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Shop Updates: Two Brooch Conversion Rings + Ankh Bracelet

shopGemGossip shopGemGossip shopGemGossip shopGemGossip

We've updated the @shopGemGossip page with a few items--two of them being these brooch conversion rings which I've just gotten them back from my jeweler yesterday. I love the way they turned out because most importantly, it is all about comfort with these conversion pieces. I've been seeing a lot lately that don't look so comfortable or even reasonable to wear--pointy ends, seed pearls, or too gigantic for a finger. These are what I would call Goldilocks style--just right!

I also picked up this 18k yellow gold ankh bracelet that I thought was killer. I love the look of it, especially stacked with a gold watch and other bracelets. Egyptian Revival is one of my favorite types of jewelry, which is why I had to have this bracelet for my shop.

All items are listed on my separate Instagram page, check it out @shopGEMGOSSIP



WANT MORE? These are still available.


Alex Cooper Has An Upcoming Auction You Won't Want to Miss!

Alex Cooper Auction sapphire-wings-ring pendant-earrings Lot 30 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 43 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 43 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 46 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 47 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 47 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 60 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 78 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 86 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 93 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 114 Alex Cooper Auction Lot 119 Alex Cooper Auction

Alex Cooper is one of my favorite auction houses to keep up with, as I'm constantly checking their auction calendar in hopes of their catalog going live. Good news--I'm here to alert you to an upcoming auction and my favorite picks so you don't have to be clueless! Alex Cooper has their spring Gallery Sale set for April 6th & 8th, 2017 with nearly 200 lots of fine jewelry, spanning all eras and styles. All jewelry lots are scheduled for an April 6th sale date and I've got the lowdown on all my top picks, featured above. 

I hope you make certain to register to bid--you can bid online via Alex Cooper or on

Lot 30: I've been seeing a lot of these dress clips that are truly gorgeous and over-the-top resurfacing. I feel like they are having their second wind, as I've seen them reimagined, styled in different ways never before seen. This one is an example of one of the prettiest I've seen--done in platinum, diamonds and sapphires. If you look closely, there are bullet-shaped and half-moon diamonds, making it truly special. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 43: A ring so enchanting it needs both views shown! I love this enamel dream--set with old European cut diamonds and bright blue enamel--it carries itself with its bold look. It is done in 14k yellow gold and currently a size 7 1/4. I can picture this styled with so many different looks; a fashionista's fantasy. Estimate: $700-900

Lot 46: This brooch caught my eye because of the calibre cut aquamarine that is set in it, along with the diamonds. This piece is really unique and I love a few things about it--one being the size of it (2.5 inches in length, not too big or too small), two being the color combo (light blue of the aquamarine and the white of the diamonds), and three being that it is a brooch (can be incorporated into your wardrobe in so many ways). Just pin and go! Estimate: $700-900

Lot 47: I said "omg" upon seeing this circular medallion pendant! Not only do I love a good medallion, but the subject being an Egyptian pharaoh has won me over. On top of all that, the details are all colorfully enameled with white, blue, red and green. And I felt it was totally necessary to show off the back with the extra photo because it is THAT good. Look at that winged goddess on the back, such a cool design. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 60: One of my most favorite purchases last year was a solid gold wire choker. It was something that gets A LOT of wear, almost daily. I love it because it is so versatile (I can wear it alone, layered, add a pendant to it...) and totally on trend. These two gold wire necklaces up for auction are both 14k gold and I love the groove in the center, ready for pendants or enhancers to be added. Estimate: $500-700

Lot 78: I picked these 14k white gold diamond snowflake dangle earrings because I have a very similar pair of stud earrings which I love. These immediately transport me to a pretty wintertime setting, with snowflakes falling and holiday happiness. These earrings feature two carats total of diamonds. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 86: As many of you know, I have a special place in my heart for bypass rings. This one is pretty unique--with the crossover design and including a swirl of diamonds intertwined. The two main diamonds weigh approximately 0.78 carats and 0.82 carats. Estimate: $3,000-3,500

Lot 93: With the rarity of these pairs of wedding bracelets getting tougher and tougher to find, this makes lot 93 that much better. You've got an immaculate pair of wedding bracelets and both are present. I love the buckle motif of these gold plated bracelets and the best part is the black enamel details! Estimate: $200-400

Lot 114: I love lots like these where you get a few rings, not just one! They often complement each other so whomever wins the lot already has a ring stack ready to be worn! This particular lot features a tiger's eye ring, a Victorian pearl ring and a lemon quartz ring. What a great grouping! Estimate: $80-200

Lot 119: Lastly, this cameo and intaglio pair stood out to me--a Grecian beauty and fair maiden! Just as a cameo is the opposite of an intaglio, these two couldn't be anymore different. I love the juxtaposition between them. The black onyx intaglio is done in 9k gold and the cameo is 14k gold. Estimate: $100-300


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Alex Cooper Auctions. 



Want more? Learn how to bid online at auction by reading my top five tips!

