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Slay in Sapphires from Arik Kastan

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip sapphire banner by Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip sapphire banner by Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip sapphire banner by Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip sapphire banner by Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip divider 3839Sapphire

A simple half eternity band in all sapphires is sometimes all you need! Arik Kastan makes all bands by hand using genuine gemstones and every detail is priority. The comfort of this band is something you need to see for yourself!

Half Eternity band in sapphires, Price: $1,166


Love these drop earrings done in 14k rose gold and sapphires because they combine a few of my favorite aspects of jewelry. One, they have a vintage style--the filigree speaks for itself. Two, they are bold which is what we're wanting for Fall. And lastly, they are easy to style and will stun with any outfit.

Arabesque drop earrings, Price: $1,890


The newest baby within the Arik Kastan collection, the Flower Mandala ring, really calms and soothes both in design and gemstone choice. With sapphires being said to relieve stress and help clear the mind, this bold ring will be your guiding light. Sapphire petals and diamond details, all set in our signature 14k rose gold.

Flower Mandala ring, Price: $1,760


In love with the aquamarine and sapphire color combo of these Nouveau Oval drop earrings. It is a juxtaposition between the soft, romantic aquamarine and the edgy, dark sapphires that has us swooning.

Nouveau Oval drop earrings, Price: $1,920


The Framed Flower ring mixes some bohemian vibes with what every girl wants in a ring: stunning sparkle. I can't think of a better gemstone than sapphire to pull this off. Simple yet powerful; love this ring!!

Framed Flower ring, Price: $660


Light Up Your Holiday Nights with Arik Kastan

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

We have your holiday essentials!

Turn heads at holiday parties with these Arik Kastan tips: 

Stack up our three-stone rings

We've been three-stone lovers since day one, as this design has been the foundation of our Arik Kastan collection, yet continues to be a best-seller. Wearing multiple three-stone rings stacked on top of one another gives a bold, night-time look. The more you add, the bigger your look! You can mix and match different gemstones--here we have mixed onyx, smokey quartz and labradorite for a dark and mystical theme. We also have a "petite" version of our three-stone ring which is also stackable.

Layer our evil eye necklaces

Ward off negative vibes with our very own Evil Eye necklaces, set with rose cut diamonds! Here we've layered two of them--one is set with a turquoise in the middle, the other is not. These necklaces are dainty and fun; easily dressed up or down, whatever the occasion! A holiday dress isn't complete without at least one!

Don't be afraid to pile on cocktail rings

Cocktail rings go hand-in-hand with holiday cocktails, wouldn't you say?! At Arik Kastan, big and bold rings are our thing. We've designed several using different shapes, various gemstones and in our signature rose gold. Whether you opt for our Round Pave Ring, or our Marchioness large navette style, or even our Round Onyx cocktail ring, we want to assure you one thing: the more the merrier! Don't be afraid to pile on cocktail rings!  Trust us. 

Get your holiday list going!


Arik Kastan: Vintage is the New Black!

57d1cd14-6e94-4de1-ad9c-d044b01a3971 image_1 d07e2199-5e93-4776-9748-1f9d5480d148

Moonstones and Labradorite continue to be our best-selling gemstones in the Arik Kastan collection. Noted for their magical feel, they will add some whimsey to your jewelry wardrobe, and brighten up any day with just one glance!

Cigar bands are quite possibly the statement ring of the Victorian Era! With a ring this thick and golden, there is no need for any other fingers to be adorned. Cigar bands have an interesting history: younger girls would take the actual cigar bands from cigars and place them on their ring fingers, to pretend they were engaged to their crush! Arik Kastan has a modern take on this classic style!

image_2 image

Buckles and Navettes are our favorite vintage motif we have recreated in these modern Arik Kastan rings. Buckle rings were highly prized during the Victorian Era, in the late 1800s. The motif symbolizes strength, loyalty and protection. Navette-shaped rings experienced their height during the Edwardian Era, turn-of-the-century. It continues to be popular because of its feminine silhouette and how it elongates the finger!

Stacking is still king, and our vintage-inspired eternity bands are reigning supreme! We are proud to offer unique gemstone choices, all which can be chosen to add some drama to your stack. Adding any of these bands to your collection will create a beautiful look!

9881505935_1dab662446_b 541535a9-87ec-4eb8-9634-7b944a2a6a4e



  • We love seeing our jewelry being worn, and how it mixes in with other treasured pieces!


  • Show us how you wear your Arik Kastan by using the Hashtag #ArikKastan


  • Thanks @fashion_fox_  for sharing! Your three-stone Moonstone looks divine!










67b04c4f-fc11-4289-88d9-9a38532a86c2 image

FEATURED! Kate Mara in March issue of GQ wearing Arik Kastan rough cut diamond pave ring!

SPOTTED! Arik Kastan rings on model Hanna Bogdan, styled by Hello Toshiko! We are in love with these photos--the lilac locks pair well with our bold gemstone rings!

Arik Kastan Getaway: Jeweled Destinations

banner-3 pic14a0801image2

Boogie down in Bali and swim all day in crystal clear waters wearing Arik Kastan moonstones, blue sapphires and ocean blue aquamarine. Make a toast with your martini glass with your rings shining bright in the sun!


image4 132613508638

Cozy up in a cottage and backpack the lush green countryside of Ireland. Wear your lucky green emeralds from Arik Kastan, paired with mystical moonstones. They are available in both earring styles and ring styles--or customize whatever you like!


Istanbul_-_Hagia_Sophia image

Treasure hunt the day away in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar and watch the sunset from your hotel. Stack yourself with Arik Kastan diamond cluster rings, filigree bangles and rose gold + pearls, all of which look like Old World treasures.


image3 bahamas-mushacay-10

Island hop in the Gulf of Mexico and relax on a beach in your own private hideaway. The sky and ocean are all you need to coordinate with, so turquoise and lapis are the perfect pair--the newest gemstone addition to the Arik Kastan collection!


>>Available at: TwistRosearkGreenwich JewelersJaimie Geller Jewelry, and Zaltas Gallery.


Arik Kastan: New Year, New Stacks!

banner.2 imagee imagem 1480713_614537975250718_355309262_n 1601305_633722136665635_593484039_n photo 4 imagef


Make 2014 start off with a bang by adding or recreating your ring stack! Arik Kastan rings are the prodigies of ring stacking! Whether you go for big, bold cocktail rings, like the Queen's Sceptre in a favorite gemstone combination, or small stackables, like our round cluster rings or three-stone staples.

An exciting addition to our repertoire are new gemstones and gemstone combinations. We also added some new styles--can you spot them? Splashes of lapis brighten up our original pieces and we're excited to introduce this gemstone into our collection! We went crazy for champagne diamonds and are really loving the different saturations of color with amethyst--one really light purple and one really deep! Garnet and turquoise is our latest power couple--we are loving the rich garnet color contrasting with the bright blue.

Available at: TwistRosearkGreenwich JewelersJaimie Geller Jewelry, and Zaltas Gallery.

photo_163cb756ab70a photo_2993a7a


We can't forget our wrists! This year add a new bangle or vintage inspired bracelet from Arik Kastan to your arm party. We are obsessed with two newest additions to our bracelet brigade--the chunky square-link bracelet (pictured far left) and an etched bangle (pictured bottom right) both in Arik Kastan signature rose gold. We love how they compliment any bracelet stack and can remix any look!

Available at: TwistRosearkGreenwich JewelersJaimie Geller Jewelry, and Zaltas Gallery.