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Top Five Pieces I Wanted to Take Home With Me at Couture 2017

Couture | Gem Gossip

This year the Couture show opened its doors to hundreds of buyers and press from all over the world, while I walked in a day late of opening day, I was quick and eager to dive into all that it had to offer. Each designer stood beaming behind their booths, creativity on full power and all their blood, sweat and tears front and center under the grappling lights. More on the show in general in a few days, but I wanted to focus in on five pieces, from five different designers that I felt stood out to me. These pieces may not be the flashiest or have the biggest gemstones; they are pieces I would want for my personal collection--items I could see myself wearing and enjoying on a daily basis. There are lots of jewels at Couture that were bold, striking and great for editorial shoots--but translating them into every day wear for an average American didn't quite fit in my eyes. Yes these jewels might be fun to drool over, to take a photo of, or to just simply stare at, but as I stood there thinking to myself, "what if I owned a store in Nashville, what would I buy that would fit my audience?" I realized that sort of changed my entire thinking while browsing. Most of the time when I'm in "Gem Gossip mode" I'm one-sided in my thinking, focusing on what pieces would photograph well, what would my followers want to see, what would get the most "likes." So here are my top five pieces that I surely wanted to take home with me at Couture 2017!

1. Anthony Lent Crescent Moonface bangles: being celestial obsessed must be commemorated somehow and these bangles fit the bill in many ways. First off, they are wearable and go with just about anything, for any occasion. Secondly, they are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Best part is they are each hand-made by Anthony Lent himself in his Philadelphia-based studio.

See the Anthony Lent website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

2. Anything in opal from Jacquie Aiche: If you've visited Jacquie Aiche's booth at Couture, you know--every year she outfits her spot in gems and mineral specimens that have you feeling like you've been transported to her world. And once inside, there's no shortage of jewelry--each corner and nook is filled with displays, dripping in jewelry. And that's exactly their mantra--cover yourself in their pieces and style yourself to the max. Every necklace, bracelet, earring, ring and body chain complements one another, and now we know why she has so many devote "tribe" members!

See the Jacquie Aiche website here.

Couture | Gem Gossip

3. Stackable, easy on-and-off chokers from Suzanne Kalan: ok, we all have realized chokers are still going strong in popularity and if you're really wanting to invest in something that is well-constructed, easy to wear, and gorgeous all-around, I suggest these! Suzanne Kalan is known for her baguette diamond wizardry and she follows through again in the choker design department. At the show, the chokers were displayed in large bunches, stacked together and they looked just as good, if not better when worn! There's no clasp or ties, it is flexible, so you can take it on and off SO easily!

See the Suzanne Kalan website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

4. Enamel surf boards from Tara Hirshberg: I loved all the charms I was seeing at Couture this year and these enameled surf boards were a definite highlight from the debuting designer. I have never surfed before in my life and honestly am frightened beyond belief of the ocean, but even with those pitted against me, I have never wanted a gold surf board more in my life! haha!  I love the colors used, the size of them and the wearability. Creating surf-related jewels came naturally for LA-based designer Tara and her ocean living and ocean loving life. 

See the Tara Hirshberg website here. 

Couture | Gem Gossip

5. New diamond bow rings from Arik Kastan: I always look forward to seeing the new designs from vintage-inspired Arik Kastan. This year's new bow rings had my head spinning and jaw-dropping.  They are perfect to stack and fit right in with other antique pieces, as seen here stacked with some other fun Arik Kastan rings. Loving all the green agate too! Tough decision though choosing which bow--the top or bottom??

See the Arik Kastan website here. 

Couture 2017


Want more? See my top picks from last year's show!

Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Wish List + DISCOUNT CODES!


This Holiday Gift Guide features new, designer jewelry only -- if you'd like some antique and vintage finds, check out @shopGEMGOSSIP

If I may brag for a minute, I might want to say this is the best Holiday Gift Guide I've ever compiled in the history of Gem Gossip and I think you'll agree!  It is different than anything I've ever done because not only is it heavily curated, only 15 items from 15 different jewelry designers, but on top of picking out the best out there, I've reached out to each designer and asked for exclusive discounts on each product I've chosen. Move over Oprah's Favorite Things, Gem Gossip's Ultimate Holiday Wish List is here! 

Follow along each day on Instagram as I reveal one item at a time--there will be a teaser photo, which will announce the designer of the soon-to-be-revealed promo item, followed by the item itself. A description of the wish list item will be included, along with how you can claim the discounted price for Gem Gossip readers only. To make things easy, my Instagram bio will house a direct link to claim the discount. 