Find Your Color Palette at Fellows' Antique & Modern Sale

Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale Fellows Auction December 2015 A&M sale

As you can tell, December is FULL of the best jewelry auctions--it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Fellows does not disappoint, with their December 10th Antique & Modern Sale lineup now online for your enjoyment. If you're struggling to find that "perfect" piece for a holiday gift this year, make sure you check out their catalogue. It is brimming with fun antique jewelry, rare items and collectible pieces. I've put together a color palette to get some ideas flowing. Whether you're drawn to moody blues, epic greens, festive florals or vibrant orange, these will surely get you inspired!

> Fellows Antique & Modern Sale, Thursday, December 10th, 2015 <

Image One:

Lot 26: A bright blue enamel ring, finished off with white enamel around the edge, is set with five rose cut diamonds in silver settings. This is a fine piece of Georgian jewelry and I love the openwork shoulders--gives it some nice detailing! 

Lot 37: A mashup of my current muses all in one piece of jewelry--a tri-colored figa pendant! I love the detailing with the different colored gold. The uniqueness of this piece is really something else! It is all 18k gold and the piece measures a little over two inches.

Lot 45: A moody mid-19th century gold Holbeinesque pendant, consisting of a garnet, pearl and some enamel. The garnet cabochon in the center is foil-backed, flanked by pearls with rose-cut diamonds, blue, red and green enamel in a circular-shape. The backside features some beautiful etching. So exquisite! 

Lot 134: An Egyptian-revival plique-a-jour brooch. The coloring is bright and vibrant, depicting an Egyptian King in a headdress with wings. Nothing like that stained glass window effect on a piece of jewelry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Two:

Lot 38: This emerald and diamond dress ring features a crowned heart, an enchanting jewelry motif! Pear-shaped emeralds team up to form a heart shape, along with a bow of diamonds to form the crown. Such a pretty piece!

Lot 56: A fun waterfall of diamonds is depicted in this pendant, which is set with Old European cut diamonds and some rose cut diamonds, accented with black enamel. The two diamond scrolls which start at the top of the piece set it off beautifully!  

Lot 399: Such a fantastic piece of Art Deco history, this drop pendant features emerald and diamonds in platinum in a chandelier style. The necklace that is comes on also has some special detailing--dispersedly set with pearls throughout. Gives off a very romantic vibe!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Three: 

Lot 114: A gem-set ruby band ring featuring cushion cuts which graduate in size, each bold and juicy as ever. The ring is done in yellow gold and would make a gorgeous right hand ring or stackable within your collection. Be a lady in red!

Lot 157: An epic pair of Victorian fringe earrings, each set with an oval cabochon garnet in a scalloped motif with hanging chains at the bottom.  I love the bow detail at the very top--it is unexpected and gives it a nice character. 

Lot 384: Jewelry featuring hands is a personal favorite--this claddagh ring has French assay marks and a gorgeous trillion cut pink sapphire. The hands are articulated and show enough detail to be just right!

Lot 443: Fiery garnets create this striking necklace, which is rather delicate and modern looking. A medium-sized round garnet at the very top, followed by four smaller garnets, ending with the biggest garnet at the bottom. A simple design but very powerful.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Image Four:

Lot 100: A mid-20th century enamel pansy brooch. This one features an old cut diamond in the center that is approximately 0.15 carats, with pink and white petals. The center shows purple as well.

Lot 108: Another mid-20th century enamel pansy brooch, this time featuring a pearl in the center and mostly purple and white enamel colors with some yellow detailing. Love these enamel pansies--my collection is lacking one!

Lot 269: An incredible Carlo Giuliano brooch which is a bumble bee reverse crystal intaglio brooch, surrounded by amethyst and half pearls. What is even more amazing about this lot is it comes with the original box and the maker's mark is clearly on there. What a fantastic piece! 


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show, Jewelry Through the Ages #LoveGold


The 2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show was, as always, a pure delight!  The four-day tradeshow opened its doors this year to 25% more people on opening day in Las Vegas with their location at the Paris Hotel. With nearly 400 dealers set up, I was scouting out both gold jewelry throughout the ages as well as potential treasures for my jewelry box.  It was incredible to see such an array of time periods being represented at one show, so I set up a sort of scavenger hunt for myself--to find a piece of gold jewelry in each time period of fine jewelry.  

It was interesting how this mission allowed for an impromptu history lesson of the use of gold in jewelry. Like why I couldn't find too many pieces of gold jewelry during the 1920s? I did some research and found that a large deposit of platinum was found in the early 1920s.  That discovery, paired with the invention of a torch that allowed jewelers to heat up and melt platinum and make jewelry, led to a resurgence of platinum jewelry during the 1920s and 1930s.  Why were there so many gold pieces of jewelry during the 1940s? That period coincided with the beginning of World War II, where platinum was scarce and in some instances forbidden to be used in jewelry.

