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Hilary Duff for Pantera Jewelry


Hilary Duff's recent Maxim photo shoot included this unique ring designed by Pantera Jewelry.  It features two rings connected by a chain, each having different charms to choose from which dangles on one end.  Pantera Jewelery is inspired by the black panther, the designer's favorite animal.  Many of her pieces are loved by celebrities,  like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Jordin Sparks.  Check out Pantera's website for more information!  Although you currently cannot order directly, Lisa Klein has a good selection to purchase from.

l_PR1133P Price: $1688, Paw Print Dangle Ring in Diamonds

l_EC1133Y Price: $2995, Fleur di Lis Ear Cuff (no upper piercing necessary)

l_PR2133C Price: $2188, Dual Ring Maltese Cross in Diamonds

Dior Fine Jewelry


Another site besides Van Cleef & Arpels that has the ability to transport you into jewelry heaven, giving you an unreal experience, is Dior's Fine Jewelry website.  It is the combination of the graphics and melodic music that will have you enthralled.  Not only is Dior's collections all beautiful in their own way, but the designs are on the cutting edge of what is new and up-and-coming.  So check out the site, you won't be disappointed!

Woman's Lost $15k Diamond, Found!


Losing the diamond in your engagement ring is the last thing any woman would want to happen.  In fact, it is probably some's worst nightmare.  That is exactly what happened to Catherine Hart on her trip to a sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History.  Her fun-filled outing came to a halt when she noticed the diamond missing from her ring. 

After searching with no luck, the staff of the museum took action by sifting through vacuum bags, taking notice to "anything that sparkled."  With seven bags to check, the staff stumbled upon some luck when the fourth bag brought the small 1 carat diamond back to its owner.  The diamond is very special, since it is one of 2000 in De Beers' limited edition Millenium collection.  De Beers Millennium Diamonds are unique limited edition of diamonds cut and polished by some of the world’s finest craftsmen. Selected for their exceptional fire and brilliance, each diamond has been inscribed, with a number up to 2000 and the name of one of the sky’s most beautiful stars.


I am glad her diamond was found and I know Catherine Hart is incredibly happy.  It is important to take your engagement ring to a jeweler every 6 months for an inspection, to check up on things like prong wear and tear, and to see how your diamonds are holding up in their settings.  Diamonds can come loose at any given moment, no matter how good you think you take care of your ring. 

>>Courtesy of NY Daily News

Rago Arts Estate Jewelry Auction Closed Yesterday

Well the auction hammers have been heard, and the estate jewelry auction has come to a close yesterday. Looks like the economy has affected this jewelry auction as well, since many lots sold for half of its expected price. The lots that I featured on my blog, however, went for more than expected. Whoever was the highest bidder for any of the auction lots is lucky to get such high quality estate jewelry. Did any of my readers bid? Win??


This edwardian ribbon necklace, featuring diamonds, jade and pearls, auctioned off for $3500 yesterday. That was $1000 less than expected end price.

Obsession: Chain Rings

Chains aren't just for your neck...your fingers can now rock the chained look thanks to this great trend!  This type of ring is able to be layered with other rings or worn alone for a delicate feel.  I've found some great examples and they are featured below!


Designer Dana David works her magic with this ball-chain ring. Done is 18k white gold with diamonds, here you have the graffiti star and it also comes in the graffiti heart design. Check them out at Dana David's website, where you can browse more of her work.



These rings are both designed by Moritz Glik and can be found at auto. Here, Glik creates the illusion of the stones floating--beautiful green and blue stones!   The white gold ring is done in 18k with an emerald in the center and two diamonds on each side--price is $1580. This yellow gold ring is done in 18k and features blue/green diamonds. The price is $1340.


If you are looking for a chain ring without any stones, this one's for you. Just a plain, 14k gold ball link chain, slightly faceted to give you that extra sparkle. Each costs $64 and can be purchased at CatBird.