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Obsession: Vintage Navette Rings


Navette style rings consist of any rings that are boat-shaped. This sort of style tends to elongate the finger and has a definite feminine side. Often popularized during the Victorian Era, however you can find brand new navette rings today. This shows how timeless the look is and it is here to stay! Finding vintage navette rings is fun and a collection isn't complete without a good one. Check out my favorites below!


From the Victorian Era, with a Belgian origin, this ring has diamonds with a single rose cut sapphire in the middle. A true definition of navette style ring. It is set in 18k rose gold and is priced at $1620. It can be found at Adin.

A more modern approach to the navette style ring is this one. It is still considered vintage since it is circa 1980. It is set in 18k gold with diamonds and sapphires. This one goes for $1420 at Ross-Simons.

This ring can be found on eBay right now, from seller: Ashland_Investments. The auction ends November 30, so there is still time! You can buy it now for $910 or make an offer! The ring features 29 diamonds set in 18k gold. Take a look on eBay by looking up the seller or typing in 'navette' into the search bar, and narrowing the criteria down by clicking on vintage jewelry as the category.

Gemstone Shopping 101: Tips for anyone on how to purchase jewelry


Luscious lapis, rich ruby, admirable aquamarine, gorgeous garnet, and pretty pearls.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  You see them everyday; dangling from a golden chain, sparkling on a finger, or shining on a wrist.  They are a worldwide symbol for love on an engagement ring.  Everyone has to buy one some point or another.  But what should an average shopper look for in order to buy that perfect gemstone?  A buyer should go by these four major groups: color, cut, price, and meaning.

The first characteristic about a gemstone that everyone notices (unless you are colorblind) is what color it is.  Gemstones range from all the colors in the rainbow and everything in between.  This includes: black, brown, gray, white, colorless, and metallic.  Diamonds, believe it or not, come in almost every color--including black.  This is also true for spinel, zircon, sapphire and some chrysoberyl.  If you are looking for a rich red color, rubies and red beryl are the best quality out there.  Gemstones that are blue include: aquamarine, blue beryl, sapphire, topaz and some opals.  The pretty pink gemstones include: kunzite, morganite, sapphire and diamonds.  These four gems also come in purple, along with the ever popular plum garnet.  Tsavorite is a gorgeous green gem and if you pronounced it correctly, you deserve an emerald...which is another green gem.  Now, if you want a gem really hard to pronounce, try a padparadschah.  It is a mix of an orange and yellow hue.  Some gemstones, such as ametrine and watermelon tourmaline are very unique.  On one half is one color and on the other is another.

Now that you have decided on a color, let's figure out the cut of the actual gemstone.  The most preferred cut, the brilliant cut, which is a simple round cut with many facets that brings out the "fire" in the stone.  Then there's the sweetheart cut, which is popular around Valentine's Day.  A marquise cut is shaped like a football; skinny on the ends and fat in the middle.  A trillion cut is a triangle and a square cut (often called princess cut) is obviously a square.  An emerald cut is a modification of the square cut, yet it is a rectangle.  As time goes by, technology gets better everyday.  This, in turn, affects gem cutting.  Many new cuts, such as the step, scissors, checkerboard and other fancy cuts have been invented.  Many jewelry designers themselves are designing their own cut and naming it in their honor.

Alright, you got the color, you got the cut, now let's add all this up for a total cost.  Prices in jewelry come in a very wide range.  There are those everyday mothers and then there are those museum collectors of gemstones.  Diamonds of course are the most expensive, and the least expensive would be any stone in the topaz family.  Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are up there in price near the diamonds.  The collectible gems, such as alexandrite, morganite, kunzite and tanzanite are very priceless.  The cut also is dependant upon the price.  For example, a simple oval cut would cost less than a trillion cut with checkerboard facets. 

Once you have found the perfect color, cut and a price within your budget, you can take in account these little facts and different meanings of gemstones.  Each month has its own gemstone called a birthstone.  January is garnet, which symbolizes love and desire.  February is amethyst which symbolizes sincerity, March is emerald for love and success, June is the pearl which symbolizes health, July is a ruby which stands for contentment, August is peridot for long married happiness, September is the sapphire which symbolizes clear thinking, October is opal for hope, November is citrine for fidelity, and finally, December is zircon which symbolizes prosperity.  Jade is an ancient Chinese stone which is said to bring good fortune.

Any gemstone, from alexandrite to zircon, is a beautiful one.  The world of gemstones is somewhat magical.  Everyone should appreciate these precious gifts from deep within the Earth or underneath the ocean waves.  A shopper should now be able to purchase and own their perfect gemstone by knowing these four major groups of division.


Just putting it out there...


I have been continually inspired by this photo above on a regular basis, as it is my desktop background. I've been wanting a leather bracelet that wrapped around twice, and have yet to find a good one. Yesterday, while browsing through the Mizuki trunk show that was hosted by Ylang|23 of Dallas, I came across what I've been looking for. Oddly enough it is the perfect size for my tiny wrist and has the initial 'S' on the yellow gold tablet. Those of you who know me, know how significant that letter is to me. I think this will be the one and only item on my Christmas list this year. Designed by Mizuki, priced at $300, and found at


Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani


I've always had a thing for Italian crafted jewelry.  I think it stems from being half Italian myself, but I've also experienced owning Italian jewelry purchased by my grandparents on their trips to Italy.  To read more, browse this post I did earlier.  Without further ado, I'd like to spotlight some amazing jewelry, handcrafted in Italy by designer Iosselliani. Explore their site to find where to shop for the amazing pieces they create.

Very glamourous, this single ring looks like it is several stacked on top the other. Convenient if you want that stacked look, but are in a hurry to slip just one on. Made of 18k yellow gold, with the stones being a quartz and a zircon.  Priced at $1545.
Here is a set of three bangle bracelets. I love how delicate they are and they flow together perfectly. Made of 18k yellow gold and sapphires. Priced at $940.


This is a pearl ring like no other. The setting that the pearl is placed in is edgy and exciting. Priced at $875.

Stud Muffin


Whether it's your handbag, heels, belt or jacket, studs are in!  Now you can take this trend and wear it on your ears.  Jewelry designer Lena Wald has created these stud earrings, that come in different sizes (small, medium and large), different color gold (white or yellow), and with or without diamonds.  Each are priced individually, so you can purchase only one if you'd like.  One stud would be perfect if you have one ear having more holes than another.  I think it would look neat to have three studs in both ears--a small, medium and large.  That would get expensive though ($1330 to be exact!)  Prices are: $125 for one small, $175 for one medium, and $365 for one large.  The diamond encrusted studs are: $630 for one small.  They can be purchased at Aloha Rag.