Let's see how I did:

ERA early 1800s:

this amazing work of art is a brooch from the early 1800s, it has woven hair behind the hand-cut gold monogram and swags (from Lowther Antiques)

this is a great example of Georgian jewelry, with Topaz and Turquoise set in all gold in the shape of a plume of flowers and feathers (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA late 1800s, early 1900s:

this necklace is circa 1915, it is 14k yellow gold and enamel in a Neo-Classical style

these bangles are gorgeous examples of the Victorian Era, late 1800s--the left two are 14k yellow gold and the far right is done in 18k gold--lots of typical Victorian themes, Etruscan revival and snakes! (from Levy's Jewelry)


ERA 1940s & 1960s:

this brooch is totally 1940s, retro, with its sputnik-inspired style and set with rubies and sapphires--most jewelry from this era was either yellow or rose gold (from Mary Ann-tiques, photo courtesy of Sunny S. Bond Jewelry)

this Omega watch was designed by Grima and is characteristically 1960s with the textured gold (from Excalibur Jewelry)

ERA 1970s & 1980s:

these gold hammered doorknocker earrings scream 1970s (from Platt Boutique Jewelry)

this 18k yellow gold necklace is designed by Mapamenos Natepas and is a great example of 1980s jewelry--this Greek designer became popular because Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband was Greek and lavished her with Greek jewels! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Jewelry from Every Time Period, Offered at Fellows Auction

A&M May 2014 Plate 2A&M May 2014 Plate 4


Fellows Auction house always has some amazing pieces of jewelry up for auction every month. What I particularly noticed in May's upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery auction is the wide variety of different time periods offered.  Whether you have a penchant for Victorian mourning jewelry, or geometric shapes of Art Deco pieces, this month's Fellows auction has you covered!  The sale begins Thursday, May 15th and can be accessed online or at their showroom in England.

16 58

Victorian Jewelry a time of romanticism, begins around 1835 and ends around 1890. Queen Victoria was of whom this entire era was named after–she was not only the ruler of all England at the time, but a highly looked upon trendsetter, admired by everyone. Her marriage and wedding to Albert portrays many attributes of the time–Victoria was presented with an engagement ring that featured a snake with an emerald-set head (birthstones rather than diamonds were used in engagement rings, and snakes were a symbol of eternal love). Her wedding dress featured a large sapphire and diamond brooch, which was given to her from Albert the day before their wedding. With the death of Albert some 20 years later, this tragic event influenced the world of jewelry. Having Queen Victoria constantly wearing black, black enameling became very popular as well as jet beads. 

Lot 16 a pair of 18k yellow gold banded agate drop earrings, hanging from snakes

Lot 58 a carnelian intaglio ring depicting a Roman figure, with a gold openwork shank

96 140

Edwardian Jewelry begins its reign in 1901 and lasts until around 1915, around the start of the first World War. During this time, fashion and opulence were the forefront of society; unparalleled craftsmanship, understated elegance and femininity characterized the jewelry. Colored gemstones were used to accent rings, dangling earrings and circular pendants with garland themes. Progress made in gem cutting made triangles, baguettes and trapeze shapes new and interesting. This time in history marked England as a global, dominant force, with the rich living in extravagance. The start of World War I made for a quick end to this lavish era of a carefree spirit. Precious metals became scarce, while many people hid away their jewels in vaults or had to sell them.

Lot 96 a platinum diamond and pearl ring, featuring three pearls and rose cut diamonds

Lot 140 a diamond negligee necklace, set with rose cut and Old European cut diamonds

29 147

Art Deco Jewelry is characterized by decadence, with the country bouncing back from war efforts, when jewelry production was put on hold. This period encompasses the 1920s-1930s, during which women gained the right to vote, many stock market fortunes were made, all while people danced the Charleston. The jewelry reflected what was happening–especially fashion. The “flapper” style was all the rage. Women rebelled by wearing short dresses, red lipstick, and bobbed hair. Bracelets were piled on, both on the upper and lower arms. Oversized rings, wide bracelets, and long strands of pearls graced the covers of Vogue during this vibrant period.  As the economy and stock market flourished, Americans continued to spend frivolously, while borrowing heavily. As a result, the stock market crashed. The Great Depression loomed, and the lavish living of the roaring twenties had come to a dramatic halt.

Lot 29 a platinum diamond and sapphire ring, with the main diamond measuring approx. 0.60 carats

Lot 147 an asymmetrical diamond and sapphire panel ring 

363 368

Retro Jewelry is characterized by bold gold, Hollywood starlets, huge gemstones and cocktail rings. Spanning from 1940-1945, this coincides almost exactly with World War II. With that said, platinum use in jewelry was no longer available. Gold made a comeback, this time in rose and even green gold. Everything in regards to retro jewelry was oversized. Rubies were the most prominent gemstone, followed by large, rectangular cut citrines, aquamarines and amethysts.

Lot 363 a ruby and diamond cocktail ring

Lot 368 an 18k yellow gold fringe necklace 

254 612

Modern Jewelry is happening now, with trends and motifs all around us. This time period encompasses around the 1950s up until today.  It is only a matter of time until it makes its way into history! 

Lot 254 a pair of Chanel "Camila" earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds

Lot 612 an amazing 14k yellow gold garnet bib necklace

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons