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The Ten Best Rings Currently For Sale at The Three Graces

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

One of my most frequently asked questions I get is, "where do you find all these amazing vintage and antique jewels?!" And my answer may surprise you, as most would envision me scouring flea markets, old attics and the like to find things like these featured above. It might be easy for me to say ONLINE and it is totally true. Websites like The Three Graces do the hard work for you, scouting out the most unique, wearable and head-turning jewels out there and we should appreciate that! I like knowing that anytime I go on I can find a whole new batch of sparkly, rare, vintage and antique pieces that expert Lisa Stockhammer Mial has sourced, authenticated, cleaned up and ready for its next lifetime. They also have some pretty special perks like a "no questions asked, free return policy," offer layaway, and most every ring can be sized to fit! And what is easier than simply logging on to a website and ogling over New Arrivals?!

I got to do just that when choosing my favorite top ten rings that are currently for sale at The Three Graces. A mix of pieces I would love to own, rings that remind me of some favorites from my personal collection, and some that I can't believe are still available (quick, grab them before someone else does!). Let's start from the top!

Emerald Art Deco Ring & Diamond Filigree Halo Ring

1. There's something unique about an Art Deco ring shaped like this emerald and diamond one! Not only does it elongate the finger, but it surely gets people staring. I love how delicate yet statement-making this ring is. Set in platinum with a stunning emerald, currently a size 6.5 and ready for a finger to shine on! Price: $4,950

2. At first I thought this would make such a beautiful engagement ring but then I saw the photos created by The Three Graces with my picks and I am really loving how this ring also looks as a right hand ring! I love when rings are versatile like that and this one definitely doesn't have a bad angle even if you tried. The center diamond is just over a half carat and has a gorgeous sparkle to it. Price: $3,650

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Deco Rock Crystal Ring & Large Moonstone Sapphire Cluster Ring

3. This ring is one of the best examples of rock crystal jewelry I've seen!  I love the contrast of the blue sapphires along with the frostiness of the crystal and white diamond. This ring would be a perfect anniversary or birthday gift and I can almost guarantee this will get a lot of wear--it goes with everything! It is currently a size 7 1/4 and done in 14k white gold. Price: $1,350

4. If you know my personal collection as well as you know your own, you will understand why I HAD to choose this grand moonstone and sapphire ring!  I have an almost identical one in my collection and the compliments that I get on it are nonstop. If you've been wanting to find something similar, this is it! Currently a size 5 1/2 with 2.88 carats of bright blue sapphires. Price: $4.450

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Antique Citrine Ring & Vintage Amethyst Halo Ring

5. A pop of yellow added to any outfit instantly brightens everything! That's why I love this citrine ring so much--I quickly become happy as soon as I look at it. I think this would be an ideal ring to wear in the summer and it could easily transition to fall wardrobes and colors. This art deco ring is currently a size 4 1/2 and can be resized for its new owner. Price: $1,275

6. Purple was my favorite color for most of my childhood. Anyone lucky enough to have a February birthdate can call amethyst their birthstone and this particular ring would be perfect for you. Or if you're like me and just love the color purple, then yes you deserve this ring too. Currently a size 8 1/4 and can be sized to your liking. Price: $1,350

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Bohemian Turquoise Ring & Bold Opal Cluster Ring

7. Turquoise is one of my most favorite gemstones--I can't get enough of it! When most people think of turquoise, they think of Persian turquoise and although that is most desirable and valuable, I actually like when turquoise shows veining, different patterns and depth of color. This particular ring has great natural veining and I love the design--simple yet bold! The ring is done in 8k yellow gold and currently a size 6 3/4. Price: $650

8. So we all know my obsession with opals and if I didn't have so many opal rings, THIS would be in my virtual shopping cart right now. Everything about it is amazing to me--the design (large oval cluster), the opals (a nice play-of-color that glows in the right light), and the size (big and bold). Don't miss out on this vintage one-of-a-kind, done in 10k yellow gold. Price: $2,195

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

Edwardian Diamond Heart Ring & "Four Corners" Sapphire, Diamond Ring

9. Never thought I'd be such a sucker for hearts, but I absolutely love them, especially the antique versions. This is an exceptional ring, dating back to the Edwardian period and set with rose cut diamonds in a silver topped setting. The band is done in 14k yellow gold and currently a size 5 1/2. If you love heart jewelry as much as I do, you won't let this one slip away! Price: $3,850

10. Ok, this ring is one that will stop you dead in your tracks and I'm so in love with it! The design is really unique--The Three Graces describes it perfectly by saying, "modernist flavor with strong design elements." The intensity of the blue sapphires is insane and it is one in a million. This ring deserves a good home that provides lots of love and care! ;) Price: $4,450

The Three Graces | Gem Gossip The Three Graces | Gem Gossip

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with The Three Graces.




