm not changing for anyone. It is a memory that still sticks with me to this day...and it was with me a few weeks ago when I had some big meetings in NYC. 

9. My #JewelryRoadTrip project involves a lot of travel, appointment making and on-the-spot creativity when visiting stores and designers' work spaces. My husband Matt usually is the photographer behind all my #JewelryRoadTrip features but there was one big trip he couldn't make--all my Pennsylvania coverage. My mom ended up coming along with me and taking all the photos. She was SO nervous and wanted to do a good job. I think she did great and it is still such a memorable trip for both of us. It was one of the first literal road trips where we drove my Prius up from Nashville and across the entire state of Pennsylvania over the course of four days. My car surpassed the 100k mileage mark on that trip and we celebrated by eating Arby's (my favorite road trip fast food place...wait, maybe I am white trash?? See #5). 

10. One of my most proud moments was being a co-curator at the Doyle & Doyle Vault series, where the NYC-based antique jewelry store put on their version of a month-long museum exhibition. I chose the topic of Sentimental Rings and several of my personal pieces, including my grandparents' wedding bands and my grandma's engagement ring were a part of the exhibit. In order for her ring to get to me, my grandma had to mail me her beloved ring. We both were so nervous for this feat--I had been tracking the package every step of the way. On the day of delivery, it was pouring rain. My alerts told me it had been delivered at my doorstep, but it was nowhere to be found.  I was having a full-on panic attack over this. I ran outside in the rain in search of the package. To my surprise, it was sitting on the stoop of my neighbor a few doors down from me. It wasn't just any was our neighbor that we were in a fully committed "poop war" with. What could I possibly mean by this? Well his dog would go to the bathroom in our yard almost my husband would take the dog poop and put it on their porch. Dumbest thing ever, but we were totally into it at the time lol. I grabbed the package off their porch and ran back home. That day ended the "poop war" and they moved shortly afterward, so all crisis averted. (By the way, my grandma's Italian handwriting is the reason for the incorrect delivery--insert Italian hand gesture meaning WTF).



WANT MORE? Check out my Pinterest board which features everyone's anniversary posts

JCK Talks: The Power of Blogging

Hey everyone!  I know many of you were bummed out that you either, A) weren't in Vegas to see the panel speaker line-up of myself, Monica of iDazzle, Barbara of Adornmentality, and Katerina of, or B) actually were in Vegas but had way too much going on to make it over to Mandalay Bay where it all went down!  Luckily for you, I have some great news!  The JCK Talks presentation on The Power of Blogging is NOW ON YOUTUBE (video embedded above).  You can watch it as if you were there with us, as we nervously spoke in front of a packed crowd of standing-room only volume.  

A few side-notes: 


  • This explains a question I get a lot: How/Why did you start Gem Gossip? So if you're wondering, I explain!
  • I'm tiny and so is my VOICE...please TURN UP your volume when it is my #turnup
  • Some parts of presentations were edited--like the best parts--for example, at the end of Barbara's turn she threw mini-bottles of Scotch into the crowd (best part).  


Hope everyone enjoys the video and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below! Thanks JCK for a fantastic opportunity and I couldn't have shared the stage with such awesome women!



Gem Gossip Jewelry Blog: "It started with a love for jewelry..."


Gem Gossip has been my passion, a labor of love for the past six and a half years.  Jewelry and antique jewelry are most likely what I am thinking about 90% of the time...seriously. It is all consuming and so incredibly fun. I am so proud and happy to have found and fostered my true passion...very few get to live everyday doing something they can't get enough of.  With this love, it has changed throughout these years and every year...and it has changed me.  I am excited to continue to grow Gem Gossip as a brand in the years to come, with many fun projects in the works. Let's make this a full-time gig!  Here's to big dreams and never giving up!

Video credit:

my amazing, talented little sister BunnyMiele

5 Year Anniversary for Gem Gossip

I wrote my first ever blog post for Gem Gossip on July 11, 2008...five years ago!  I can still remember exactly where and what I was thinking.  I also vividly remember the feeling I got when I had seen that seven people visited Gem Gossip that day....SEVEN...YAY.  It was a feeling unlike any other--a different kind of sense of accomplishment.  It wasn't long before what I had set out to create soon became much more than a passion and interacting with my readers was the coolest thing ever.  

I started getting into photography and loved snapping creative pictures using jewelry.  Once I started interviewing designers, a whole new realm opened up, and a new aspect of Gem Gossip was born.  Seeing what each designer had to say and why they started creating jewelry was so fascinating to me.  Every person's story was unique and different.  And I was grateful that they took the time to tell me a piece of their history.  

One of my goals that I recorded before starting all of this was, "Get to go to a jewelry show maybe the one in Vegas?!"  I chuckle at this because I remember writing it down and thinking that it was too big of a goal to accomplish, but I wrote it anyway.  Five years later, I've not only been to the show several times, but also a few others, like Miami and New York, with VIP passes in hand.  Crazy.

Education is huge to me, always has and always will be...that's why when I first started writing five years ago, I would spend HOURS and HOURS Googling, reading jewelry books, studying designers' websites, etc.  I do hate that I don't have the time to read as much as I want to anymore, especially now since I've amassed a huge jewelry book collection.  But I want to change that.  Going to the Gemological Institute of America was a dream to me...I never thought I could go because it cost so much (and I kind of already had this thing called a Masters Degree that I never use). But I didn't let that get in the way of my dreams.  I found a way and although it took me three years, I can now say that I am a Graduate Gemologist!  

A goal I never even wrote down because I thought it was totally out of my league was to someday have a line of jewelry.  This time last year, I was finishing up my last design out of my five-piece ring collection and pinching myself.  Now when I receive emails from happy customers or even photos of people wearing one of my rings, I can't explain how amazing that feels.  

The best part of having Gem Gossip is the readers--I love interacting with everyone and opening up an email with an attachment for SHOW ME YOUR RINGS.  Seeing comments like "I love snake rings because of you..." or "I'm wearing an antique baby ring as a knuckle ring just like Gem Gossip!"  totally brightens my day.  So thank you!  

And thank you to every designer that has contributed somehow, someway to Gem Gossip!  I have met some amazing people through starting this blog, some who have changed my life and some who will forever be a part of my life.   

And thank you to Marion Fasel who not only created the awesome video above, but was and still is a huge role model for me as a jewelry writer/addict/lover.  I've been tearing out her column from my Instyle magazines since I could remember, and never thought I would someday sit and chat with her for 2 hours at a cafe in Vegas.  But it happened, and a lot has happened all because I followed my passion and dreamed big.  

Top Jewelry Blogs picked by Gem Gossip

As a jewelry blogger, I realize how much work goes into blogging--thinking of an idea, getting the words out, uploading/editing/finding pictures, and then polishing the final product.  Now try doing this on a daily basis, without sounding stuffy or repetitious, even after working twelve hours straight.  Yikes.  But we, as jewelry bloggers, love what we do.  And since starting back in July of 2008, I've had so many great experiences and have met some amazing people!  That is why I am writing this post to acknowledge some of my favorite jewelry blogs out there.  I recognize your hard work and so do all the readers--keep it up!


UPDATE: Read volume 2 of the Top Jewelry Blogs picked by Gem Gossip for a more updated list!!



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