Each day, this blog post will be updated with the items as well, so if you ever need to reference back it will be here. Links will be included here too! I can't wait for you to see all the great deals and unique items I had the honor of choosing for this year's holiday gift guide, some are so good I own them myself!

Full disclosure: There is a small fee designer's had to pay to be involved in this project. I receive zero commission based on how many pieces of each item sell during this promotion--this is not a commission-based program. 

Laura Medine Jewelry Laura Medine Jewelry

Designer: Laura Medine

Item: 18k yellow gold set with a faceted moonstone with dangles of multi-colored sapphires and tourmaline

Deal: take 30% off, original retail price $1300, now $910

How to Claim Deal: email, a couple are ready to ship, otherwise made-to-order 6-8 weeks for delivery

LoriAnn Jewelry LoriAnn Jewelry

Designer: LoriAnn Jewelry

Item: 18k yellow gold bezel set pendants, with 14k yellow gold chain from her Water & Ice Collection

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price range is from $700-800

How to Claim Deal: email or call 203-943-0499,

Huis Jewelry Huis Jewelry

Designer: Huis Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold snake ring, set with various gemstones (emerald shown above)

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price range is from $650-1,280

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

Starling Jewelry Starling Jewelry

Designer: Starling Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold Colette Pave Necklace 

Deal: take $25 off + Free Shipping, original retail price range is from $230-280

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

Jennie Kwon Designs Jennie Kwon Designs

Designer: Jennie Kwon Designs

Item: 14k yellow gold Square Milli Ring

Deal: take 25% off, original retail price of $317, now $237.75

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

Anthony Lent Jewelry Anthony Lent Jewelry

Designer: Anthony Lent 

Item: 18k yellow gold Moonface Stud earrings, 7mm size

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price of $575 for pair, now $460

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP20 at checkout,

Little H Jewelry Little H Jewelry

Designer: Little H Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold Pearl Geode Ring, black diamonds and ruby

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price of $2400, now $1920

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP20 at checkout,

TAP by Todd Pownell TAP by Todd Pownell

Designer: TAP by Todd Pownell

Item: 18k yellow gold cable chain necklace with 2 free set round diamonds 0.60-0.75 ctw

Deal: take 15% off, original retail price of $1892, now $1608 -- there are only 5 available!

How to Claim Deal: email

Ariel Gordon Jewelry Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Designer: Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold Garland ring set with your choice of gems

Deal: take 25% off, original retail price of $460, now ONLY $345

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP25 at checkout,

Eriness JewelryEriness Jewelry

 Designer: Eriness Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold pave diamond Triangle Ear Threads

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price of $470, now ONLY $376

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP20 at checkout,

Gillian Steinhardt Jewelry Gillian Steinhardt Jewelry

Designer: Gillian Steinhardt Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold Wraparoundme ring with black and white diamonds

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price of $1,300 now ONLY $1,040

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

Beth Macri | Gem Gossip Beth Macri | Gem Gossip

Designer: Beth Macri

Item: any of the 14k yellow gold Hidden Message Studs -- $, skull, star, heart

Deal: take 20% off, original retail price 

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

VictoriaSixJewelry VictoriaSixJewelry

Designer: Victoria Six Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold pearl Wrap ring from the Viola Collection 

Deal: take 15% off, original retail price of $550 now ONLY $467.50

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GEMGOSSIP at checkout,

Nektar | Gem Gossip Nektar Design

Designer: Nektar De Stagni

Item: 14k yellow gold Spike Pearl Charm Necklace

Deal: take 15% off, original retail price of $675, now ONLY $573

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GGNDS15 at checkout,

Erin Fader Jewelry Erin Fader Jewelry

Designer: Erin Fader Jewelry

Item: 14k yellow gold vintage crystal rings

Deal: take 30% off, prices vary

How to Claim Deal: use discount code GGXOEF at checkout,


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Best of the Couture Show 2016

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Jacquie Aiche drew in buyers and press with window displays rich in colors, jewels and crystals from Tucson Gem Show. Inside, displays were already styled in layers and layers (the way her jewels are meant to be worn) making it easy for merchandisers to choose what to buy!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Stopped by Suzy Landa Jewelry to get a dose of COLOR--her juicy gemstones always brighten my day and so does the designer herself! So awesome!

Couture | Gem Gossip Untitled Untitled

Ilias Lalaounis' tradition of bold gold pieces is wonderfully carried out through his four daughters who now are continuing his legacy. Every year I enjoy seeing his designs, as they immediately transport me to Greece and his heyday of accessorizing stars. I couldn't pick a favorite!