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The Ten Best Vintage Engagement Rings from Trumpet & Horn

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

A dream came true over the weekend. Trumpet & Horn sent me a package of jewels, ten to be exact, and I got to live, laugh, love with them for a few days. Of course, every Cinderella has a midnight clock waiting to strike, and I had to send them all back--but don't be sad, if any of these catch your fancy, you can own them!  So my dream does have a happy ending. 

Trumpet & Horn has been the leading online destination for gorgeous antique and vintage jewelry since 2012. Since launching four years ago, they have made hundreds of brides happy with engagement rings and wedding bands. They've collaborated with wedding dress designer Claire Pettibone on an exclusive collection of rings and bands, reminiscent of her intricate bridal dresses and style. The collection is quite the success, you must check out the gallery of designs.  Trumpet & Horn also has their own vintage-inspired collection of rings, along with their authentic vintage and antique jewelry sourced from all over by owner Jerry and his team.

I've been enjoying the Trumpet & Horn newsletter for years--they provide "new arrivals" every Tuesday right to your inbox. It is worth signing up for, especially if you are busy and forget to consistently check their website. You never know if your dream ring might be the next new arrival! You would have first dibs easily! Also in September (tomorrow!) Trumpet & Horn is offering 15% off all sapphires during the month, so some great incentive for all you sapphire lovers out there!

Enjoy the photos of the ten rings and get the full break down of each below:

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

1. Just the right amount of color, this Persian turquoise cluster ring is a little glam and a little low key. Its journey didn't start out as a ring--it actually was an earring and has now been transformed perfectly by Trumpet & Horn. I love the shank that they have added--it is super comfortable and the split-shank style is so fitting.

Ring is called Bridgeton, Price: $2,950

2. These bold step cut aquamarine rings were popular during the late Art Deco, early Retro period. I've seen quite a few in my time from appraising jewelry for five years, but this particular ring is different than the other similar ones. For starters, it isn't as huge and fake-looking as most--sure it is still a bold piece, but the size of the aquamarine (approx. 10 carats) is surprisingly ideal. I would want this as my "something blue" if I were getting married! 

Ring is called St. Tropez, Price: $4,250

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

3. Mesmerizing moonstone. I just can't get enough of this gemstone and it seems to be gaining in popularity. This particular ring shows off everything wonderful about this gem--the solitaire setting really focuses all attention to the stone. It is simple yet bold enough to stand alone. But if you are stack-obsessed, this can do that too!

Ring is called Resthaven, Price: $1,050

4. When I unwrapped this sapphire and diamond cluster ring from Trumpet & Horn, my mouth dropped. The ring was glowing in the light. I have a sweet spot for Victorian jewelry and this ring dates back to the late 1800s. The Old Mine cut diamonds that surround the sapphire make it even more special, totaling approximately 0.80 carats.

Ring is called Oakley, Price: $4,500

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

5. Another phenomenal gemstone that we can't get enough of: Opals. This ring is all-original Victorian Era and features three oval cut opals that have some major fire! If you look at some of the photos above that depict this opal ring, the flashes of color are pretty glorious. I loved stacking it with the peridot ring, so you can see it easily stacks. Whatever gemstone it pairs with, those colors are brought out in the opals. So neat! 

Ring is called Brushy Ridge, Price: $1,975

6. And here is the peridot ring I just mentioned! Peridot was a popular choice of gemstone during the Victorian Era and this ring is a fine example of just that. August's birthstone is sometimes hard to find--there are lots of diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald jewels out there--but you don't often see peridot. Any August babies out there looking for your perfect birthstone ring, this is it!

Ring is called Grand Isle, Price: $3,950

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

7. A golden ring consisting of a natural ruby, an amazing silhouette in a navette shape and sparkling diamonds to finish it off. This ring has it all. If you like your rubies more on the pink-side of the spectrum, this is a good choice for you. It dates back to the Victorian Era and done in 18k yellow gold. Would make the best unconventional engagement ring.

Ring is called Prairie, Price: $2,100

8. This emerald and white sapphire cluster ring for those who like their clusters more reminiscent of floral patterns. I love the size of this ring in general and the comfort level is a 10/10. Set with an oval cut emerald approximately 0.50 carat surrounded by white sapphires--yes, you may have first glanced and thought these were diamonds.  I did too! Makes it very affordable and budget-friendly.

Ring is called Stratton, Price: $1,750

Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip Trumpet & Horn | Gem Gossip

9. Garnet lovers rejoice! Trumpet & Horn has a big, juicy garnet for you and it comes in this ring setting that shows it off impeccably. This early Victorian ring features an oval cut garnet in a six-prong setting with hand-engraved details on the side. I think this ring would be perfect for a January birthday gift, or if you're celebrating a January anniversary...or maybe even a push present for an upcoming January baby. 

Ring is called Whitmore, Price: $1,275

10. We couldn't do a top ten ring countdown without including a pearl ring in the mix. This one is extra special because it features some calibre cut synthetic rubies surrounding it and also has a French origin (French hallmarks). Love the two-tone metal, with the yellow gold shank with white gold accents. 

