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Gem Gossip Visits Fox's Seattle in Seattle, WA

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip

Gurhan 24k gold necklace, Rings by Todd Reed, Atelier Zobel, Arman Lotus Shield ring, Arman wide hammered ring with black diamonds

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip

All rings by SUWA

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip

One-of-a-kind fire opal + Tahitian pearl pendant necklace by Mikimoto

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle

Rough diamond Octahedron pendants by SUWA, platinum & yellow gold

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip

Sethi Couture necklaces: diamond bar necklace, fan necklace , rings by Alex Sepkus

Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip Fox's Seattle | Gem Gossip

The history behind the next stop on my Seattle #JewelryRoadTrip is quite fascinating. Just a block away from Hotel Vintage where we were staying, the walk to Fox's Seattle was easy and beautiful.  Upon entering the shop I knew it was unlike any other place I've been to before.

Open since 1912, the same year the Titanic sank, US suffragettes paraded NYC, and Arizona & New Mexico were admitted into the US as official states, Fox's opened its doors to the public. The shop sold mostly gems, little knick knacks, and some jewelry, taking a chance at this fortuitous business. It was unfortunately struggling and needed to be sold. It was then purchased by Sid Thal in 1948, keeping its name Fox's Gem Shop only because the new owners couldn't afford to paint over the sign.

The store grew over time, eventually becoming the leading retailer in fine jewelry, but had always been a labor of love for Sid Thal and his wife. Sid apparently was quite the character! Known around town in the social scene and iconic for driving around a Classic Austin "London Cab" and sporting a British bowler hat. These attributes were later used to help market the jewelry store. Their daughter, Joy Thal joined the family business in 1975, along with her artistic husband Chai Mann, and have been at it ever since! It was such an honor to meet the pair during my visit.  They have a discerning eye when it comes to jewelry as well as being able to articulately create a luxurious space for said jewelry.

I spent most of my time while visiting Fox's with Chai & Joy's daughter Zoey who officially began working at the store in 2003, where her stint was only supposed to be temporary, but she obviously fell in love with everything about the jewelry world. She was named President in 2013. Most recently Fox's changed their name from Fox's Gem Shop to Fox's Seattle and moved locations to where it situates today, just outside The Fairmount Olympic Hotel. Calling the store beautiful is quite the understatement. My visit lined up well with the unveiling of their newly launched Todd Reed boutique, the only jewelry store to have a mini boutique consisting of Todd Reed anywhere else!  

Fox's Seattle is quite proud of the designers they feature, as they are invested in them emotionally, which radiates through and through! They have been a huge fan and supporter of Alex Sepkus and his work, carrying his jewelry for over 25 years! Fox's loves Alex Sepkus' one-of-a-kind pieces and they make certain they get dibs on his very best. I was enchanted by their selection of his pieces--I had to create a cool stack incorporating his work. Fox's taught me that every piece is finished by hand under a microscope!

I love learning about new designers--the longer I'm in this industry, the less I am actually already familiar with, so finding someone new is exhilarating! Enter SUWA, a Japanese jewelry company known for their precision when setting stones. They follow the facet pattern on every gem to position it in exact alignment with its neighbor. I loved their rough diamond octahedron pendants and totally want one! They do some incredible things with rough diamonds as well as faceted.

Mixing Fox's designer repertoire was seamless--case in point: my stack featuring Todd Reed, Atelier Zobel, and Arman. Big names, bold looks. Like jewelry a little more on the dainty side? Fox's Seattle has you covered too!  A favorite designer, Sethi Couture bring on the layer-ready delights, each meant to be passed down through generations. Their selection of Gurhan Jewelry is also quite top notch. I died a little over the 24k yellow gold spike necklace.  I'm sure it has a legitimate name, but I'm going to call it the spike necklace!

Thanks everyone at Fox's Seattle for welcoming me into your gorgeous store! It was so great meeting everyone and sharing your passion for a few hours...I can see why you are so proud of the legacy of this store and it will no doubt flourish for years to come! If you're in the Seattle area, be sure to stop by, you won't want to miss it!

FoxsSeattle logo

405 University St.

Seattle, WA 98101

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The Jewelry Book: all for 'Made in America' 


photo taken by theroadhere

Being patriotic is an important aspect in every Americans' life.  We hold the feeling in our hearts, while expressing it in many different ways.  Some like to proudly wave the American flag, others give up everything to fight for American freedom, while we all love to sing the National Anthem loudly before certain events.  But did you know you can be patriotic with your jewelry as well?  And no, I am not talking about wearing a flag brooch or wearing rubies, diamonds and sapphires all at once!  I am talking about purchasing American-made jewelry.  

Interested in learning more about how you can join in on this initiative?  If you are not exactly sure which designers are 100% American-made, then Gem Gossip can help!  Below are four designers that manufacture, design and are based in the United States.  To learn more, check out The Jewelry Book, a publication which focuses on Made in America fine jewelry, where a gallery of more designers awaits.



Novell Design Studio prides themselves as providing "jewelry from the heart."  They are proud to be the choice that many couples pick as their source for wedding bands and engagement rings.  Novell has a wide variety of bands, each being customized in the metal of your choice--platinum, paladium, or 5 kinds of gold!  I really like this engagement ring that features a wide band and single round diamond, like the one shown from Novell.  Check out more of their designs by clicking on their website.


Alex Sepkus




Alex Sepkus is a remarkable jeweler based in New York.  He focuses highly on detail and craftsmanship, doing most of his work under the aide of a microscope.  His designs are tiny, magnificent mosaics, truly breathtaking up close and personal. Collection consists of bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and men's jewelry.  Check out more from Alex Sepkus by clicking on his website.




Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson has been designing and creating jewelry for 25 years.  His collection includes a variety of engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as five individually named mini-collections.  The graffiti collection is unique, with rings having a word spelled up the shank and flowing into the setting.  Some very traditional designs mixed with one-of-a-kinds make up Mark Patterson's work.  Check out his jewelry by clicking on his website.



Jack Abraham

Jack Abraham has been in the jewelry business since 1962.  His expertise has been specializing in loose gemstones, particularly emeralds, rubies and sapphires.  Many of his designs involve high-carat precious stones--like the large gemstones in the rings below!  Check out more of his jewelry, along with upcoming events he will be featured at, by clicking on his website