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Neha Dani wowed and inspired--I felt like I was back at the MET looking at the JAR exhibit for a second. The technicolored gold, hand-set diamonds, intricate work, where each mechanism, each stone, each design is precisely thought-out. Loved all!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Loved all the shapes, patterns and colors seen at Kavant & Sharart! This young husband and wife duo have really been cultivating their styles and merging them flawlessly. I want so many pieces from their line!

Couture | Gem Gossip Couture | Gem Gossip

Pamela Love tapped into every night sky watcher's dreams with the creation of this Lapis & diamond moon phase collar necklace. It feels so good in person too! I love her rings--the opal arrowhead was killer and the play-of-color on it was just right. And bet you didn't realize the ring on my pointer finger flips!

Couture | Gem Gossip

Jordan Alexander Jewelry first grabbed my attention at the Nashville Fashion Show. Now a year later, they've put their focus from pearls to diamonds and other gemstones. And I love all the use of gold!

Couture | Gem Gossip

I believe this is Anthony Lent's third year exhibiting and although I have a rule to see new designers every year, he is the only one to break this rule! Seen three years in a row and will never not be captivated by his designs.

Couture | Gem Gossip

Eva Fehren's geometric designs were amazing to see for the first time in person. Loved her display as well, as seen above.

"Danielle, please call you grandmother. She's worried about you. And did you make it to Vegas? You never even told us." I immediately deleted the voicemail from my iPhone, which was hot to the touch because of all the charging and photo-downloading it incurred while at the jewelry shows in Vegas. Something about Vegas every year I find it liberating to block out everything going on in my personal life and back home, and truly immerse myself in the four-day jewel fest called Couture.  Excuse me, five-day jewel fest--I just had to look it up, and wow, really?  Five days? A little excessive? NOPE. Never. In fact, this year I spent the most time I've ever spent at Couture and still felt like I needed more time. 

Couture 2016: Venni Vetti Vecci. And the best year yet. Remember that time I forgot my business cards? Ah, yes rookie mistake, but not this year. Remember that time I spent only six hours at Couture? Massively stupid mistake, but no, not this year.  I came prepared, I packed my bags efficiently, and made a handful of appointments (enough I could count on both hands--not too many where I felt like I had planned way too much in such short of time). This year was all about enjoying my time, having fun and learning. Sometimes events like these can be stressful and far too often taken way too seriously. What is the fun in that? 

This year, Couture was upbeat--the designers, the buyers, the atmosphere--even all my "whoops, I'm sorry I didn't make an appointment" appointments. I loved seeing people whom I haven't seen in forever and reconnecting with those who I sometimes talk to on a daily basis. 

Some highlights for me are shown above.  One of them being finally meeting Jacquie Aiche and experiencing her alluring booth full of layer heaven. I can easily see how and why people like Rihanna are die-hard fans of her jewelry--it is a lifestyle, not just a jewelry line. For a second year in a row, I clamored over Ilias Lalaounis' designs as if I were in Greece and happened to stumble upon his boutique.  It reminds me of my life goal of going to Greece and visiting both the Lalaounis museum and stores. Someday.

Other highlights include seeing the guys of Anthony Lent Jewelry who continually put the enchantment back into jewelry, as most designs have lost that aspect over time, especially all that is made now in factories or mass produced items. I love that everything he makes, he creates himself in his studio in Pennsylvania. Neha Dani was also a great highlight--such stunningly beautiful designs that easily wow. Huge fan of the technicolor gold she uses as well. Pamela Love had such a great line-up at her booth, of course the pièce de résistance for me was the lapis and diamond moon phase collar necklace that we took outside to photograph. Once posted on Instagram, it got 6,500+ likes--the most I've ever gotten in my 4+ year Instagram lifetime. 

Loved seeing everyone at Couture this year--if I didn't get a chance to swing by your booth, I'm SO sorry. Time was short but I will make a valiant effort next time around. Can you believe that I am totally stoked for next year already?! I am. 