Ring is called Red Roof, Price: $1,250

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Trumpet & Horn.



Top Ten of the BEST Rings Available at EraGem

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

I love browsing EraGem frequently to view their new arrivals in case there is something I can't live without! EraGem has such a great selection and keen eye for providing the best in antique and estate jewelry. With the company based in Bellevue, Washington, visiting the store is may not be an option for many, including myself. Luckily their inventory is updated regularly online and easy to shop from the goodness of my computer screen. Recently, I went ahead with my usual check-in to and had way too many favorites!  And like a dream come true, I got to pick my TOP TEN favorite rings currently available and they were all sent to me for "review." And by "review," I mean play with, lust over and stare at!  

I obviously had way too much fun with this group of ten--each one unique in its own way and highly covetable. So, without further ado--here are my TOP TEN from EraGem:

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

1. Aquamarine--a gemstone named after seawater, with such a calming blue color. This particular ring available from EraGem really caught my eye not only because of the gemstone but the bi-color gold. Green gold and rose gold is a rare and unique combination--you can see it here in this ring. The aqua is approximately 1.70 carats and is circa 1940s. Price: $1,799 (click on photo for details)

2. Wow, jaw-dropping in every way possible! If you are looking for a statement-making opal ring, this is it! It truly glows thanks to the play-of-color of the opal as well as it being categorized as a jelly opal (more transparent than a typical opal). To make it even more outstanding, the setting is so beautiful with the perfect amount and size diamonds. This opal is its own galaxy and from every different angle, it looks different. Love it! Price: $4,499 (click on photo for details)

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

3. If you follow my blog you know I love malachite! Vintage malachite rings are getting harder and harder to find, at least in my opinion. This particular ring is from the 1960s and I love the size and heft of it. So comfortable and a piece that would fit in with any wardrobe. The diamonds on both sides are a cool touch and the split shank is pretty cool too. Price: $1,899 (click on photo for details)

4. Comfort level, 10 out of 10! This handmade twist ring is one of those that you put on and never take off. I love the hammered finish and the maker's mark is hand etched on the inside of the ring.  I can see and feel the time and effort it took to handmake this ring. One end is set with an emerald, the other is set with a champagne diamond. A unique duo for such an eclectic ring. Price: $1,469 (click on photo for details)

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

5. I love a good architecturally bold gold ring--this particular piece jumped out at me while browsing EraGem. Let me just say for the record, this ring in person is quite different than any photo could show. The feel and smoothness of this ring when worn is so hard to photograph, but it is totally all there! It is one of those rings that when you put it on, you're one with the ring. Sounds weird, but if you collect and wear rings, you know what I mean! Love the design, love the feel. Marked 18k "Gabriel" and would love to know more about the ring's origins. Price: $1,599 (click on photo for details)

6. A cameo unlike any cameo, striking at first for its color, then once you realize the army green shade contrasting against the purple/brown hue, you start to really like and want this ring! I don't own many cameos--shell cameos tend to not go well with my skin color and my wardrobe. But THIS. On another level! The seed pearls surrounding the hardstone cameo add a feminine touch. Price: $1,999 (click on photo for details)

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

7. A cocktail ring is named a cocktail ring because of pieces like this! The true definition. And can we talk about the lapis and turquoise combination?! An underrated duo. This ring deserves some sunny skies and a nice refreshing beverage. I like it for the index or middle finger, definitely. And yes, statement-making enough to wear alone, no other rings. Extra bonus with the pyrite flecks in the lapis. Price: $2,399 (click on photo for details)

8. Faceted hematite? Have you seen a ring like this before?!  Apparently faceted hematite was a thing in the 1970s, unfortunately I feel like a lot of this type of jewelry got melted. This ring truly knocked my socks off and I kinda fell in love. I like darker stones and may have an overload of onyx, so acquiring this ring was cool for my collection--another stone on the dark side that wasn't an onyx or black enamel. Yes, you heard that right--I loved it so much I couldn't bear sending it back to EraGem with the others. Price: mine.

Era Gem | Gem Gossip Era Gem | Gem Gossip

9. Probably the most photogenic out of the bunch and for good reasons. This massive crystal opal ring is stunning. I couldn't stop staring at it. Whoever ends up with this ring will have many, many wonderful years looking into this galactic opal. It is truly mesmerizing. The metal on the inside of this flower ring is antiqued, meaning it is blackened which makes everything stand out even more--both the colors of the opal and the design of the ring. EraGem has really outdone itself with this one! Price: $4,999 (click on photo for details)

10. Last but certainly not least, I picked this pear-shaped opal ring because not everyone loves a huge, cocktail ring and not everyone loves yellow gold. This ring is done in 14k white gold and is classic through and through. Perfect for a graduation gift or for someone who has a birthday or anniversary in October. The diamonds that surround the opal are bright, white and sparkle like crazy. Price: $1,499 (click on photo for details)

This post was brought to you in collaboration with EraGem.

Era Gem | Gem Gossip