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Jewelry_maven mariehelenedetaillac Allyssapower Plukka Elizabethroseantiques Estatejewelrymama AndreaFohrman Lfrankjewelry Henrydominiquejewelry

{from top to bottom:

Jewelry_Maven creates the ultimate stack from pieces from Quadrum Gallery

Marie-Hélène de Taillac shines straight from the workshop in India to the outdoor sunshine--these are tourmalines

Allyssa Power puts together a pastel punch using rings from Market Square Jewelers

Plukka showing off some stackable pieces from the Yi Collection 

Elizabeth Rose Antiques vacations in the Swiss Alps and brings along her favorites

Estate Jewelry Mama mixing some personal pieces with items that are for sale in her Etsy shop

Andrea Fohrman playing in the sun, exactly where her celestial jewels belong

LFrank Jewelry stacking bigger and better with her gemstone-focused designs

Henry Dominique Jewelry wearing her personal pieces; the all-gold lion and signet are such a great match}



luxcharmjewelry elizabethbuenaventura bellflowerbay mimisojewels jaimiegellerjewelry tessametcalfe lfrankjewelry sky_juls saraweinstockjewelry

{from top to bottom:

Luxcharm Jewelry captures agates in all their glory, the more the merrier

Elizabeth Buenaventura makes these two rings shown, which I totally WANT

Bellflower Bay got to meet up with Duvenay and try on all her rings--dreamy!!

Mimi So Jewels shows the importance of rings to those who type all day on the computer

Andrea Fohrman via Jaimie Geller Jewelry out-of-this-world jewels, so excited to see what she has in store for Couture

Tessa Metcalfe another photo depicting how rings help get shit done!

L Frank Jewelry always is a favorite--the pointer finger is INSANITY

@sky_juls and her great trio, all great motifs to have in an antique collection

Sara Weinstock Jewelry proves coordinating your jewels with your outfit is so important}


Q & A with Jewelry Designer Andrea Fohrman

AndreaFohrman2(2) There are some moments where certain pieces of jewelry or a designer's work can make you feel happy--like the kind of joyous happy, where you immediately put a smile on your face. That's what happens to me every time I see jewelry from Andrea Fohrman. Her weather-inspired jewels bring me back to an innocent time, around 5th/6th grade, when all I ever watched was The Weather Channel and all I ever dreamed of was cumulus clouds and precipitation. I would turn on The Weather Channel on our big screen tv circa 1995, and press the mute button on the remote. I would then get in my weather reporter stance and dictate the forecast, motioning my arms eastward as if I was personifying the frontal system. This former self of mine can easily see how weather can be inspiring in so many ways and Andrea Fohrman brings every meteorologist's fantasy!

I caught up with the busy designer to ask her a few questions:


I have this reoccurring theme of Weather & Sky that happens when I design.  My husband always catches me watching the weather channel and asks me why I didn’t become a meteorologist... I am currently working on a new weather design and the expansion of my rainbow collection.

I am also very excited about a secret collaboration with a very cool artist – I am sure it is not a shocker that this is also weather related!

celestial3 8041483015_d8037f4dc8

It started with my Grandmother’s cocktail ring collection –Her collection of 1920’s – 1950’s Vintage Rings inspired me to capture that antique feel and somehow update it into a modern look.  Her daughter was born in October, the same month both my kids were born, which is why my first collection was mainly cocktail rings in all different kinds of opals.  I used to have to talk customers into buying opals and promise them it was not bad luck (if you know that superstition)– but now the Opal craze has taken over…

Formally, I have a BFA and went to school in Italy, working with local artisans in Florence and taking photography, sculpting, art history and drawing. Being there, in the most inspiring setting in the world captured my love of the arts and formed my taste and style forever.  Although I graduated and worked in the entertainment industry for some time, I always craved a more artistic outlet and began stringing jewelry and collecting vintage pieces that I reworked and used as pendants.  This turned into a line of fine jewelry the year my daughter was born.

andreaf andreafo 4126029801_212a3377b3

Luckily, I have had quite a few proud moments in my jewelry career.  This process has been incredibly exciting and humbling, at the same time.  I have had moments that I am proud of from different aspects of the business.  One moment was about a year ago when Sarah Jessica Parker, herself, called me to borrow some earrings for an event.  I consider her to be a style icon--the risk taking and energy she brings with her style is incredible and something I admire.  After returning the borrowed pieces, I sent her a pair of earrings as a gift and she called to thank me just as I was picking up my son from school.  I still have her voicemail on my phone; she is one of the nicest most down the earth people and the way in which she complimented me on my line was something I will never forget! celestial 4454991248_9aaeeb37e7

Of course, I aspire to run a successful business, but I want it to be one that is constantly growing and changing—not stagnating. It is very important for me to remain authentic and true to myself. I want my children to watch their mother create, but at the same time be a businesswoman and respected for her craft.

celestial2 4307169891_05857e7e23

The most special/favorite piece that I own is my engagement ring that I reworked five years ago, on our 10th anniversary.  The ring was beautiful, and very simple when my husband gave it to me, but I wanted to put my twist on it… See for yourself!

Ange's Ring