Can't get enough of Couture? Read what I had to say from the years past: 2013, 2014, 2015



Favorite Instagrams: October 2015

danarebecca jewels_and_sparkle hanut101 dupuisauctions jamesmchonejewelry anthonylentjewelry vadajewelry inezstodel_jewelry indigopony jaimiegellerjewelry arrowandanchorantiques levi_higgs jewels_by_grace fellowsauctions

danarebecca traveled to Hong Kong for the gem and jewelry show and came back with THIS

jewels_and_sparkle dresses up in Doyle Auction jewels and I'm loving it

hanut101 never ceases to amaze--an old mine cut ruby set in an incredible opal  WOW

dupuisauctions a glistening 1940s watch that went up for auction over the summer, love the aqua + ruby combo

jamesmchonejewelry featured the cutest goat ever--done in 18k gold and signed J ROSSI, I believe it is still for sale

anthonylentjewelry is landing in everyone's jewelry boxes with this design, featuring a crescent moon face

inezstodel_jewelry shares a stunning pair of earrings that quickly sold from her inventory--calibre cut turquoise knocks my socks off

vadajewelry looking just plain GOOD AF

indigopony is inspired by Curtis Steiner's imagery work--like this piece which is hand-painted on fungi

jaimiegellerjewelry stacking Carolina Bucci favorites in the most delicious way possible

arrowandanchorantiques setting up and packing up for A Current Affair, where you can catch her selling these goods in LA or NYC

levi_higgs makes us swoon with moonstone madness over his find at the Park Ave. Armory Antique Show

jewels_by_grace is taken by this cool drawing by @eleonora.lamma of a raw amethyst using colored pencils

fellowsauctions held an auction featuring over 250 pieces of Blue John and I was beyond fascinated by this

Gem Gossip Visits Anthony Lent Jewelry Studio in Philadelphia, PA

Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip Anthony Lent | Gem Gossip

As cool and eclectic as Anthony Lent's jewelry designs are, you'd expect nothing less from a visit into his world where he calls home just outside of Philadelphia.  His design studio is nestled amongst beautiful greenery, bright flowers and shady trees yet minutes away from the busy streets of Philly.  Equal parts antique machinery and modern tools, mixed with technology and inspiration surrounding every nook, this is where creativity abounds and jewelry is made.  The studio is an old carriage house that Anthony Lent has had for 27 years, which sits behind his home.  Inside you'll find books upon books lining the shelves, a large light-illuminating window, and a narrow twirly staircase that is definitely not one size fits all.  

Upon my visit, I got to see first-hand how his iconic celestial faces, human faces, mythical creatures and sculptural figures are created. With collections like Victory--which depict winged faces and hearts, and Fearless--which feature skulls, snakes and spiders, his work is transcendent and boundless. One of the very first pieces I fell in love with years ago were his rings which feature hands grasping a central gemstone. Other designs feature body parts like lips, eyes, as well as hands and help define a collection of jewelry known to beguile its admirers. Anthony began his career as a trained goldsmith in Germany and has created all kinds of interesting things--like jewelry parts, mechanisms, automata, and the most beautiful music boxes you've ever seen! He has worked for a few prestigious jewelry houses, as well as taught at FIT in the jewelry department.  It was only in 2012 when his two sons Max and David joined the company and steered him toward a goal of creating a consistent jewelry line that is accessible to stores and consumers.      

What I found to be incredibly interesting during my visit was Anthony's use of different kinds of tools and technology to create his magnificent designs.  Besides processes like casting, fabrication and 3D printing, a machine called a pantograph reducing machine which actually is the same type of machine Renee Lalique used to create many of his jewelry and glass designs (which oddly enough I had the pleasure of viewing on exhibit at the Corning Museum of Glass two days before visiting Anthony).  This machine allows Anthony to reduce the size of a design, like his relief sculptures he creates, to a desired size for various uses. It is also used to create identical mirror images as well as achieve an incredible level of detail--so when he takes larger sculptures and reduces the size of them, no detail is lost in the size reduction transformation.  

As an antique jewelry enthusiast, I love how Anthony Lent's detailed designs are reminiscent to pieces of the bygone era. I'm not sure if it is because he uses many of the same tools that were used to make antique jewelry, or because everything he does is particularly handcrafted as was antique jewelry, or because he often uses Victorian and Art Nouveau motifs, but whatever it may be I like it and I notice it.  Antique jewelry collectors are embracing and celebrating his work, often becoming die-hard collectors themselves.  Mixing Anthony Lent pieces with antique jewelry makes for some great stylistic combinations. You can even find his designs sold side-by-side with antique jewelry, like for example at Bijoux in Lutherville, MD who exclusively sells antique and estate jewelry, along with Anthony Lent Jewelry.  Makes for a winning combination.

I had such a fun visit with Anthony Lent Jewelry and getting to see his personal studio and try on some of his amazing pieces.  Special thanks to Anthony and David for taking the time!!



Anthony Lent Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA & NYC
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