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Jewels at my Doorstep: Paige Novick

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If there's one piece of jewelry you'll always see me wearing, even if I'm in pajamas and have no other jewelry on whatsoever, it is my Paige Novick diamond ear cuff. Easily the most worn piece of jewelry that I own (yes, even surpasses my engagement ring) for many reasons, one being comfort, and the second without a doubt is its effortless way of making one look pulled together. That's why when I found out Paige most recently launched a new collection called Powerful Pretty Things, I knew it was going to be great.

The inspiration on the new collection? Paige puts it best: "The more we disconnect as a culture through our myriad of devices, the more we will need to connect to something higher. Meditation has gone mainstream. We view this paradigm shift as an opportunity to bring the world of luxury and conscious living together. Hence, the genesis of Powerful Pretty Things—a highly-curated collection of modern relevant pieces with a focus on colored gemstones and their healing properties. By taking the concept of “crystals” out of its usual flower-child context into a luxurious space, we are redefining the category." This adds a whole new dimension to wearing jewelry, and we've talked about the overwhelming popularity and intrigue of crystal healing powers just recently. With the help of some extensive research on Paige's end, she has combined both worlds of jewelry and crystal healing into one, to enveil her new collection.

While mainstream consumers think "birthstone jewelry," Powerful Pretty Things aims at going above and beyond this overly commercialized category and breathe new life into gemstone jewelry. Every piece in the collection is fun, easy-to-wear, sophisticated and on point! I was able to pick an entire look from the new collection and I kept in mind the cystal-healing properties while doing so. For me, I was drawn to pink tourmaline, opal, peridot and garnet--all four of those gemstone spoke to me and I absolutely love the combination of them.

I think you'll love this new collection from Paige Novick. Take a look at the photos shot by Lauren Newman Photography against Nashville's newest mural duo, completed respectively by one east-coast and one west-coast artist.

You can shop my entire look below:



N14071-PT N14019-PT N13927-PT E13984-GN E14536-PT E14038-OP R14444-PT R14443-PT R14442-PD R13943-OP R13943-AM R13943-AM-PT R14056-OP E14450-PT

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Paige Novick.

Paige Novick


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Dana Seng Jewelry Launches New Signature Birthstone & Number Collection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Dana Seng Jewelry Dana Seng Jewelry

Dana Seng Jewelry has been wildly popular since it first launched because who doesn't love personalized, layer-ready jewelry?! Her pieces let the buyer pick the letter that they want and the gemstone of their choice, allowing for double customization. It wasn't long until Dana decided to unleash what the people have been wanting--NUMBERS! Just as letters are so special and important, so are numbers. We all have a lucky number, a favorite number...a date we were born on or celebrate something memorable, so I already know numbers are going to be a huge hit.

For me, it will always be number 8! I was born on the 8th and the number has stayed with me all throughout my life and revealed itself in many ways. I know you--right now--reading this blog post, have a favorite number.  Wouldn't you love to have it hanging from your neck? Or chilling on your finger?  Maybe even draped on your wrist? 

I'm excited to have partnered with Dana to be the one who announces this new birthstone number collection-- and stay tuned for another really FUN blog post coming your way! HINT: I've never done anything like it before!

You can see the full collection and order your own signature birthstone number piece NOW on the official website--they just launched today!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Dana Seng Jewelry.


Dana Seng


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Want more?

Check out the Q&A Interview I did with Dana!

A Treasure for Every Birthstone at Fellows Auction

January February March April May June July August September October November december

Highlights from Fellows' Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction, set for October 16th, 2014, does not disappoint, satisfying every birthstone craving for every month.  Whether your birthstone is the colorful opal of October or royal purple amethyst of February, this auction has a piece to represent each month.  The variety of jewelry represented from Fellows is always incredible!  That is why I turn to their monthly auctions to feed my ring passion when I don't have time to travel.  Also, Fellows just revamped and relaunched their website, with a new and improved layout!  Make sure to check it out and become familiar with the new features before bidding day!

Birthstones by Month:

January ..................................Garnet

February .................................Amethyst

March .....................................Aquamarine

April .......................................Diamond

May ........................................Emerald

June ........................................Pearl

July .........................................Ruby

August ....................................Peridot

September ...............................Sapphire

October ....................................Opal

November ................................Citrine

December .................................Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon


Lot 251: JANUARY/GARNET: spheres of garnet trefoil form a cluster affixed with a diamond fly, from the late 1800s.  This pendant is a great alternative for those who love antique jewelry, yet still want something to commemorate their January birthstone.

