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Entries in animal jewelry (4)

Jewelry Collection Stories: @homeoftheland

homeoftheland3 homeoftheland2

Today's latest installment of Jewelry Collection Stories comes from Jemima who we all know in our jewelry community as @homeoftheland. I love her taste in jewelry and her personal collection reflects just that! She isn't afraid to wear bold pieces and I've enjoyed connecting her with the seller of one of her most exquisite pieces--the elongated diamond ring. I'll let her tell you about her collection, take it away:

I inherited the jewelry fever from my mother who is pragmatic and no-nonsense in most every other way but still wants her jewels. My father was happy to oblige her with some beautiful antique pieces they picked out together for special occasions and she has no qualms about filling the gaps in her collection herself. She recently bought an outrageous Edwardian emerald and diamond three stone ring at the Hillsborough Antique Show that I lust after constantly. I collected vintage Gucci bags from the 1960's and 1970's for many years (I still own and love them) before I started to transition more to jewelry over a decade ago when I could afford some of the pieces I wanted.

homeoftheland1 homeoftheland4

There is something I love in every era but I always look for big, evocative, narrative pieces. I did visuals for retailer Anthropologie for a very long time and jewelry is an integral part of my bougie-boho aesthetic. Dainty pieces just disappear on me (although I love admiring them on other people). I love figurative animal jewelry and have acquired everything from Victorian snakes to a 1980's Kieselstien-Cord alligator ring to my contemporary Elsa Peretti scorpion necklace. Another one of my favorite pieces is a long Edwardian diamond ring that I first lusted over on a fellow Instagramer. When Danielle at Gem Gossip posted that the owner was letting it go, I jumped on it.

homeoftheland5 homeoftheland6

There have been studies that people get more gratification from spending money on experiences rather than objects. To me beautiful jewelry is both an object and an experience every time you wear it. Rings are my favorite because you can admire them while you wear them. I love the craftsmanship- the touch of the hand. There is an emotional connection to a piece that was exquisitely made. I also love that jewelry speaks to the time and place that it was made whether it be from the Victorian era or the Dynasty/Dallas 1980's.

Untitled Untitled

I fell in love with snake jewelry because of the baby sitter that stayed with my brother and I when my parents went off on their world travels. She was an original hippie Deadhead with an old BMW 2002. She had this amazing jeweled gold Victorian snake coil bracelet that she inherited. She'd casually wear it on her upper arm with jeans and a beat up tank top. I convinced her to let me borrow it for my senior prom. I hated my dress and my date, and the hairstylist screwed up my updo but it was worth it because I got to wear the snake.



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You can follow Jemima --> @HomeoftheLand

Q & A with Jewelry Designer Daphna Simon

daphnasimon I love animal jewelry and when I came across Daphna Simon's "Untamed Jewels" collection it ranked right up there with the Cartier panther. Her line has now recently been redefined and not only can you purchase directly from her website, she has broken down some price points with her gold-plated versions. Some of the animals that are depicted in her designs are the wolf, bear, leopard, elephant and frog.

I got a moment to catch up with her and see what she and her hand-crafted jewels have been up to:


I just launched my new boutique line and a brand-new website, both of which I’m really excited about!   The new line is gold plated and features fun new animals such as a koala, elephant, frog, lion and even a camel! I previously only worked in 18K gold and sterling silver so it’s a great opportunity to offer the same style sensibilities at a new and affordable price point. I’m already working on expanding this new line.   The “Untamed Jewels” line was only available in stores until now so the new website that includes an online shop opens new doors by letting visitors from all over the world browse and shop from a wide variety of pieces.  ds5   4126029775_b5ba5e9930_o


I have always known since I was a little girl that I will do something that has to do with art or fashion. I have always loved fashion and jewelry, and studied at a professional high school that focused on fashion design. When I finished high school I was headed towards the fashion industry, but one day spontaneously I decided to take a short jewelry course and fell in love. I studied goldsmithing for four years in Israel, then moved to NYC and launched my company. My jewelry is inspired by nature and the animal world, I’ve always loved animals and traveling and both inspire me greatly. ds1 q3


Proudest moments no doubt include the first time I randomly saw someone on the street wearing my jewelry. Ranked high up there are also when clients tell me how much they appreciated my designs. That’s the reason I love to create - I want people to enjoy the jewelry and to really feel special while wearing it.

ds3 3graces6


I have so many plans! I hope to expand my line and move back into fashion a bit more, incorporate my designs in bags, belt buckles, and other accessories. That’s where I started - I used to sit hours upon hours designing and sewing bags and clothes.

ds2 ds7 q5


My favorite piece of my own would have to be the signature grizzly ring in 18K gold, I have been wearing it every day for as long as I can remember! 


Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Bell

376133_326051804081863_148953131791732_1102293_1620880426_n 395624_326063407414036_148953131791732_1102348_1300293763_n 405460_326051854081858_148953131791732_1102294_1840237107_n 223414_209461872407524_148953131791732_681436_834953_n 409429_326051890748521_148953131791732_1102296_1959830745_n 404721_326062757414101_148953131791732_1102339_67379213_n 406615_326052024081841_148953131791732_1102299_114036032_n

Model, turned jewelry designer Beth Yorn designed an entire collection based on wild animals and the lore that is behind each one. From claws to talons, Beth creates each piece of jewelry in 14k yellow, rose or white gold--even platinum. Diamonds can be added to suite your sparkle needs. Above are recent photos from the 2012 lookbook for Elizabeth Bell Jewelry--the first necklace is a one-of-a-kind featuring a meteorite surrounded by rubies on a cast quail bone chain! Amazing! I just love that.  Check out her website for more designs and information.

Cute Critter Jewels

There has been an increase in animal and critter jewelry lately.  Have you noticed?  It kind of started off with the enamel bangles that were zebra or leopard that became popular.  Now, the trend has transformed into something less tacky, where there is a subtle creature encrusted in diamonds on a necklace or ring.  I've seen owls, panthers, turtles, crabs, and many snakes.  I found a few favorites that I would wear...these are two little birds and an alligator!  I don't necessarily recommend wearing them all together though!


The first little bird comes from designer Elisa Solomon. This necklace is so charming and I just love the yellow gold/turquoise combination. That precious metal and stone combo creates such a pretty look. The bird has a diamond for an eye set in 18k yellow gold. The price on this necklace is $600.


Do you have a thing for Lacoste polos? That cute little embroidered alligator? Well here's a golden and diamond encrusted version of that same alligator! Lena Wald has created this unique necklace, which is 14k yellow gold and 16" long. It is $242 and can be found at Twist.


I love this little enamel birdie ring designed by eclectic designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. I wish I knew price details. On her website, you can view her interesting jewelry designs--like none other! She is located in London, so I'm not even sure if her pieces can be found for purchase here in the U.S.