Lot 96: FEBRUARY/AMETHYST: a dainty pendant with amethysts of all shapes--a round, ovals, and one pear shape!  The pearls add to the femininity of the piece and it can be hung from a short or long chain.

Lot 222: MARCH/AQUAMARINE: a big ocean blue sparkler for those bold March babies, with this aquamarine and diamond ring.  The saturation of color on this one is remarkable!  

Lot 382: APRIL/DIAMOND: this openwork, with a geometric design, and suspended diamonds, is a gorgeous necklace--the perfect silhouette for an April baby.

Lot 345: MAY/EMERALD: a pair of stunningly gorgeous foil-back emerald and diamond ear pendants.  I love the uniqueness of the hexagonal cut emeralds, truly different and a must-have for a May birthday.

Lot 108: JUNE/PEARL: a late 19th Century stunner, this necklace features split pearls in a fringe style.  Would be pretty in any season, whether paired in the summertime with a dress or in the winter layered on top of a draped sweater.

Lot 551: JULY/RUBY: French cut rubies are the main focus on this ring, perfect for the July baby who just wants some subtle punch of red in her wardrobe.  The diamond is not to be missed, as well (about a half carat).

Lot 558: AUGUST/PERIDOT: double trouble, with Peridot on one end and Tourmaline on the other!  This ring is quite charming and not your average August birthstone kind of jewelry.  

Lot 53: SEPTEMBER/SAPPHIRE: a 9k yellow gold, retro belt bracelet set with sapphires and pearls.  With mesh totally being on trend right now, this bracelet is a great addition to any stack.  Maybe even try wearing it higher up on your upper arm for a fashionable look.

Lot 65: OCTOBER/OPAL: a cute cluster ring set with a fiery black opal and surrounded by diamonds.  If you are an October baby, and want a bold opal with a lot of fire, look no further! 

Lot 5: NOVEMBER/CITRINE: double hearts of citrine, crowned by pearls, this brooch is amazing.  As a November baby, you can transition this piece from a brooch to a pendant as the seasons change.

Lot 245: DECEMBER/TURQUOISE: such a beautiful design, circular links made of turquoise clasped together by ruby/pearl spacers.  Any December baby would not be disappointed.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons




Gemvara: Where anyone can be a jewelry designer!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a jewelry designer?  Well at Gemvara you can have a feel for what that dream job is like!  Start by choosing from hundreds of designs--whether you are wanting a ring, necklace or earrings.  Once you find a piece of jewelry you like, let your designer instincts and your mouse go to work!  Want to change from yellow gold to rose gold?  Easy, just click!  Want to customize the gemstones to represent certain birthstones?  You can do that too!  I took three different designs offered at Gemvara below, and customized each the way I would like them.  See for yourself exactly what I did, and then go try your hand at designing.  


hoopbefore hoopafter

I love the size of these hoops and the added sparkle of the gemstones is perfect. I went from 14k yellow gold and blue sapphires to 14k white gold and red garnets. With this change, I was going for a more fashionable look picturing these worn with a draped scarf. The combination of garnet and white gold and rarely seen, which is another reason I picked those choices. The price also changes as you customize, so if the yellow gold and blue sapphires were not in your budget for $2131, maybe my customization would be easier on your wallet at a pricetag of $1501.

before after

This ring caught my eye right away! Although I really like how Gemvara has it already, I wanted to try something using an interesting color combination. I changed the metal to white gold to make it even more "icy." The "before" had diamonds and a yellow sapphire in the center, done in 14k rose gold. My tweaked version has tanzanite in the center and as accent stone #2, with accent stone #1 done in yellow sapphire. My version is $946 and the original is $1131. This ring is neat because you can choose to have it two-tone.

gemvara21 gemvara33

This sort of pendant is perfect for customizing in birthstones, whether it be your children's, grandchildren's, or even pet's! Sapphire is my birthstone, diamond is both my parents' birthstone, and blue topaz is Billy's. This necklace immediately becomes a keepsake when customized this way.


Pandora: Not Just those Silver Charm Bracelets

You've seen those silver charm bracelets made by Pandora.  Maybe you even own one or have purchased one for a gift.  Well those are not the only type of jewelry Pandora designs.  The company has branched out by coming out with many gold pieces in their collection.  Including some majorly neat stackable rings.  Their Lovepods collection features customizable birthstone rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Check out the Lovepods collection below in this exclusive video.  Also, check out my favorites from Pandora below!

p4 Price: $280

p3 Price: $495

p2 Price: $495